Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q - “How can I be sponsored by Luxilon and receive string for free?”

A - If you are a WTA or ATP professional ranked in the top 500 in the world, you can contact the Wilson/Luxilon tour team to discuss sponsorship contracts.  Beyond this group, sponsorship programs (if any exist) are administered with in your country by the local Wilson/Luxilon team.  Sponsorship details vary by market.  Contact Wilson in your country to inquire if a program exists and if you are eligible.


Q - “How can I find Wilson/Luxilon in my country?”

A - Visit the Wilson website at or skip directly to to find Wilson in your country.


Q. – “I notice that there are some strings on the Luxilon website that I can not find in my country.  Why?”            

A – The Luxilon website is global and thus shows all the products that are available somewhere in the world.  Not every product is sold in every market.  The product line in each market is tailored to the local market demand. 


Q – “I know that many top players use Luxilon but I do not see the Luxilon logo on the strings or see these players pictured on the Luxilon website.  Why?”

A – Many top players use Luxilon but do not have a sponsorship contract.  The players are now required to not have a 2nd logo on their strings.  About 65% of ATP top 250 male players use Luxilon (either in a full stringing or as part of a hybrid) and over 45% of the WTA top 250 woman players do the same.  Luxilon is by far the dominant string on tour. 


Q - “How do top players not under contract get their Luxilon string?  Do they get it for free?”

A – ALL pro player who do not have a sponsorship contract pay for their string.  Many top 20 players are paying full price for Luxilon string even when they could get another string for free or even be paid to use another string.  This is a testimonial to how well Luxilon string plays for the worlds best tennis players


Q – Why is Luxilon Big Banger string more expensive than some other polyester strings?

A – The main reason is that Luxilon Big Banger is NOT a polyester string.  All Big Banger strings are based on a Luxilon proprietary Poly-Ether-Ether material and are different from all other monofilaments on the market.  Both the materials and production processes are unique and more costly.  Also, Luxilon quality control is extremely strict.  Many lower cost polyester strings have large variations in quality and performance.  With Luxilon strings, you get identical performance on each and every set.  This consistency is one of the reasons so many pro players will only play with Luxilon string


Q- What is the recommended tension for a hybrid string job?

A- Tension in your tennis racquet is very personal choice, and should be based upon what feels good to you.  However, as a rule of thumb if you currently are playing with polyester or monofilament strings, you should keep your Luxilon monofilament strings at the same tension in the mains, and install the crosses 5-10% higher.  Most people prefer an increase of 5%. 

If you currently are playing with gut strings, multifilaments, or synthetic gut, you should keep you normal tension on the crosses with your multifilament string, and install the mains 5-10% lower with a Luxilon Monofilament. Most people prefer a 10% drop in tension.

If you would like a specific recommendation for your racquet or strings, you can always ask our experts at


Q- What are the advantages of using a hybrid string?

A- Recently there has been a lot of media and industry attention placed on hybrids, therefore more and more players are interested in trying hybrids.  The advantage, and the reason for using a hybrid, is to create a combination of desired characteristics of two strings.  Most players chose a hybrid either to increase durability or to soften the feel of the string for added comfort.  Usually players use multifilament strings, or gut strings in the crosses, and Luxilon monofilament string in the mains. 


Q- Why is it necessary to reduce Big Banger strings tension by 10%?  Should I do this with all Luxilon strings?

A- Luxilon recommends reducing tension by at least 10%.  This should be done because Luxilon Big Banger strings are made differently, and their tension loss occurs at a different rate.  Reducing the tension should be done to get the best characteristics out of the strings.

You should not reduce tension for all Luxilon strings.  Zolo, Superpoly and Supersense do not require being strung lower.  



Q- What is the difference between ALU Power, and ALU Power Fluoro?

A- ALU Power Fluoro is a softer and more comfortable version of ALU Power.  During the extrusion process fluorocarbon is added to the normal ALU Power formula.  It is also thinner at 1.23mm as opposed to the 1.25mm of ALU Power which will add more feel.  It was developed to be a softer, more arm-friendly version of ALU Power, while retaining the impressive characteristics of power, control, tension maintenance, imperviousness to atmospheric conditions and durability that has made it a favorite on the pro tour and with all other levels of players.


Q- Will ALU Power strings cause tennis elbow?

A- Luxilon strings, nor any other strings or racquets cause tennis elbow.  Tennis elbow is primarily caused by repetitive use of the muscle/tendon group that, in tennis, is typically used to pull the racquet through a backhand stroke.  If you are already experiencing tennis elbow, it may help to make sure you do not string your racquet too tight.  You may also think about switching to a softer Luxilon string like Monotec Supersense or possibly a hybrid like Champions Choice.  It would also be smart to check with your local pro to make sure you have the correct grip size, and to make sure your swing mechanics are sound.


Q- Is there a type of Luxilon string which will increase the spin I get on the ball?

A- Many pro players say they get more spin with Luxilon strings than any other string they have tried.  However, they have world class swings which already will produce a great amount of spin.  Spin is generated more by the plane of the swing and angle of the racquet head at impact over any other force.  Many players believe that ALU Power Rough, shaped strings such as Big Banger 5 Star and thin strings such as Big Banger TiMO 110 help to further enhance spin.  But remember, these strings will not create spin they will only help enhance the spin you produce.


Q- I use Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power and Wilson’s Natural Gut in a hybrid.  What string should I use in the mains, and what string should I use in the crosses.  Also, what if I buy a hybrid set, how do I know what strings go where?

A- There is no right or wrong combination for stringing a hybrid.  We encourage experimenting to try to find what feels best to you.  By far, most players string the mains with ALU Power and the crosses with Natural.  This gives you superior durability and a softer string bed.  Some players will reverse the strings in the mains and the crosses.  This is done mainly for feel, and not for durability.  Roger Federer is an example of a player who plays with Natural in the mains, and ALU Power Rough in the crosses.      

Again, if you buy a hybrid set, there is no right or wrong way to string it.  Experiment with the strings to see what feels best.


Q- What strings would you recommend for a hybrid set?

A- There is no rule for what strings can be put together as a hybrid.  Ideally you would try to find what works best for you and your style of play.  Some of the most popular sets are: Wilson’s Champions Choice (ALU Power Rough + Wilson Natural), Wilson’s Ultimate Duo (ALU Power Rough + NXT), ALU Touch, TiMO Touch, and ACE Touch.  Wilson and Luxilon also have mini spools which can string 6-7 hybrid racquets.


Q- What is the best string for control and durability?

A- Without knowing the characteristics of each individual player, it is difficult to say one string is the best.  However, Monotec Supersense has the highest combined levels of control and durability.


Q- Why are there not more ˝ set packaged hybrid combinations?

A- It is simply not possible to make hybrid packaging of every combination of string.  We feel the available choices cover a wide variety for most players.  Luxilon strings do not deteriorate in any way after the package is opened.  This allows stringers to create any hybrid by using ˝ of each set you want to try.


Q- Luxilon recommends using 10% less tension than usual, but this would put my tension under the recommended range for my racquet.  Is this ok, or should I stick with the minimum tension on the racquet?

A- Racquet manufacturers suggest racquet tensions that suit many players and strings.  It is fine to go below the minimum tension recommendations of the racquet manufacturer.  In fact, many pro players using Luxilon strings are stringing well below the recommended range.  Remember, it is ok to go below the recommended range but do not exceed the recommended range as this may void any manufacturer’s warranties.   


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You should never consider making any personal changes as a result of general advice
without a careful analysis of your own individual characteristics and needs.

Always consult a local tennis professional for individual advice.