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3831 Hello Jeff, regarding poly's and losing playability and tension and so on I found some contradiction in aging of different strings. The alu power ages nice and gets softer in tension but remains " playable" it just loses some control but if you can adapt for that it is ok, some other strings have that also but in a more or less degree. However recently I tried two different famous poly strings which were pretty nice at the beginning but I found after 2-3 hours they showed a kind of opposite behavior and they felt really hard and without feel and as if there was no elasticity left and no power either. Do you have any explanation why this is the case ? could it be that these strings lose their surface layer and gets a lot less slippery and do not move on impact and therefore feel harsh ? or do you have another explanation ? I would be interested if this sounds familiar to you or totally new or illogical ? Thanks for your view on this.

3830 Re: subsequent pro racket/string overviews follwong the 2015 Open. It would be counterproductive for you to go to the trouble to research and printout player/racquet “updates.” Why? Well, I too was once a naïve pro gear hound eager to learn which racquet favorite pros were using. However some years ago I became saddened to learn that many pros are using older, often heavily customized racquet molds no longer available at retail. So many companies prepare a “paint job” that on the surface duplicates what one can buy. At least with strings, our “heroes” use the same product as we can buy. Babolat was sued and now in its lame racquet ads offers the disclaimer to the effect “… players pictured may use customized frames or different racquets entirely…” Head is worse yet! And even those that use a somewhat current model often have swingweights substantially higher than stock. Try using a racquet with an enhanced swingweight of 350 to 390 as opposed to the stock SW of 315-325; you’d be lucky to hit groundies past he service line! Not only are swingweights and molds different but the claimed headsize may also be smaller. Yes it is a disgrace and an insult to the fans. So what is served by a list of paintjobs for us to skim?? It is depressing to learn that such “eminences” as Djokovic, Murray, Berdych, Nishikori, Wawrinka among many have used or now use VERY different frames from what one sees on TV or in ads. Without boring you with sad details, suffice it to say that many/most do not use the “revolutionary/amazing new technologies” and lay up materials noted in ads! To his credit Sampras did indeed use a leaded up St. Vincent Pro Staff 85 and never INSULTED his fan base by boldly bringing paint jobs on court to deceive fans. And Federer’s sticks have been rather similar to what is sold off the shelf. I have reduced respect for the myriad of players who dupe fans in this manner.

3829 Thank you for taking time to answer our questions as well as for publishing your stringing analyses from the pros. This US Open will mark 5 years from the last time you published a stringing analysis that included the specific strings and tensions used by specific players, and I look forward to a similar analysis to see how things have changed since then. Looking over your 2010 analysis, I noticed something interesting: of the 56 men who used Luxilon in a full bed, 19 (34%) used Luxilon Original. However, of the 35 women who used Luxilon in a full bed, zero(!) of them used Luxilon Original. Why do you suppose a string as revolutionary as Original was not used by a single woman in that tournament? Do women not hit hard enough to justify using that string? Maybe men are more stubborn and slower to accept newer/better strings? Do the women know (or not know) something that the male players don't (or do) know? I'm curious to hear your thoughts on the matter.

3828 I am a 3.5 player. I am using Savage Duo with the Luxillon in the mains at 55 and the NXT at 60 in the crosses. I want as much control and topspin friendly tension as possible. Would you recommend a different tension.

3827 Does the 4G Soft possess the same superior tension maintenance of the standard 4G 1.25? As all the stats I’ve seen reveal how softer polys display notably worse early tension loss than stiffer ones, I wonder if this holds true for the Lux 4G series as well. I’d prefer the new “soft” version as the standard 4G is rated as among the stiffest of all current mono. Do you suspect that over time 4G will replace Alu Power or BB Original on tour as a result of its superior tension holding advantage?

3826 I understand and now employ your frequent advice to string all varieties of string at far lower tension than hoary tradition dictates. One notes however some recent comments here by you that softer poly is not necessarily better; this is confirmed by most pros that use monofilament from the stiffer end of the spectrum. My question: Are there ANY benefits at all for non-tournament intermediates to use a stiffer poly at low tension rather than a softer one at a similar low (30-45 lbs.)tension? Even the stiffer polys measure softer at low tensions though still about 30% stiffer than the softest ones. I can’t think of any advantages to using them. So is there any attribute that the stiffer ones possess that can translate into a better on court experience for non-supersonic topspin swingers? Jeff, please do not say : “Try them yourself and see.” I have little desire to toss out $30 a pop to experiment; I’m just seeking some general guidelines.

3825 What string will produce the most spin with a wilson Steam 99s?

3824 There is now a deep well of over 3800 questions and answers here! Searching through them for your didactic technical discussions is quite a challenge. And, as you know, there is nothing like your site anywhere else. So is there any way of your creating an abridged section where the over 90% of questions (over 3000?) like "What string and tension should I use in racket X?" are excised so we can locate the 10% serious inquiries with greater ease? Maybe heading could be used for easy location: Tension; "Dying" Strings; Hybrids; Spin etc. This would be a boon to those who are sick of the retail based "advice" and yawn inducing playtests we get everywhere else!

3823 Could you tell me what the differences are between the dirt cheap synthetic guts (Forten Nylon, Ashaway Liberty, Gosen ProForm Tuff, Prince Tournament Nylon) that are priced around $1 per 40 ft and the regular synthetic guts (Forten Synthetic Gut Sweet, Ashaway Synthetic Gut, Gosen OG Sheep Micro, Prince Original Synthetic Gut) that are priced around $3-5 per 40 ft? I'm curious what is responsible for the price jump between these two groups of strings. The dirt cheap ones seem to only be sold in reels, and I'd rather not buy a 660 ft reel of string just to test it out (even if the reel is only $25).

3822 Best to string Gamma rzr bubba 137

3821 hi Jeff, just one question on diameter, the alu spin is rated at 1,27 mm and the regular alu and rough at 125, is this because the edges stand out at the spine version or is it really a bit thicker ( a bigger cross section ? ) Curious to know All the best for now.

3820 Hi Jeff, My son (13 yrs old, good technically) plays the Prince 100T ESP racket. As string he uses the Prince Tour XS 15+ / 1.35mm at 24 Kilos (53 pounds). The strings break quite often so we are thinking of switching to Luxilon's Alu Power Spin 1.27mm or Alu Power Rough 1.30mm. Which one would you recommend and at what tension? Many thanks!

3819 A rival of PT Barnum stated: “There’s a sucker born every minute.” With that in mind, a player active 8 months per year following the now prevalent advice to restring poly every 10 to 15 hours would shell out $500 per racket per year!! Jeff, one could buy 3 new freshly strung rackets on line (or 4 older models) for the cost of restringing 1 racket! This is sheer madness but manna from heaven for pro shops and a bevy of small string manufacturers. I have never seen a recreational player perform better with a freshly strung poly irrespective of gauge or tension. The largest tennis gear website in the western hemisphere, also a retailer, uploads video logs, <10 minute lectures on rackets and strings. In one, Tennis Warehouse VLog #432, a prime racket/string tester for over a decade instructs in his lecture ”Why strings ‘go dead.’” In this “advice” he asserts as fact about monofilament poly every single falsehood you have debunked over many years: “all control is lost; balls sail wide or into the net; poly thus must be cut out in a matter of hours.” It’s like watching a lecture telling us how Darwin was crazy and that the Earth was created in several days per the Old Testament. There’s no end to this misinformation. Elsewhere the same self-anointed avatar of tennis gear informs a poster how it is okay to string in the 50’s and okay to sting in the 30’s; however the 40’s is one giant dead zone to avoid. If I were a sucker born a minute ago I’d ask you if there was truth to that tension claim.

3818 how can i learn how to make my own guitar strings

3817 Hello :) I purchase today my new strings... ;) I when for the Luxilon 127 spin.... :) I read a lot of comments about it.... Some good... Some bad.... Like everything... :/ Is seems to me that the tension you string it with.... Has a lot to do with its performance and durability... :) So that will be my question if is not too much trouble... :) What tension should I use for stringing my racket tomorrow..?? :) Male... 37... Like playing very hard and aggressively... ;) always on cement court... And again the wall... I like to play by myself... For pure sport... I just hit as hard as I can... Jajaja :)... But dont like braking strings... :/ especially expensive ones.. ;) Live in Ecuador, 18to24 degrees every day... 1200 meters above sea level Using a Head titanium ti.S6 Head atp balls ;) I will appreciate your comments... :) Best to you... Manolo :)

3816 My 14 year old daughter hits with wilson burn 100s about 15 hours per week. She is a very strong player....taking big cuts at the ball forehand and backhand. started breaking syn gut and multis after 2 hrs so we switched to luxilon 4g 1.25. 4g mains snaps in the middle after 10-12hours. heavy knotching. is this normal performance for lux 4g 1.25

3815 Hi Jeff, I am an intermediate player with good racket speed but not enough spin. I am having difficulty keeping control of the Wilson Juice 100 (bit too much Juice!). I am using the stock tension and strings (Sensation, I think). What would you recommend for increased control and spin while maintaining durability? Higher tension and/or poly string? If a change of string - what would you recommend. Many thanks for your advice, Raj.

3814 Hello Jeff, thanks for the response on the 3806. I have a couple of final questions: - I have the option to have Alu in the main and gut in the crosses, with a higher tension for the gut. In this case, what type of tension in KG should I be looking at (on a Wilson RF signature racket) ? - Or I put the gut in the mains, still with a higher tension but in what range ? - Or... what other string do you recommend to put with the luxilon ? At what tension ? - Or should a full gut be a better option ? I am looking for a good lift, and I have a pretty strong strike. Thanks

3813 Good day sir. I just purchased a wilson pro staff 90 to replace my wilson pro staff 6.1. Unfortunately, I developed an elbow problem for using a friend's wilson blx 10 oz racquet for a couple of weeks. Would like to know the best tension for a LXN alu power rough 125. I am an intermediate-advanced player, semi western gripped forehand and a single backhand. I live in a country where temperature is ranging from 26-33 deg C ( 78-91 deg F). Thank you for your help.

3812 Hello Jeff. I've been playing with Yonex Ezone Ai100 for about 6 months or so. I switched from Wilson BLX Pro Staff 100 and so far I like it much better. I kept same strings I used in Wilson racquet which is Wilson NXT Power 17, just had to go with lower tension and keep it now at 50. I was wondering if switching to Volkl Cyclone Pink would be worth trying to get more spin. I was using Wilson NXT as I did not have arm issues with this string, I don't break string before they are worn, so I was also considering going with 18 gauge. Do you think I'd benefit from Volkl string? Would I still be on safe side as concern my arm, and last thing - what tension I should try? I am a female player 3.5/4.0 using top spin, all the court player, singles / doubles. Thanks for your help

3811 I want a string that would feel very connected to the ball with lots of control and a long life( feeling the same thru out its life). Any thoughts

3810 Hello String expert, My daughter was playing with the alu rough in the cross and gut in the mains, this was very good and lasted about one week or 4 days. We switched to gut and 4 G in the cross same tension, even better more bite and control. However the durability decreased to one day before the gut brakes. What could be the reason since you would expect the opposite due to the smooth surface of the 4G compared to the gut. Please explain if possible... All the best and I look forward to your reply.

3809 I understand your suggestion to string poly being at much lower tensions, 35 lbs, 40lbs. However many far softer string categories such as gut, polyolefin, zyex and some nylons are quite soft even at higher tensions. What generally are the advantages and disadvantages for average players in stringing these softer strings at low and high tensions?

3808 What is the most comfortable string Luxilon 4g rough or Luxilon Alu Power Rough? That tension would recommend for an amateur player of 57 years to have no problems in the arm?

3807 Is very low string to string friction THE critical variable for having mains snap back or is there something else unique to polys such as stiffness that has this occur? I note how some polys have a lower friction than others despite using the same basic material. When a non poly has some coating like polyurethane would this also add to the snap back? I assume that the fraying of the outer layer of multis and gut adds greatly to friction and inhibits the snap back. Also do you believe we have reached the limit of how soft poly based strings can get despite being on average almost twice as stiff as gut at low tension?

3806 Hello Jeff, a follow up on 3783: I have purchased a reel of Luxilon alu power rough and I have purchased a few kits of natural gut. What tension do you recommend on the wilson RF signature ? I know some pros put the gut in the mains, what is the objective ? I believe I will stick to the rough in the mains, but I am wondering about the tension. I usually did 23/24 Kg, but from what I read here, I should lower it a little ? Thanks Gerome.

3805 I’ve read that rackets are under much stress when being strung and that each string job causes microfractures in the graphite layup. After a number of restringings (10 or so) the racket loses stiffness and “goes dead.” For this reason many pros replace their rackets after many restrignings. Is this true and it is of any significance to recreational players in your view?

3804 Are there really strings that are spin friendly? Do little dents in the surface really make any difference? Surely the dents are too small and strings are too smooth for them to matter. What do you think?

3803 I recently bought a used stringing machine and am learning at home and intending to save players in my league some money by offering stringing at a reasonable price. A couple of them use Luxilon. I've heard that stringing Luxilon needs extra care. Is there something I need to know about stringing Luxilon that doesn't apply to other strings? Thanks.

3802 Luxilon recommends reducing tension by 10%. But this would take my tension below the minimum for my racket. Who do I ignore?

3801 suggestions for string & especially tension for rzr bubba 137. 69 yr old 4.5 player

3800 Hello Jeff! I would like to ask you about tennis stringing fundamentals. Maybe you could give me a basics about racquet stringing? I have read your article about us open 2013 stringing analysis. But i understand that I really need more basic information. How to find the best tension? I understand that range is really wide (20s - 60s lbs) What type of strings to use? Natural, hybrid (natural + poly), poly, multifilement? What do main and crosses strings in racquet? The same tension for both? How to get more topspin? I think are lot more useful things which I must know to be a good stringer. Thank you in advance!

3799 Hello Jeff, I’m a college player using a Wilson 6.1 95 16x18. I string for myself and have experimented with a lot of different strings and tensions, and I came across a combo that stands out above the rest: a certain multifilament at 45 lbs. It’s hard to describe, but the “punch” or feedback I felt when I hit the ball was pure bliss. The only reason why I wasn’t 100% satisfied was that the durability was so bad. I would break strings every week, sometimes multiple times per week, and the cost of restringing so often was too burdensome as a poor college student. I’ve since moved on to full co-poly, but I still think about how good that old setup felt. Is the tradeoff between feel and durability just something I’ll have to come to terms with? Or do you have any suggestions for recreating that feel with a more durable string? I appreciate your help.

3798 Hi Jeff - I’m a 3.5 / 4.0 player in my mid-50s who plays mostly slice / underspin off both wings. The amount of underspin I generate is only moderate since I don’t have much racquet-head speed at my age and playing level (probably no surprise there!). I’m playing currently with a 10-oz (strung), 100 square-inch racquet with a 16 x 19 string pattern. Would it be worth it for me to get one of those new, very open string-pattern racquets, or would it not make a material enough difference for someone of my playing profile to even bother? Intuitively, I’m guessing it would make little or no difference in terms of the underspin I could generate, but wanted to be sure. Thanks in advance…Ted

3797 What is a comparable string to luxilon supersense 16g?

3796 Dear Jeff, as a recreational player I feel there are lots of variables that affect my game. First, there are the tennis balls. I play several games before I replace them. I feel they start to become lighter and smoother very easily. There is also the weather. Sometimes the wind is strong, sometimes is very humid and the balls become heavy. Also sometimes I am hitting the ball well other times not (God knows why...), the same happens with my partners and when my opponent is missing a lot I immediatly feel that I am playing very well just because I am winning. In the middlle of all of these who cares about the string tension loss? And who can really understand the effect of tension loss in his game besides Federer and a few others? Are there forums about pressure drop in tennis balls? I really think it affects much more my game than string tension drop, and I am pretty sure that the industry could make better (durable) tennis balls if there were no profit issues. Best regards, Miguel.

3795 Hi Jeff – I am currently playing with ALU Power Soft and like the string very much. My question is on tension: I would like the “playing” tension to be about 50 lbs. I have found, however (at least according to the RacquetTune app), that when I get my newly strung racquet back from the stringer (strung earlier on the same day I picked it up), that the tension is anywhere from 8-12 lbs. lower than the requested tension. Now I am aware that there is a significant tension drop within the first 48 hours of a racquet being strung, but do I need to have the racquet strung at 65 lbs. to ensure a playing tension of around 50 lbs. over the life of the string? If so, will placing that much tension on the string damage the string at all or affect its playability? Thanks!

3794 Also, the sound coming off the strings doesn't seem quite right. Ting/ping sound

3793 Adding on to what I said in 3788..I meant that I was reasonably happy with the racket before restringing. Having played a few more times since my initial question, still having the same issues. Total lack of power, spin, control and its now killing my arm and elbow area. Whenever I try to add some pace, the ball is flying long. Can't access spin to at least keep the ball in at a decent pace. You would surely think there was at least one upside but its useless. Had a quick hit with a friend's racket and it felt great to be able to play my normal game and feel in control.. rally with ease and go for it when need be. Hoping the extra information helps. Thanks

3792 Hi Jeff. Trying to find information of the "factory" strings if you buy a say a Wilson SIX.ONE 95L normally fitted. I have 2X Wilson Pro Staff 100L and want to restrung close as possible to factory setting.Do you have an idea of what string to use?Thanks Ben

3791 I am using the Luxilon 4G Rough 1.25 in the vertical and the horizontal Luxilon 4G 1.25 to 42 pounds and would like to know the recommended voltage to avoid problems in the elbow. I am 57 years topspin game with at least 4 times a week.

3790 what kind string is the best for technifibre tfight 320 and what tension?

3789 Before I jump for joy and celebrate prematurely let me run this by you. A small Italian company is marketing a new mono that boasts the trifecta: high slidability (low string to string snap back resistance), low stiffness, and good power! It is not poly but rather co-extruded nylon mono. We remember nylon mono used in aluminum prestrung Wal-Mart rackets or sold as sets for $2; this however is 6 times the price. Can this be the miracle cure for those of us that find poly too stiff and powerless even at lower tensions? Is this the next big thing? Any downsides to such high performance nylon mono in your view?

3788 Hi there Jeff. I recently restrung my 2015 Pure Drive with Xcel/RPM blast hybrid at 56lbs having played with the xcel factory strings until then. Was quite happy with it,possibly hoping for a touch more power but struggling to get any power at all now and have no control. Also discomfort and pain in arm since restringing. Couldn't be worse. Done some research and thinking of reducing tension to 50lbs? (recommended tension 50-59 lbs) but not sure what strings to go for. Hoping I get it right this time.. what would you suggest?

3787 Follow up to the below... Suppose you wanted to the stabilized tension to be more along the lines of what is recommended... i.e. the softer string a few lbs tighter than the poly.... would you recommend getting the poly initially strung much tighter than the synthetic to achieve the intended stabilization tension? How tight could you go on the poly without ruining its elasticity? Using the below example, lets say you wanted a stabilized tension of 50lbs poly main (which stabilizes at 50% tension) and 55lbs synthetic cross (which stabilizes at 75% tension). Would that mean getting it strung at 100lbs x 73lbs?! That can't be good. Where am I going wrong?

3786 I too am interested in what the questions regarding tension loss. Especially with regards to hybrid setups. Given the vastly different tension loss factors, the two different strings will stabilize at very different tensions. For example, let's say you string the poly main at 50lbs and the syn gut cross at 55lbs, which is probably pretty common, and let's assume the poly loses 50% tension and synthetic losses 25% tension. Then we would be left with a stabilized tension of 25lbs main and 41lbs cross. What is the overall effect of this over the long term? Is it such a bad thing? What would you recommend to rec players that tend to keep strings in their rackets for a longer time that might help for maintaining a more consistent string bed tension ?

3785 Addendum to #3784 below. I'd noted how you've stated that tension loss rate is lower at lower initial tension. The stats at "TW University" for 61 pounds, 51 pounds and 40 pounds for 5 dozen less stiff strings show a median average tension loss of about 45% at 60 lbs, 57% at 51 lbs. and a staggering 65%+ at 40 pounds. I worry that we do not yet have sufficient analytical tools to really quantify pivotal string attributes for informed -- non trial and error -- purchase. So many are stuck with silly playtests and manufacturer pronouncements instead.

3784 One of the large e gear sites in California maintains apart from retail info a significant “Learning Center.” One can click on the “University” to reveal a cornucopia of stats on rackets and strings. I believe the Professor of the University may be Crawford Lindsay as he has done prior work for this site; however it is not stated. String stats include: stiffness; energy return; tension loss; spin factor based upon string to sting friction and string to ball friction etc. One can choose a starting tension of 40lbs, 51lbs, 61lbs coupled with slow medium or fast swing. I keyed on the 5 dozen least stiff polys at 40 or 51 pounds. A few of the results were to my mind counterintuitive, the reason I’m here asking you interpretation or comment. At lower tension the softer strings are shown to have predictably lower stiffness BUT also lower energy return and higher tension loss. The 60 softest strings have a median average tension loss of 57% when strung initially at 40 lbs! Does this mean that if one doesn’t restring over long periods one would be playing with a tension of 17 lbs? Is that a good idea? (My own primitive sense of tension with long ago strung rackets is that the bed is still stiff and not at such a reduced tension. Additionally after one or two+ years the strings still snap back.) Do you believe the data base is accurate? The RSI String Selector also publishes both stiffness and tension loss (I believe at a higher tension starting point). Amazingly, many of the RSI stats are wildly different for the same strings even when compensating for starting tension. I am now worried that perhaps there no extant stat report that can help us very much. Perhaps it is this poly tension loss issue that compels so many to restring often even as their, narratives may be imprecise of just silly: “dead, no control, no feel, balls fly…”

3783 Hello, I am using a Wilson pro staff RF signature (330g, 95 sq in), today with Signum Pro Tornado/ Signum pro hypérion. I want to try Luxilon, and the luxilon BB alu power rough/ wilson natural gut seems to be a perfect fit, but probably a little expensive in the long run. What string would you recommend to replace the natural gut with to keep the same spirit ? What tension would you recommend for the 2 strings ? I am a 37 years old advanced player (second series in France).

3782 Hi dear string expert . I used for a couple of years Adrenaline rough 1.25 on a pro staff 95 313 gr 22/21 kgs . Now I'm tryin' to switch to the prostaff 97 315 gr and i'd like to try an hybrid stringing that can give me some spin and power but also some feel .. what do you think about a 4g soft on mains and a wilson synt. gut duramax 1.32 on crosses?? which string tension ? Thanks for the answer ! Marcello

3781 Dear Jeff, i play with Alu Power Soft and i am quite happy with this string. I agree with you that the tennis industry may be prone to entice people restringing too often. As a user of Alu Power Soft, i have indeed noticed i can play a long time with the same stings before restringing. However, i wonder if not restringing often a string such as Alu Power makes sense as one essential quality of it is that strings slip very well producing an additional spin on the ball. Once there are notches at strings intersections, can one assume this quality of the string to easily slip is reduced ? Then, does-it make sense keeping the strings and not putting new ones even if the overall playability of the strings remain ? Thanks, Vincent.

3780 Dear Sir, I am using Alu Power Spin 1.27; no doubt, it is a great string... I am suffering for low power (even if i play with top spin and back spin..) My question is.. Should it be better to change to 4g rough 1.25, or decrease tension from 25 kgs down to 23 or 24? i am afraid to lose spin on my shots P.S. My racket is a Wilson Burn 100S. Thanks for your assistance

3779 Dear Jeff, I don´t have the time and most important I don´t have the money to test one variable at a time. I had a 2nd hand Babolat APD 320 with solinco string at high tension. I liked a lot the feel like your hitting with a wooden board (sorry if this is not the right expression, I am not a native speaker) but the swingweight was too much for me. Now, I use a 2nd hand tecnifibre t-fight 320 with MSV strings at low tension. I like a lot this racquet, very easy to maneuver. But I miss the wooden board feeling. In your opinion this wooden board feeling comes from the racquet, the string or the tension of the string? Thanks, Luis

3778 recently switched to Wilson 99S. First racket was strung with 4g 125 52x56 - I broke the string within an hour. Switched to the 4g 141 and have been increasing the tension to 62x65 which I feel is the correct tension for me. I have been running into a couple problems. the first is a loss of tension - after hitting for a couple of hours the tension will have dropped into the low 50 pounds and is too loose for me. second is the 141 makes the racquet a little head heavy and I would like to move back to a string similar to the 4g125. do you have any recommendation for stringing the racquet that will help maintain the tension and is there a string similar to the 4g 125 that may be a little more durable? I am 50 with no arm problems and a heavy topspin game.

3777 Hi there, i use a Wilson Pro Staff 95, with NXT 17G string, strung at 57 lbs, i just purchased the Luxilon Big Bangers 125 ALU Power, and i was wondering if i should string at 57 lbs also, if not at what tension you would recommend i string the Luxilon string at. I have a fast full swing.

3776 what the difference between 16x19 pattern over 18x16

3775 Hello Jeff, I had my Wilson 100s strung with 4g at 48 lbs. and the cross's with vanquish at 52 lbs. This was recommended, by the tennis shop. The racquet has very little power, but good control. I was looking for more pop on the groundstrokes. I have played with it for about 12 times. What is the problem?

3774 I just played with Lux 4G 17g -- I like the tension maintenance and how it plays, suits 4.5/5.0 all court game, especially doubles, indoor. I also liked Wilson Revolve 17g, perhaps bit more, for singles on clay -- with good depth when stretched well behind the baseline. Do you have any thoughts on the 4G soft? Would it be wrong to assume that the 4G soft has a better stretch/snap back, possibly offering a good compromise between the two? Thanks--

3773 i was just wondering if the 4g rough maintain tension well. Many strings i've played with before dont maintain tension well.

3772 Excerpted from Tennis Industry Magazine (May): A panel of string manufacturers helps sort through questions about poly, co-poly and who should play with them. String Expert comments requested. This seems to mirror the debate between the GOP/Tea Party and the Democrats/Progressives in Congress; they agree on almost nothing! Tennis Industry remarks: Durability is also misunderstood for most people. Yes the string is more durable in that it doesn’t break as quickly as other materials. Yes the string (poly) is more durable in that it doesn’t break as quickly as other materials. However, the string does lose resiliency much faster than other materials, so if the player is not a frequent string-breaker, the durability is of no consequence. Newton points out, “Poly/co-poly strings lose tension incredibly fast, both statically (after stringing but before playing) and dynamically (while playing). Therefore they need to be replaced very frequently, or else you will lose control and power.” This could be the reason top touring pros go for a “fresh” racquet on every ball change (nine games). John Elliott of YTex says poly/co-poly strings need to be restrung every two to eight hours of play depending on the density of the string pattern, the type of string and the gauge. Who Should Use Poly/Co-Poly? Are poly/co-poly strings suited for all player types and skill levels? Most of our panel agree that poly/co-poly strings are best suited for skilled players who can generate the necessary racquet-head speed to flatten out the ball on impact. However, Specht says, “I think a well-made co-poly could be suited for anyone. I think if you have a soft co-poly that also increases spin, you have a win-win.” Hines says, “If you are not a string-breaker and/or a spin player, I’m not sure you’d get much benefit out of poly/co-poly strings. The average recreational player would be wise to really weigh the options, as there are certainly drawbacks to poly/co-poly strings — especially for players who are prone to arm trouble or need more power and depth on their shots.” Newton adds, “Most recreational players, including competitive juniors, do not possess the ability to get the spin benefits from poly/co-poly strings, and their games and often their bodies suffer from the down sides of poly — stiff, low power, poor tension holding.” He explains that to get the full snap-back effect to create spin, the player must first be able to move the stiffer string in order for it to snap back and only the top-level players have the ability to do so. Most agree that hybrids will be a big part of the advancement. “I think with today’s fast-paced, ‘knock the cover off the ball’ attitude and new stroke production being taught, poly is here to stay,” says Parry. “Hybrids are going to rule as players are realizing they can tweak more and more their performance using different strings.” Several of our panel members say we will be seeing more hybrids in the future, including poly/poly hybrids. Crandall says he thinks there is not a lot of room for technical developments of co-polys, but he sees “the future going to other polymers, filament designs, and physical structure.”

3771 Hello, you advise to string approximately 10% lower than usual.... what exactly mean that

3770 Hello Jeff, In the last 2 months, I'm playing 3 times a week with a 4G 1.25 mm stung at 21.5 KG. Unfortunately in the last days my arm (elbow) hurts. However I love the feed, control and power off this string, so I would like to keep that characteristics. What should I do? Reduce tension? Hybrid? (with what string and where should I maintain 4G, main or crosses)? Change for another similar string (what string)? Thanks. Paulo

3769 My 13yr old plays with Wilson Prostaff 97LS. He uses Lux ALU power Spin 16g at 52. His strings break in 2 hrs. Any suggestion for strings he can try to increase durability without changing spin, control and power?

3768 what is the recommended tension in racquet fully strung with alu power? should I use same tension main & crosses?

3767 what string is good for pro staff 88 (41-39lbs)

3766 Jeff, what is your opinion on an 'antivibrator' please. I play with a Head Rev Pro (93 sq. inches) and with Alu Power Soft and have noticed when not playing with the antivibrator a better overall feel of the racquet but more difficulties when attempting drop shots. Is there an explanation for such a paradoxical feel ? Also, is it roughly correct that antivibrator makes sense only for larger frames (100, 105 sq. inches)? To conclude, do you think it is safer to play with it or not (with a Rev Pro)? Thanks a lot. Vincent

3765 I recently started using ALU Power Soft in the mains of my hybrid setup (babolat origin in the cross in case you were curious) and I string it at 51m/56c in a 95 18x20, though i may go a couple lbs looser next go around. I switched to the ALU power soft more so for the tension maintenance than the softness. My question is regards to durability. The strings never break, even using 17g, and I'm considered a hard hitter. I'm always curious as to how long I should go before restringing. How long before the string starts getting "dead" as tennis players often describe it? What sort of sign should I look for to know when its time? I have two rackets and I play between 6 and 8 hours a week. Thanks for taking your time.

3764 Wich is the best string for a Head Graphene XT MP?

3763 I'm a gut breaker. hard hitter. What is the suitable gut for me?

3762 Dear Luxion expert I play with a Wilson Steam 99S. I currently use Luxion big banger ALU power rough in the mains and Babolat tonic in the cross. I would like to generate a little more topspin: Would switching the Tonic to mains and ALU to the cross help generate more topspin? Or would you recommend switching to the ALU power spin? In the mains or the cross? Thank you Tom

3761 Hi Jeff, I,m searching for a good string for my Wilson Six one 95 16x18 2014. My gamestyle is hardhitting and play serve volley. Can u give my a good advice string cq. tension please? Grtz, Jeff

3760 We read how some polys, assuming the same TGR(Tension Gauge, Racquet),are dead/low powered while others have more inherent pop. I’d assumed that those softer i.e. with lower stiffness ratings would be livelier whereas those stiffer would be deader. But then I read how some softer polys,even recent intros, are dead while some stiffer ones are livelier. So is there ANY way at all to discern pre purchase which poly, all other things equal, will play relatively deader or livelier? Or is it hit and miss with no way for the weary consumer of tennis strings to research this to avoid pricey trial and error? We already know how reviews are useless. (Note: I already dip poly tension to the low 40’s.)Is there any published stat to look at?

3759 Hi Jeff - Can you tell me what the basic differences are between regular 4G and ALU Power Soft (e.g., softness, spin potential, tension maintenance, etc.). I currently use 4G but am not finding too much information online as of yet for ALU Power Soft. Out of curiosity, do you have a personal preference between the two? Thanks.

3758 H- - I am just changing from my beloved Wilson Hyper Pro Staff 5.0 to Wilson pro staff 97. They come pre strung with Wilson NXT which I have previously used. However the demo Pro Staff I tried (and loved) had NXT cross strings at 60lbs and 4G vertical strings at 55lbs. It felt great. Can you tell me why the tension would be different and if this is a sensible combination? I may change to this and interested to know the benefits of this set up. Thanks, Richard

3757 which luxilon string will improve the performace of wilson burn ulta light racquet giving both touch and control

3756 My 13 year son is a very advanced national player with aspirations of turning pro in the future. He has a big game with big groundies, big serve. He also likes to move in to the net. He hits a bit flatter than most kids. He recently switched to Roger's Wilson Pro Staff 97 (340g unstrung) from a Babolat Strike Tour (unstrung 320g). He continues using Bablot RPM blast 17G with the Pro Staff. We are looking for a string with more control and feel but not too stiff (don't want any wrist or elbow injuries). He can generate his own power. What would you recommend?

3755 Hello, I was contacting you to see if you could recommend a string for me? I have twin boys who are open level players. They enjoy the control they get playing with a polyester string (RPM Blast), however, it is short-lived. These type of strings go dead on them after, seemingly, a week, at which point, the ball flies on them and control is lost. Could you recommend either a polyester that has long lasting playability or perhaps a different type of string that has the qualities and characteristics of a poly? Do you recommend a hybrid? Does this improve the length of sustained quality? What is the trend of junior tennis players? I suspect they are not playing with just poly since they don't have the luxury of getting a newly strung racquet every eight games. Thank you for your insight!

3754 How to string wilson burn 95 (Kei's racket ). Thanks a lot!

3753 Hi Jeff, what tension would you recommend for alu power to achieve the best qualities of it? I know it depends on the player, but what would you say, in general? Thanks

3752 Is there a difference between Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power Blue and Silver? I have played with both and feel that the blue is more comfortable/less stiff. Is this just a mental thing or is there in fact a difference in the two strings? Thanks, Tripp C.

3751 Hi Jeff - I have read where polyester string can lose its properties if stretched or exposed to too high a tension, much like the spring in a pen. Is this true and, if so, is there an upper tension limit that you would suggest we do not exceed when stringing with polyester? My apologies if you have already addressed this issue in a prior post. Thanks. Bob

3750 What do you think is best tension for wilson Ripspin 17 gage in a Wilson 100s racquet. I am older man and have a medium swing. Thank you!

3749 I am an ex division 1 tennis player, overal very fast. lots of spin and powerful strokes, right now i put 55 in my mains with alu power and 52lbs x-one in my crosses. Could you recommend a good blend for the crosses that mixes with the alu power?

3748 How long can tennis string remain in its package and still be good to use?

3746 Estimados Sres: Quisiera por favor que me recomendase un cordaje para la raqueta Wilson blade 98S, 2015, 18*16, que este orientado al control y sea respetuoso con el brazo. Muchas gracias Alfonso de la Morena

3745 Is Luxilon 4G S 15g going to come out in reels anytime soon (so its cheaper to buy)? I use a 16x16 racquet so I brake strings fast, is Luxilon 4G S 15g (1.41) much more durable than Alu Power 15g (1.38)? What is the main differences in the two strings in a 15g version? Thank you for your support

3744 1) Can you tell me what the difference is between the new Luxilon Feel 18 versus Luxilon Ace 18? 2) I've been playing with 4G 16L for a long time in a 16x19 frame. I recently changed frames to a closer 18x20 string pattern. I have been stringing the mains with the ALU Feel (for more spin) and the crosses with 4G 16L. I string the whole bed at 50lbs. Is this a good setup or is there something else that might be better for me to get max spin.

3743 Hi I have just bought the 141 4G S strings. I use a Babolat Pure Drive - Roland Garros racket and typically string at 56 lbs. I find that the racket feels unresponsive at this tension. What tension do you suggest I string my racket at with these set of strings? I am an intermediate club level player. I'm 6'2" tall and fairly well built. I have been experiencing inner elbow pain with my racket at 56 lbs. Thanks....Andy

3742 Greetings Jeff, My son is top 100 17yr old...hard hitter using wilson blade with dense pattern. He has a Wilson sponsor package that includes Lux options. You guys have quite a few offerings and am hoping you can recommend a few. He was a longtime hybrid user but needs something that will last a few days. He has been using Solinco Tour bite for a couple of months and is doing well with it. Maybe you have something similar (or better!). Something with good durability and that wont die immediately...and one that is stringer friendly (or at least not impossible). Any knowledge of what lux strings are most requested by top ranked juniors? Much thanks!

3741 I'm about to buy a Yonex EZONE AI 98 racquet, and would like to know which luxilon string(s) to put in it, and at what tensions? Should it be a full bed or hybrid? More about me: I'm a 4.0 player with good stroke mechanics, and a one-handed backhand. I tend to hit my groundstrokes flat though I'm capable of applying good topspin on my forehand and moderate topspin on my backhand. I tend to hit my first serve flat and put a lot of spin on my second serve. I have no elbow issues, but I have had rotator cuff injuries in the past, but not currently. Thanks for your help!

3740 I do my own stringing with a Gamma Progression II ELS stringer and lately I have had a number of strings break while stringing (natural gut and syn gut). I'm thinking the clamps are too tight. How can you tell that the clamps are set at the just enough pressure to hold the strings but not so loose that the strings slip?

3739 what is the difference between Luxilon BB ALU Power 1.25 String Ice Blue and Luxilon BB ALU Power 1.25 String ?

3738 Aero pro drive racquet and I would consider myself a semi-heavy topspin baseline player, I had just broke a string the other day and I've been wanting to test some different string tensions but wasn't sure where to start...I purchased Babolat Rpm blasts 17g....was curious as to if I should go in the 53-56 area or something when I say semi-heavy topspin I would like to keep some of that pace on the ball in also keeping a nice high rev rate for that dipping deeper baseline shots ....would love to get your opinion on a recommended tension for that set or even a different string that you feel might be more effective for my game....thanks so much! Lee

3737 Should I use a hybrid of rpm blast and volkl cyclone or cyclone and luxilon Alu power. Or just go with a full bed of cyclone

3736 What are the main difference between Luxilon BIG Banger and 4g?

3734 Hello,i have a several quetions about the strings luxilon.How much does the weight of a roll of strings 220m alu power 16l it has to be?Looking forward for the answer.Thank you.

3733 I wanted to know the shelf life of Alu Power Big Banger 125 strings

3732 What is the best string for a Wilson Juice 100S...I am a 5.0 player and just got two new rackets

3731 I'm wanting a string that provides maximum spin and power for use in the new Head Youtek Grapheme Pro (used by Djokovic). Durability doesn't matter since the string pattern is very dense.

3730 Hello Jeff, What would be the recommended pattern for stringing one-piece? I have noted several variations of the ATW from the internet and actually tried three patterns. I can see that some patterns are trickier than others but I do not understand the main differences among them. Any advice? Thanks!!!

3729 Hello, does Serena uses the 125 mm or the 130 Luxilon 4G? Which stringmachine do you recommend?

3728 Hello. I am a tennis player that uses string luxilon bought in Europe. I found this site in China the same product and this at a much lower price than in Europe. I'd like to tell me if it is an original or copy? Luxilon sell in China at lower prices than in Europe? Thank you and I appreciate

3726 i have a steam 99s from wilson. what string should i use. and what tension

3725 hi i ve got the juice 100s,i have it strung at 27kg with a string for feel,but its still a bit hard to control,due to overwhelming power!!wilson suggests that someone should go up to 29 kgr!! do u think i should go to 29,if i want to have a decent amount of control on my shots?(and am i going to have it with that racket?!!!) or should i shell it and get the juice 100? also should i get a feel oriented string,or a control oriented?a friend told me its the same

3724 Hi Jeff, I have used both luxilon alu power as well as luxilon alu power rough. I'm playing the babolat aero pro drive and I play with quite a lot of topspin. Does it make sense to mix these two strings to a hybrid taking luxilon alu power rough on the mains due to its rough surface and spin potential and luxilon alu power on the crosses for control or is is preferable to stick either to alu power rough or alu power? Thanks in advance, Florian

3723 Hi Jeff, i understand that you are not a fan of hybrid stringing. Why is that? Federer does it for years with good results. Instead of gut mains, one could use a (much) cheaper nylon or softer poly and get similar stringbed results or is this too simplistic? Could you give pratical advice except trying all the combinations myself ;)?

3722 Nationally ranked 16 year old male playing with blade 98 18x20 set up with a hybrid of lux alu power 125 16 gage on mains strung 48 and next duramax 15 gage on crosses strung at 54. Stringer recently suggested Wilson sprin duo hybrid pre packaged string set consisting of rip spin 16 gage for mains and a 15 gage synthetic gut power for the crosses to be strug at the same tensions. The purpose for the change would be trying to enhance durability and possibky reduce cost. My question relates to understanding the difference in the lux alu power vs rip spin on the mains. Should I just consider leaving lux alu power and switching to the synthetic gut on the crosses? Or do you have an overall opinion on the spin duo set up in general? Whatever feedback you could offer would be helpful as I'd like to make any changes Sooner than later. Thank you for all of your knowledge and hard work responding to your followers.

3721 I have been playing with TIMO and want to try G4 and M2Pro. Should I use a different string tension?

3720 RPM Team 17 gage strings travel way too much. I play the Prince Tour Pro 100 ESP with a 16x16 pattern. The strings are all over the place after 4 hours of hitting. This makes them perform like a champ for 4 hours, after that control really deteriorates. Is this the wrong string for this 16x16 racquet?? If not what are some good alternatives that will be playable longer? I'm new to the 16x16 world, I do really like it when its fresh, but is there a string that is best with this pattern? Doesn't need to be Poly if something else works better. I'm getting tired of restringing every 2 weeks.

3719 Hi there , I know this string is one that is discussed a lot on this forum, but I am looking for a good hybrid solution without the use of a multi string. Let me begin with my racket. I have a Wilson Pro Staff BLX2 95 racket that I have been using for 2 years now. I like the power and control of the racket. My swing is not that powerfull, but it's enough, so i don't need a extreem powerfull string/hybrid solution. I've tried some combinations, but had some arm issues a well. So, for me it's quit difficult to get a string or combination, that give me a allround power/control/arm frendly and durability. These are the combinations I've tried so far with a DT of 37 to 40 (25/24 kg) sometimes a half kg more or less) Luxilon BB Ace (full bed at DT 37, 25,24 kg) like: Nice feeling and comfort dislike: Durability poor after just couple or hours play and string is moving a lot Luxilon BB Alu Power main / Wilson sensation control cross(At DT 40, 25,25 kg) like: Nice feeling and comfort, power and spin dislike: Durability extremely poor after just couple or hours play, lot of string breaks on the Wilson Luxilon BB Alu Power main / Tecnifibre X-one Biphase 1.24 cross(At DT 37, 25,24 kg) like: Nice feeling and comfort, power and spin dislike: Durability extremely poor after just couple or hours play, lot of string breaks on the Tecnifibre and expensive. I am close to a solution, but now de durability is a problem and with the Tecnifibre is becomming expensive to. How about a hybrid with de BB Alu Power in de main and BB Ace (1.12) in de cross. I've never saw anyone on this forum or else to try this combination. What are your thoughs about this and do you have another suggestion that can be a solution? Thanks anyway Erik

3718 Hi, I have half a set of 4g and I have ngr2 rpm blast and cyclone and basic forten which should i put in the crosses with 4g mains, im looking for power and spin also tensions (4g is 16L and rest are 16)

3717 While certainly not ignorant of basic physics, one thing about tennis string interaction just stumps me: I just cannot comprehend why when hitting with spin I’ve had to straighten the mains to the point of sore fingers whereas with poly the mains snap back and never need straightening. This snapping back occurs even when using a hybrid of poly mains and multi crosses! Would this snap back happen as well with a hybrid of multi or gut mains with poly crosses?? Please explain this sliding phenomenon, one I’ve yet to understand.

3716 Hello Jeff, I have selected 2 Wilson Juice 100s frames to play. I have generally a full swing on both sides. I have been stringing with Head protector 16 to protect my elbow. I am a older guy! I don't like dampeners! I tend to hit more on the flat side. I just liked the power of the 100s. Any suggestions as to stringing weights? Right now I am at 56 and 54 Thanks, Dick

3715 Pro Staff 100LS 15X16 Ashaway Kevlar Plus 17 mains, Prince Tournament 15 nylon crosses, both at 70 lbs, this gives me the best durability of any combination, I have tried 4G, Wilson Hyperlast, all sorts of polys, textured and not, syn gut, and combinations of all of the above. I hit hard and flat and have clocked my serve at 116 mph, I have not been able to find a set up with this combination of control, durability and economy. I am always looking to try new set ups, do you have any suggestions I might try? Thanks

3714 I am 56 years old, playing with a racket head graphene YouTek Radical MP and would like to know the best tension to play with Luxilon 4g 1.25 to not have problems in the elbow.

3713 I have read favorable things about the new Wilson Burn 100S racquet, except that it's stiffness can be very hard on the arm. Is there a poly or hybrid that might be relatively arm friendly and still provide most of the spin and power that this racquet can produce? If so, what tension would be recommended?

3712 What is the difference in performance (power, control, spin, etc.) between luxilon alu power and luxilon 4g?

3711 Hi Jeff, What do you about the new 2015 wilson burn 100ULS or head graphene sspeed xt lite (available in Europe) for my son ? He is 12 years old, and he playes 3.5. And what is the best luxilon string (multi?) Regards ERIC

3710 Dear the expert, in terms of manual string machine what is the difference btw the one from china and the other from taiwan. What would you recommend? And why?? I heard some bad rumor from the china one

3709 For decades a 16x18 was considered an open pattern. Now I see a few companies marketing "Extra Spin Production" and "Spin Effect" racquets with fewer crosses (16). I had assumed that the mains are most responsible for the spin. Would an 18x16, assuming proper technique, offer more spin than a 16X18? What in your view is gained by fewer crosses as in 18x16 or 16X16 patterns? Might it be simply easier main sliding, and if so why wasn't it thought of before?! (I ask before I just assume it is all hype to gain sales in a crowded and none too vigorous marketplace.)

3708 how many feet of string is needed for blade 98 sq in head

3707 Best strings for Wilson Blade 98s 2013

3706 In regards to alu power: Is there a difference,other than color, between the silver and blue colors. Thank you.

3705 Hi Expert, I started using Adrenaline 1.20 and x-one Biphase 1.30 @ 21kg on a Head Speed 2015 MP 16*19; I would like to be sure to prevent elbow pain and given that I have been told that monofilament have to be cut after a certain period of time I ask you after how many hours of game I have to cut and string again to stay on the safe side. I play ITR 4.5 with a certain amount of sping, not tons, but notable by my opponent. Thanks, Dave

3704 Hi there, I changed my racket last December (from Wilson 98 Blade 18x20 to Prince Warrior 100 Pro) and I love the way my baseline game improved. However, with the Prince I started breaking my strings (HEAD synthetic gut PPT 58lbs) in just 2 or 3 hours (with the old racket they lasted over 25 or 30 hours). My stringer recommended trying Luxilon ALU power Rough (16 gauge) on the mains and synthetic gut (Prince w/duraflex 16 gauge) for the crosses. I tried it and to my surprise I liked it a lot. I thought I was going to be a hard, control oriented feeling but on the contrary I felt a lot more power than with my old strings. I thought this increase in power was the result of lowering the tension (as indicated in the package) but when I looked at my stringer's sticker I realized tension was 58/56. Even though tension is already high for what the manufacturer suggested (10% less), do you think that the power issue can be solved by increasing tension of the mains or the crosses? Any suggestion on what to use on the crosses and keep the behavior and feeling of synthetic gut (16 gauge) but improving durability (crosses broke after 9-10 hours aprox. and its the first time I brake my crosses instead of mains). I am a bit afraid of going for full ALU Power Rough... Thanks for reading all this. Looking forward to reading your response. Best regards, Sebastian

3703 You have reiterated here how playtest commentary has little to no value at all. But before I dismiss some internet reporting out of hand, I’d like your opinion to be sure. It’s being claimed that the same string in the same gauge at the same tension can display noticeably different tension stability and playablity, power, feel etc., when in a different color. I note how pros do not use colored string, unless silver is deemed a color. Would a company degrade performance for the sake of cosmetics? Lightly edited examples from various commentaries follow. Tester A: “The white lost out for me. Spin was solid, but I felt like I was getting more consistent spin with black and more powerful spin with the green." Tester B: “I found black to be harder to control… it seemed to lose tension a bit faster. The power and control was better with the yellow…. The black color seemed to lose its tension faster and felt mushy after a few hours of play. The yellow color was better than the black, but it was still below average. This string was very springy after 3-5 hours, especially in black .” Tester C: “To me, the black actually played deader…I felt that the yellow remained soft with good pocketing… the yellow version of Lynx to age more gracefully than the black. The yellow version had great tension maintenance and could be used for a couple weeks before (having to) cut it out. Black didn't have similar playability duration.” Tester D: "…many black polys play similar; the ink's color affects play characteristics…” Enough , you get the gist. The same string?! What can the color additive do to degrade performance? What is your take on such observations?

3702 Hi, I am currently playing with a full bed Adrenaline 16L (gauge 125). Is the string being discontinued ? If yes, what is the string with closest specs to replace it?

3701 I am planning to buy Wilson 95s tennis racquet for my friend. But it asked me to select a variable and it has 2,3,4 in those variables. I'm anable to decide in them. Can you please suggest me?

3700 Hi, I'm 32 year old and I'm a tennis amateur player. At the moment I'm playing with Wilson Pro staff97 315g with luxilon original 21kg on V and o strings. I have top spin shot with forhand and one-hand backhand as well. wich string do you suggest for exalt my shot and would be little be more confortable than the original one? Thanks

3699 Good afternoon. Im play with Wilson Pro Staff 97 315 grams and I want buy some Luxilon string for this racquet. How do you think is better for this racquet?

3698 What is the difference between the 4g 125, 130, 141, and 125S. would the 125 equate to 17 guage, 130 to 16 guage and 141 to 15 guage?

3697 When stringing at lower tensions, is there a tension threshold under which the player would actually lose power? I'm just speculating here but I'm thinking that if tension is low enough, the ball would hit and leave the stringbed before the strings completely return to normal after being stretched (therefore imparting less energy to the ball). If there's any truth to that then I'm sure the threshold would vary depending on the string, but do you have any idea of a ballpark tension when that would happen?

3696 Hi, I'm having trouble tying off my Alu power 125 string. Because string is so stiff, its hard to get a tight last knot at the end. I'm using the parnell self tightening knot. Can you give me some suggestions on how to get this tighter knot at the end?

3695 Hi! My son has been playing with Babolat APD Team and RPM Blast Strings (55lbs) but is now switching to Wilson Pro Staff 97 LS. The racquet comes factory strung with Wilson Ripspin (don't know tension, but seems higher than he plays with now). He will start out with the factory string, but we look to find an optimal string (poly? hybrid?) and tension for him over the next few weeks. Would appreciate any string suggestions for this type of racquet (18x16 pattern). He is 13 and plays 6-8 hrs week. Thanks! JPC

3693 I currently play with Wilson Blade 18X20 strung with Luxilion ALU Power 125 – Tension 48 lbs. main and crosses. I am considering a hybrid set-up and currently leaning toward having my current string on the mains, and perhaps Technifibre on the crosses (around 50 lbs) What I am hoping is that I will get slightly more power/comfort without sacrificing spin potential. Also, hoping that I will not have to make a major adjustment to strokes. Curious to know an expert thought on this.

3692 Do you have the stringing instructions for the Wilson Pro Staff 97LS that you could share? I use Luxilon, but I have popped the strings twice after less than 8 hours of play! I plan to keep using Luxilon, but durability is becoming an issue. The same strings used to last 30 hours or more on my old Wilson Pro Staff Surge Team. Thank you for your help!

3691 High performance nationally ranked player using blade 98 18x20. Lux alu pier 125 on mains @ 48 lbs and nxt duramax 15 or 16 gage @54 lbs on crosses. Due to crosses breaking every 3 hrs... Stringer put in gamma advantage 15L in crosses still at 54 lbs. I've had no problem with breakage and found little difference in feel control etc. seems to last 6-7 hours before I notice a difference in playability. My question is this string is hard to find, can you recommend another durable hybrid string? Not ready for full poly set up yet. Trying to preserve my arm. What are your thoughts. I loved the nxt but it was cost of stringing and the advantage ladt longer and plays well but will be discontinued soon.

3689 Is 1 piece or 2 piece stringing better? If the racquet stringing instructions specify 1 or 2 piece is it important to follow? How important is the stringing machine and stringer? Thank you.

3688 Hi Jeff! Thanks for the page. It's great to read through and get "the skinny" on everything Lux. So I think I speak for many people who are watching these threads, when I ask you about your thoughts on Alu Power Soft. We would love to know what you think. Please if you haven't tried it yet, do so. :-). The word is that this string is softer than Alu, and at the same time has even better tension retention qualities. If that is the case, we may have a game changer here? And you have made yout case many times over about your love for 4g. Please compare Alu soft against the golden 4g. Thank you so much. And we all await to hear back regarding this new and potentially game changing string. Thanks Dan.

3687 hi, I use the wilson 105s and need a string that will stay put. This is an open pattern and syn gut moves too much and the ball trajectory is too high, I may switch to the wilson blade 104 with a very dense pattern instead. Could you recommend string and tension for this racket. I like spin and power. Thank you so much!

3686 I have a Wilson Steam 99. I look for control and have minor power but look to just be consistent and have some spin. I was wondering what strings would be good for me as a suggestion. Thanks ~tennis player :D

3685 I've been using Luxilon Supersense Monotec for several years and am now down to my last pack. Apparently I can't find it. Can you tell me what is the new equivalent for this string?

3684 Jeff I asked question 3675 how meaning of numbers on my racket which were 48*37 . I called my stringer who strings for tournMent at pro circuit in Bay Area of San Francisco ,Ca. For your edification it signifies the the dynamic tension so as it decrees by 6 pounds for instance in my own case when the second number drops to 31 it times to restring. Glad for sharing it's you.

3683 I'm currently using 4G at 56lbs in a Six One 95s. I love the spin I can get on serve but would like a bit more power on ground strokes. I know from reading here the main factor with regard to a strings power is the stiffness rating, the more elastic the string, the more energy that can be put into adding speed to the ball (assuming a mostly efficient swing). Are the stiffness ratings listed by Tennis Warehouse accurate or at least accurate enough for comparison? They list 4G at 259 lbs/in., 4G rough at 216 lbs/in, and M2 Pro at 182lbs/in. Which should mean 4G rough should give me more power at the same swing speed and M2 a bit more than that. Am I heading in the right direction? Is there a list of your strings showing a progression from least to most powerful? The product info section gives "8", "9" and "10" but it's hard to know if that means 2 to 5% which I doubt I could tell or 10-15% which I hope I might notice? Thanks! Nolan

3682 Hello, I'm a longtime user of the Wilson 6.1 95 16x18. I've been stringing at around 45 lbs with various polyesters, including 4G, and the feeling is good. I recently acquired the same racquet in a 18x20 pattern and strung it with 4G at 40 lbs, and the feeling is awful. Stiff as a board. So my question is, how much lower should I string an 18x20 frame for the same feel as 16x18? Thank you for taking the time to respond.

3681 Hi, I am not sure that this makes sense, but for my forehand I prefer the poly feeling I think I can make more winners. For the backhand however I prefer the multifilament. It gives me more confort. My net game is not an issue. I play bad with every string. Besides taking tennis lessons is there a luxilon string that you would recomend me or my comments are unhelpful. Just an additional comment. Are all the guys that put questions here professionals? For me the string dies when it brakes, and it usually lasts several weeks. Thanks

3680 Hi Jeff, After buying a stringing machine and doing all kinds of type and tension experiments, for the last two years I've been happily using 1.25 Luxilon Original Rough at 33 lbs on a couple of different light racquets -- a ProStaff Ultralight and my old stand-by: a Head Liquid Metal 8 of all things. At 58 years old and a 4.5 club player, I tend to only change my strings now when they are stretched enough that they don't automatically snap back in place. I find this combination of light racquet with stringing at 33 lbs to be easy on the elbow and shoulder, provides predictable power after a few hours of break-in, and plenty of control and spin. I use to same string and tension on both racquets. Just one question as I've tried Original Rough at recommended tension and found it way too hard on my wrist, elbow and shoulder with a less pleasant feel and control: why is it that more people don't play with this string at low tension like I do? To me, it's SO much better that way and lasts at least six months between restringings with never a broken string! Charlie

3679 Hi. Playing with a Head Prestige Rev Pro, i have my Luxilon Alu Power (and Alu Power Soft) currently strung at 21-23kg as the stringer insisted on this 2kg difference between mains & crosses so that the frame would not lose its properties. Am i right that you've already adviced people in that forum to try to play with an uniform tension (same one for crosses and mains). Are you ok with a 22kg or 23kg tension for such a low powered racket. Thanks, Vincent

3678 Hi Jeff, I have never cared much about the strings I use. I started googling some weeks about top string reviews and it is too complicated. My feeling is that there are some general properties for the different types of strings but the diferences between the brands are short. Moreover, it looks like that sometimes the diferences between the top (expensive) products and the cheapest is not so big (for exemple I read nice reviewes from tecnifibre multi-feel). Well I would like to try something between a multifilament and a poly. Can you suggest 1 ou 2 multi that look like poly and 1 ou 2 poly that perform close to multi? Regards from Portugal

3677 A hypothetical question that I believe can resolve a critical and apparently controversial stringing issue. We have two serious player friends siting together next to the courts. They both by chance use the same racket and poly string. However player A strings at 62 pounds whereas player B prefers 42 pounds. B’s hitting partner arrives and he takes the court but mistakenly picks up player A’s racket! A hasn’t restrung in many moons and his tension has dropped to about 42 lbs. B just recently received his racket from the nearby stringer. Question: Would B notice that the old strings, now 42 lbs. were “spent, shot, dead, mushy, uncontrollable” or would he play as though it was the recently strung racket at 42lbs? Is there more going on of import in the stringbed than just tension loss of poly strings? And would not the newer string job play worse as it in the process of losing far more tension now than the older stringjob? Your opinion will clarify whether all the voluminous expert commentary on stinging deals largely with tension and NOT other physical properties of the monofilament over time!

3676 My 13 year old son has just bought a GRAPHENE XT SPEED REV PRO,. He trains 10-12 hours per week & after a couple of wrist injuries in the past year recently changed to using Technifibre TGV multifilament strings @54lbs. He's started experimenting with the16x16 adaptive string pattern to get more topspin but strings only last 2-4 hours. Can you suggest an alternative?

3675 A stringer strung my racket and posted these following numbers in a tab on inside if racket. 48*37. I know the first number is poundage what is second number ? He is a stringer for pro tournaments.

3674 Hi Jeff, i have an interesting practical problem: Recently i bought an secondhand racquet with 98inch headsize and 18x20 . It is strung with Kirscbaum super smash spiky 1.25 that is notched and and smoothed by prolonged play. Remembering your note that poly strings dont die i decided not to cut it out but give it a try. What a revelation it was because this old stringjob played much better than expected and even better than my other similar racket with a fresh stringjob with other strings. So now i want to string the other racquet also with Super Smash but it has to play similar to the old stringjob. The seller of the racquet informed me that he strung it originally at 26kg. At what tension you would advice me to string to get a similar stringbed response when i want to play next day and not having to wait 3 months? I highly regard your expert advice. Tnx in advance.

3673 Hi Jeff, reacting on question 3668, as you always say a poly and especially luxilons get better with age.. maybe like a good wine, however frequent wine drinkers are usually nice weather sportsmen... Some people are talking about how often one should restring per year !!??.. Well.. if I am lucky my string/poly last into the second day of playing.. usually it breaks in between 4-5 hours. The famous playability, where you always make a fool of people who say that the string go dead :-) I agree the string does not suddenly die unless it breaks then it is really dead !! But it does get looser with playing, one type/brand more than the other, and yes that does ( no matter whatever you preach ) influence the playability seriously, if you are a serious player you can notice it looses control and feels less crispy and yes feels a little deader :-) However Jeff, technically if a string stretches it does not die in the contrary, but !! now it comes two buts, provided you would re-tension it in your racket the playing properties would not deteriorate, just get a little harder because it is pre-stretched. However I would not know how to do that, that re-tensioning and without doing so the string job definitely changes its properties! The second serious but is; the string physically wears at the cross sections it melts or wears or both a little, causing notches at the main strings at the cross section, this influences the diameter of the string and therefore the playability in a serious way. I trust you might agree with the above, if not you should take a few good lessons from a pro like you always say to improve your stroke such that you can also cause a string to get notches and break so you can personally experience how it feels if your string dies :-) All above is not meant nasty or unfriendly, and yes I agree if you cannot play tennis and hit the ball with 2 miles an hour your string will never die, my grandmother plays her string two years and they look like new. And then you might want to mention that some players on the tour do play a whole tournament with one string ( usually those players tend to have short tournaments because the lose soon :-)) and they do not experience that their string dies or get sick.. :-)) most probably women who hit no spin so their string indeed might not wear at the cross section but certainly they will place themselves in a disadvantageous position because after a couple of hours of serious hitting any poly string ( and yes also your 4g !!!) looses tension and looses some or more control, and if matches can be decided on a couple of balls going in or out; nowadays it goes by millimeter, look at the hawkeye a looser or tighter string might make the difference. So Jeff a professional player who uses your luxilon strings to long are not professional in their profession and will not be able to win many tournaments I guarantee you that :-) Nevertheless most of your answers are written with good plain view of things and thanks for that in the name of the audience.

3672 Hi Jeff: Have you played or strung any racquets with Luxilon ALU Power Soft 16L (1.25) String ? So far its in Europe, not Americas. Whom would profit from using this string ? Baseliners, Serve and Volley, counterpunchers, moon ballers ?

3671 Hi Jeff – First, many thanks to you for all of the insightful information you provide us in an area that is filled with so many contrasting, contradicting opinions that it makes my head spin! And speaking of spin . . . we are all aware of the wide variety of polyester strings available to us today – round, textured, shaped (including triangular, square, hexagonal, etc.). I do know that the proper stroke combined with sufficient racquet head speed will produce spin due at least in part to the resulting snap-back of the main strings. I also know that many string reviews tout that the textured and shaped strings will produce MORE spin than round ones. But is this really true? Is it only true at slower swing speeds, where there isn’t enough ball compression to produce the desired string snap-back? Is it not true at all? Moreover, won’t the textured/shaped strings exhibit more string-on-string “friction,” thus inhibiting the very thing that helps to produce spin on fast strokes in the first place – the snap-back? Finally, is there any reason NOT to use textured/shaped strings, as it seems that the majority of pros are using round strings only? Many thanks for clarifying these points for me! Bob

3670 125 ALU POWER Tennis Strings I started using the above string and bought a batch already. However I recently noticed that the strings went hard and lost all feeling of control and comfort. Could this be because I got them wet when playing in the rain? Do they react in any way to water? Or is it a tendency of these strings? Manufacturer recommends lowering the tension 10% - is this because they do get hard/stiffen with time? Similar to 3668 problem. Thanks

3669 I started using the above string and bought a batch already. However I recently noticed that the strings went hard and lost all feeling of control and comfort. Could this be because I got them wet when playing in the rain? Do they react in any way to water? Or is it a tendency of these strings? You recommend lowering the tension 10% - is this because they do get hard with time?

3668 Not to bum you out but "Here we go again." Yep, what follows is what you are still up against when trying to educate players. Is it funny or merely sad? On line review of a recent poly by a frequent tester of strings and racquets: “I got about 3 really solid feeling hours from this setup. The entire three (3) hours was nice, good spin, pop, and feel; it’s just when the strings went dead, so did my game. Some polys allow you to get through the motions when they go dead, the _________was the opposite, it was really dead. It lost all feel and control, I could hardly get the ball to stay in the court; I could have been mistaken for a beginner tennis player with all the shots I hit long, wide, and into the net. I was hoping the sweet characteristics of this string would last, unfortunately not so. I like to get at least 5 hours of decent play from a set of strings…." There you have it, one must restring most tested strings about 3 or 4 DOZEN times per season. By the way, even though the tester got 5 hours out it, he HIGHLY recommends it!

3667 Hi Jeff, a good 2015 for you. The question I have is what is the usual thickness tolerance for the alupower 125 mm strings ? Even the highest quality products /strings have a manufacturing tolerance. I found tolerances from eg 120-125 for a 125 mm string or eg 123 -127 etc a little different for all strings. What would you say is acceptable and not noticeable in playability as a tolerance in thickness ? Thanks for your usually good answers.

3666 Happy New Year 2015! My I add: God Bless You for your honesty! In your ’08 Miami pro update you composed several of the MOST incisively accurate paragraphs about ubiquitous inane string advice prefaced by: “‘The lack of authoritative and objective information about strings and tensions makes it very difficult for the recreational tennis player to make any kind of informed choice when it comes to selecting appropriate strings and tensions for his racquet (or his racquet itself..!). Trolling the Internet for advice is fairly useless.” “Fairly useless” I believe is being far too kind! Comparing THIS site to the few other online tennis gear sites is like the difference between evolution science info versus creation theory or climate change science versus climate change denier “proofs.” Indeed the difference in reality perception is simply staggering. As your credentials dwarf those of the others, I find it truly sad how few players are aware of the STRING EXPERT. The largest online gear (rackets and string) playtest site is from the leading online supplier on the sunny left coast. To date they’ve playtested over 4 dozen strings (mostly poly) from about 14 different suppliers, mostly smaller manufacturers. We have a flavor of the month style where several advanced players, men and women in most of the tests rehash as dogma the same stale nonsense you have debunked here for years! Over and over, in test after test, it is asserted as gospel truth that poly must be cut out after 10 hours to a few weeks because “as we ALL know” poly becomes used up, unplayable, shot, dead, uncontrollable etc.” They also chime in with comments on how a few pounds up or down makes a real big difference in playability. Most of the testers string the poly at 50 to 60 pounds and relate how they might go up in tension a few pounds to “tame” power! Meanwhile,on a popular European string review forum many anonymous testers come up with different opinions on the very same strings! Gee, one wonders what these players woud conclude in a real double blind test with old and new strings at varying tensions from brands they do not know!! I suspect the curtain would be pulled away really soon! These U.S. players (employees of the retailer?) are restringing from 12 to 40 times per year assuming their oft made assertions are honest. Those who chime in on their string Message Board usually agree wholeheartedly and offer more “assistance to those that ask for advice. When it comes to racket reviews, most of their loudest kudos and highest collective scores after weeks of testing go to a few small midsize frames and also to mid plus models with 18x20 patterns, frames that are rarely or never even used today by main draw men and women pros!! Did you know that the Prestige Mid (88-90” 18x20, and no longer made), the Yonex Tour 89 (89” head), and the Wilson Blade 93 (93” head w 18x20) are the best rackets around bar none. Can you name one main draw pro using any of them now? So keep it up in 2015 and beyond; don’t be shy about exposing misninformation. Sadly you are the only one doing it.

3665 Hi! I have the same "problem" like id 3662 question. My son is 13, he is advanced (national champion and #1 ranked in our country) He plays with Wilson ProStaff 97 LS (18x16 pattern) and breaks every day ( after 2-4 hrs practice) the string 4G 130 in full bed strung at 24 kg mains and 23 kg crosses. We lowered/raised/equalized the tension with the same result : no more than 2-4 hrs before breaking, indoor on hard-ce. I don't want to imagine how it will be in summer, outdoor, on clay ! :( He uses a lot of spin, moderate power. Is it something we can do to extend the life of the string? Thank you very much for your time!

3664 One of your pro player reports from several seasons ago noted the strings, tension and nominal rackets used by most main draw pros. Something really sticks out: Almost every Wilson racket player (Wilson is #1 on tour)uses Luxilon or a hybrid with Lux and Wilson gut. A huge % of the Babolat racket players (Bab is #2) use Babolat strings. All the handful of Technifibre players use Technifibre string. Half the Yonex players use Yonex string. HOWEVER over 90%(!) of Head racket players (Head is #3 on tour) do NOT use Head string. You probably can’t answer this for “political” reasons, but one wonders: 1) Does Head provide its players with free string? 2) Isn’t this reported usage a real indictment of Head poly?(I’ve assumed here that Head actualy manufactures string unlike Dunlop and Prince that repackage other mfrs.’ product).

3663 Hi Jeff: I really enjoy browsing your q and a. I am a 3.5 taking lessons and playing a lot. I just upgraded to the new babolat pure drive 2015 model. Any recommendations on a general purpose string for a 60 year old male? My goal is to improve fundamental swing to hit ball in hype center of racquet - thanks for your consideration.

3662 My son is 12 and Plays with a Wilson ProStaff 100L. The tension he uses on his strings are 25kg for the Main and 25.5 for the cross. the current strings he uses/likes are 12.5 gauge. He is a heavy spin, med power player (small stature). I have been having problems with the stringing of his rackets lately (break 1 or 2 "rackets" for roughly every training/playing session of 2 hours or so). I am wondering if this is normal and whether you could recommend a more durable string for the above configurations. I thank you in advance.

3660 hi, i was wondering what is your best string for spin

3659 I've read that a new monofilament made from Zyex (PEEK) is the softest synthetic mono yet. Hence durability, softness, lack of movement... sounds perfect! No pros use the "ZX" but do you have any knowledge/opinion on this design with any pros and cons to relate?

3658 I’ve learned from your pro roundups that 1 in 10 main draw pros now use a hybrid of gut mains and poly crosses strung within a few pounds of each other. What advantage, either real OR imagined, do pros get from using a cross 2 to 2.5 times stiffer than the mains? 1) Durability? I’d assumed the mains break more frequently; 2) Spin? I’d assumed the mains are responsible for the spin. Do poly crosses allow the mains to snap back easier?? I CAN fathom stinging the other way around and getting benefits of poly’s spin, control and reduced power. So what in your view is a pro’s objective in such an apparently weird combination… other than to ape RF?

3656 How many meters string I needed for the main ?

3655 Hi, I have heard that Luxilon Adrenaline Rough will be discontinued. Is there any other Luxilon string with similar characters? / Joakim

3654 I loved to use Luxilon Supersense for my cross for my hybrid and you discontinue this product line. My question is what repfleshment for this product? Thank you very much

3653 Hi, I am a medium good recreational player. I am 47 years old and have played tennis since I was 13. I use a semi western forehand grip. I have quite short, but powerful strokes with a lot of topspin. Which string and tension would you recommend? I need one that gives a good grip on the ball so I just don´t "brush" the ball with my racket.

3652 Hi Jeff, if there is an Alu Power Fluoro 123 which is a softer version of Alu Power 125, why there is a new Alu Power Soft 125 ? Honestly, since Wilson took the head on Luxilon, Luxilon line has become less and less clear, more and more marketing targeting... And it's a pity, really.

3651 what does this nomenclature mean? 16g @ 55W/20%/58lbs? is the tension different horizontally versus verticall?

3650 Hi, name is Really R. Confused, with "Really" the middle name!! I note online the stiffness # for poly mono from many companies, usually 170 to 260. However in many online string playtests, even at RSI magazine testers many times state how the softer rated string plays stiffer and the stiffer string plays softer!? My question. Is the published stiffness rating useful to determine what is softer? If not, there is no way to know what to buy to get a desired softer feel. I already string at the low 40s. For those who use poly for lack of movement would a hybrid, w/multi cross, be the way to assure a softer feel for THIS primary purpose? Buying string is like a grab bag or buying a cat in a bag. Mfr. ad copy ASSURES me how they are almost all great for control, spin etc. I've yet to see a mfr. advise: "Great control...but it feels like s--t."

3649 Hi there, I would like to ask you a question. I am a hard hitter and play mostly from the baseline, usually i use luxilon savage black because of the budget. the tension i use is 55 pounds, however i am struggling with elbow problems...could you please give me some advice?

3648 Hi Jeff I currently Pro Staff 85 with gut in the mains and Alu Spin in the crosses at 24.2x23.4 kg2, giving a stable DT of 32. Spin and control and quite good but I lack the put away power to put pressure on my opponents. Would you recommend to drop tension or go for another Luxilon string /with thinner diameter? Thx in advance. Denis

3646 Best strings for wilson blx juce pro?

3645 what is the difference in playability between alu 127 spin and alu 125 power rough?

3644 What is a recommended tension for Lux Alu Power Rough to maintain good control and keep spin?

3643 Other than breakage, are there any disadvantages for a non string breaker (me!) using 18 gauge? I've read how thinner gauge is softer and may positively impact spin generation! Are there any advantages to using 17 or 16 g? As you know, most string comes in 18 (17L) 17 (16L) and 16g (or even 15g); I've assumed there is good reason for that other than durability.

3641 Hey good day Jeff; I have two questions A) on my stringing machine there is a pull speed to be chosen slow, medium and fast I was wondering what he function is since when pulling the string with tensioning this is a one time pull, fast speed is still slow, when hitting a tennis ball this goes hundreds of times faster the stretch is bigger and this happens hundreds of times before breaking a string, which makes the difference in pull speeds on the stringing machines pretty insignifigant.. Or do I oversee something important ? B) string tension does not influence power much a couple of % at most, how about different strings do they influence power more than a couple of % ? Thanks for your insight, Peter Johansson

3640 Hi, I have a wilson pro staff.I am looking for spin wizard. I mean which strings are the best for generating spin. Also, will it be OK to use 51 tension for that. Thanks

3639 I am interested in knowing how much 4G and 4G Rough weigh or add in weight to the weight of a racquet . Could it increase a racquet a weight from 11.6 to 11.8 ?. I am trying to match racquets and have great interest in this question. Many thanks

3638 I'am not not of those who restrings every month to find the "latest, greatest" and I string in the low 40's. I prefer a softer feel without bothering with hybird confusion. Now RSI String Selector shows the new Lux Alu Power Soft(1.20mm) as less stiff than the Alu Power Flouro. You've noted previously that the flouro was intended to be a "softer" alternative to Alu Power. Question: Which of these is less stiff and easier on the arm? Doesn't the "Alu" refer to aluminum microfibers that would not lead to a softer feel?

3637 Hi Jeff, Despite you working for Luxilon as i understand, could you explain why do a lot of top atp and wta players prefer your company strings and not use other high class strings? The clear exception being Nadal who is playing his whole career with Babolat and is doing well when not injured.

3636 Hey Jeff I know you are a big fan of stringing at really low tensions like low 40's even 30's. Why is at that out of the top 15 players in the world though only one of them "Milos Raonic" strings below 50 pounds? I saw Federer is even stringing around 57 pounds again or at least he was at the US Open this past year, I figure if any one could control the power of the low tension it would be these guys with the best form/technique in the world. So I guess my question is why do you think hardly any of the very top guys "top 15 or so " even string below 50, most are low to mid 50's.

3635 Counterintuitive approach! I'll explain ask for the Expert's considered opinion. Most recreational intermediate and lower level players simply do not develop the technique to produce serious spin and tend to spray balls and lack control. So would not using a denser 18x20 string pattern at low tension with thin 18G enhance control at the "expense" of spin that really is not a factor here? The low tension as you suggest (35 to 40lbs) will keep power passable. Counterintuitive as I'd presumed that dense patterns were for more advanced players. Most pros, however, to my knowledge now do NOT use 18 main dense patterns!

3633 Hi Jeff, the theory and practice says that power difference due to string tension difference is very low, eg 18 and 28 kg of tension will result in a difference of power of 2% in favor of the 18 kg, a master who can determine this difference. However what I would be interested in how much % power difference would different strings create ( all other factors equal off course) My feeling says not to much. I have the feeling that a different feel creates a different stroke which creates a different power level and eg different spin. I do not believe in shaped strings creating much more spin, do you agree ? I think the properties of the string being stiffer or less stiff and their ability to snap back creates more spin, however I have the feeling this stiffness creates more control and therefore a more free swing and more spin and power. Supposed this would be all true why would anyone on earth would choose for multis and gut ? Softer on the arm ? just string the poly lower and you will be even softer. Do multies and gut resulting in less control and therefore in less free swinging and less power and spin. What is the influence of tension and string type on control, everybody is always talking about power, but I think control might be as or more important, we want to keep the balls between the lines instead between the fences No ? :-) I realize a lot of questions but I would be very interested in your opinion Best regards, Jim

3632 Greetings! I'm an all-power singles player (Prince Speedport Silver, maniacal swings) and the only thing keeping my groundies and serves in-bounds is massive spin (extreme FH/BH grip). If I were to try to compensate as much as possible with string technology, what Luxilon brand(s) would provide the best low-powered bite for 1) spin and 2) control? Thanks in advance.

3631 i used to play with Synthetic Gut which provides me good control in ground stroke and volley. Now i learn that poly can provide much more spin and I tried and love the spin. However, i found that i lose control in my volley and even lose power hitting the ball at net. Is this the cons of poly string? or my own problem due to lack of follow through? or any solution such as lower / higher tension can solve it? thx a lot!

3630 I am trying to string a Wilson steam 23 junior racquet, but cannot find any instruction from where to start. The stringing pattern is 16x16. I have another Wilson pro staff blx 26 and cannot find information

3628 Hello ! I play with Wilson-racket (Steam 99, weight 304 g and string pattern is 16x15). I bought Luxilon-strings ( 130 4G , 1,30 mm). What tension would You recommend to my racket ? ( Wilson recommends generally that tension would be 25kg-29kg). But how is it with this Luxilon-string ? With Kind Regards Jouko Ahola Mikkeli Finland

3627 Bonjour from France. I would like to ask if Spin is available on Cote d'Azur since the coach at my club cannot locate in Nice. There is the 'gold' rough which I would settle for but would like to know. A bientot, Stephen (enjoying the proper red stuff a Vence!)

3626 Hello I'd like to know if ypou have a string for teenagers (13 year) - playing 5/§ hours a week. Thanks for your help R Coeurderoy

3625 Is there a standard or universally-ageed upon method of starting mains on an electronic/constant pull machine? A quick search on YouTube yields a number of different "right" ways of starting. Which do you recommend?

3624 Hi Jeff according to the information I found it looks like the 4G has a higher energy return than the Alupower. However the Alupower has more control, could you explain the mechanism please ? Jim

3623 Hello, i wanted to ask you if you can give me some clues about what to look at a lexilon string in order to make sure is not a fake one. I see so many people selling the lexicon string at a low price and i don't know which one is the good one and not the fake one. thank you

3622 Jeff, i play with steam 105s and have tried all sorts of string combos, I hit very hard and currently have wilson hyperlast mains still in black resistrech 16 crosses, both at 70lbs, ashaway kevlar plus mains wilson syn gut 16 crosses, ashaway kevlar 18 mains, resistrech 16 crosses, also close to 70lbs, i like the stiffness, and control at these tensions but i always snap the poly crosses at the frame. I have three frames and this occurs on all, the grommets look fine and often happens on what feels like a great shot (not mishit), which poly can i try that will withstand shear on heavy shots? The kevlar syn gut combos move a lot and have to be adjusted all the time, kevlar poly combo a bit less, what strings/combo will give me less movement, and high shear resistance at 68-70lbs?

3621 would you happen to have a list of the top 100 men in the ATP that use your string?? thanks Jeff

3620 Tennis String Theory is starting to look a lot like physics String Theory. You have noted that after a time we see a 20% loss in tension and stabilization occurs. Copy. However at a large internet tennis equipment supplier in their UNIVERSIY pages a LONG discussion on string was presented. In it yet another expert provided a battery of test results showing how most polys strung at 60 eventually (a few thousand hits = a few weeks of play) fell to about 20lbs!! The massive tension loss theory is supported by most online posters (non experts) that state their poly is utterly done after 5 or 10 hours and is cut out. This cannot be THAT controversial or complex. Or can it?? Is this all just a "string" of opinions?

3619 Jeff, vintage (like fine wine) T2000 guy here - I just restrung my Steam 105s with Lux 4G S 15g again. Boy, it is stiff! But durable too - the mains I removed were sawed at least half way through (and still working, but that's why I restrung)! That kind of durability is perfect - I'd say it lasted 2 months playing 3-4 times a week - over 30 hrs of serious pounding. This time I went from 60 lbs to 50 lbs and let it sit for 48 hrs then played some - it is still REEEEAAAL stiff! I hit with a full swing, fast, and hard, and I'm 6-1 200+lbs. The spin I get is effortless and awesome, but the flat out power at the top end is gone, especially evident in my serve. I dropped the 10lbs of tension to 50lbs trying to remedy that, but it still feels about the same - testament to your great advice about tension not mattering that much! Actually, the sawed through string originally at 60lbs felt a bit better than new at 50lbs. The $17.95 question is: I like the durability of the 140mm (the 4G 125mm or 130mm I had in before lasted only about 10hrs), but I want a bit more feel and the top end power back. So, in your awesome opinion given the open 16x15 pattern, do you think using the same 140mm strings and going to 40lbs will be better than staying at 50lbs and going hybrid with something like regular 4G or Alu Power at 125mm or 130mm for the crosses? (given that you usually recommend against hybids) Or, do I scrap the whole open pattern experiment (mainly because of durability) and go back to more regular pattern and syn gut type of string? As always, I appreciate your response!

3618 HI...I put on a Wilson Five BLX II 103 a NTX Duramax 15.. the tension is 25/24... I have much power but no control... please tell me your opinion about the tension needed

3617 Hi Jeff, I have recently read your stringing analysis for 2013 US Open and I have a question regarding stringing tensions for a hybrid stringing, using natural gut for mains and Luxilon Alu Power for crosses. As you mentioned in your analysis, pro players typically string crosses at 2 lb lower tension because crosses are shorter than mains. You also mentioned that when crosses are much stiffer than mains, as in this case, it may make sense to reduce the tension even further, for example, 5 lb difference would be "in the right direction." Let's assume that the tensions are 53 and 48 lbs for natural gut mains and ALU Power crosses, respectively. However, when looking at String Peformance Results at the Tennis Warehouse University website (, the total tension loss between the time of the stringing and the end of the test for Luxilon Alu Power (and most of other strings with similar stiffness) is about 23.5% and for natural gut is about 8%. This means that at the end of the test, the actual tensions of mains and crosses would drop to 49 and 37 lbs, respectively. In that case, shouldn't I set the initial tension for the Luxilon ALU Power crosses much higher, to 57 lbs, so that after the 23.5% tension loss it drops to 44 lbs, which would be exactly 5 lbs lower than the post-test tension of the mains? In order words, if I want to achieve the 5 lb tension difference b/w natural gut mains and ALU Power crosses after the test (or after few hundred strokes), shouldn't I set up the initial tension of ALU Power crosses at 57 lbs instead of 48 lbs (assuming the initial tension of natural gut mains of 53 lbs)? It seems complicated. Thanks a lot for your thoughts on that. Kind regards, Gaspar Zimbrek-Turkovic from Strasbourg, France.

3616 Hi Jeff, what would be the difference between the 1.25mm Luxilon 4G and the 1.30mm, apart of the diameter, on the same relative racquet and same relative tension respectively. Thanks, Bogdan

3615 Hi, I am trying out a wide string bed currently 16/15 and have been using the 4Gs and Alu Power 138. The feel of thick strings is really different and they feel loose compared to my previous Big Banger 1.18 on a Pure drive. My question: I would now tend to string the 4Gs at 30kg, as they feel otherwise softish at 27kg. Is a tighter string also in your experience useful and necessary. How does Grigor Dimitrov deal with the situation? What would be your thoughts on this? Thank you and best wishes, Achim

3614 I apologize for this question as your opinion on hybrids is by now well-known. But I can’t help myself. The context is a player who rarely restrings. Common sense tells me that a poly main and gut or multi cross set up would have the mains strung at a much higher tension! Why? Because poly loses MUCH more tension over time. Thus if strung the same, the poly tension will be much lower in short order. That said, does the much higher poly stiffness render this irrelvant? Your opinion is much valued (even if one hybrids against your expert advice).

3613 My new strings (syn gut duraflex)began to split in one week. These strings are defective or not ? I used this kind of strings many times and I did have this problem. Thank you, Michael

3612 hello well comeback Jeff 1.why do not seal the string reels like individual string package is there any reason? 2.are you going to make 2014 us open stringing report? thank you from Charley

3611 Hi Jeff, I noticed that for the LUXILON BIG BANGER ALU POWER ROUGH 16L string, Luxilon advises to string approximately 10% lower than usual. I would like to ask you to clarify that. Example: I always ask the stringer to string my racquet at 53 lbs. I have a Babolat Aeropro Drive GT with a 315mm weight balance (light head). If 53 lbs is ok , should I ask him to string 10% lower than 53 lbs? Should I ask him to set the stringing machine to set at 48 lbs (Taking 10% of 53 lbs I find 48 Lbs approx.)? Thanks. Rodrigo Saldanha from Rio de Janeiro, RJ - Brazil

3610 Hello, I typically use a multifilament string at 40 lbs, but for better durability I am going to try a set of 4G. What tension would you recommend I start the 4G at?

3609 what is the best string configuration for Wilson surge

3608 If I'm already powerful or too powerful on my strokes. Is the Babolat Pure Drive Racquet & Babolat AeroPro Drive Racquet powerfull/too powerful for me?

3607 Are the Wilson Juice Racquets powerful?

3606 What is your opinion about stringing a racquet with a full bed poly - a poly on the stiffer side, for a recreational women - who doesn't hit hard or with topspin - and most likely will never break them. Doesn't seem like the best choice of strings for this type of player.

3605 Hello. What is your take with the JET Method of stringing using a full bed poly? Further, if stringing in a hybrid set up (poly in the mains and a synthetic/multi in the crosses) - how do you adjust the mains and how do you string the crosses (style and tensions)?

3604 What string tension should I use for Tecnifibre Ruff Code 17ga?

3603 What is the best string for head Ti S6?

3602 jeff, pleases help me find string tension for pog os w/ 4stipes cerca 1987

3601 Need an expert opinion. In a fit of raging excess I bought several new rackets and strung them at 45 lbs with a soft polyester. However I have not used them at all to date,in a year. Do unused rackets lose tension at a much lower rate (I hope) than those often played with? Is it okay to let a new just sit strung before use? How much could tension have dropped?

3600 I am trying to identify a string in a demonstration racquet. The retailer who gave me the racquet says it is either Wilson NXT or Luxilon 4G. It does not fray like a multifiliment and it grips the ball well so I believe it is Luxilon but the appearance between the two is similar. It has a code on the string "OK 9243". Is the code "OK 9243" a Luxilon product or Luxilon inspection code? Thanks! Nolan

3599 Hi Jeff, I'm thinking of purchasing the Wilson 99s steam. A friend has it and says it is strung with lexilon at 48. Since the recommended tension is higher, I was hoping you could weigh in on what you would do. I am a 4.0, base liner. Thank you, Janet

3598 Hi Jeff, I'm thinking of purchasing the Wilson 99s steam. A friend has it and says it is strung with lexicon at 48. Since the recommended tension is higher, I was hoping you could weigh in on what you would do. I am a 4.0, base liner. Thank you, Janet

3597 Do you believe that Alu Power 15g(1.38) is well suited with my Steam 99s as far as maximum spin is concerned?Would Adrenaline 1.30 provide more snap-back and therefore more spin than Alu Power 1.38?(Not satisfied with the performance of 4Gs)thank you. Nicholas,PTR Instructor,Greece.

3596 During the U.S. Open women's final, one of the long time deans of female announcers stated that a round head such as the Babolat's will offer more spin than the oval or Isometric (Yonex)head shape. I had always assumed that it was a more open string pattern, or longer mains, as with the oval or isometric shape(of course coupled with sound technique), that offers most spin. So why would a rounder head shape increase spin?

3595 When switching from Hybrid Alu rough / Synthetic gut 53lb to all Alu rough, what tension do you recommend for boys aged 15 and 13 with respect to minimizing stress to the arm.

3594 Hello Jeff, Federer uses now a bigger head size than he used to (97 sq in vs 90 sq in). Informations including Wilson advertizing show that he has raised up the tension of the strings he uses : 26 kg gut mains 24.5 kg Alu Rough crosses (ajusting on slower or faster conditions). It is 4 to 5 kg more than what he was using when playing with smaller head size. So it is obvious that this change was necessaty for him to ajust to the feel and greater power of his "new" racquet. The head size he is now using is in the same range as those used by serious non pro players (95 sq in to 100 sq in). So here is my question : do you still recommend us using low to very low string tensions as it seems obvious that even the greater pro of all time cannot ajust to low tensions on todays bigger head and powerful frames ? Thank you for your thoughts.

3593 I am planning to string my "2013 wilson blade 98 (18X20)" with the following string at 48lbs. I am a strong 3.5 player with a strong forearm shot. Luxilion ALU Power 125 (16L Gauge, 1.25 mm) - Ice Blue Based on your experience would you recommend this set-up especially the string tension ? I currently play with a X-one bi-phase

3592 Jeff - Thanks for all your answers. One really must read several hundred before asking a question, for they are truly priceless. I am trying to find a good string/tension match for my old style (my first frame was a T2000 - hit with it the other day for kicks!) and new racquet (105s), and so I'm just going with Lux 4G S 15g (because the regular 4G in there did not last) at a variety of tensions to see if the Lux will come close enough to the "feel" I'm looking for with that particular frame and string pattern. The poly is pretty stiff and I don't know if it will ever feel right. Truth be told, I'd say I could play decently with just about any normal adult frame (even one strung right from Walmart, the T2000 would be a challenge), so I thought I'd see if I could get the 105s to work for me - 16x15 and all that. I'll let you know how it goes, but I will never forget this: "Tennis strings are vegetables". What a great line - maybe I'll just vary how long they cook for, eh? Keep up the great work! I like broccoli, lots of butter, dash of lemon mmmmm ......

3591 I suspect this is something you haven't much thought about in your capacity as a stringing expert, but I still expect a near revelatory response owing to your wide experience. As more players use two-handers, I wonder what percentage of pros use a racket longer than 27"(685mm). The manufacturers have radically cut back on "xtra long" racket marketing in the past decade, but I sense that many two- handers use them? We know Bartoli and Nalbandian used a very long frame, many Prince users (Isner, Ferrero, Ferrer) and even Roddick used a 27.5"er. It is quite hard to tell either live or on TV. Any ideas here based upon what you've seen?

3590 Hello. I am a 4.5 baseline player using a Babolat Pure Drive. I have no problem generating spin, but would like a softer feel to the string. I break strings frequently, and hope your strings can help me here. I curretly use Babolat xcel strung at 55 lbs, but would like to try the Fluoro. I have tried alu-power mains with nxt crosses, but felt the combo was still a bit stiff. -Do you recommend a hybrid with the Fluoro? Which should be mains (Remember i break the mains frequently) -In case of a hybrid: What is the recomended differende in lbs for the difference strings. Thank you in advance for your reply!

3589 Hello, I have a few questions mixed through here. From the products page on this website, 4G is advertised as "the next evolution in Luxilon strings". I interpret that as being an improvement over existing products as opposed to simply a different category of string. But from your most recent string analysis (which I appreciate you sharing with us, by the way), of the all the players using a full bed of a Luxilon string, only 7% use 4G (compared to 58% using ALU Power and 20% using Original). Granted that analysis was from the 2013 US Open, less than 2 years after the string was released, so maybe a greater percentage will be using it during this year's Open. On to my questions: In what ways do you consider 4G to be "the next evolution" of Luxilon strings? and Was 4G designed for a specific niche that most pros currently don't consider themselves a part of? Or do you expect over time that 4G will replace ALU Power as the predominantly used Luxilon string? Thank you for your responses.

3588 Hi Jeff, Sometimes i read these lists of present ATP and WTA players and the racket+ string combinations they use. Interesting but more relevant to us mortals would be what the past champions are using now. Still great skills but less fast and with less strenght and not binded by endorsements and no stringers giving them freshley strung rackets every few games ;) I remember McEnroe initially switching to Volkl,Connors and Noah to Prince and even Sampras parting from his trusty Wilson to a Babolat. I would love to know what rackets and strings all these great players ( in less shape) are swinging now. Is it possible that you could give us this information?

3587 .. Sorry.. somehow 'submitted' before second question :(2) I just read in one of your answers that "by the time one finishes the Mains - tension losses is bout 60%" in the first two center-mains pulled...therefore would it Also be logical in a sense to 'pull' those first two Center Mains at a % higher and maybe even tension the rest of the 6-8 bed-mains at a 'DEscending %' (cause of head curvature) from the 2 center-mains tension till you got to the Last 4 - then as in my first question (if logical) to 'blanket' those last 4 on both sides with a 4 ish pound default (from target bed tension)... I. E., target bed tension 50lbs...... 18x20....M (from center)) lbs : 58-56-54-52-50-54-54-54-54....(i know 58lbs isn't a 60%+ loss from 50lbs, but trying to compensate for my ignorance from x-strung tension increase & head-curve tension increase.... Anyhow any chance this is a 'winner' for a longer targeted bed-tension :-)

3586 Hi Jeff.... K to the point: (1) To preserve (for a longer period of time) string-bed 'intended tension', is there Any logic in Increasing the first & last four mains & crosses by say 4 or 5lbs

3585 What string is best use for Wilson Juice 100?

3584 Hey Jeff, can you please recommend a Luxilon string or two to try out to replace Wilson Enduro Pro 16L which has been discontinued? Any suggested tension to start off with would be appreciated too. I normally string at 56/54lbs. I'm a college player with topspin strokes and an all-court style of play. Thanks for the help.

3582 decided to go back to my old head prestige mid(600cm)……..any suggestions on the ultimate string setup??

3581 By 11yr old son is playing with Luxilon 4G on a Wilson99LS raquet. Coach has recommened do a hybrid and keep the 4G on the mains and either the NXT Power or the Wilson Synthetic Gut Power on the crosses. Which do you think is better?

3580 Can I use Luxilon ALU power in my Babolat Drive Max 110, what tension is recommended?


3578 Have just purchased my first 4g rough. On the packeging it recommends to reduce tension by 10%. But campared to what type of string? I have used the alupower rough 125 string with 25½ kg. Does that mean you will recommend to string the 4g rough aprox 22½kg. That just seems low! Thank you.

3577 ware can i get rainbow 680 stings?

3576 Hi i am playing am raket wilson 95 s? which string is an god one to play? luxilon 4 g or luxilon 4 g rouht ? or luxilon hybrid? ad wich lbs? thanks an greatings from germany florian krohn - hamburg - germany

3575 Source: USRSA - U.S. Racquet Stringers Association Per String Expert it looks as if they, USRSA, also don't know of what they speak?! BASIC FACTS about tennis racquet strings Synthetic strings made of nylon and polyester often last a long time, but virtually all of them go "dead" after about a month, whether or not you play. Just because the string isn't broken doesn't mean it's still good. Natural gut, while initially more expensive and somewhat more fragile, is good almost up to the moment it breaks. When strings go "dead," they don't lose power, they lose tension. This means that you have looser strings, so the ball goes farther for the same effort, with less control. You also lose control because the strings feel differently than they do when they're fresh, so you either have to adjust your game, or content yourself with not playing your best. The "rule of thumb" is that you should re-string your racquet(s) as many times per year as you play per week (unless your strings break, of course). Unless you are using natural gut, this is not nearly often enough. I think you should aim to re-string every month. That way, your racquet is always playing its best, and you won't have to adjust your game nearly as much, to compensate for the difference in feel between dead strings and fresh strings. If once a month sounds too often for the amount of tennis you play, play more tennis! String facts Generally speaking: Lower string tensions generate more power. Higher string tensions allow for more ball control (for experienced players). A longer string (or string plane area) produces more power. Decreased string density (fewer strings) generates more power. Thinner string generates more power. More elastic strings generate more power. Strings that produce more power will also absorb more shock load at impact. Softer strings, or strings with a softer coating, tend to vibrate less. A stiffer stringbed tends to produce more spin. The more elastic the string, the more tension loss in the racquet after the string job.* * Pre-stretching aligns (stretches) the polymer chains in the string and "sets" the string, which reduces tension loss, albeit slightly. The more pre-stretching (prior to stringing) the less tension loss after stringing, but the less lively the string will be, even when new.

3574 Crawford Lindsey’s 2013 analysis, “How Strings ‘Go Dead’” is largely incomprehensible to me; the science is beyond my limited science capabilites, That said, his results on polyester tension losses are just SCARY! (Lindsay does err in stating that Luxilon is polyester; I know that makes you cringe!) His results are far beyond what you have noted many times here. He begins with all strings at 62 lbs. After initial large losses following stringing (100 hits) the total loss after 2000 hits (a month or two for most of us?) is estimated for most of the polys at well over 50%. I’ve never read than polys go that low so quickly. This help me appreciate why so many restring poly so quickly; compared to gut and nylon the losses over time are just staggering! Do you disagree with C. Lindsey’s tension loss results? He assumes most of the polys after 6 months or so would be at <25 pounds!!

3573 My frame is Wilson steam 99 with Luxilon 125 ALU Power. It feels a little bit stiff comparing with Luxilon 4G 16L. But it is still good now. I like it. I am just curious about the Head Graphene Prestige MP and Head Graphene Prestige Pro with Luxilon 4G 16L. Did someone use this frame and string? Could someone give me some advice? I mean compare this two head racquets with the Wilson Steam 99 with Luxilon 4G 16L.

3572 From a tennis site INSPIRED TENNIS. Do you agree at all? I assume pros do as they are perpetually restringing all season all of their rackets. ESSAY For certain styles of play, polyester tennis strings provide amazing playability – great control and plenty of spin, but most polys lose tension and playability fairly quickly. But just how quickly? And how do you know when your polyester tennis strings are dead? To address the first question… It depends. Different polys lose tension and playability at different rates. Older, first generation polys tend to lose tension fairly quickly – perhaps in as little as two to six hours of play. Newer polys have technological advances in the material and the composition that allow them to maintain tension better/longer, but don’t kid yourself… All polys lose tension faster than other types of tennis strings – especially natural gut and multi-filaments. To address the second question… Here are some general guidelines to tell when your poly strings have gone dead: 1. Feel – It is hard to describe, but the more you play with poly, the better you’ll get at determining when it has gone dead. It just feels differently, and you’ll get to the point when you know it. It will feel more board-like, and it will lose control. Additionally, you may find that you have to hit harder in order to get your usual pace. I use Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power Rough, and when fresh, it has an incredible, almost magical crispness to it. When it loses playability, it is easy for me to tell because that crispness is gone. 2. String Movement – When poly goes dead, it tends to lose its ability to stay in place. This is referred to as its resiliency, or more commonly as its ability “to snap back” into place. Often though, this means it is VERY dead. It often can go dead long before string movement occurs. If your poly strings are moving, it is time to cut them out and re-string. 3. Tension Loss – You could invest in a tool like the Beers ERT 300 Tension Meter and begin monitoring tension loss in order to know when the poly’s tension has dropped significantly. With a tool like the ERT 300, you can measure the overall Dynamic Tension (DT) of the stringbed as soon as it comes off the stringing machine. Then after a few hours of play, you can measure the overall DT again and compare the results to the initial measurement. A simple calculation will give you the percentage of tension loss. (Note: I record DT measurments for every string job I do for my clients. I do this for two reasons. 1. To ensure the new string job is consistent with the last string job I did for them. 2. To help them determine if it is time to re-string – based on the percentage of tension loss.) One thing to keep in mind though… Loss of playability and loss of tension are not always the same thing. A poly can lose playability more quickly than it loses tension. Playing with dead polyester strings can, as mentioned above, cause a decline in your performance. Additionally, playing with dead polyester strings can cause arm and wrist problems. (Actually, even fresh polyester strings can be a little more harsh on the arm than other types of strings, but dead polys can be more harmful.) Therefore, it is important to know when your poly strings are dead, so pay attention to the warning signs.

3571 I am a boys u12 junior and think I should change string, should I choose pro hurricane or prince beast ? My previous string was top spin cyber blue.

3570 I have read that Andy Murray uses a 16x19 pattern all year except during the short grass court season at which time he switches to 18x20. While fans can have no idea what actual rackets are under the ever changing paint schemes, string patterns, head size, and beam width CAN be confirmed by photos! Have you ever noticed any other players adopted this strategy in your years of experience? Is it worth the trouble for most of us to dabble with various string patterns? It seems that tweaking string patterns and densities is the new BIG THING among some major racket companies. Did wood rackets used by legends prior to 1983 have differing string patterns too or were the heads too small?

3569 What string and tension would you recommend for the Steam 99s

3568 Hey daughter switched to Djokovic MP with 16 x 19 string pattern. She uses Alu Power 16L at 57 lbs cross and main. She breaks the string every day. What the heck should we do? she hits with a lot of spin. She only broke string every 4 days with the radical before this one. The 18x20 pro is a little too heavy for her, but they don't make an 18x20 MP....

3567 Good Morning Expert Team, I apologize, but in my question 3565 I said I use Luxilon Alu Power 1.20 with Tecnifibre TGV 1.30. Because of a typo I indicate the wrong Luxilon string: actually I use Adrenaline 1.20. Sorry about that, thanks, Dave

3566 Hi there Jeff,I have a question, Why people need to avoid stringers from home or at back of the store? not everyone has the money to open a stringing shop,and if a client leaves a racket at your shop, i`m pretty sure your are going to tell the client when to pick it up and wont see you string the racket,i think is the same issue of house stringing or at back of the shop, no shop is going to string you a racket the same day if they are busy. just saying.. God bless and thanks for all the good advise...

3565 Good Morning, I play tennis with a Head Prestige Youtek IG MP and I am going to try Luxilon Alu Power 1.20 with Tecnifibre TGV 1.30 to get some additional power. I play mainly flat, with one hand backhand and a style, that if you allow for the comparison, is in the middle of Federer and Djokovic. Which tension do you recommend? and after how many hours do you recommend to cut them? Thanks, Dave

3564 WILSON TENNIS RACKETS BLADE 98 16X19 best strings for this racket

3563 What is the most popular string or string people use to string the Wilson Juice 100 and Wilson Juice 108 to get the red W in the string of the racquet?

3562 You have reported that a few pounds tension variance is not meaningful/perceptible -- " adding/subtracting a few cornflakes from one's morning cereal bowl" -- and that many pros cant even tell the difference between rackets strung at 10 lbs different tension. I get it and believe you! Based upon your hands on experience, why then do most all pros (not maybe a Kirilenko or a Seppi but most others) constantly restring all their rackets during tournament season every few days? Is it merely an expensive ($30 per racket for labor) habit, nor entirely rational?

3561 Hi Jeff, thanks for your answer. Just to answer your question about the tension I put of the ACE string is 24-22kg which is equivalent (so I have been told) to 23. I used to put 25kg (I suppose 26-24kg) so it could be enough tension drop. Anyway I will try it out as soon as I finish rehab in a couple weeks. Thanks again. D.

3560 Hi Jeff, Could you please share your insight. If all other factors were the same, what would allow more topspin: stiffer or flexible racquets, high or low string tensions, poly or multifilament strings, or head lite/head heavy racquets? In the light of this i sometimes wonder why Nadal never catches his thicker beam racquet frame by executing the extreme topspin action that he does

3559 Dear Luxilon Expert Team, I have recently have had tennis elbow problems (almost solved by now) and in usual my pro shop had strung my Prestige IG Pro frame with a full bed of Luxilon BB Ace. I have read many opinions and very few good reviews in the net and still would like to know whether this Luxilon string is appropriate for me (and my elbow) or it would be better to hybrid my strings for comfort. I just donnot like to loose control and I was looking for an extra of power (but not too much) but my elbow is obviously first. Can you please give me any advise of what kind of string I should use? My email address is Thank you very much in advance for your time. Best regards. Diego.

3558 Should I do a full bed of luxilon adrenaline on my radical

3557 Sigma pro tornado is it harder on the arm than Volkl V torque strung at same tension?

3556 Some "Stringing for Dummies" questions: Is there any easy way to determine if a racket should be strung with the crosses top down? I know that Yonex insists that its frames MUST be strung with crosses top down or the warranty is voided. Should crosses EVER be strung from the throat to the head?? How does "Around the World" stringing differ from regular stringing. Is it in any substantive way superior or inferior? In my experience many stringers much prefer this to two piece. Why?

3555 Hi, I got elbow pain a few years ago, switched to Babolat Z Lite which helped (as well as changing technique and using gut) but now using Wilson 99LS, 16x15 string pattern, really enjoying the different feel of the racquet but after a couple of weeks am getting elbow pain. I understand the variables concerning technique etc from your other replies, and am interested in your view on comparable string to gut on such an open pattern.Many thanks.

3554 Reviews of different strings with the same gauge and tension usually note how much POWER is provided. The differences are often huge per the commentaries. All other things being equal, will a stiffer string offer less power? Do strings of similar gauge and tension really differ much as to power delivery in your view? Gut by far the softest and most resilient I assume offers the most power with the same swing dynamics. Does monofilament "poly" due to higher stiffness offer the least power of all unless one drops tension by >10 pounds?

3553 Hi Jeff, just wondering what racquet, string and tension do you use?

3552 Any chance LXN Alu Power Feel 1.20 will be offered in the larger 726' reels?

3551 my racket comes either 16x19 and 18x20 should i get both?

3550 Hi Jeff, currently its not possible to check a raquets tension once strung or after any period of time although it would be useful to know. My question....are there any projects looking into developing a machine to be able to do this? Any science Colleges/Universities or sports bodies looking into it? Is it accepted for evermore that we cannot do this.....thanks and greeting from London. Stephen

3549 I tested Luxilon 4G 16L in hybrid as a cross string with Babolat Tonic Gut 16 mains at low tension 45/43. How low I can go with Luxilon 4G? I like low tension but any limits that string won't work well if too low? I felt this combo was great for spin, depth & generally my game was so much better than using my regular string NXT on mains & crosses. I don't know if this is a matter of getting used to, or maybe 4G will soften after a few hours of playing. My only concern is not to have any arm problems. I played so far 2 h, my racquet is Wilson Pro Staff 100. Also, if I use NXT instead of gut with 4G in crosses, should I adjust tenion? Thank you fir your help

3548 around what tension should i string mi head graphene speed MP with solinco tour bite 16 without having any arm problems?

3547 Hi Jeff - I had asked the a question related to change in string thickness to which you replied that you really needed the specific thickness to give a more qualified answer. Here are the string thickness: Gauge: 16L / 1.25mm Gauge: 15/1.38mm See question details and your earlier response below. Hoping for more specific guidance : Date: 6/12/2014 Question: I want to move from a 16g ( Luxilon ) to 15g string ( Luxilon) for greater maintain the same feel how many pounds of tension should I reduce. Answer: Actually, that is a very complex question and the shortness of your question does not deserve the pages of explanation that would be need to cover what is involved. Basically, if all else is equal (especially the type of material), the stiffness of a string is dependent on its diameter. The greater the diameter, the greater the stiffness (and the harder it will be to break). Most of the characteristics of a string are determined by its stiffness and changes in tension make fairly small differences to those characteristics compared to the differences that occur due to the changes in stiffness. So, relatively large changes in tension are required to try to balance quite small changes in stiffness. Stiffer strings just tend to behave like stiffer strings. But the main reason why I can't quote you a specific number of pounds is to do with the absurd gauge system of measurement. The limits for a 15g string (according to one table - and they vary..!) is 1.41 - 1.49mm. For 16g, they are 1.26 - 1.33 (15L fills the gap between the two). So the difference between 15g and 16g strings could be .23mm (1.49 - 1.26) or it could be .8mm (1.41 - 1.33). The difference could be three times greater using the same measuring system..! So, the bottom line? A difference in stiffness will produce a difference in feel. You can help to mitigate it with changes in tension but whether you will achieve what you want to achieve is unpredictable - and the amount to apply is a matter of try it and see... How about that for a useless answer..! Jeff

3546 MSV Focus Hex String...what is the difference between 110, 123, 127, etc?

3545 Is there an upper limit for the tension of Lux 4G s in 15g. I heard anything above 52 lbs will ruin the spring in the string...

3544 what tightness should I string my 2014 100 pro staff?

3543 A softer stingbed i.e. lower tension makes for a more comfortable playing experience. I wonder if this logic can be extended to racket stiffnnes (R/A). Does a softer flex racket also have benefits to counter the loss of power. Would softer flex rackets have other negatives other than the power loss? Have you ever given thought to this? What is your view? From what I understand via gossip(who really knows?)Rafa uses a Babolat with a softer flex than the stiff retail version. Do pros care much about racket flex?

3542 Hi Jeff I ve an interesting question for you. On internet there was a discussion that applying an anti friction stuff like silicone on your strings would help moving and snapping back the strings in your racket while hitting and so increasing spin to the ball significantly. Do you think thats true and how often one his to apply this on the strings, and is it advisebly because it could negatively effect string life ( or extend string life?) Do you know of pros who do this away from the cameras? In the old times, it was sometimes advised to apply extra coating on the natural gut strings to extend stringlife to protect it from wet weather.

3541 I've recently been experimenting with lower tensions (currently doing 25 lbs) and love it, and I'll try even lower next time. Is there a general tension that you would recommend not stringing below? I ask because I know there's some tension loss over time, and I don't want the strings to go completely slack before they break. Or maybe there's nothing wrong with that?


3539 i use ALU power rough on mains, and like to use a synthetic gut like nxt on crosses, but it eats these strings up and they break after only a few times playing. I like the combination of feel and also ease on the elbow, is there a better combination that you can recommend for same feel but better durability?

3538 I've heard that the Adrenaline Rougt is no longer produced. Is that true? What is the alternate

3537 Hello Jeff, if any besides marketing hype, what are the real differences between Luxilon Alu Power Fluoro 123 and Luxilon Alu Power Feel 120 ?

3536 Hi, Jeff, I have a question about ALU Rough. Is its roughness due to little spike like formations extending out of its surface or is it due to indentations essentially pressed into the string that do not extend out beyond the surface? Thank you!

3535 I currently use a Wilson Fury racket and string it with Luxilon ALU big banger 16g Main - 55 & Cross - 55. The racket has a broad string pattern and this set up works really well for me. However, the string break very frequently. To mitigate this I want to use the new Luxilon's ALU Power 15 gauge. But in order to get the SAME LEVEL of POWER and SPIN what tension should I string Main & Cross at?

3534 I want to move from a 16g ( Luxilon ) to 15g string ( Luxilon) for greater maintain the same feel how many pounds of tension should I reduce.

3533 For someone who has zero arm problems, is there any practical reason (from a performance standpoint) to use a multifilament or nylon string? The only possibilities I hear are more power/comfort, but can't those be achieved just by stringing poly at lower tension? If so, then I'm not aware of any advantages.

3532 Hello, I am curious about using different tensions for the mains and crosses if the same type of string is used for both. Is there ever a time when it is recommended? Or should the mains and crosses always be strung at equal tensions if the same type of string is used for both? I have heard that depending on the shape of the frame and the string pattern, it can be better for the frame to string the crosses a little looser (if there are more crosses) or a little tighter (if there are more mains). Is there any truth to that?

3531 Regards my below post. I am a intermediate club player, generall very hard hitting baseline player. I think I usually play at the generally recommended 10% under the recommended tension, so 24.5 kgs, but would like a reminder Tom

3530 Hello there I play with a Prince NXG midsize racquet, and use Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power Rough 125 string. Love it. What tension shall I string it at please? In KGs? Thanks

3529 Is there any need or merit in stringing an oversized racket (105" to 110") at 10% higher tension than a 93" to 100" racket? Precious few pros these days (Williamses, Robredo?) use a head over 100", but after much experimentation I find these offer easier power and more forgiveness with small losses in control and maneuverability. So would your 35 to 45 lbs. recommendation also apply to larger heads or should we up it to 10% to get the same dynamic tension? My gut feeling, unsupported by science, is that 40 lbs. in a 107" head is just too loose; however true in stringing seems counterintuitive!

3528 A lot of reviews on Amazon say these strings lose tension pretty quickly. If I strung this on a racquet at say 60lbs, roughly how many lbs of tension would it lose after the first couple weeks of use? 5lbs?

3527 Hello, Jeff ! I'm playing with the steam wilson 99s 3 weeks ago, and am enjoying the racket. Was playing with signum pro tornado (mains) x Luxilon 4g (crosses), with 60libras in both strings. I liked the result, but the durability of the signum pro was only 2 weeks. I play 3-4x a week for 1 hour per game. Now I'm using Luxilon 4g with 60 pounds. The service is great, but the ball is coming out too, without much spin. I have one set of Wilson's Champions Choice, and am considering using the Luxilon alupower rough. Could you suggest me the tensions to be used? And if I cross the alupower rough with some other string? If yes, what? Thank you very much.

3526 I demo the Luxilon Big Banger Ace 18. It was fantastic, but it is very expensive. Does Luxilon make a generic cheaper brand or do you know a cheaper 18 guage that would have similar durability and feel. Thanks

3525 Hi, I just bought Luxilon Savage White strings and got them installed at 57 lbs tension. After I saw that it says at it's recommended to lower tension at least 10%. What does it means exactly?

3524 Your replies are very persuasive (at least to me!)and very well-written. I wonder, however, what pecentage of other experts at Luxilon and elsewhere concur with your views as to restringing, tension and hybrids. From what one sees on tour and sometimes hears from TV commentators/experts,yours do appear to be outlier/minority beliefs not yet widley shared. Examples: 1) almost all pros restring all their rackets every week in season at no small cost to AVOID tension loss, aloss which yoclaim is irrelvant as +/- 10lbs you assert is meaningless/undetectable; 2) most string at 50 to >60 lbs., 3) 20% to 25% have preferred hybrids, which you've often claimed give one the WORST chacteristics of boths string types. Almost all advanced players I've ever encountered or whose comments I've read online INSIST on restringing poly every 10 to 30 hours of use. Do many other experts agree with you?

3523 Hello, what string would you suggest me for Head YOUTEK Prestige Mid Racquet ? I was tournament player (national level), but I wasn`t play much in last 10 years. So, now I am totaly out of shape and I have started to play recreationally...I think I need something that will be soft for my arm?

3521 Hello Expert. I need your help. I like Alu Power very much but it feels a little stiff. Do you think I should go for an hybrid and keep the alu in the mains or change to a full set of 4G 1.25, just because I did a small test with 4G and it looks like alu power with a little less owed and a little more comfort. Thanks.

3520 What tension should i use with polyester solinco tour bite 16L con my Head youtek graphene speed MP 16/19

3519 I am unable to get my Luxilon Ace 112 big banger #18 here in Mexico. Can you recommend a selection of similar playing strings? Gracias

3518 Hello, following your answer to 3508 question : what is the full range of benefits of alu power that its softer brother alu fluoro does not have ? Or in other words what is lacking on alu fluoro for pro players ? Thanks

3517 I hit a very flat ball with a lot of power,(power is not a problem). I'm currently using MSV Focus Hex strung at 62 for the main and Goosen OG-Sheep Micro 17 Natural String strung at 64 for the crosses but I'm still hitting long. Is there a better Hybrid you could recommend or should I simply be looking for a better control string.

3516 Can you just give me a plain simple reason why higher tension produces less power so I can explain it to my doubles partner who strings his racket at 60lbs because his stringer advises it is best and complains he doesn't get enough power. Thanks.

3515 Hi, I recently bought a Wilson Steam 99LS. I'm a club player who hits with topspin both forehand and singlehanded backhand. What string would you suggest? Do i need to go hybrid stringing?

3513 I use a hybrid string approach with co-poly in main and multi-filament in crosses, how do I approach the string tensions and the difference between the 2 tensions. Originally I strung both the smae tenion and it felt pretty good, i recently tried the mains (co-poly) at 51 and the crosses (multi-filament)at 48. My serve and volley felt great but I had trouble controlling my groundstrokes. I read the it should be switched in that the multi=filament, regardless of main or crosses, should be higher? Please provide your thoughts, thanks very much.

3512 My wife was a very strong player, mostly hits hard and flat or slight slice off the backhand, but age, 67, and a back injury has weakened her. If she has time to get set she still hits strong, but more and more she puts up floaters for the net person. She plays with the Wilson BLX Cirrus.One FX, rec tension 55-65. What luxilon string, guage and tension do you recommend to give her more power? She currently uses tnt 17 at 61 lb.

3511 Hi, I'm playing Wilson Blade 104 with Topspin Cyberblack 1.23 with tension 25kgs. I want to play any Luxilon string as they are given to me in my contract with Wilson. Which one will I use? Best regards Julia

3510 My wife was a very strong player, mostly hits hard and flat or slight slice off the backhand, but age, 67, and a back injury has weakened her. If she has time to get set she still hits strong, but more and more she puts up floaters for the net person. She plays with the Wilson BLX Cirrus.One FX, rec tension 55-65. What string and tension do you recommend to give her more power?

3509 Hi Jeff, I am curious. You recommand stringing at lower tensions than 10-20years ago when i was active tournament player. During that time i strung my own rackets and concluded that stringing at lower tensions resulted in lower speed services( does it matter that i hit the ball above the sweetspot with my sdrvices?) and feeling is less crisp. Furthermore i swing a natural topin so lower string tensions results in moving mains strings during rally resulting in inconsistent stringbed. Why do i never hear this argument? Question: would you still recommand using lower stringtensions than my old 25 kg? My idea is to pick up tennis again and buy a modern racket like maybe wilson steam or popular babolat model that i ve to try. I must add that i used to like stiff rackets like the old adidas lendl which head was little to small however. A modern racket needs modern strings. So what would you recommand considering the above? I am still only 50 but less quick and i ve less muscle power probably. Appreciate your expert answer.

3508 Hello Jeff, why is there so few pro players using Luxilon Alu Fluoro ? Thanks.

3507 Hello Jeff, if I like how Luxilon Original feels 2 weeks after stringing it at 23 kg initially, at what tension should I string Luxilon 4G, since it has better tension maintenance ? Thanks a lot.

3506 Yes, we fans tend to be too interested in what pros use on court and I do realize it is unrelated to our play. That said I wonder if you have an educated idea as to what percentage of pros use a dense 18x20 string pattern as opposed to an open 16x19 or 16x18. Your tournament analyses at show a few rackets by Wilson, Head and Prince that are used come in both dense and open pattern. My guess after looking at your results is that 80% to 85% use open patterns. Am I correct?

3505 Hi- I have a pretty new Wilson steam 105S and I have tried 3 different strings trying to reduce a weird sound that comes off the racquet when it strikes the ball. Other players have tried it and have gotten the same noise. It's a high pitched sound-sounds like a string breaking I guess. Right now I have gut (VS Touch) at 60. Have you heard of anyone else complaining about this racquet?

3504 if i string alu power at 59 lbs and have decided to switch to alu power rough, what tension do you recommend me stringing alu power rough at in pounds?

3503 I'm a 4.5 womans dbl's club player using a Wilson Juice 108 strung with Babolot VS Team 17 (Natural Gut) in mains & Technifibre X-One Biphase in the crosses @ 60 lbs tension.... I have elbow issues to be cautious of.... I swing provides the power.... I seek in order of priority.. Control... Spin....Comfort ..... Money and cost is no object.... What strings and tension would you recommend??? Thank You Sincerly.... P.S. I play 4 days a week

3502 max string tension yonex isometric lite 2 withstand ?/

3501 Do not disqualify me, this not a string question but one that taps into your knowledge of touring pros' habits. Do many/most use leather grips for better "feel" or is that yet another fiction? Do you think those grips offer any substantive advantage?

3500 Hi Jeff, It's been several years since I asked a question, so I have saved up a good one. I have gathered from your responses over the years that Yu feel there are a lot of downsides for hybrids, and I agree. Oftentimes, it means that strings work against each other. Different rates of tension loss too. But I think I found a great exception. From much of the research on spin generation we know that a main strings that snap back across the cross strings faster produce more spin (all other things equal). ALU-Rough has always been a favorite of mine. And surely, the texture helps the main strings bite the ball. But the texture of the crosses must interfere, to some extent, with the snap back action of the mains. So wouldn't it be great to have a smooth cross string that is otherwise the same or close to the same as ALU-Rough? Well, it exists! ALU Power! So I'm proposing that we, in fact, have a hybrid that makes sense - ALU-Rough Mains/ ALU-Power Crosses! Very interested in your feedback, Dave.

3499 To further address the individual who posted about Dimitrov and Dolgopolov's use of the Wilson 95s with the 16x15 string pattern (post #3490), it should be noted that while these players advertise their use of the 95s and depict the 95s model number on their racquets, the string patterns they use are, in fact, not 16x15. If you search images on the internet, you can clearly see that Dimitrov is using an 18x17 string pattern, while Dolgopolov is using an 18x16 pattern. These "versions" of the 95s are, unfortunately, not available to the public. As a matter of fact, I do not know of any pros that use extremely open string patterns (although there certainly may be some that I am not aware of).

3498 Hello, Just got a new racquet and I was wondering if can suggest me a single or an hybrid strings and the tension. I am all court player and the racquet is Wilson six one 95 blx 16x18. Thanks Bruno Long Beach ,CA

3496 Hello I strength 22-23 for a 630 Volkl DNX 10 light with Monotec Supersense (16L, 1.25mm). Now that's it's finish what could be replace it? I don't usually brake the string so I don`t have problem in using a small judge , and I'd like to add power , speed and confort to the racket . What would you suggest ? Thank you

3495 What string should I use with Wilson Juice 100L..I am a 3.5-4.0 player

3494 Hello, I'm currently using Luxilon rough strung at 59 main/58 cross but now experience some shoulder/arm issue and I don't want to lower the tension due to control issue. I'm now thinking about hybridizing this string as a cross with a soft multi as a main. What tension should would you recommend for this set up for both main and cross without losing control?

3493 4.0 player 54 yrs old, wilson steam 105s, ashaway kevlar 18 in mains at 50 lb, still in black resistrech 16 in crosses at 60lb. Love the feel, poly never breaks , kevlar fails after 8-10 hours of play, would like a bit more bite and bit more control without changing swing, any suggestions? Maybe more durability?

3491 Stringing question, are most professional stringers starting crosses with knots or starting clamps? Not sure if it really matters if either are done correctly I guess. Thanks, awesome blog, fantastic products!!!

3490 I noticed an ad showing two major pros, Dimitrov and Dolgopolov, using a 16X15 pattern in their Wilson(a claimed PS 95)! While we cannot know the acutal swingweight or racquet used by pros under the paint, we CAN see the string pattern. Isn't such a wide open pattern a negative for control? Or is spin now of predominant import on the pro tour leading them to use more open paterns than before? Does this hyper open string pattern demand a tighter tension for control's sake?

3489 Hello String Expert, you said somewhere in here that a freshly strung racquet initially goes through a tension loss stage, and that we would be better off letting the fresh stringbed sleep somewhere for about a week, and only then start playing with it, as it would be almost stable. So my question is: if i get a gauge 16 natural gut from Wilson, and get it strung at 55lbs on mains, 53lbs on crosses on a pro staff 95, what tension loss can i expect from this set-up within a week?

3488 Hi Expert, The most popular hybrid set-up seems to be natural gut with some luxilon string, with the gut either on mains or crosses. What can you expect from a Natural Gut on Mains / Luxilon alu power rough on Crosses set-up in terms of spin, power and control compared with luxilon on mains / gut on crosses?

3487 Hi experts. Hybrid string question--would appreciate your input. I am a solid 4.0 male who is satified with big Banger Ace 18 gauge, (53 LB) for years. Great for my serve and full baseline shots. Was wondering about testing out a hybrid combination to help me gain more control and feel on volleys and touch shots. No gut please and NXT would get chewed up too fast. Suggestions? thanks!

3486 Hi, I am 3.5 female player using Wilson BLX Pro Staff 100 racqut currently strung at 53 with Wilson NXT Tour 17. I play singles & doubles, and like the feel of the Wilson string for touch shots & vollies, for ground strokes this string have a good feel and I'm happy that I don't have elbow problems any more, but recently I started to use more top spin and the strings look very fried after a week or so (and I used to string every 2 months, string frying was much slower). Any recomendations for hybrid? and tension? My friend recommended Luxilon 4G, but I don't know if I should try on mains / or crosses ... My elbow is still a priority rather than durability.

3485 I've been demoing and recently order the Head Speed Pro from my local proshop. They only sell Head products, but the stringing expert and club pro there whispered to me that he recommends I get a textured poly string instead of the Head Hawk string they generally use. I've therefore ordered the Luxilon Power Spin and am waiting for it to arrive so I can drop it off with the shop to use when my new racquet arrives. The question of course is tension. The demo was strung down the middle of the raquet at 55lb. I hit it well - much better than all the other demos. However, one of the other club pros who runs drills also plays a Speed Pro and he let me use his racquet, which is strung at 53lb (again, with the Head Hawk string). I REALLY like the feel of it. Given this, would you recommend I string the Luxilon power spin string at 53 as well, or would you recommend I go even lower than that? Thanks so much for your help.

3484 Please clear up a bit of remaining confusion. Thanks to your persuasive commentary I've reduced tension by 10 pounds and no longer bother with hybrids. I've read in a prior response how a string job will last for "many, many months" and the frequent claim that one must restring poly every few weeks is utter nonsense. So if I do not detect a real or imagined denegration of playability, what is your GENERAL recommendation for an average player's restringing protocol? Should one do this once a year? As strings do not degrade and stabilize in tension, why restring at all?

3483 best string for Prince silver

3482 Which luxilon string is easiest on the arm?

3481 Hi.The Luxilon M2 Plus 16 gauge string has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Is it true? Thanks Luxilon M2 Plus has been discontinued - but you can still find the string in a number of outlets online. Jeff Hi Jeff.What about Luxilon M2 Pro 16L String?They will still manufactured ? And what will be another multifilament and a monofilament combined in a single string,similar to Luxilon M2 plus.I do not need few somewhere online.I need a lot of for my boy.Thanks.

3480 Hi, I am a college player looking to change string as a result of my current poly strings losing tension very quickly. I string at 59lbs so the tension soon drops. I am looking for a string, at a reasonable price, that provides decent durability as well as very good control and feel. I do not particularly want a string designed to help you spin the ball as I already get plenty! Any suggestions? Thanks, Andy

3479 Hi Jeff, I am a 64 y.o. 4.0 club player who is experimenting with string - and who isn't? I play primarily doubles in USTA League play, but have always enjoyed singles and hope to play singles in my first CAT II event next month. My stick is a Becker Dual Core Pro (18x16)and my game best fits as an all-court game. Over the years I have gravitated towards a dense string bed thinking it promoted additional control. My string of choice for the longest was the orange Sigma Pro Poly Plasma (17 ga)which I felt allowed both feel and control without sacrificing power. My pro recommended a Wilson hybrid pack (I think NXT duo) which I tried and felt an increase in both power and feel w/o loss of control. Since I don't break strings often, I decided to go to natural gut 16 on the crosses and tried Luxillon Alu Power 16L in the mains (57 lbs). LOVED the responsiveness, power and feel. Maybe I should have stopped there, but, wanting to enhance spin (give myself a little more clearance while bringing the ball back down in court), I most recently I had one strung with natural gut 16 and Alu Pwr. Spin 16. @ 55 lbs. Although I dropped a couple of lbs of tension, I found this string quite a bit stiffer. My "feel" was definitely reduced, as was my power, BUT I found added control and it seemed I could "hit out" on balls without so much fear that they would go out. Overall, it was an improvement. I'm now thinking of going even lower in tension in the future. But how much? Your thoughts on this?

3478 A few years ago, the effervescent injury prone "Dancing Queen" Andrea Petkovic and Ekaterina Makarova were among only a tiny number of pros using all multifilament (Wilson). Do you know what their recent setups are?

3477 Hi.The Luxilon M2 Plus 16 gauge string has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Is it true? Thanks

3476 I've just been reading your analysis of the US Open stringing. Really fascinating stuff - thanks for giving us that! I think you're absolutely right about non pro players just doing their own thing and not worrying about the pros. But it is interesting to know about. My question is about string gauges and stiffness. You refer to thicker strings being stiffer and that makes sense but if a string is 10% thicker is it 10% stiffer? Just wondering. Thanks. James.

3475 Hello,Do you remember a string company that Bjorn Borg and Eddie Dibbs used during the mid 1970's. It had a vv pattern with a semi-circle above and below the letters. It may have been a Spanish company.Harold Solomon said it was Babolat,but i'm not so sure. Thanks. Alan

3474 HI.What happen with Luxilon M2 (1.25 & 1.3)Can not buy anywhere more.Any other (multifilament and monofilament combine)coming soon? Thanks

3473 Jeff, I have a reel of string in my basement that is at least 15 years old. Maybe 20. Is there a shelf life? Once strung would it be the same as it was when it was new? I think it is just a standard nylon.

3472 hello, now using the yonex vcore xi 100--the solinco tour bite 17g strings are rather dead and I want to switch to a multi such as Techn, ng2 or similar--what would you rec for a solid player (4.5) top spin on both sides and good spin serve--need something durable though as most hybrids and multis just break after 2-3 hrs many thanks

3471 currently i am using M2 pro at 55lb. I would like to switch to Lux Alu; should i string it 10% lower to 50 or 5% lower? i am hoping for a little more power and spin in my game, but to keep similar feel

3470 Quite humorous and I can't stop smiling! Did YOU catch the Miami Final? When Serena went to change her racket, the Aussie expert quickly asserted: "As it's windy, Serena is now changing to a lower tension for more power." The camera soon offered a closeup of her racket; it was broken at the upper hoop. From this site I know that 2 pounds lower tension has a scarcely (.5%) higher power level. The same Aussie asserted: "Since changing to a hybrid of Lux and gut her game has really improved." Or just MAYBE it was her new coach having her more patient with fewer errors and more topspin? Perhaps the commentators should check out this site!

3469 Hi. I have been led to believe that when poly strings reach the end of their life (go "dead" or lose a certain % of tension) they are increasingly bad on the arm (I've heard vibration can set in). Where I am from, it is commonly understood if you play with a full bed poly, you must resting fairly often - even if you don't break the strings.. Can I leave the strings in there - for months and months - as long as i still like the performance of the string? What's your take and a good guideline to use?

3468 Hi there, in your answer 3458 you ask if a dampener was used, well surely this bit of kit has no effect on anything apart from the noise/pitch a string makes at contact. The felt around the ball s a self dampener and the widget dampener is usless as regards reducing vibrations to the body. I notice most pros don't even use them. Or have I got this all wrong....thanks. Stephen, London.

3467 Hi! I am thinking of using TiMO 17 on the mains and Babolat VS Tonic 15L on the crosses at the same tension. Due to the difference in the gauges of the strings, should i bother making the gut (i.e. tonic 15L) 3lbs tighter if the gauge ratio of this gut:poly is 135:122. The reason why I'm thinking of the extra thick gut is due to my concern with durability and 17 is the thickest there is in the TiMO line up. I'm a string breaker and I play against the tennis wall a lot! I've also had arm problems and my technique is great ok. I'm open to better ideas of similar setups (for my prostaff 6.0 95). And I'm practicing serve and volleying hence my interest in TiMO. Also, (~54lbs with just luxilon alu rough 16) is my desired power level so roughly how tight should I string my suggested hybrid I first mentioned. Thanks!

3466 what type of string is usually good for a full bed

3465 my son use Luxilon M2 Plus 16 gauge string. Tennis warehouse send me message: " The Luxilon M2 Plus 16 gauge string has been discontinued by the manufacturer. We are not expecting any more shipments of this string to be sent to us by the manufacturer" WHY? And what about M2 pro 16L. Any other Luxilon Multifilament Strings coming soon?Thanks

3464 What's the string pattern of the Wilson 95s

3463 Hi I have recently bought a couple of blade 98 16x19 felt great at first but after playing for a while I am having control problems. I am used to a ps 90 and went to this for a little more power on serve. I am using m2 @ 56. Any suggestions on a middle ground? Or some way to dull the blades alittle. Thanks

3462 Hi - can you please tell me what type of nylon is used in the making of tennis racquet strings? I have to test the fatigue life of the strings, but cannot find any helpful links on this subject

3461 Some recreational players still prefer to use far softer mutifilament or (if in the top 1%) gut strings. Would you suggest that such players also string at far lower tnsion, 35 to 45 lbs? If yes, would this lower tension cause more string movement or is that curse unrelated to tension?

3460 Hi Thank you in advance for answering my question. I play with a Wilson 105S BLX. I have it strung with (Main)Silinco Hybrid TB 17+ (cross)Van16 both strung at 56lbs. I would like to know if you can recommend anything (different string, different lbs, etc..) to give me more spin and pop on my serves. I use these two strings for a few reasons. One, the two strings don't shred so fast as others I have tried. They are very durable. 2. Other strings I have used in the past were durable but didn't offer as much spin as I get now. Can you make some suggestions?

3459 Hi, Jeff. Let me first say that I'm new to your column and think that it’s great. I’m 52 years old and currently play with a Head Prestige Classic Mid (93 square inches, 18x20 string pattern). I play at about a 3.5 level and am currently attempting to add more spin to my shots. I was wondering, outside of proper stroke technique, what the most important factors would be in this regard. Things I am looking at possibly changing are a) my racquet (to an open string patterned racquet with a slightly larger head size) and my string (from a multifilament, X-One Biphase, to a co-poly such as ALU Power or M2 Pro). How much do those things matter in the grand scheme of things and in comparison to sound stroke technique? Many thanks! Bob

3458 I am 40 and play twice weekly mostly from the baseline (heavy topspin - NTRP 4.0). I used to play with a Wilson Pro Open BLX with M2 Plus strung at 58 pounds (mid range). I bought a Wilson Steam 99 with 4G strung at 55 pounds (mid range), used it 3 times in a week and for the first time ever have developed elbow pain. It might be age driven (or technique?) but I am obviously thinking if it is string or raquet driven. Any suggestion?

3457 In very general terms...can you please give a short overview of each string Luxilon offers. I assume most of the ATP uses Big Banger ALU Power (Rough), why the other products? Which string is the best seller by %? What % of the market share does Luxilon have in the poly world?

3456 Hello, I am 15/5, I have 14ans, I measure 1,70m for 55kg. I play it lifté drive and rather has dish(flat) in lapel(backhand), bottom of court. I would like to know what rope could suit me knowing that I have some small problems of elbow, I saw the luxilon ace, timo and alu power rough? If he(it) are too aggressive with my elbow propose in me of other one.

3454 What string tension does gulbis, delpotro, and azarenka use?

3453 As an addendum to your informative 2013 U.S.Open analysis would you list the main draw singles players (with their tension choice)of JUST those who strung mains, crosses or both at 48lbs or less? Other than fan curiosity this is useful when I urge stubborn players to stop stringing at high tensions. Filippo Volandri's (30pounds)means nothing to them; the U.S. Open list would give me more momentum in changing mindsets.

3452 There are many open string pattern racquets with 16 mains and 18 crosses. I now see the intro of 18 mains and 16 crosses. Well, 16x18 yields the same total squares. So what is the technical difference in play characteristics assuming the same tension and player skill? I'd guess as a layman that 18 mains give more control but with added spin due to less cross resistance. Is this then the best of all possible worlds? Any disadvantages?

3451 Hi Jeff! Thank you for your patience, and answering what are many times im sure repetitive questions. That is very good of you. My questions is.. lets see. in a gut mains/ 4g cross hybrid, does it make any sense to you to use string savers? Because wont that limit the snap back of the gut mains? and do you still disapprove of poly mains gut crosses? and are you still using 4g 125 (non rough) as your go to string on a full bed? If you have changed your personal setup, please let us know. Cheers, Dan.

3450 Hi Jeff, I am using the Luxillon Timo 110 strung at 20 Kgr on my Aero pro. The string feels perfect but after 2-3 matches the tension drops 4-5 Kgr. Are the thicker luxilons holding tension longer, or maybbe a combination with gut will do better? I beforehand thank you Panos

3449 I have been playing with the Luxilon big banger alu power for awhile now and have been experiencing some shoulder pain when I play for awhile. I have heard hybrid strings may help, I would just like to know what combination works best.

3448 ref. 3431. Hi Jeff, forgot to mention I had just bought them. Strung gut in mains at 54 and alu power rough at 51. Just loved them. I beat my trainer for first time in the year. Unfortunately gut broke after 7 hours. I will try your suggestion soon and will let you know....Carlos

3447 My 9 year old son is a 12s champs player. He is playing with the Wilson Steam 99LS. He has a good amount of top spin and takes full cuts at the ball. What string and tension would you recommend for control and power?

3446 I am a 56 year old female 3.0 player and would like to restring my Prince Speedzone 100 racquet and also my Wilson K bold racquet. I suffer from mild tennis elbow and wondered if you could suggest the best string for me. I need to have control as I am not very accurate with my shots, and my power is also weak! In order of importance it is comfort, control, power. Many thanks!

3444 you recommend a full bed of alu power or an hybrid gut main and alu rough crosses?

3443 I have never used a string that didn't break as its indicator of needing to be replaced. I am now using Luxilon M2 Pro and it's lasted a long time, albeit I have only been playing on average once a week the last few months. Tension has dropped (52 lbs to start) and the strings do move, but they are still playable, but I'm wondering if I would be better off cutting them out at some point and restringing. Thoughts?

3442 Do you know if Wilson will be coming out with a heavier version of the Steam 99 S(the one with 16X15 stringing)?

3441 I am 4.5 player--just switched to prince tour 100 esp and keep breaking solinco 17g strung at 50--just tried babolat pro hurr. tour 16g and my arm is killing me--what hybrid or poly do you rec which plays similar to solinco 17g which I used for two years-- many thanks

3440 a fan's comment on question #3436 With 100% certainty it is we fans (fanatics) that make the elite pros quite rich. If they hold us in some contempt, shame on them! Golf is the money sport closest to tennis: warm weather individual sport; 4 majors; numerical rankings; international participants; big focus on equipment (golf even more so than tennis!) Well,every month in Golf Digest there is a page featuring one of the well-known pros commenting on what’s in his bag. The player tells us which ball he uses (a big deal in golf); what putter he uses; wedge lofts ; h shafts and stiffness the clubs are fit with; modifications made to driver and fairway woods. Yes, they often use customized clubs yet we fans have some idea of what’s in their bag. Sadly this ain’t so in modern tennis. Even the 2013 round up at Pro won't or can't tell us about pros string tensions or rackets! So in tennis there is NO PLACE now where we fans even learn the players’ string tensions, not to mention racket weight and balance. Instead we too often see big name players sporting painted rackets that do not approximate what they’re using. Only Sampras we know used a weighted St. Vincent’s Wilson Pro Staff 6.0 85 with gut at 70 pounds or so. He never used a painted racket to deceive fans to please the sponsor. Now the main specs are some proprietary SECRET that no one dare share with fans! No small wonder golf is 10 times more popular than tennis on TV and in retail equipment sales and ad revenue.

3439 Can I use Luxilon 4g rough in my Bobalot 110 oversize. If so, what would be the recommended tension. Also, would this string be hard on the arm.

3438 i need a string that offers me power and control, can you help me with that?

3437 You have informed us how main draw touring pros string stiff Luxilon and Babolat at a median tension of 55 pounds with almost 0 variance in tensioning soft gut. Considering how they practice and play matches constantly, why don't more pros choose a much lower tension to benefit from a softer string bed as there is no meaningful difference in power? I also wonder why they mostly do not choose a softer 16G Luxilon or Babolat poly instead of Alu Power and BB original and RPM! What is it about the higher tensions and extra stiffness that attracts them? Do softer strings break more often?

3436 Why can you no longer comment on string tension of the pro's? I understand about the string brand and type for sponsorship reasons, but why do they or the company care about what tension?

3435 Regarding your excellent 2013 US Open compilation, two questions: 1) Do you know how many of the 15 or so Wilson Six-One/6.1 95 players use the 16 mains vs. the 18 main version? 2)Based upon your experience, what approximate % of top pros use a PRO MOLD version of an older racket rather than an off the shelf customized (via lead, different handle etc.) racket? (We all know the absurdity of the "painted racket" endorsement $ syndrome in this sport, an insult to fans [Murray, Berdych and so on].)

3434 Hi, I asked the last question about the Prince Team Tour 100... forgot to mention that I'm a 4.5 player, if that helps. Thanks again.

3433 Hi, I've just bought a Prince Tour Team 100 and it's lacking power, probably because the factory strings are not v good. Would like to try stringing it with Luxilon alu power. Any thoughts on what a good tension should be? I tend to have a fast racket swing and also like to hit with a lot of topsin. Many thanks.

3432 Is the new BB Alu Power Feel 1.20 simply thinner Alu Power 1.25 or is this a different,and softer product? Is 40lbs a good tension for a weekend player? I once met someone who assured me he used 28 lbs and loved it. I smiled (thinking he was mad or that he meant 28 kg). But he said no, it's pounds. So is any tension too low with poly?

3431 Hello Jeff, please which is the ideal tension for my hybrid strings: Luxilon ALU Power Rough & Wilson natural gut for my new Wilson Pro Staff 100L 2014;Head Size:100,Swingweight: 303,Stiffness: 65,String Pattern: 16x18: I´m 40 years old, strong but not agile. Recreational player. Carlos

3430 Over the years I've seen several major racquet manufacturers create heads that extend the length of some center main strings either by tweaking the head shape ("isometric" head; V shape to hoop throat area; adding a small channel). The question I have is whether this is just another in along line of marketing department hype or some psychological head game rather than real change in feel, power or comfort. We read about "15% larger sweetspot" and other assurances. Personally I'm growing suspicious and annoyed by yearly hype. Am I just a cynic?!

3429 my local stringer has advise luxilon Adrenaline Rough is now discontinued Jan 14. I use Luxilon Alupower Rough at 52lbs mains and Luxilon Adrenaline Rough at 51 Lbs cross. My racket is Babalot Aeropro Drive. I am a junior competing national and international. Please advise what the best replacement string is? thank you

3428 I have wilson99s wat string I best for my raqet and wat tension

3427 which type of string can be used in babolat aero prodrive jr26 for the boy age of 12

3426 What sting can i use for the aero pro drive racket ?

3425 I have a wilson steam 99s and I need to get it restrung very soon. I like the strings I have on them now but I can't seem to remember the type of string I have on them besides that they are Babolat and at 58lbs tension. What strings should I use now for more durability?

3424 what strings and tenison is wozniacki using at the au open 2014?

3421 For a player that is playing at a high level of tennis and generates a lot of topspin and power, do you suggest 16 gauge or 17 gauge?

3420 Hello Jeff, 2 new Luxilon Alu Power strings are now available on the market : Alu Power Feel 120 and Alu Power 138. But what the deal with such different diameters available : 1.20 mm on one side and 1.38 mm on the other ?! Luxilon stopped to produce Luxilon Supersense and now produce Alu Power "Feel". Luxilon stopped to produce Luxilon Original with 1.38 mm diameter, then produced Luxilon 4G 141 S for durability purpose and now produce Alu Power in 1.38 mm diameter. Where is the logical in all of this ? You often say that thinner string give more comfort, more feel, and as they give more power you get more control ("Jeff string and tension theory !!!"). So what is interesting with a 1.38 mm diameter for Alu Power which is already a durable string in the 1.25 mm diameter ? I have to admit that I'm confused about Luxilon strategy of consistency since Wilson is their strings distributor...

3419 What tension does Gulbis use?

3418 I have a Wilson 105S and cant keep strings in it, have tried 4G 4GL and al sorts of other poly's

3417 I play with alu power 16L 125 at 48#. I saw luxilon now makes alu power in a 120 mm gauge, called alu power feel. Do you think 52# would be a good starting point for me? Also is alu power feel 120 the same string as alu power 125, only a thinner gauge. Or is it a completely different string?

3416 What string offers the best blend of spin and control?

3415 I hear many people say that poly strings go dead after a certain time and then must be cut out and replaced. Do you agree with them? I ask this because I use Luxilon Alu Power until they break months later and never noticed any drop in performance throughout the entire time. My strokes are not too shabby as I am able to hit regularly with an elite junior power hitter who breaks his ALU Power strings within a month. This brings up another question, as well. Why is it that my strings last much longer than his when he is, by all accounts, a much cleaner ball striker than I am? He hits both flat and topspin regularly and all his shots are considered world class by some of the most respected people in professional tennis?

3414 Sawasdee again krub, Jeff. I've been having the 4G 16L-125 on all my 3 racquets for almost a year now, though I missed about 4-5 months of playing due to wrist injury. Anyhow, I'm happy to report that the strings do perform as advertised, indeed. So far, I didn't have to restring them at all! Were they be Alu Rough or Alu Spin, I would have to replaced them at least once or twice for my 7-month tennis time. The 4G overall feel softer than the Alu, but technially the former is supposed to be stiffer to retain tension, right? How did you guys do it? However, they don't feel, how should I put it, as crisp, fast/explovie, as the Alu when unloading big, powerful shots. An aging man like me don't mind that now really. Well, my questions are: Does Luxilon plan to launch the "spin" or pentagon-shaped version of the 4G? If so, can you make them at thinner 1.25 mm rather than 1.27 as in Alu Spin? I'll try to use less of my 40-something wrist in helping with topspin, especially with the opponent's low-half court shots. The spin version of 4G should help that nicely. Thanks. Klao

3413 Hello there, I am a male player aged 40 and the last year I use Wilson Blade 98 (16x19) racquet. previously I used 6.1 95 BLX which I changed because was very heavy for me. I am a good player (play since was a kid with some breaks) and hit with good spin and power. I used to use BB Alu power at 49-52 pounds but started to have some arm problems (pain in the elbow), that I didn't have with my heavier racquet. Few people suggested that it has to do with the strings that are to hard. Any ideas of what I can do?, I tried Wilson NXT tour, i liked it but it broke after 8 hours of play, so its out of the question.

3412 Get ready,"Here we go again!" The Aussie Open now just days away. So for two weeks 100,000's of U.S. fans on a regular basis will be spoon fed stinging MISinformation by pseudo experts. I am already figuring out what 2nd audio program to use during the coverage. During the forecast early extreme heat we'll hear how players opt for a few pounds tension change to account for atmospheric conditions! And the beleagered String Expert in Orlando will have to often correct the sundry false assertions. Don't we all wish that someone in the booth would have the fortitude to say: "Whoa, you cannot be serious; that is not really true..."

3411 Revised: Even with luxilon strings, I strung my Hyper Hammer above max for spin. The Wilson Steam get seems to get its spin from trampelining. does higher tension give you more spin with the Steam? What do you recomend for my wilson steam 99s, luxilon 125 maximum spin and good power? Is there a better luxilon string for spin and power than the silver 125?

3410 What tension should I string My wilson steam 99s, luxilon 125 maximum spin and good power?

3409 1 piece vs. 2 piece stringing.. Is there any reason not to do a 2 piece job with the same string?

3408 Is Del potro string tension still 62 pounds, luxilon alu power? Could you post the string information of each player that strung with the stringing service for wilson at the US open, like you did at the 2010 US Open?

3407 What's your opinion about quite a lot of people saying luxilon strings should be cut after about 10 hours of playing due to the fact that they become "dead", board like rigid? To be honest I feel the same way they do.

3406 I've read dozens of racquet reviews by teams of advanced to elite non-pro players. What confuses me is that in about 2/3 of these reviews for a wide range of string patterns the testers note how the topspin and slice production differ markedly! The string pattern doesn't change when hitting topspin or slice with the same racquet and the mechanics of these players is not in question. So how can a racquet be good for slice but not so good for topspin or vice versa?? I've also read that a smallish head 95" and under is tougher for topspin (less space) while okay for slice? really? What am I missing? Assuming high skill mechanics, would not a racquet be EQUALLY good or bad for both slice and topspin generation??

3405 Hi. I see a new version of ALU power is available, called ALU power feel in a 1.20 mm (18 gauge). Is this the same string as the original, only thinner?

3404 I play luxilon alu power. I feel i feel I lose touch around the net. Is there a good hybrid option? Thanks

3403 Hello, I am using a Luxilon Alu Power in my Head Prestige MP (18x20) at 20 kg. I have strung at 21 kg (main and cross) and now at 20 kg, but the bed is still 'tight'. I know the Alu power needs to be strung at -10%, but 20 kg is still about 22 kg 'normal'. What am I doing wrong?

3402 Hello What strings and tension did Simona Halep use at 2013 Kremlin cup ?

3401 I recently returned to tennis after a long break...Settled on a Head Graphene Radical Pro. I'm guessing I'm a 3-3.5ish player decent High School player, though I'm 50 now! I desire ease on the elbow with an emphasis on feel. Any hints as to where to start would be most appreciated, such as two or three guesses and maybe through in a hybrid option for good measure. Thanks so much, Kenny

3400 Hey Jeff love the US Open data, but do you have the data like the 2010 us open data where it shows what string and string tension each individual player uses? Thanks

3399 Jeff Where will you post the 2013 US Open stringing (etc) data? Thanks

3398 Racquet-Wilson Steam 99s. String- Luxilon 4G 125(15 gauge). Initial tension 54 pounds. Getting significant top spin. Re-sting every two months, although strings are not significantly worn. Do you have any thoughts on using the 130 (16) gauge ? Thanks.

3397 Do you have the information on Federer's new racquet and string specs?

3396 Hi Jeff While I hit the ball with syn gut, strings are not line up (?)good on my racquet But good line up with poly strings Is it not enough my swing speed (usta 4.0 ) or poly strings itself? Thank you From Charley

3395 I have been using Luxilon Big Banger Timo 1.22 for many years. However, I can no longer find this gauge of string. The only ones that are available are 1.17 and 1.10. Did Luxilon discontinue Timo 1.22?

3394 Hi, I play with a Yonex VCORE Tour 97 330g. My question is about tension difference between the mains and crosses. I read on a string forum that in a full bed of copoly they recommend the crosses be higher by 4lbs over the mains. So if the mains are 50lbs then crosses would be 54lbs. I enjoy playing with Alu Power. I have tried other polys and like quite a few but always back to Alu Power. I string anywhere between 50 to 52 on my VCORE 97. Should I try 50 mains and 54 crosses per that forums advice? Their argument revolved around providing more support for the mains so they are not punished as much and retain playability longer. Any truth to this? And would you recommend a tension for my racquet?

3393 What date in december will the US open data be up? Thanks

3392 Hi Jeff. I play with the Wilson BLX 100 pro staff. I'm a recreational player, probably about intermediate level or just below. I've had some coaching. I get decent power (although I'd like more). I can hit consistently from both sides with topspin/slice but I have trouble hitting winners (when I go for more power it often hits the net or goes out). My serve isn't my most consistent shot but it's my most powerful; and I've got a decent kick on the second serve, although it lands mostly in the middle of the box each time. I'm not a strong volleyer but I'm getting better. Does this help give you a picture of my game? Any string recommendations? I currently play with Wilson sensation strings but find them a bit "flat" and "tinny" if that makes sense? I get my racket re-strung twice a year but could afford to up that to three or four times.

3391 Apparently touring pros restring on average 2 racquets per match. And all pros in season restring all their racquets(6,8?)every week and pay for labor. My question is "Why??" If a string breaks I guess they want all the racqyets to be at the same tension. But if not, why bother? You've noted how strings settle at a tension after a time and stop losing tension?

3390 I am a 3.5 59 yr old player, using a wilson blade 98 16x19 with NXT 16 and am going thru string way too fast. what do you suggest?

3389 Oh no!Another hybrid question(out of sheer curiosity). It appears that virtually all touring pros (other than Ms. Flipkens!), both ATP and WTA using a gut hybrid string the gut at the same or with a tiny 1 to 2 lb. difference vs. synthetic mains or crosses. As all gut is far softer and more resilient, I thought the tension sweetspot is far higher than for Lux or Babolat mono. Why then do pros string at the same tension?? A guess: Is it that the synthetics lose tension much quicker?? There must be some reason.

3388 how fast does luxilon loses tension

3387 Wasn't the US Open Data supposed to be up by September or October? Do you know what date we can expect it by?

3386 As I distrust much of the online tennis gear(mis)information, I come to our trusted Expert. I've been reading test reports for years that claim an 18x20 pattern results in MORE SLICE but LESS topspin. Players often note the extra one-hand backhand slice "grip" they get with the denser pattern! Why would this counterintuitive result occur? Or is it yet more nonsense?

3385 what is the difference in terms of playability between luxilon alu power, 4g, timo,and original?

3384 I'm a 40 year old women's 5.0 player and play 4-5 times a week. I use the new HEAD Radical MP Graphene Racquet. I am trying to decide between the 4G, ALU Power 125, and ALU Rough. I like a string with control but also has some power. What do you suggest I try?

3383 Is 4G 16L (1.25) string the same as a 17 gauge?

3381 Some people strongly recommend that children not use poly strings at all until they reach 14 years of age. How do you feel about a child under 14 years of age who is a talented ball striker using poly strings?

3380 My coach suggested I string my racquet with a "soft " string--luxilon Ace was his choice , with a guage of 1.25mm. I can.t seem to find this combination on line. Am I missing something?--- Martin Geller

3379 3377 (Continued): OK, I think I figured out the problem ... somewhere between the Luxilon factory and my house, someone removed the $110 worth of string and replaced the reel with $12 TOURNA NYLON sting. Brilliant!!!! BTW, the reel package was not sealed -- try putting a "tamper-proof" seal on it.

3378 3377 (Continued): and BTW, why does it say "TOURNA NYLON" on the Luxilon 125 ALU POWER string? Possible packaging error at Luxilon factory???

3377 I've been using the ALU POWER ROUGH 125 (silver color) for some time, and recently ordered a reel of the "ALU POWER ROUGH 125" from Dick's. I received the reel today and while its labeled "125 ALU POWER ROUGH" the string is white, and does not come close to resembling the ALU POWER ROUGH 125 (that I bought in single packets). What kind of string is this, and how/why is it different from the silver ALU POWER ROUGH?

3376 When can we expect the us open data up thanks

3375 Is there a difference in the texture (e.g., like notching) between the ALU Power and the ALU Power Rough?

3373 Dear Sirs, I am trying a lot of string to identify the best option. I just bought the Alu Power Spin and you like to know if I should ask for a full bed string or should I go for a Hybrid. I have other multifilaments and Natural Gut strings as Wilson NXT Tour 17, Tecnifibre X-One Biphase 18, Babolat VS Touch 16 and Babolat VS Team 17. Please also inform about mains, crosses and tension. I have a Head Graphene Speed MP. Many thanks, Francisco

3372 Hi Jeff! It's been a while since my last question, and I just want to thank you for answering us, as annoying and repetitive some of our queries must be! So Lux 4g rough has been out for a little while now, and I have been using and loving my regular 4gL for some time now. I know that you generally opt for 4gL at 40lbs. Have you tried the rough version? What's your take on it in contrast to the reg 4g? More spin? Power? Tension maintenance? And would you switch to it? Thanks in advance Jeff! Really appreciate it.

3371 what strings is recommended for a head airflow 1 metallix racquet and the recommended string tension for a person that has a medium pace not very strong she is 56years old but very consistence.

3370 stringing pattern for head airflow 1 metallix

3369 You've commented on those new "spin" design racquets with several fewer CROSS strings, 16 rather than 18-20. What is the benefit/cost of those new designs that have fewer MAIN strings, 14 rather than 16-18? Which racquet design in theory induces more spin, fewer mains or fewer crosses? Who are these suited for? It gets absurdly confusing!

3368 Hi, i am a national level player trying to make it to the international circuit. I am 5ft9, 150 lbs aggresive all court player. I have somewhat between eastern to semiwestern forehand grip and i have been struggling with the forehand for quite sometime, the problem being balls sailing long after 2-3 rallies. presently i am playing with wilson blx blade 98 18x20 with gosen polylon at 48 lbs. The power i am getting from the racquet is average(more power is welcome) but i am not being able to generate the spin as i would like to keep the ball in the court while i go for a winner. I know that string patterns don't make a lot of difference but a little difference in power and spin is welcome at the pro level. Also i have taken advice from coaches regarding technique and i am working on whatever improvement i can do. So i would like your advice as to whether i should go for an open string pattern like wilson blade 16x19 or 18x16 or steam 99s. also i feel open string pattern will help me keep the ball in the court even if the racquet is more powerful than the current setup i am using. i have a single handed backhand so i prefer thinner beams. please help as to whether i should switch to a more powerful and spinny set up?? any racquet suggestions would be welcome. Also i have slight right knee problem which prevents me from bending down too low to brush up on the ball. So help from racquet or string setup is welcome. Thx a ton.

3367 What are your best Comfort string for people with arm problems /tendonitis

3366 Hey Jeff! Can we classify synthetic strings in quality levels by their materials? My knowledge at the moment says to me that the ascending order of better quality strings would be 100% Polyester < Co-Polymer < Co-Polyester, is that correct in any way? That clearly aplies how price tags for these levels work, meaning that the 100% Polys (i.e Babolat Duralast) are the cheapest, Co-Polymers (Head Sonic Pro) stay in the middle, and Co-Polyesters (Babolat RPM Blast) stay at the highest end. And second question, where does strings like Luxilon Adrenaline (Liquid Crystaline Polymer) and Prince Beast XP (ThermoPolyester) fit in those categories/levels? Thanks for the attention in advance!

3365 I have a client that strings gut 36x33 lbs in a 6.1 spin effect. Two questions: is there any hard data that would support more control at higher tensions and 2. Would 33x36 play any different than 36x33? Since it is so low to begin with, I would think it would make no difference. Appreciate any thoughts, great blog!

3364 hi jeff what is different 4g and 4g rough? thank you charley

3363 When will the us open date be up

3362 Hi there. I heard a thinner version of ALU power (silver-1.20 gauge) will be available soon. Can you tell us approx when/if it will be released, & if it is actually ALU power silver, only thinner. Also is a 1.38 ALU power in the works too? Thank you

3361 Are the new super wide open string patterns another fad like the 28" to 29" lengths or weird grommets of the prior decade? I note that two major companies now offer sticks with fewer crosses. I had though that the mains are more relevant to spin. What advantage is a 16x15 or 18x16 pattern that several companies just introduced?

3360 I have heard that the characteristics of a string can be determined by just knowing its stiffness. Is this true? If so, is it good advice to just buy the cheapest string with the stiffness you know you like? Thanks Jeff.

3359 Hello Jeff, regarding the Alu power it is a great string, but after 2-3 hours of heavy hitting it bags out and looses a lot of control. What would you recomend to do to improve this ? go higer in tension to start with, I start at 23 KG in a 18x20 patern. Prestrech ? or Mix with a good multi or gut ? These strings might help to keep the tension a little higher for an acceptable time. By the way if the Alu loosses its tension it is still ok but the big change over the short time is what gives the inconsistancy. I understand why most proplayers use the string and why they restring so often and I think the ones who mix it with gut or a good multi do it for keeping their bed a bit more stable for a while amongst possible whatever other reasons. Thans for your help Jim.

3357 What tensions would you reccomend for a hybrid set up using RPM blast 16 mains and multifilament nylon16 for the crosses. Using a Dunlop 300 4D 98 "

3356 Thanks for your string and tension recommendation a couple of days ago, Jeff. I have ordered the strings and will let you know how it works out for me. Along the same line of string durability concerns, please share your thoughts on performance/durability trade-off for Luxilon strings between the different gauges: 17G, 16G, 15G, etc. Is there a reference table for gauge numbers versus string diameters? I also see references to 16L gauge, instead of 16G. How are they different? Thanks - Hunggie

3355 which is the best string to use on a wilson blx tour 90? I tried msv focus hex but a friend told me that luxilon is the best use on this racket. Which is the bes luxilon string to use in this racket?

3354 Hi, about stringing machines, who is the better prince or gamma, (babolat, technifiber are very expensive)? our all is simillar?

3353 Hello Jeff! In your experience, and that of your customers/clients, what are the disadvantages of textured strings? Do they give less control or feel for those players who hit fairly flat? Do they share my experience of having the ball "fly" off my stringbed, and having a "thinner" contact with it? Finally, power wise, where can I get the most assistance, the most oomph in the Luxilon stringline? Alu Power, 4G or Adrenaline? Thanks again, hope the US Open stringing report will come up soon for us diehard gearphiles.

3352 Hi, I am stringin at 50pounds (bottom recommended tension of my Blade 93) and it is hurting my elbow. What is expected to happen if I string under de recommended tension to about 46? (luxilon alu power) Thank you

3351 I have switched to Luxilon strings a couple of months ago, and are trying out Alu Power Spin 127, ALu Power Rough 125 and Savage 127 Black. I play with two Head Ti.S6 racquets and string them at 57 lbs for both Mains and Crosses, and with the same string type for both M & C. I do hit with a lot of top spin and do have reasonable power in my ground strokes. I like all 3 types of Luxilon strings with Spin being the best, Rough second and Savage third. The issue with all of them is durability, as I only got ~10 hours of play from the Spin and Rough strings before they broke, and 15 hours from Savage. The restringing expenses are getting a bit too much. Any recommendations on more durable strings and/or lower tensions without losing too much feel and performance. Thanks, Hunggie.

3350 Hi,which string would you use with a head prestige MID ? Thanks,

3349 50 to 50 stringing What is the diferrents between tension 25/24 or 24/25? who is better.and which is most usually....? P

3348 Hi there, What do you think of the following hybrid in terms of spin generation: mains: Luxilon Alu Power Spin @ 60 lbs crosses: Luxilon Original Rough @ 57 lbs My racquet is a Prince O3 Hybrid Tour with a 16 x 18 string pattern. Thank you in advance for a quick and detailed answer to my question.

3347 Hi! what's about the Alu power spin compare to Alu power rough? Spin, power? Thank you!!

3346 Hi! I bought 2 set: Alu power and Alu power rough. I will test both separately in a full bed. Should I use same tension? Is the rough is more hard? Should I string the rough 2 pounds lower? Eric

3345 Part two of my question: I found that Gasquet string it at 53/50.50...The reason I ask you that is because I did a lot of test I think when I put my main higher than the cross(full poly)the ball is more easy to control... I'm I crazy???

3344 Hi M. Jeff! I play with Head Extreme Pro like Gasquet. I think he is striging his racquet with luxilon at 58 main and 56 cross. Do you see a difference between 58 main and 56 cross vs 57 main and cross? Thank you

3343 What strings and tensionwas mackenzie mcdonald, gage brymer, eugenie bouchard using at the 2013 us open.

3342 When will the US Open string Data be up? Thanks

3341 what's the best string combination {Hybrid} for the wilson 105s

3340 for spin and durability which is is the best luxilon string

3339 Hi Mister Jeff! I like the way you answer question. Sorry for my english, I'm from Quebec, Canada... If two Nadal are playing with different string or raquet, is the spin production will be the same? Thank you!

3338 Should you lengthen a racket before stringing it? If so what is the exact reason?

3337 Hello Jeff! My original question was with #3327 and now I write to thank you for the advise that you gave me. I followed it (M2 at 45 lbs) because I liked your simple and clever explanation of the advantages of Luxilon strings over competition (extra kick and uniformity of the stringbed). And I am amazed with the results! During the first session of playing I was over hitting a lot, and then realized that I do not have to hit that hard but rather concentrate on my footwork and timing of the swing. I noticed that consistent deep controlled groundstrokes came with much less efforts which gave me more confidence! In a matter of few weeks I really changed the way I play and I have a feeling that now I am in control of my game and I know where and how to improve further. I came to tennis from playing table tennis for 5 years. Like FRAME - STRING - TENSION thing in tennis,there is a BLADE - RUBBER - RUBBER HARDNESS thing in table tennis. Oh, the same story, so many people spend time trying different combinations constantly trying to adjust to a new setup getting nothing more than a frustration...However, there is a consensus between experienced coaches that softer rubbers gives you more control and spin with less efforts because of the longer dwell time, while hard rubbers are only recommended for pro players with developed perfect technique to consistently hit the sweet spot with enough power to dip the ball into the rubber/sponge. The rule is that your technique should always be one or two steps ahead of your equipment, not the other way around...Otherwise you'll stagnate in your development. So it seemed strange to me that in tennis, unlike in table tennis, lower tension means less control. Now I fully agree with you that lower tension = more control! Thank you! Vitaly from Latvia.

3336 Jeff, Can you please be less condescending to us when you are answering our questions? We are here to learn. It seems like you are here to make us feel dumb.

3335 can you post the stringing log for the us open 2013

3334 Currently The String Expert is a lone voice in the wilderness (of truly lame advice). Do you believe that the mainstream will EVER in our lifetime embrace the Truths about tension, restringing etc? From TV expert nonsense to internet testimony absurdity (such as "I must restring every 5 hours as my poly goes dead!) and the like, we are bombarded with misinfo. I think it is simply hopeless. As an example: I advised a player to use far lower poly tension of 40 to 45 lbs. He responded with complete negativity: "Oh REALLY? The racket notes 55 to 65 lbs. You are crazy!" And all the associated nonsense is corroborated by experts everywhere in Tennisdom.

3333 how many string jobs can I get from a string roll

3332 Recently at the US Open, Martina Navratilova stated that if you lower your string tension by 5 lbs. you gain more power but lose some control (as I already knew that) BUT, if you lower your string tension by 10 lbs. you regain back MORE control. In your opinion is this true, and why?

3331 I play with a pure drive gt loaded with some silicone in the handle and lead tap up top. Its probably 4-6 grams of extra weight but it's balanced. Usually i hit with big banger on the mains and some vs gut on the crosses 55 tension all around. What would you recommend to give me some power and top spin. This hybrid combo gives me about 10-12 hours of solid play all together and doesnt seem to loose too much tension quickly.

3330 Well Jeff, I finally made a decision on purchasing a new racquet and its a Head You Tek Power. I now need advice on the right string and tension. I am an intermediate player on a womens traveling league team and play about 10 hours week. Would love to improve my topspin and have more consistent angled killer volleys. What is your suggested string and tension? Thanks again! Lori. PS. I hope you are okay with my choice of racquet this time!

3329 1st time I've strung with luxilon strung the mains 10pwrcent less (65) strung the crosses with prince sny gut at regular 71 lbs Does this sound feasible ?trying to get spin and durability Thanks. Dude

3328 I enjoy your frequent strong rebutals to the TV stringing misinformation. I now cringe when the former players and coaches lecture the audience about pro stringing, perpetuating every stringing myth ever promulgated. Now an article about US Open stringing appeared in a large newspaper east of the National Tennis Center. It notes how one fellow (a local man) is one of an elite team of 16 at the Open stringing 30 to 50 rackets per day. This stringer received a cerfication from an annual symposium by the Int'l Alliance of Racquet Technicians. In the aricle the stinger asserts: "If the tension is a litle bit off,that can throw off their (the players') game." Really? A few pounds will throw off one's game? Will they even notice it? To quote Ronald Reagan: "Here we go again."

3327 Hello! Never cared much about strings and tension, now having started to play regularly and with the plan to purchase a new racket (Head IG Radical OS)decided to try Luxilon strings because they are obviously one of the most popular strings out there. Please advise me (transiting from beginner to intermediate male player, weight 70 kg) a strings from your program to get the most pleasure from the game of tennis at my level and to profgress. What tension should I choose from manufacturer recommended 24 - 28 kg as a starting point considering your professional knowledge and experience. Thank you very much!

3326 what strings and tension does mackenzie mcdonald, eugenie bouchard, and gage brymer use? THank you:) just wondering

3325 I'm playing aggressive clay only. I normally string my prince thunderstick 90 at 71lbs. I just got some luxlon adrenaline 125. What should I string this at? Wanting plenty of spin. Thanks. Dude

3324 Hi Jeff, wow! I guess you are a little blunt with your answer and opinion about the Prince speedport. Anyway, let me explain and then you can continue being blunt if u wish! I am currently using a Babolat pure drive and have been for the same racquet for the past 7 years. I recently borrowed a friends racquet, that happened to be her husbands prince speedport and thought I performed rather well with it, but did maybe think it could have been slightly on the heavy side compared to my Babolat. I also used this same racquet maybe 5 years ago, borrowed it from my coach and thought it might be a consideration in the future if necessary. My Babolat is aging now and I am now in the market to make a new decision. If you can advise me in the right decision, then by all means don't hold back, you certainly seem quite experienced in offering the right guidance. I appreciate and respect your advice. Thanks! Lori.

3323 What is the string tension for a wilson Federer 110 tennis racquet?

3322 I just purchased a prince 03 orange speedport and am a 3.5 club player. I would like advice on the right string selection and tension for this racquet. I play approx. 8-10 hrs. per week. Topspin is my preference at the baseline and then come in for a volley shot. I realize this racquet is quite different from today's technology and design, so receiving the right feed back from you is necessary. Thanks! Lori.

3321 Does a freshly strung racket kept in the bag for a week or so lose less tension than one played with? Is this loss much different? I ask because I forgot to shut the volume off during a recent U.S. Open televised match when Martina asserted (I paraphrase): "Luxilon(and poly)loses so much tension that players change their rackets every 30 minutes..." No dobut she was referring to every ball change. We know from your answers elsewhere that most players do NOT change every ball change. But would that racket change matter? Do strings on rackets in the bag lose that much less tension? Another day Davenport asserted: "At night players change tension a few pounds for power reasons..." Worse yet a few female commentators now talk right over the point being played, adding nothin whatsoever to our appreciation of the game.

3320 Hello, I'm french player and french tennis coach. I'm 1m93, 89kg, big serve and big forehand. I play since 8 weeks with a babolat pure drive gt (16X19) with 3,5g lead on the racquet's head (12 hours). I have a roll of luxilon alu power 125 and i want to know how much i have to string my racquet. I want a good control and a little power and i don't want to break my string after 5 hours because it's losing to much control. I found that 25kg is not and the balle is flying, can i go up like 27,28kg? One or two knots? +1 +2 = -1 -2 in mains or in crosses?

3319 I know you recommend (1) no hybrid setup for the casual/non-expert player, and (2) a lower tension (~10 or even 15-lbs less than current), or 50-55lbs + leave it for 7-10 days. Here is my situation: I use a nat gut in the M with Luxilon M2 in the C. Reasons have to do with the cost of the gut. So I already "broke" (1) above, but my main q has to do with (2): given that nat gut maintains tension better, do I have to go only with a lower tension or will the 7-10 day wait still work (i.e. lead to a lower tension overall) ? If only lower tension is the the way to go: is your recommendation for nat gut also ~10 or even 15-lbs less than current, and if not - what would you rec be ?

3318 What is the Luxilon string that plays the closest to the Babolat RPM string? Thanks.

3317 Hi, Please recommend which of the luxilon strings should i try, which is most friendly for my arm (tennis elbow problem)and provides max control and power. Thanks Peter

3316 Hello Jeff, Having read your answer to Q 3308, and as I am liking Luxilon Original 130 at the tension it has one week after having strung it at 23/22 kg, at what tension should I strung Luxilon 4G 130 to have it at the same tension as Original one week later and be able to compare the two strings at the same stabilized tension ? I strung 4G at 23/22 kg and didn't rreally like the feel and performance of it : I found it low powered compared to Original when Luxilon rate it with the same power level. Would a reduction of tension increase a lot the power level (you already said no but...) ? Thanks a lot.

3315 HI, ai am planing to buy yonex nanospeed excel, can any one help me is that racket is good for intermediate players? and waht is the maximum string tension that the racket can withstand?

3314 Hello, I'm using Wilson Blade 98 16x19 raquet and I'd like your help on how kind of Luxilon monofilament string I should use for this raquet considering that I prefer to have more control than power. Durability is appreciated as well. Then, can you tell me about tension too? I look forward to hearing from you kindest regards franco zeno from italy email:

3313 RE: 3312 Jeff thanks for your feedback. I'll lower the tension by 10% and I'll let you know how it goes. Gilbert

3312 I use a babolat pure drive, I play with a lot of top spin play from the baseline and often times come in at the net. I normally string my racquet at 60 lbs using a wilson SGX16. So I have more control at the net.The 125 ALU Power rough strings recommends to take off 10 % of my normal 60 lb which will bring it down to 54lbs. What are advantages in taking off 10% of the normal tension? What are the possible issues if I keep the tension at 60lbs?

3311 No Jeff! Thank you so much for your time. Us string mongers really appreciate what you are doing. If I am using 4g on the whole bed, is there an advantage in your opinion in stringing a two piece? Some say it helps keep the correct tensions uniform. And lastly, how come so many pros that do use a full poly bed, string the crosses a few pounds lower than the mains. And do you string that way? Thanks in advance, Dan.

3310 do you string whole racquet with lexilon 4g

3309 hello, how do I discover a rope was manufactured by you guys?

3308 Hi Jeff, I'm finding little info on the internet and inconsistent answers on what I figure should be a simple question. How quickly does a newly strung racquet lose its tension? I've heard that a new stringjob will lose as much as 10% of its tension after one hitting session, depending on the string and conditions, and it will continue to lose tension in the next few days/sessions fairly steeply before leveling off. If all of this is true, I think most recreational players would be surprised how far off their effective string tension when playing will be from the number (e.g. 58 lbs) they meticulously chose at the pro shop, even after just a couple of sets of tennis. Is tension dropoff truly this steep and variable? If so, maybe I should be cutting string out of my racquet more frequently or paying less attention to my "starting" tension and more attention to tension dropoff for a particular string, assuming that information is available. Here is the main reason why I say all of this matters - Assuming I keep a given set of string in my racquet for 4 to 6 weeks and play 2-3 times per week, I wonder if I am subconsciously having to make subtle changes to the way I swing due to the stringbed getting gradually but significantly more loose over that period. I'm afraid the answer might be that I'll be shelling out more money for stringjobs, but I wanted to check with you first. Thanks for the guidance as always.

3307 do you know the stirnging tension at cincinatti, does lux string at that tourney

3306 I've read that most pros are MUCH more concerned with the ball brand being used at a tournament than with strings or micromanaged tensions. But the ITF standards for balls with resepct to bounce height, weight, deformation (stiffness) are in a very narrow band. Does the ball brand really differ or is this just another issue mostly in the mind of nearly neurotic players? I can't claim to detect a difference between new balls of various mfrs and I even have trouble sensing any differnce between slightly lighter clay balls and hard court balls! I assume I'm just obtuse.

3305 what strings and tension does eugenie bouchard use?

3304 Whats the normal gauge for a 11 year old girl

3303 What we usually get online is parcelled out by manufacturers or retailers, neither of whom can be objective. The rest are comments by enthusiastic players that claim to cut out their dead poly after 10 hours!! What I'd like to know is whether your views on tension, restringing schedule, hybrids and so on are widley shared by colleagues at Luxilon and by other stringers you know. What I hear on TV during big matches is usually 180 degrees removed from your commentary. Confusing? You bet. Also have you checked out Joe's String Forum, a Euro based rating site? Luxilon there is rated as no better and usally not as good as other product(save for ACE)? Check this assertion from page 25 of the famed WINNING UGLY (BG's talking about gut): "...when control is a problem, I might go with a tighter string tension for better control. ...when I'm getting overpowered...I might choose to go with a ractet strung looser. It gives me more power off the same stroke." On TV they usually say the same thing 20 years later regarding Luxilon!

3302 Jeff, Thank you for your answer. And yes, the multifilament breaks after 3-4 hours of play not the poly. Should I try to lower the tension to 47-48 lbs on the fullbed of 4g when I retry it or just stick to 50 lbs ? Thanks for your input Jeff Mat

3301 Hi, I have a big headache with my strings. I currently use a hybrid setting with a multifilaments in the mains (52lbs) and a poly in the crosses (50 lbs). That setting give 3-4 hours of play, which is ridiculous. I have used a variety of mutifilaments strings without seeing a difference in the durability. For the crosses, I went from Alu Power to Alu power Rough to Luxilon 4g, which I loved. I tried a full bed of Luxilon 4g at 50lbs but I felt soreness in my forearm after 20 mins of play. I tried full bed of Alu Power rough at 50 lbs but after 4 hours of play, the strings were dead. I have no idea of what to try next. Any suggestions ?? Thanks Mat

3300 Will it be a good hybrid if I used 4g and rpm ?

3299 Hi Jeff, following your anwser on my last question strings do not loose their elasticity and get more powerfull if they loosen up, nevertheless they do loose tension and are looser in the frame after a while. It does not affect the power that much but somehow it does change the characteristics of the stringbed a lot my question is might it be possible that the charateristichs as dwell time and deflection change more significant such that the ball goes further in the bed and stays longer due the lost tension ? this which makes the string feel a lot looser and somehow less controlable ? I like your alu power a lot it is very, powerfull and nice and almost to soft. At the beginning a 5 min break in and the string is wondelfull but after one hour or so it starts to feel a lot softer and vibration is increasing and it is as if the ball penetrates the bed more and more so you do not feel the firm crispy feel anymore it starts to feel like you are hitting with clay, altouhg it might get slightly more powerfull, what aspect would cause this change, would this be a lot less at higher tension ? I string at 19 kg in a 18x20 stringbed in a 98 frame heavy frame. Please advise.. & many thanks.

3298 Hello Jeff, once i red an article on power and string tension, it stated that in the same racket and same string they only measured a difference in power of a few percent when changing the tension from 18 to 28 kg, does this sound familiar to you. If so would this change in tension make as less of a difference in control as well? If so it would mean that the main determining factor of tension is the stiffness and feel since this differs a lot if you change the tension a few kg. please give your view and experiance on this topic in particular based on your regular alu-power string Many thanks for your answer.

3297 Thanks sooo much for the in-depth answer about stringers and stringing machines Jeff! What tensions would you would recommend for ALU Power Rough mains and Wilson NXT Tour 17 crosses on a new Babolat AeroPro Drive GT? I like to swing hard with moderate to high topspin and I have a strong two handed backhand. Oh, and like I mentioned in my last question... the Drop Weight stringers say to add 5 pounds of tension on their machine, so please tell me your tension recommendations for an electronic machine and then I'll add the 5 pounds to your main and cross numbers if I go to the Drop Weight stringers. Thanks again sooo much for your kind assistance :^)

3296 Hello, I have a new Babolat AeroPro Drive GT that I'm going to string with ALU Power Rough on the mains and Wilson NXT Tour 17 on the crosses. I like to swing hard with moderate to high topspin and I have a strong two handed backhand. I live in Berkeley, CA and I usually string at an awesome shop called Plaza Tennis which uses a Drop Weight machine and they recommend adding 5 pounds to the desired tension on their machine to achieve what would be a comparable tension from an electronic machine. I just recently found out about Winner's Circle which uses an electronic Babolat machine. I'm curious what your opinions are when comparing these two types of stringing machines and what tensions you would recommend for ALU Power Rough mains and NXT Tour 17 crosses on each of these differing stringing machines. Thank you sooo much for your kind assistance :^)

3295 hi Jeff. I always used VS Team gut in the mains (52lbs) and ALU Rough (49lbs) in the crosses. I have improved my game since the last 6 months and find because of my incresed raquet head speed I am pushing the ball off-court (getting more power). I heard a lot about Luxilon 4g and hence I have decided to 'try' Luxilon 4g in the Mains and VS Team gut in the crosses to calm the power slightly and add more control. What tension now should I be using in 4g mains and gut crosses? kind regards, Mil. ps: I did try to go tighter on the gut mains, but just did not like its feel.

3294 Hi Jeff... Thanx for your answer on question 3286. I've just one additional question about what tension best to start with for those youngsters in general? Thanks in advance. Gordon.

3293 Hi again Jeff. I took my son's two Wilson six one teams 16x18 string pattern to be strung with 4g at 45lbs, but he advised that 53lbs would be better. He thought it would be awful at 45lbs, especially in the hot summer months. Can you explain to me why such a low tension please? My son previously had a hybrid of savage lime at 56lbs and cyberpower at 54lbs. I am asking so that I can better understand, not because I am trying to rude :-) Many thanks.

3292 I have recently switched racquets from the Wilson K 6.1 95X to the Wilson ProStaff 6.1 95. I am considering trying Luxilon M2 Pro 16L in the new one. Those are in the mains of a demo I've hit with (don't recall what's in the crosses), and I like the feel of it. Some would call it like a "plank of wood," but I really like that feel. I've been using Topspin Cybertwirl at 52# in the old racquet, have that in the new one, but it's not quite what I'm looking for. Thoughts? Do you have any recommendations within the Luxilon family? Thank you.

3291 Hello, I just realized that my question posted publicly on your website. I would greatly appreciate it if you could please delete my email address, phone number, and last name from my post. Thank You!

3289 How can i increase the power of my racket?

3288 Hello Jeff, following questions on gut and alupower in the recent past, you almost are religiously against hybrids and you do not understand why people are looking for hybrids. Well the answer is simple because they are not happy with the present strings as they are in full bed. I can imagine that e.g a full bed gut is a wonderfull string but at medium tension e.g. 23 kg they go all over the place after some spin bals creating a very irregular stringbed, not to speak about the medium control. to prevent this you can go up in tension to 27-28 kg where you have less string movement and more control but than the gut lost its nice feel and comfort on this tension. On the other hand a full bed luxilon 4 G or alu power in a light frame feels pretty boardy and not as plesant as it could be, if you have a heavier swingweigth on a players frame it is better of coarse, however I do know some pretty good proplayers who won grand slams who specificaly avoid full bed stif strings because of the load on the arm and joints in this limb, not to say that there is no single monofilament string on the market which does not loose tension quick one faster than the other, e.g your 4 G is better in that respect but still no match with a good multi or gut, and it comes at a price your 4 G is about your stiffest string in your program and has less feel as your alupower. Therfore a combination of gut and alu power is nice since you might dampen out some properties out of the gut , e.g string movement and medio control, it slides nice over the alu power, you also dampen out the hard feel of the alu power since the gut streches more on impact if used in the mains and slides nicly over the alu power, it still has very decent comfort more feel as alu full bed and it holds its tension a lot lot lot longer, it might have slightly less control than full alu but therefore more power and as you always state power is control. Having said all this I do agree more than in full that it is totally silly without any reason to mix either two mono's or two multies since this would not complement anything. I hope that your disagreement against mixed strings did not get mixed up with all these different types of mixes, a lot of mixes, I agree, but some mixes are better than others. :-) For the rest of all you answer I couldnt agree more & thanks for your reply on this one.

3287 The tensions that you recommand in the comments below are these in- or excluding the 10% tension drop advised by the manufacturers for polystrings?

3286 Hi... Can I string full poly for youngsters, between 10 and 14. Or do I have to hybrid? Thnx, Gordon

3285 I remember seeing some really great reports on strings and racquets somewhere on the Luxilon website. In particular, one report was at the US OPEN and another at Miami SONY. Is there a newer updated report? If so, what is the link to that report? Thank you

3284 Thank you for your reply Jeff, regarding the pain in my sons elbow and the suggested change of strings for him to try. Would you recommend a full restring of the 4g at 45lbs or cross it with something else like before?

3283 Hi Jeff, thanks for your anwser on the gut alu hybrid, also thanks for your suggestion on the 4 G on 19 KG, however we tried the 4 G in comparison with alupower and it seems a little harder than alupower on 21KG, would you say that at even lower tensions the 4g gets more comfortable? A second questions is about shaped strings I play/played with them and my son, however we see that the shape disapears rather quick in the sweetspot in about one or two hours of play, than I have the feeling that the still shaped portions of the stringbed grabs the ball more than if you hit the sweetspot, first this gives an inconsitant reaction at diferent places of the strigbed, and secondly why bother to shape the string if the shape lasts so short , to keep the proporties you need to restring every hour or two. I just would like to ask your view on this shaped string issue? Many thanks for your consideration & best regards Jim.

3282 When I'm not playing tennis, I'm usually watching or reading about it. My Mom wants to get me counseling and my Dad wants me to get a job to pay for my tennis. I read all the blogs and just stumbled on this one to check out Lux strings. I just read about 20 of your answers and I'm just blown away. They are awesome. Just makes everything else I've been reading sound like a pile of bullcrap. You just nail it. So now I'm going to read more and will be telling all my tennis buddys to get their butts over here and learn some real tennis stuff. Just wanted to tell you.

3281 Hi Jeff, I have a question regarding a mix in Alu power and gut, my daughter is 11 and plays ambitious and everyday, she uses a wilson prostaff 100L. Regarding strings I would like to try a combination of alupower and gut because I expect that the tension is kept a little better and it would be a little softer due to the gut in the mains. I would go to gut at 21,5 kg in the main and alu at 20 kg in the crosses, does this seems logical to you? Would you expect the tension to remain a bit better than an full bed alu power at 20 kg, would the difference of 1,5 kg compensate enough for the diference in string proporties ? Would you be able to give a general suggestion on an alternative or comment on both mentioned options? Thanks a lot for your consideration and straight forward answers on al the questions on this website. Best regards, Jim.

3280 Hello Jeff, I previously had asked string advice for my son (10 years old) on String Expert, number 3267. Meant not to get an advice about that ONE string but more like an advice of a number of string suggestions wich my son could try and compare with his current setup and see what he likes. He plays with the Head YouTek Radical lite, 16/19 and 272 gr strung. Main strings: Tecnifibre black code 17, crosses: Prince premier attack 16. Tension mains 23 kg and crosses 22 kg. DT value of 33 after 24 hours (ERT 300). Cross string crawling up after 1-2 hours of play (smileys). Tension drops, and have to restring whitin a week. If the DT value drops to 30 my son complains that he can give not the amount of spin he normaly does and his placement goes down. My son is a technical player whit a full/long swing on the FH side in a semi western grip. Has a low finish between hip and shoulder. Has to work on more speed and consistencie. BH side R hand continental and L hand semi western grip, back swing with a little loop. Also work on speed. He's more an all court player but not super offensive like Ferrer. Likes the Murray style of play. Likes to build up around the baseline with (wide) cross court balls and aticipates on the short/softer ball. Than he clossing in and plays the ball short cross or down the line or whatever is necessary. Likes to volley now and then and likes the dropshot. Likes to play with lots of spin and slice on both sides. Also likes to attack the return (opponent serves) and take the ball on the rise, impact at shoulder hight. Dislikes is something more difficult but lower tension on the strings and less spin. Also dislikes the ball go out short. Missing some power on the approach shots and some inconsistenties with the depth of the ball (placement). Balls seems to land short some times (around the serviceline). I hope that I've give you the information you asked for so you can come to a suggestion in which direction we should be looking for in terms of strings. Where he could get more out of his strings fitting his style of play. Also I'm interested if he given his age is better of with Multi strings or hybrid or full poly? If you still want additional information I like hear. I could't find this kind of information anywhere so far. Not on the internet or stringers. Is more advice on string that they like themselves or what they have in store and not based on the needs of my son. Best regards, Pieter

3279 can i mix xilon alu power 125 with luxilon 4g???

3278 wich is the best string to make a hybrid with luxilon alu power 125??

3277 Props to Luxilon for offering your unrivaled experience online! Nowhere else can one find such honest coments; we usually get some anectodal proclamations about all aspects of stringing tha tyouhave unmasked as nonsense. Kudos. Okay, this is a real question not fantasy. I was referred to an expert stringer to whom you give your racket. He des NOT accept your tension request; instead he decides, does NOT tell you the tension used after he returns it to you. If you don't like the result,he'll redo it free of charge! Many proclaim him as some preternatural genius. In your travels have you ever heard of such a thing? Is there any tradition of such genius stringers acting in similar fashion?

3276 what is the recommended tension for Ace

3274 Hi. My son is 13 1/2 years old. He's tall for his age, at around 5ft 6. He's been playing tennis for about 4 years. He plays regularly, roughly 10 hours each week. He competes in competitions and is a fairly good player. He's been playing with the Wilson team (2011 model) which is 289g unstrung, and has a string pattern on 18x20. He likes to use a hybrid, and he had previously tried Savage Lime crossed with Duraflex, but the Duraflex would break within a week. He then switched to Savage Lime crossed with Pros Pro Cyberpower. I think the tension was around 53-56lbs. These strings have lasted for a couple of months with no signs of wear, but my son is complaining if a pain in his elbow. It is above the elbow on the outside (golfers elbow). He says it hurts only when serving and smashing. Could this be caused by the strings? Do you have any suggestions what we should try next? He also has 2 new Wilson teams (2012 model)that are 16x18 String patterns. Should they be strung differently? What tensions would you suggest? Thank you in advance.

3273 Henri, what is de minimum en maximum tension of the Original rough?

3272 Do you still make the “Alu Power Fluoro 17” string? I thought you did but your website refers to “Alu Power Fluoro 123” now. It talks of a reduced diameter to 1.23 mm but in parentheses as if it is a thinner string but then it also says “16L”. So now I’m very confused. In general, I’m looking for a string like the regular Alu Power but thinner in hopes of getting a bit softer feel. 1.25 vs 1.23 mm doesn’t sound like a difference anyone would notice. Is there a 17 gauge string or what would you recommend?

3271 I cannot find anyone that can explain a clear pro racket trend/phenomenon to my satisfaction. It goes against everything I thought I understood about the subject. Save for Djokovic, Raonic, Lepchenko, Robson(?)and a few others in 2013, it appears that the overwhelming % of pros use an open string pattern with 16 mains. And wider beams are everywhere. Even Verdasco switched to one and nearly beat Murray! Now I had thought that the dense patterns and thin beams give GREAT players more pinpont control. So if these elite men and women are mostly using open patterns in ever larger head sizes(even Berdych,Tsonga,Cilic etc.) who in the name of God is using them elswhere? And why? Djokovic went from a 93 to a 100; Berdych apparently from a dense Dunlop 95 to an open Head 100 etc. Many top pros these days sport rackets that look like those of park players. Are the days of the dense and smaller head frames numbered?

3270 hi i play with babolat pure drive GT 2012 model. what string do you suggest me to play with? im mostly a base line player.

3269 I've been playing Lux for a couple years now. Tried several different types and setups (tensions between 45-50), including hybrids (which I hated). Power, Rough, Spin, Flouro, Ace. A lot of people like Ace and I felt like in theory that the smaller diameter of the Ace was better for control and spin. So I played it for a couple months but in the end I was disappointed with power, feel, and consistency. Went back to Flouro and realized that it is a superior string. Not sure why that is...wondered if you could explain. Obviously each string is tailored for different people.

3268 Hi Jeff! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. You have already stated that your string of choice is 4g at 40lbs. Please share wether these are the 16s 1.30 gage, or 16l 1.25 gage? Thanks for your answer. Dan

3267 Hello to you, Would like a string advice for my son (10 years old). What kind of string is best fot him; Multi, Poly or Hybrid? What brand, gauge and tension? He trains 6-10 hours a week, very competitive and plays a lot of tournaments. He has a full/long swing, likes to build up from behind the baseline and attacks (comes forward) on shorter/softer balls. Plays with a lot of topspin on FH and BH and likes to slice.

3265 I was speaking to an ardent aficionado who is adamant about how his EXPERT stringer manages to string multifilament so that it NEVER moves! Yet, every multi or convetional synthetic gut I've ever used starts moving soon after playing. From what I've read, poly slides back and forth which allows the mains to regain its regular position whereas multi or gut will not. So how does some "super" stringer find a way to string to avoid an inherent problem with movement for topspin players? Do you know of any way to string that truly minimizes movement of conventional multifilaments?

3264 I find it very interesting on your take of hybrid stringing. What are your qualifications to call yourself an expert? Secondly, Why do the Pro's use hybrid's if it doesn't matter. Third, what if Poly does help a player perform better, but a full bed causes arm problems? As an MRT, I can personally attest to hybrid stringing being effective. How you choose to hybrid is a different story. I would love to hear why you are calling yourself an expert with no credentials listed on your page and no scientific evidence to prove your answers are valid.

3263 Hi there! I have been trying to figure out if there are differences in the way the three colors of Volkl Cyclone play. Are there differences, and if there are what are they?

3262 Hey, so i have a wilson steam 99s would a main poly and cross synthetic gut both at 59 pounds be a good working setup?

3261 what strings and tension does mackenzie mcdonald use

3260 Hi, I am purchasing a Wilson Juice 108 and was wondering what string and tension would be recommended for that racket.

3259 Hi, when will be released the new 4G Rough strings ? Will it be available with all gauges or just 125 like Adrenaline Rough ? Thanks

3257 Good morning Im a 14 year old player , practicing daily. I have a wilson blade 98 I want to know if a luxilon alu power fluoro is good for me. for my elbow and my game.

3256 Hi I have a Wilson Steam 99S (16X15) frame and love the Savage 1.27 black on it. Control is great, spin is great, I feel some lestaicity when I hit and I like it. Problem. It lasts 3-4h max in my frame. I would like to know what string in your range would provide me with the same feeling than the 1.27 savage but with bigger longevity. I don't want to use gauges superior to 1.30. What should I use? thanks !

3255 hi Jeff, what would be a reason to switch to 4 G from alu power, on the brief info on your website you state the alu power has slighlty more control and power 10 instead of 9 and only in comfort it should be a little more comfort. What is the main difference, apart from maintaining tension longer, which might be true but it loses tension still rather quick compared to gut or a good multi filament. Thanks for your anwser Jim

3254 What would be your opinion on hybriding Luxilon Alu Power and Luxilon 4G together? I have used both of them seperate in a full bed but was wondering how you thought those two would hybrid together?

3253 I have been stringing with savage in my wilson 95 16x18, and I am popping strings about every two weeks. I am not someone who usually breaks strings so this is odd for me. I was wondering if you have more durable string with the same feel as the savage.

3252 what strings and tension does malou ejdesgaard use

3251 Hi Jeff, I use Wilson Steam 99S, what the best string for this raquet? I can use hibryd string? What the best hibryd string?. I'd better use a tension of 45 pounds? Thanks, Caio

3250 I'm currently using Alu Power Rough in the mains and Head FXP Tour in the crosses. Should the crosses be strung higher or lower than the mains? I've noticed this setup causes just some minor TE problem, not much but I don't want it to worsen. Which other ALU string would provide good spin but be a little softer on the arm? Thanks...Bob

3249 I've been using Luxilon Monotec SuperSense forever, but now I'm out and it's not available anymore. I love the feel (the "deadness" of the string bed), where I could take a full whack at the ball. Is there a replacement string that might be similar in feel, but with a slight bit more power (i'm getting older...)

3248 Hi,I think more people are using Hybrids more for the DURABILITY of the strings and not the Playability, replacing strings can become a very expensive matter these days for the recreation player like me and i`m a 4.5 player,but still using a Hybrid combo, i would like to try Luxilon, but again to expensive for one set,in the mean time i keep using my Hybrid poly/gut mix at 50 pounds, i`m happy the way it`s feels, like Jeff said, if is working for you, why change ;-) my question is,i would like to try something new to see the difference, should i try then all poly or all gut at different tension to find out the best for my game? Thanks ..

3246 God bless you Jeff, i have a Mutual Power 690 stringing machine, the weight of the weight in the rod is 6.6 pounds why? i thought the weight was an even 5 pound, can you explain more about Drop Weight Machine,the pro and cons, thank you very much. Jesus

3245 God bless you all,how is the The proper way to use an drop weight machine?, i have seen some people with the rod completely up and then do the pull,and some other with the rod down then do the pull from bottom up?

3244 Hybrids a "mish-mash." To my understanding, about 25% of pros prefer a gut/Lux(or poly) hybrid with tension varaince of up to 3 pounds between mains and crosses. Players using the silly mish mash include Federer, Serena, Cilic, Tsonga and 3 dozen others. A minority, yes, but not silly! As we peons can't afford short lasting gut, many use a relatively soft multi to soften the harsher feel of poly/LUX. Whis is this so bizarre in your eyes? Why in your view is gut fine as a cross but a far less pricey multi is unwise? Didn't Li Na use mono mains with multi crosses to win the French?

3243 Hi Jeff, meu filho de 13 anos joga com uma Babolat Aero Pro Drive com corda Adrenaline 50lb. Ele joga com bastante spin e estamos pensando em testar a Wilson Steam 99S com cordas G4 com 48lb. Você acha que vai gerar + spin e força com esta nova raquete? Obrigado, Kyle

3242 How do you a just the tension on a pro series the beast sn 9845549

3241 What are tension guidelines when stringing hybrid, using polyester in mains and multifilament in crosses ?

3240 Will there be any update to your terrific pro stringing report this year? Yes, I'm aware that we should't care what pros do...but we do!

3239 Hi Jeff, I hit your site through a google trek about a particular question. I have gone through and read a dozen plus posts in this forum about this topic, and your advice looks to be the most straightforward, well-reasoned, and consistent I've ever seen from talking to many stringers or retailers over the years. My question is about hybrid stringing. It is all the rage, but like you're saying, I can't pinpoint why any proposed hybrid combination is a sensible one or just throwing darts. And it would make sense that the hybrid stringing fad is just that, a fad, given the number of players completely dismissing a full-bed setup these days, when string manufacturers painstakingly test the properties and behavior of their string based on the premise of a full bed, not some hybrid. OK, having said all that, I will now confess that as an experiment, I just ordered a hybrid set with 4G (16L) in the mains and NXT (16) in the crosses. But here is my logic to run by you. I am around a 4.0 player, and durability/string-breaking is certainly an issue for me. Which is why I have switched to poly. But as someone who plays with a lot of touch/variety on the slice backhand side, I sense that the poly has robbed me of the feedback and command I once had on the slice. Hence bringing in the most touch/feel-oriented string on the market (supposedly), the NXT, in the crosses. So my question for you is, simply, is there anything to this strategy? Or is this just silly conjecture in trying to piece together the characteristics of two strings into one "super" setup? It is entirely possible that 4G alone would perform better and fit my needs. I'd very much appreciate your insights in setting me straight on this. Thanks for the great forum. -Roger

3238 I have read and heard that many pros today, with looser and more extreme grips, use smaller grip sizes. Is this true in your experience?(Sorry it's not string question, but I trust YOUR answers more than others on line.) Should recreational players use a slightly smaller grip rather than a slightly too large one?

3237 What is the best badminton string that can take a 29-30 lbs. ?

3236 Hey Jeff I have noticed that the top three women in the world Serena, Maria and Vika are all stringing in the lower 60's in pounds. Where as none of the top 5 guys in the world string over around 55lbs. I was just wondering why you think this is? I guess I've always thought the women being not as strong as the guys would string lower and the guys being a bit stronger would be stringing higher and still get plenty of power. Do you think it has to do with the fact those three women hit predominatly flat and without a ton of top spin? I was just wondering thanks again your knowledge is incredible!

3235 hello , i want to known the difference for your string. it 's for à boy 13 years it s a five boy in france . just now he play with sensation 17 tension 20 . now all 1 h the string it' s out . is it possible to say me whith string it s possible to use . the adrenaline ....... thank to you . thierry

3234 Is the string expert on vacation ?

3233 I play with the Wilson Steam 90S. What is the best string for power, easy on the elbow and somewhat durable?

3230 I fathom the reason for 16 vs.18 mains. But what is the rationale for 18,19,20 crosses. What do more crosses provide to the player,if anything?

3229 Hello Jeff, Regarding question 3219 on the use of string savers... your answer is INCREDIBLE because it shows that all victories of FEDERER since he is using the hybrid of Gut mains/Luxilon Alu Rough crosses ARE ILLEGAL ! Roger FEDERER is using string savers just for one purpose : adding grip on the ball and spin (the choice of the place where he puts the string savers is very evident). And certainly not for durability since he changes his strings every 7 games. Is Federer for tennis the same as Armstrong for cycling ?!!

3228 Who is the String Expert? Would you be willing to share with us your tennis biography including your intro to the sport, early playing career aspirations and subsequent career milestones?

3227 My racquets are strung at 73 lbs (for a head size of 90 square inches), 75 lbs, (for head size of 99 square inches), and 80 and 85 lbs. (for head size of 107 square inches). Is this too much, in your opinion?

3225 Is it true that most/all touring pros restring all of their rackets every day or every few days because of tension loss? I've read that this is true even for those who use natural gut, which holds tension better than synthetics. Are these pros overly sensitive or is this truly a major concern for all serious players?

3224 Hi Following a tennis elbow, I have switched from Wilson 6one95 to pure drive GT. I am lacking a it of control with the Babolat. My play is strong lift on forehand and chop in backhand. What kind of string and what tnsion do you recommend ? Thanks a lot Fred

3223 Ive used Luxilon Alu Power for about 5 years now and have never used any other string. I've seen more players recently using the 4G,is 4G more of a string you wanna hybrid with or do you think its good in a full bed? And how do you think these two strings compare to each other? Thanks again

3222 What strings and string tension does Grigor Dimitrov use?

3221 Hello Jeff, I have tried the regular Alupower, very nice string but a little firm, I string at around 20-21 kg. Ussually I use the fluoro full bed which I find is softer but has a little less control and similar power, would it help to put alu fluoro in the crosses and regular alu in the mains, to soften the stringbed up just a little. As you always state the main string brings the biggest part of the properties. What would be the effect of the fluoro in the crosses in you opinion. Thanks for your anwser Jim.

3220 My 13 year old daughter is a competitive tennis player who now has wrist tendonitis. She uses a Babolat Pure drive strung withRPM Blast 17 in the mains at 55lb and xcel 16 in the cross at 57 lbs. Would changing her to all xcel help her wrist? And if so what tension should I try. Thanks.

3219 What is your opinion on string savers?

3218 Hello Jeff, I have read on various forums and sites that when stringing ploys they should be pulled slowly and held under tension for a small period of time anywhere from 5 seconds to a minute before clamping off using a drop weight or constant pull machine. Do you recommend or see the merit of this practice? I once got my racket strung with ALU Power Rough at 52 lbs but the string was too bouncy for me and wonder if such a technique would help in making the string less bouncy. I just don't feel that I got the best out of the string and would like to give it another go. Thank you for your help in advance.

3217 You've stated that pretstretching synthetic mono makes it even stiffer and is not therefore recommended. Does this also apply to natural gut? Do pros using gut mains usually prestretch? I ask because I know stringers that insist on prestretching.

3215 I use the new 2013 Aero Pro Drive strung with luxilon alu power at 63 pounds. I am a college tennis player playing number one singles. I would like a little more free power on my shots, especially my serve and volleys. I hear a lot of pro's are going quite a bit down in tension but I am afraid I will loose my control if I do so. Would you have a tension that you think would work the best? Thanks again

3213 Would lube be good to try on Alu power, help string movement?I If so, what kind and how to apply.

3212 what strings does nicole gibbs use

3211 I use Alu power in my 2013 APD @52LBS. Will the ALU rough help with more spin I hit somewhat flat, semi western. Is their a down side verse Alu Power? What other strings should I try. If I pre stretch will I get longer playbility?

3210 Hello Expert, it is nice to reed your answers, I go along with most of your answers because the are logical, transparent and straith forward, however one thing puzzles me a bit, we play with the fluoro on ussually around 21 KG, we like it a lot lots of feel, power and decent enough control and comfortable, my son breaks them in about 4 hours and it is resonable constant in that timeframe, however I am not such a breaker and mine last about 20 hours before break. The string has tension loss like any string and at the beginning it gets a little more power after one hour of play, but after say 6-8 hours it seems if the string gets even looser and also looses its elasticity and returns less power and feel back to the ball. Simply it feels like the string is a kind of baged out and has quite a bit less power it simply feels as if the string lost it ability to spring back as easy as in the beginning. This contradicts what you always say that the looser the string gets the more power it generates, i agree up to the point where the string seems to loose its elasticiy and starts to feel mushy. What is your expert opinion on this ? Is it advisable to refresch the string after a certain amount of load to the string, I must say we are pretty decent players and let the strings realy work. Please advise & many thanks.

3207 My son is 14 playing USTA 16s and is a pretty advanced player with a lot of natural power and spin. He plays the Babolat Andy Roddick pure drive racquet. He has been using M2Pro 125 on the crosses and kevlar on the mains for durability. When he was using M2Pro on both he broke strings 2-3 times a week. M2Pro is being discontinued by Luxilon and we are concerned about injury with the kevlar mains. He uses 63# of tension. Any suggestion for a string or string hybrid to try to replace his current hybrid that would have similar durability and performance?

3206 Why does James Blake string so high? And why are so many players stringing so much lower? I know they said like 5 years ago when Federer was stringing at 55 pounds that was super low, and now hes down to like 46-48? Won't the ball fly much more with lower tension and you will have less control? Thanks

3205 Is it gross oversimplification on my part to assume that dense string patterns (18 mains) are best for better players that relish greater control and flatter groundstrokes? Should less accomplished players stick with 16 mains for more spin and power? There are these days many density options in the same head size, which can lead to confusion. As most touring pros, 80%?, now are using 16 mains, I am at a loss to even fathom the reason for 18 mains offerings! Am I missing something?

3204 i am a 3.5-4.0 player using prince exo3 red with full bed of NRG2 at #62 which works well but i would like to try a hybrid, mainly to enhance my topspin serve. Any hybrid suggestions for exo3 red?

3203 For those of us Neanderthals living in a tennis Neolithic Age, prefering softer gut or multifilament to Luxilon, do you recommend the same low tension of 30+ to 40 pounds?

3202 I have been reading about the JET stringing method. Their recommendation is a poly/poly hybrid strung at low tensions ( no tension greater than 52#). Those supporting this technique argue a more consistent string bed that holds its tension better. I know you favor lower tension, but does this stringing method have merit?

3201 Noting #3196 and many other similar discussions, please end my confusion. Are you advising us to A)_request our stringer to use a tension of about 40 lbs. +/- 5 OR B)request a tension of 50-55 or so and let it settle at the lower tension you suggest?? To me this detail is unclear in your responses to date. If you're advising B)above, this is what most everyone in my experince already does and so I would not understand your claim that most recreational players use a far too tight tension! Are you then talking just to those few who restring every few weeks??

3200 does the gauge of string make a difference eg 1.25mm 1.30mm.

3199 My 15 year old daughter is a competitive junior player who uses a Wilson 6.1 (16x18) strung with Lux ALU rough in the mains and Prince Synthetic Gut with Duraflex in the crosses both at 55 lbs. She has a powerful forehand and is learning to,play with more spin. She plays about 4 hours per week indoors currently. The last three string jobs have lasted 2 to 4 weeks with the Luxilon mains breaking in the sweet spot. Do you have any advise on how to get a little more playing time out of a string job. Would string savers help and how would they change the characteristics of the Lux ALU? Or should I consider a different string setup?

3198 I use a polyeurethane head tape to protect the bumper guard from unsightly abrasion. This tape sticks to the top of the mains strings. I've wondered if this has any negative impact on the stingbed response. Does this hinder string movement etc?

3197 Crawford Lindsey's March 21st paper is entitled "How Tennis Go Dead?..." Have you seen it? Material science is a very arcane topic to say the least. Does this latest paper in any way change the recommendations made here about either tension or restringing? Brief intro excerpt from paper: How Tennis Strings "Go Dead"? The Change in String Properties with Repeated Impacts Crawford Lindsey, Tennis Warehouse, San Luis Obispo, CA, 93401 March 21, 2013 ABSTRACT Tests were performed to measure changes in string properties and performances due to repeated use. Among parameters measured were string tension, stiffness, peak force, energy return, dwell time, deflection, vibration frequency, and coefficients of friction between strings. Measurements were performed using test apparatus to simulate impacts as well as strung racquets where spin, speed, and angle of rebound were measured. The results indicated that so-called string death is primarily due to the consequences of a decrease in perpendicular stiffness as well as the increasing of static and sliding friction between main and cross strings. Together, these account for most of the player's perceptions and complaints about strings "going dead." "The strings lose power." "The strings hurt my arm." "The strings feel stiffer." "It hits like a board." "The strings lose their resiliency." "The strings lose their elasticity." "My strings are staying out of place." "There is no pop." "I can't hit the ball deep." "I can't control the ball." "I spray the ball all over the place." "I can't keep the ball in the court." "The ball just takes off." "The the strings are mushy." "The strings trampoline the ball." "My ball isn't as heavy." "I can't hit with as much spin."

3196 Hi Jeff. Someone might have asked you about the article on "definitive guide to stringing polys & copolys" in a tennis blog before. Anyway, it said something like 52 lbs. is the "absolute top end" one should go with these kinds of strings; they can not be "overstretched" or "overtensioned" without suffering consequences. However, like you, the blog mentioned that poly gives ample control at low tensions. Care to comment? Thanks and enjoy the Miami Masters! Klao

3195 is it good to imitate roger federer's string choice? why or why not? thanks

3194 A cloud of smoke arises over Orlando, Florida USA. A new Pope of Strings is to be announced. And it is Orlando's own, Jeff Davies! Some complain: "Why must the tennis Pope always be from Florida? Why not Argentina or Italy!" So Davies adds to his Nobel Prize (see #3187 below). Now then a serious question that requires a Papal Bull (the Whole Truth, that is). I NEVER ever see recreational players at the ubiquitous 3 to 4.0 levels that can muster 1000 to 3000 RPMs on any shot anytime. Not even close. Yes, I see this RPM range from elite juniors practising or from NCAA players and from pros. So other than for string breakage reduction, does the recreational player really get Any benefit at any tension with a Luxilon or poly string set up? These are far stiffer and less powerful as well. A boon for pros, but of passing interest for the rest of us? Am I wrong?

3193 I'm playing with a demo wilson steam 99s strung w/ savage; wilson recommends 4g. What are the predominant differences I'd notice moving between the two strings?

3192 No I can't digest 3000+ question and answers so I ask for a cogent String Expert summary. IF I do NOT notice trampolining or loss of control or other ills LONG after I've strung, do I EVER need to restring? Or like untreated high blood presure or other disease without symptoms, does the health of the racket/string subtly erode over time without my really noticing? Assume I feel little psychological pull to see how some new super duper product plays. QUESTION: How often, if ever, does a midling player like me need to restring? A)Never B)Every two years C)Every year D)Twice a year E)Every week/day

3191 On average, I play doubles for 2 hours, twice a week. For the past 10 years or so, I’ve been using Wilson PS/6.1 series with AluPower Rough/Spin at 65-67 lbs. My playing style is a tad more on the aggressive side. After learning from here about the initial string tension loss, I recollect that I best preferred the feel and tension of my new string on the 2nd week. (It was just a bit too tight during week 1.) The string bed still played good to end of the 6th and just OK up to the 8th week. I normally replaced the string around week 9-10 (when balls started to fly off more than usual). Later when I used two racquets (switch between them every set – sweaty palm), I restring around week 11-12. Beginning this year, I strung my two BLX PS 90 racquets with Alu Rough at 60 lbs. (Yes, at 41 I realize my wrist and shoulder are not getting any younger.) I kept them without using for a week; again they played and felt great right after the first hit. However I began to lose the ball distance control after week #7-8, and I think I need to restring both frames very soon. Now I have 3 racquets and plan to use them interchangeably. I also got a new reel of G4 125 strings. Should I go back to 65 lbs. (since G4 is softer than AluPower) in order to help prolong the restringing jobs? Or do you expect G4 could hold tensions well enough for me up to 3 months (3 sticks) starting at 60 lbs? I'll stick to your advice this time, promise. :) Many thanks. Klao.

3190 Sawasde krub khun Jeff. My apology, I didn’t take your advice again for the second time and eventually tried putting the M2 Pro 125 strings on my wife’s racquets. The tension was lowered to 50 lbs. Fortunately, I’m glad to report that she likes them much better than the AluPower Spin 127 that was strung at 57 lbs. when she first started her lesson about a year ago. I play tested this new setup myself and agreed that the M2 Pro string/tension matched very well with the 18x20 pattern of those Radical MP’s. Cheers! Klao.

3189 Hello Jeff, New VCoreXi98 what you suggest as tention and placement 1)same string (Luxilon rough 16)for main and crosses and 2)hybrid (Luxilon and Live Wire 17). Thank you P.S. Very knowlegeable and interesting answers,

3188 I really enjoy reading some of the stringing analysis reports from various pro tour events. Very interesting stuff. One thing I've wondered about is whether the racquet shown for a particular pro is the actual racquet they are using, or if it's a paintjob. For example, Tomas Berdych. Here's a guy that has used a thin-beam and flexible Radical to climb the world rankings, and all of a sudden he switches to a medium wide and stiff Instinct? Is his racquet really a factory-custom Radical with an Instinct paintjob? Another guy that comes to mind is Richard Gasquet. Everywhere you look/read it appears that he uses a Head Extreme, but the head shape is nowhere close to a Head Extreme. It looks like an old Head Instinct with the current Head Extreme paintjob. Do you know the "real" racquets players are using? What's the logic behind these paintjob marketing tactics?

3187 Excuse the too long exposition here. I stumbled upon this site by chance and have been impressed no end by many of your detailed responses to some important gear issues. If there were a Noble Prize for "Debunking Widely Held Views on Tennis String," you'd be invited to Stockholm! Here's something that has me very confused about tennis gear. As you have vast experience with pros, you can respond with near Papal authority. As players such as Hewitt, Djokovic and even lesser lights such as Oudin are switching en masse to larger MP racquets, often with wider beams, one finds in 2013 that over 96% of pros are NOT using midsize frames (less than 95"). Almost as many pros (0%) are using wood as are using mid size! Federer, of course, is among a very tiny nealry extinct minority of holdouts. Also noteworhty is how roughly 85% are not even using 18 mains! In golf (close to tennis save for the age and fitness of many tour pros), mid and high handicap players (most players!) use carefully designed wide sole cavity backed GI (game improvement) and SGI (super game improvement) clubs and would be nuts to use the forged thin soled tour irons or tour woods and high compression soft urethane covered balls. Golf pro shops and knowldgeable players are WELL aware of this. Yet in tennis, players 4 to 6 NTRP levels below pros are often using the same gear with the same strings at the same or higher tensions than thir heroes! In golf they'd be shooting 130 with such pro gear! God knows what such geat has done to thegmaes a typical mid skilled tennis players. I see intermediates using mid size racquets strung at 60 pounds! So who in God's name is the intended audience for the Pro Staff 90, Prestige Mid, Blade 93, Volkl 10 Mid, and Yonex Tour 89?? A few of these are not only mid size, but 18x20 as well! If those who make their living and are the best on Earth do not see advantages weith these tools,who would? 40 yea rold Pete Sampras has even switched on the short senior tour! Is the audience for mids some alternative post 7.0 NTRP tennis universe? Many recreational players on some other tennis sites wax poetic about these dinosaur racquets, yet almost no one on tour use them anymore. Is there any non open recreational player that in your view might benefit from one of the new midsize frames?

3186 Hi, Jeff. I happened to come across this portion of your site. It's fabulous! I just read your response to the most recent question. Great advice! It's like you're offering free tennis coaching lessons on here. That's awesome. I have a somewhat similar question to the previous poster as I also use ALU power only. What are the main differences in using just an ALU Power string vs. a Hybrid (assuming ALU power on the mains and something else on the crosses). How would this affect one's feel/game? I see a lot of pro's use a hybrid with ALU. Would you recommend this and if so for what reasons? Also, I saw you suggest to string down to 45 for the previous user. Wouldn't that give you more power but cause you to lose a little control? If you were to recommend a hybrid string with ALU Power. What is the most popular and what would you recommend? Thanks, Jeff. You are a great source of tennis knowledge!

3185 Hi, I am 5.5 USTA player and use a Bablolat Pure Storm racquet. I've been stringing them with Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power for the last several years and have had good success. I get great spin on the ball though I feel I'm not hitting as powerfully as I used too. I'm also getting scared to attempt to go for the lines like I used to. I know this has to do with me as a player, but what would you advise regarding stringing? Would you advise maybe changing the tension of the string? I currently string at 54. Also, would you suggest considering a hybrid string? If so, what hybrids would you suggest I try out and what tension? Thanks for your advice.

3184 Hi Jeff, I am currently playing an 18x20 95 sq. in. racquet strung with Poly at 40lbs -- I am planning on stringing my 16x18 95 sq. in. racquet with this Poly -- could you recommend what tension I should try to get a similar feeling string bed. Thanks, John

3183 Hello Jeff. I'm looking for a crispy string with control and power. I want the ball to stay long in the stringbed and get the crispy feel at the end. Whih strings should I try? Best regards, Laurent

3182 My recomendation for my racket is 55-65 pounds and I have increased the tension to 63 from 58 as I feel much more control, but I hear all the pro's are going lower now adays. Doesn't Querry use Luxilon Alu Power around this tension

3181 We have all noted large changes in the past 15 years or so in synthetic monofilament string. New composition,construction,and even shapes. I wonder if gut is in 2013 essentially the SAME as it was back in preshistoric times when Laver played Rosewall and Mac played Bjorn? About 25% of pros use ancient gut as a cross or mains while almost 0% use modern synthetic multis! What makes gut so hard for modern labs to copy. It reminds me of 400 year old violins that cannot be replicated even today!

3180 I play a tennis racket from Prince EXO 3 Blue 110. I play since many years the Luxilon Original 1,30mm or Luxilon Alu Power 1,25mm.What is the better string for my racket? What is the difference between 1,25 and 1,30mm? I play in the Senior legue Badenliga 70, my LK is 13. Thanks for answer Helmut Waldmann

3179 Please clarify something from past replies. In many responses you've stated that a few pounds tension change has effectively no effect on power. You've said that 10 pounds lower tension yields a miniscule 1% power lift. Yet you've also stated that stings do not go bad but over time get "more powerful" due to tension loss. That I find a bit confusing. How much tension loss are we talking about 20lbs,25lbs? Does tension drop by THAT much over a season to give the racket more power?

3178 how many rackets size 26 can 125mm string

3177 Hello, I am 42 years old man from india and I am active on ITF seniors. I currently play with Wilson pro staff 95 racquets and use 'champions choice' strings. Mains 58 and cross 56. I feel I lack consistency in my shots and sometimes miss easy shots. I am right handed and I play mainly from baseline with single backhand. My upper arm is also painting after I play. I use lot of power when I play. Please advise if I have to explore changing of racquet and strings.

3176 Why is it that no one to my knowledge has published a study on the LONG term tension loss of some competing strings? This aspect of design seems the most important characteristic after stiffness and therefore the most useful to make a choice. In you view is there a significant range between brands? I ignore all the silly ad hype.

3175 what is a bird that can turn its head 270 degrees

3174 Hello Jeff, it is interesting to always reed your straight forward comments. I have a question on durability, my son plays with a wilson 6.1 95 16x18 string patern, he likes to use the M2 pro or the luxilon fluoro he likes the softness and feel of these strings, tension around 21 kg. The M2 pro breaks in 20 -30 minutes always in the middle, the fluoro the same but it lasts up to 90 minutes, so losing tension as described in many messages is not an issue for us :-) or :-( ? I dont know. As you understand this is getting a bit costly and a lot of stringing. I am considering a change in set up to increase durability. My question is what would increase durability the most; 1) a tighter string patern, 2) an increased diameter e.g the M2 1,3 mm or 3) another string type, however he is afraid that will also cause the sofness and feel to disapear, please let us know your view on this, we would be very interested to hear. Thanks in advance for your advice.

3173 in stringing, what does rdc stand for?

3172 Hi Guys, For years I have used Price EXO Black 100 strung with Luxilon 123 ALU Power Fluro in mains @ 52 and Technifiber X-One Biphase in crosses @ 55.I am 71 year old guy playing team tennis @ 3.5 level. I have been slipping a notch in my play and decided to switch to larger head and more power with Wilson BLX Juice 108. I never break strings and comfort & control are important. What do you recommend for new racquet? Thanks so much for help. John Kelley

3171 Players of all skills seem to differ widely on this; what else is new? I note how some famed rackets in 93/95" e.g. Prestige Mid; Blade 93; Dunlop 200, Rebel 95 have 18 mains, a dense pattern. Surprising (seems contadictory logic to me)rackets with 100'+ heads, save for the Radical OS and Blade 104" have 16 mains in VERY open patterns. You've advised avid weekend players to string much looser and to use thinner string. So what general guide would you give as to string pattern for avid lower and mid level players? Is it another matter of taste or rather of skill? Now we see with Wilson and Prince VERY open patterns: 16x15 and 14x18. Pros to my knowledge do not yet use these.

3170 i have head y tek radikal o s witch is the best string

3168 I hope this question does not stretch your abilities. I know a stringer (a self-proclaimed stringing maestro) that says he prestretches whatever you give him. Now I was under the impression that prestreching poly mono makes it play stiffer as is not an advantage. Also some strings are already prestrecthed. Is this maestro all wet? When should one prestretch? Does it even matter?

3167 followup to 3125: where do you find the tables for proportional stringing racquets? I have the Head Speed MP 16x19 and I would like to string it proportionally....thanks.

3166 I have just finish stringing my mains on my BLX Blade 98 Wilson racket I am ready to start my cross stringing W/ a 2 piece blend. were do I start my crosses at the top of the head or at the bottom of the throat ? Thanks Bill

3165 Hi Jeff, I hear that Luxilon have discontinued Timo 110. Are there any places where I could get some more stock? If not, what string would you recommend I used instead? Many thanks.Dan

3164 Hi Jeff! I've been playing for 3 years, the Luxilon Big Banger XP green. Now I have no more string, you could give me a new string of Luxilon recommend has the same properties? I would like a string with good control and optimal speed. Thanks for your answer!

3163 I was happy by using alu power with the babolat pure drive (300 gr)racquet. After I changed a racquet to Head Prestige S (305 gr), i don't feel so much comfort and control with alu power 125mm strings. tension is 25 kg mains and 24 kg cross. I am advanced tennis player, who likes to play from the end line by hitting in the corners of the serving line area. As I am a luxilon fan, I wouldn not prefer to waist time by trayig to find suitable strings from other producers. Do you have any advice which strings from luxilon family may best fit my needs. thanks

3162 What non-poly string would you hybrid with 4G to add a little more pop and feel?

3161 I have been using the Ashaway Dynamite 17 at 60 lbs and breaking them after 2 hours of play. I love the feel but that is a bit too often to be replacing strings. I was looking for a more durable alternative that had similar characteristics to either hybrid in the mains or to replace it all together. Any suggestions?

3160 what strings does berdych use

3159 It seems that all string manufacturers offer a vast array of multifilaments but few standard solid core with micro wraps. Both synthetic categories are far stiffer than gut (surely not "gut like" as claimed) yet softer than poly. No, I will not spend $40 for a set of gut no matter how well it plays! So what in your general experience as to the basic on court differences between the two types of synthetics other than price(multis are 2X the price). It seems as if the older syn gut is going the way of the LP and turntables.

3158 Hi Jeff, I am an intermediate - recreational player looking for a string to add more spin to my head graphene speed mp (16/19) racquet. I currently use a "hybrid" of alu power fluoro on the mains and alu power spin on the crosses strung at mid tension, following an advise by my coach, but i would like to get some more spin. Thanks in advance, Nikos

3157 Hi Jeff. Does the 4G have a shape profile, special coating or just plain round? Is 4G low powered? I have the APD+Cortex with Savage full bed @ 60. My shots have a tendency to sail long. Should I stay away from using profiled strings? Could it be that I need a low powered racquet & low powered string combo. Thanks much for all your help.

3154 Howdy! I used to use lighter, stiff racquets with stiff and thick beams, strung with Luxilon 4G at 48 lbs and it feels good and forgiving. However, yesterday I bought and switched to the Head Prestige Pro and strung it with Luxilon 4G also at 48 lbs. To my surprise I felt that it was quite stiff and boardy!Is it quality control with the 4G or are Prestiges a bit boardy feeling? How low can I go without affecting performance, is 40 lbs too low? Have you got an experience with the Prestige and its feel?

3153 If I am using luxilon alu power, at around 58 pounds would you recommend just stringing it with a full bed or would you recommend hybriding it, and if so what specific string would you hybrid it with?

3151 What Luxilon strings are very similar to Poly Star Turbo 16.. 1.30

3150 Why have almost all the pros over the last 5 or so years all gone to lower tensions. What are the pros and cons of a lower tension. And the pros and cons of a tighter tension.

3149 Back to the nagging hybrid controversy -- you often assert that there is no reason to string crosses and mains at differnt tensions even in a hybrid! I respect your commentary and need a clarification. From Miami 2012 pro stringing summary : “…in a rare display of consensus, they agree…stringing the crosses higher than the mains is not a good idea.” Really? The 2010 US Open summary here notes that of those who used mono mains and gut crosses 24% (8 of 33) strung the crosses at higher tension. Siegrfired Weiss (of German mfr. Weiss Cannon recommends “ a difference of 6/ 7 pounds between the mains and the crosses.” In a midplus racquet he recommends the mains be strung at 49lbs and the crosses be strung at 55lbs. Stringers I ask agree, epsecially when the mains are strung at low tension. Consider too how 85% of pros string mono mains at >50 lbs and restring often, whereas recreational players are advised to string monofilament at a lower initial tension and let it settle 20% lower! The resilience “sweetspot” for multiflament and gut is a far higher tension that for stiffer mono. So at low tension, a multi or gut (for the well-healed) cross SHOULD be strung at a higher tension to take advantage of the best qualities of each string. Where are we wrong?

3148 3128 and 3140 and 3142: I asked a question, and I got my answer. Thank you for that, and thank you for all the other inspiring answers on this webpage. In your last answer to me you wrote: "the more I know (from you), the less I understand..." and "if you are so sensitive to weight that you go from disaster to perfection in just 2 grams..." Well, it is a misunderstanding, that I went from disaster to perfection. I don't want to cause any confusion. so let me clarify. In 2008 I had an experience of going from "sort of OK" to "disaster." It came out of shifting from one Wilson K Blade 98 to another - a shift from 319 g / 334 mm to 325 / 334 mm - a difference of 6 g. The expression "just perfect for me" is not not precise - I am sorry - I should have written "the best combination I have tried up until now." It happened in 2012 and came out of a three step experience: 1) Finding the lightest Blade 98 BLX in the shop: Strung: 317 g / 335 mm - Unstrung 300 g / 325 mm. 2) Replacing the basic grip with only overgrip and balancing to 335 mm: 314 g / 335 mm. 3) Replacing Alu Power Rough with Timo 110 and balancing to 335 mm: 310 g / 335 mm. The numbers are not totally precise - of cause - I don't have facilities to manufacture and measure precise - and just shifting the overgrip probably will make a small difference too. And as you write - I would not be able to feel that small a differences. But I CAN feel the difference between 313 g and 310 g. It is not from "disaster to perfection" - it is from "good to even better." Back in 2008 325 g was a disaster, and maybe it makes sense to you, that to a 62 year old man, who is not as strong as he used to be, there can be a significant difference between 325 g and 310 g. So - the above is not a question - I don't want to take any more of your time - it's just an attempt to clarify. Again - thanks for answering.

3147 I am a competitive college player and have used luxilon for over 5 years now. I am currently playing with the 2013 Babolat Aeropro drive, in the past I would string around 55 pounds, but would like some more control so was thinking of going up to 60 pounds. But I have heard so much talk about players stringing alot lower now. What tension would you suggest. I have had some wrist problems in the past but I think it was from too small of grip size. Thanks for the help.

3146 Using Luxilon in mains and crosses on Wilson K-Six-one 95 (16X19). Mains strung at 48 lb and crosses at 45 lb. Question: Using lower tension in crosses - Does it improve the sweet spot or is it just a myth?

3145 Ref 3136, thanks for the reply but, erm, is this all that there s, this site? I seem to recall visiting a site that listed all of your products with all the various attributes per string...or was that a retailers site that I cannot now recall? Surely you 'sell' the benefits of your products somewhere. If not, my problem is in finding everything listed. And it is because my savage finally snapped after 15 months. Nice to see it was dead centre too! Cut them out so bat is sitting there all empty looking sd for itself whils I play reserve bat with Blast in it. Not quite as nice... Stephen

3144 i am thinking of buying a used Eagnas hawk 800 and have two prince triple threat ring rackets will it be able to string it

3143 Hello Jeff, my question will be shorter than previous one : is Luxilon 4G made of poly ether ether like Big Banger strings.

3142 3128 and 3140: I live in Denmark, and our outdoor season is only 5-6 month. I like tennis more than skating, and therefore I play tennis indoor in winter. A little correction for you: Since I balance the racquet to 335 mm, the result of 2 g weight reduction of the string, results in 3 g weight reduction of the racquet. (Simple basic physics.) So you think I have too much time, you think I worry, and you think my thinking is like worrying over adding one more cornflake. Here is what happened: Four years ago I tested a K Blade 98, liked it, bought one, used it for a couple of month, things were OK, decided to buy an extra in case of string breakdown, and started playing with the new racquet. At that time I was not "worrying" - I was just playing tennis, socializing with my friends and enjoying the weather. And things turned out very bad with my game. I was constantly late on the ball, my swing was weak, my serve was gone, at the net I was a catastrophe, consulting a trainer didn't help, and all I understand was, that I was a lousy tennisplayer. After a month I started playing with other racquets, the problems disappeared, I was again an OK tennisplayer. A year later, out of curiosity, I wanted to try the two K Blade 98 again. And this was the time I realized that - at least for me - the racquets were very different to play with. When I examined the racquets I found significant difference in both weight and balance. You might think, that I "worry too much" or I am "a remarkably sensitive player," but the fact is, that using the heavy racquet was so disastrous, that I might as well give up tennis. And the other racquet was OK. My point is, Jeff, that this does not come out of having too much time or worrying too much - this comes out of experience. I don't worry - I pay attention. And I noticed, that reducing the total weight of my BLX Blade 98 by 3 g, has made my serve faster and more precise. All other aspects of my game has also improved. Probably I am at my weight limit of racquet, and I might gain from shifting to Blade 104 or another lighter and more powerful racquet. But the thing is, that the few times during a match when I really make a clean powerful hit with Blade 98 or any other racquet like that, the sky opens and all the tennis angels come out and sing for me. I don't want to miss that. Replacing the basic grip with only overgrip has no negative effect on me. I started doing this simply because my technique developed - I started holding the racquet in more and different ways, and I needed to shift from grip 4 to grip 3. Instead of buying a new racquet, I simply removed the basic grip, and found that this is what I prefer. It is true - I have a difficulty with fatigue. But that has nothing to do with my grip - it has to do with my aging. Maybe, Jeff, I know a lot more about aging than you do. You suggest, that being "overly focused on one aspect of my equipment" could have "a negative impact on my game." What I found is, that now when I have my lighter balanced self-manufactured Blade 98, I no longer think about the racquet, when I am playing. Which I used to do, when things were not functioning. So why am I writing to you? Because I would like to know my choices. For now I am using Timo 100, and next time I will probably try out the ACE 112. It would be nice for me to know weight of the different Luxilon strings. But I guess, you cannot or will not give me the information?

3141 I'm a bit embarrassed to ask this question; however after absorbing some responses here I feel secure now. I only restring (usually poly) when a string breaks (or when I MUST try something new)and so I may go...>a YEARor more(!) with the same string. Is there some upper time limit or does tension bottom out after months so that longer periods mean impact little? (From reading Q & A here I know that string doesn't go dead.) I even have a few older rackets that haven't been restrung since Agassi won the Aussie!

3140 3128: Thanks for answering. Here is my return: I am 62 years old - started playing tennis 20 years ago - only play for fun, and if there was a ranking with all the players in the world, I would just slip into the top third. I have tried many racquets and ended up loving Babolat Pure Storm and Wilson Blade 98 - I guess because I like the relatively long swing and because these racquets forces me to use a more correct swing, and because it feels so great, when I make a good shot. I make fewest faults with Pure Storm, but since my friends on the court often choose old tired wet balls (the life amongst recreational players is really hard), the Blade 98 with the extra power gives me the best help. The extra power also helps me, when it is windy. But - I am an old man, and I have no longer energy enough to swing the full weight of a standard Blade 98. Therefore I bought the lightest 98 I could find - 300 g and not 304 g. I took off the basicgrip, put on only overgrip, and balanced the racquet with lead tape at the end of the handle to 335 mm. In that way I reduced the weight from the factories 320 g to only 313 g - much better for me. I have used Alu Power Rough for many years, and out of curiosity I decided at my last restringing to try out the Timo 110. The string turned out to be 2 g lighter, and since I balance the racquet to 335 mm, the total weight was reduced to 310 g. All aspects of my game has improved, so this weight has turned out to be just perfect for me. For my next restringing I might want to try out one of the other Luxilon strings. And it has to be one of the light ones. So Jeff, will you still not answer my question? Jens.

3139 I have used the Lux BB ALU Rough for a long time now.I'm an old D1 college player. How does this string compare to the similar 16L version of the 4G?

3138 The Previous DUNLOP BIOMIMETIC racquets had a string tension of 55 to 65 lbs. Strund my daughters at 62. The Newer raquets have a set of 52 to 62 lbs. If we try a newer raquet should we string at 62 still or 59? Thanks

3137 what is the difference between 17g and 18g string besides the gauge? Thanks

3136 Hi Jeff, just wanted to check on your latest products but cannot locate website...where has it gone? Tried and plus google searches. Zippo :0(

3135 I used a Head Speed MP in 18x20 string pattern and have been stringing my racquets with Wilson NXT (17 gauge) at 54 pounds. I would like to try the Luxilon for more spin. I just ordered both the ALU Power Spin, and the ALU Big Banger and am considering trying them both out in a hybrid stringing (with NXT 17 gauge in the cross strings). What tension would you recommend for either of the Luxilon strings? I realize that there will be a range. I tried Luxilon about a year ago (standard stringing; not a hybrid) at the same tension and found to have no feel at all. Any suggestions?

3134 what strings does tomas berdych use and at what tension

3133 do you make fluro strings for tents?

3132 What string type is the ALU Power 125? 1. Natural Gut 2. Nylon solid core 3. Nylon/Polyurethane multifilaments 4. Polyester 5. Hybrid

3131 Hi jeff, I heared that the fluoro is discontinued is that true and if so why and wich string would replace it ?

3130 I would like to know if it's a good combination to play with original (mains) and ace (crosses)?

3129 Before I harshly judge a stringer, I ask for an expert opinion. A prominent stringer told me that he charges $5 more per racket for hybrid stringing as "It is more complex." I thought, but did not tell him: "How is it more 'complex' than 2 piece stringing?" Is he out of line for this surcharge. (He already is expensive.)

3128 Hi Jeff. Where can I find information about the weight of the Luxilon strings?

3127 Hi Jeff, in post 3101 you mention using a dampner to help a players elbow issues. I thought I read something from you stating that they did next to nothing to reduce vibrations to the arm. The balls felt doing the job itself. I play with no dampener and found it gives me increased 'feel' and no increase in any vibrations or arm problems. I studied the pros see it about 50:50 with and without dampner. At rec level its almost 100% with dampner. I am not sure they do anything....what do you think? . Thanks.

3126 As Wilson distributes Lux strings, do the Wilson contract racket players get their Lux for free in the manner that the racket companies such as Babolat give contract players their companies' stings? I've inferred from your prior comments that Lux players must pay for both stringing and Lux strings.

3125 What do you mean by "proportional stringing", specifically?

3124 Do you get more power when you string the crosses tighter than the mains or the mains tighter than the crosses? Is the opposite true for more control?

3123 Can I string the Wilson blx juice 100 with tension of 40 even if recommended tension for the racquet is 53-63? I am using genesis black magic

3122 Hi Jeff. I finally got to play today using Luxilon Savage Lime full bed @ 60lbs on my APD and all I can say is WOW! Absolutely fantastic! I loved my RPM Blast full bed @ 55 but Savage is like day & night. The control, the bite, power & spin is amazing. I also put Babolat Lead Tape @ 3 & 9, I don't know if that helped. It seemed like it did especially with my serve & service returns, the ball felt it had more pop & heavier. Now my racquet weighs like 12oz from 11.6 strung. I am sold on Luxilon strings. Thank you so much Jeff for all your tennis knowledge.

3121 Is the following analysis of mine flawed? Watson, I assert that there is no problem of lower level players stringing too tight. (I figured this out with a “Seven Percent Solution.”) Despite the comic overtones, I am serious here. The Tursunov Paradox ca 1997. Some years back, and many times since, you’ve noted that a recreational player may well be advised to string at his/her favorite player’s tension less 2 lbs. for each skill level below 7.0. Thus a 4.0 player, 6 levels down the food chain, would string at 48 lbs, 60 minus 12. Analysis: The Perfect Circle? It seems that most all 7.0s string very very often, meaning that when they string at a median 55 lbs. they play with their racket at nearly 55 lbs. Recreational players in my experience NEVER restring every week or even every month or even every season! Yes, there are always a few outliers who fashion themselves to be JUST like pros (in their mind's eye at least)and so cut out their “dead” string every 15 hours or so, but they are akin to 7.0 pros who now use gut mains AND crosses, a most tiny minority. So for MOST recreational players that use their racquets long after the tension loss is de minimus are in fact playing at a 20% lower tension than originally set. So when one strings at 55 or so just like a favorite pro, one will indeed be playing with tension in the 40s, close to what the Luxilon String Expert suggests. No change to common stringing practice is therefore required. Am I wrong?

3120 Hello! Thank you for the advice about leaving strung raquets for 7/10 days before playing with them. I was doing it myself, but didn't know I was so clever! But I do have a question: what should I do when I have no racket available the day before a match? If I want to keep the strings, I string at my usual tension, and if the match is important, should I string it 25% lower and cut it after? Thanks a lot

3119 Re: Miami 2012 stringing. While many areas of preference are, as you note, at all predictable or logical, may one assume that chosen tension varies DIRECTLY with type of string: nylon or gut are at higher tension than the LUX or other mono. I assume that few pros go the other way; very few string the gut or nylon at below 50 and a minority string the LUX at over 55 lbs. This wasn't stated in the analysis.

3118 Hi, Is it ok if a string my HEAD Radical MP with Luxilon Alu Power Rough at 44 libres ? Thanks in advanced Alessandro

3117 A dozen years ago, before switching to copoly mono, I read the string tome on racquet tech authored by Cross and Lindsey. I left utterly dazed and confused about choices as to tension and even type of string; this is a very arcane and even a strangley amusing topic! Now with Lux and copoly mono generally let me get your feedback. If I string intially at a nominal 50 lbs., after many months the average tension will settle at 40 pounds (with longer and shorter mains and crosses at various unknowable tensions)? To get play at 40 (I do not restring many times per year as other "experts" advise) I should string at 50 to play at 40, correct? And that said, I would not likely be able to distinguish 40lbs. from 50lbs anyway? And, finally, does Lux lose a lower less % of tension if one intially strings at an even lower initial tension,say 40 lbs??

3116 Hello, where can I find a reel of Luxilon Alu Power 125 Blue Ice color in France, or at least in Europe ? I know it is available on some US retailers sites, but i couln't find one in France. Thanks in advance.

3115 I apologize in advance for this question having read your strong opinion on hybrids. Why do you believe some very advanced players who generate big spin and power sometimes use the Luxilon in the CROSS rather than the mains?? Gut mains do not provide the spin and lower power of Lux. What is the reason for the odd coupling of gut mains and Lux crosses? (Federer is one of these "reverse" hybrid players.)

3114 Hello! Is the stringing report ever coming out? We've been waiting super long, so excited to read it.... Also, is there something wrong with the bigbanger website? These past 2 months I can't open it anymore like I used to....

3113 Hi Jeff, regarding the 7-10 days newly strung racquet, on the 10th day I would need to bring it back for final tensioning? I might have misunderstood. Thank you Sir. Have a blessed day!

3111 Hi Sir, do Luxilon strings have different initial tension loss? I just bought a set of Savage. Any numbers for it? Do I need to leave my racket strung for 7-10 days as well with the Savage? I really enjoy your site. Very informative. I'm already a Luxilon convert, eventhough I haven't played with one yet. Two more weeks I'll find out, what the fuss is all about. I'll keep you posted. Thank you so much.

3110 My stringer recommends Banger ALU Power 16L never be strung more than 52lbs or it will be overstretched and lose its playability and tension rapidly. Could you please advise? I usually enjoy ALU Power at 53lbs mains/57 crosses, but I do find tension maintenance problems. What is the maximum recommended tension before the string is damaged? Thank you.

3109 I have been using Banger ALU on my mains at 52lbs and Weiss Cannon Mosquito Bite 1.16 on my crosses at 56lbs for a couple of years and really enjoy it. However, recently I miss the feel and power of natural gut so I was considering a VS Main/Banger ALU Cross Hybrid. What tension should I do to achieve same playability I have now? I was thinking 62 mains/58 crosses?

3108 I have just recently bought a new string called the Luxilon Adrenaline and I looked at the package and it said to decrease the tension that I already have by 10 %. My tension is 55. What do I do?

3107 Hi Jeff, Thank you for you answer to my question 3102. Is there any measurement on how the elasticity declines over hours of play and a certain point where it starts to drop off faster, a point of deminishing returns and if there is no direct study on this is there a practical understanding of how long these strings can go. I recommend these strings to a lot of people and I use them myself and I want to find that optimal point of restringing with respect to cost and protecting the arm? If still no consensus on this do you have a gut feeling?

3106 Hi Jeff. I am a longtime and devoted reader of your column. I have learnt more about tennis here than everywhere else put together. Buit I think I finally found something to disagree with you about! I just read your answer to question 3102 where you say that the worst thing you can do is to use a newly strung racket before an important match. If so, how come all the the pros do just that? They can't all be doing the wrong thing! Mike.

3105 1) I need this clarified by someone who actually KNOWS of what he speaks i.e., YOU. For a long long time I've been under the belief that for NON breakers it is wise to install a thinner 17L or 18 gauge string in a dense pattern with 18 mains...or even in an open 16x18 pattern! The argument generally goes that one sees more "good stuff" with thinner strings: spin,comfort etc. However, does it REALLY matter in your view as the diffences between 16 to18 gauge is a mere .1 mm,approx. 1.20 to 1.30. Is this like tension where you've stated that even some pros can't detect a difference of up to 10 pounds! What is the real story on gauge choice for the non-tournament weekend player? 2)I perused the Miami 2012 stringing breakdown. What % of these pros use a thicker 15L or 16 gauge due to breakage issues? I assume it is VERY high.

3104 i want more spin

3103 Good Day Sir! Have you had a chance to hit with the new Wilson Steam S99 racquets? How was your experience and were you impressed?

3102 Common sense tells me that strings will lose their properties proportional to how much they are utilized. There are probably many factors that define this utilization but I'm guessing that two main factors are how tightly the racquet is strung and how hard the player is swinging. My goal is to string as often as necessary to keep these string characteristics, within reason. Lets say at 55lbs with a moderate to hard swing, I know these are relative terms, can I go 20 hours with ALU power or is that pushing it?

3101 Dear Luxilon, I am a new player and I play with a Head Instinct MP. I would like a string that removes alot of the vibrations from reaching my elbow. Is there any string that you make that will do this? Thanks

3100 hello Jeff, regarding strings and tensions I red your report on the miami open, very interesting, however it would have been nice to know which string goes in which racket at what tension, since it is aa huge difference if you combine one string at a certain tension in two different rackets. Head size string pattern weigt and swingweight have quite an influence on string and tension choice. Somewhere in a previous question you wrote you were using the 4G at 18 KG, would you be willing to tell us your racket type and if you play the standard weight of this racket or made any changes? Many thanks for your answer and many other answers this is a very nice sounding board !

3099 I suspect that only you can honeslty clarify the follwing. I've read that it's the mains(16 or 18)that contribute most of the "feel" and power and that the crosses (18-20) are of less consequence. [I assume this theory helps support the idea of hybrids, which you've here often exposed as silly.] Is the mains vs crosses assertion also more fantasy? Note: The more I peruse your compendium of responses the less I trust ANYTHING said by mfrs and stringers and TV commentators vis a vis stringing.

3095 Some pros use a gauge to check "DT" (about 30 to 40) rather than tension in pounds. Is this a valuable and different measure? Is the dynamic stiffness measurement a more reliable measure of stringing characteristics than mere tension in your view or yet another obsessive waste of valuable time? Can one ask the stinger to use this parameter rather than just tension?

3094 Hi Mr. String Expert. I actually have a question for you about rackets. I was wondering if rackets get worn out over time and play differently the longer they have been used. For example if I play 12 hours a week and have had my rackets for a year should they be playing differently now than they were brand new? Thanks, Nick

3093 Hello again Jeff....According question nr 3083 i would like to tell you that i need more power and more tension stability from my string....

3092 Can I combine luxilon power rough and the luxilon power spin and if so whic would be better on the mains and which better on the crosses? I like to hit hard with lots of top spin. Im also looking to put it on my 14 yr old daughter racquet to creat more spin.

3091 Wat is the diffrence between de XP and the Adrenaline ??

3090 Hello, I have read under that you shouldn't change your strings and tension with temperatures. Is it still true with very cold temperature? I'm talking about 0 to -15°C. Temperatures which are never played on the tour but which happen in my tennis club (or any non heated facilities in winter). At those temperatures the balls are extremely hard and don't bounce much. There is no feeling at all with a mono at its normal string tension. Should i lower the tension use a multi or something like the m2 or keep my mono? What do you think?

3089 What is the difference between luxilon big banger and adrenaline. And how will different string tensions effect power and control.

3088 Hello Jeff, I'm a 6.0 37 yo serve and volley player playing with the old Prince Graphite oversize strung à 25 with Prince XP beast 1,30. Which luxilon string would be similar or even better? I'm looking for more bite, more spin and more control and want to get the same amount of power. Thanks a lot for your help. Xavier

3087 Hello Jeff, Alu Power 125 is available in Silver and in Ice Blue. I can't see one pro player using the Blue version. Is there technical reasons for this ? Are the characteristics of the two versions of the string different ? I wonder this because for marketing plan, the blue color would be even more easy to identify... But if characteristics are not the same, I can understand that pro players would'nt take the risk not using the better one. Thanks for your time.

3086 Hello Jeff, one hear a lot about power and control of strings, what is the effect on power whith the same racket and string, but different tension, I thinks it might be more a control and comfort issue the tighter the more control, which makes you swing out more assuming more power, less tight the more comfort but less control not so much more power is that correct? In that line of thinking is this the same for so called stiffer strings and more flexible strings not due to the tension but due to the properties of the string? That is why I think your G4 might be another step, since it is has a good static stiffness but lower dynamic stiffnes, which gives it comfort but still control, making one swing out more free is this correct ? I gues somwhere I went wrong but i would be very interested in your expert opinion ... Thanks a lot & best regards, Ben

3085 Hallo Jeff: I just seen that Luxilon came out Luxilon 4G(Forth Generation Co-Poly) How does this size up to Luxilon Big Banger Ace ? I like the soft features of Ace,,is 4G harder or softer than Ace ?

3084 Jeff, What are your thoughts on dropping tension on the crosses with a full bed of ALU Power? I noticed a lot of pros do it. For example: 52 mains, 48 cross. The crosses are obviously shorter, therefore, I'd think that it would make the racquet feel more consistent. So before I spend the money on a new string job, I would like to know your thoughts.

3083 Hi Jeff....I am a man, 47 years old and i play tennis 3-4 times a week..i am an advanced player and my raquet of choice is head ig speed string of choice is polyfibre black venom rough at 26 kg.i choose it because has comfort ,feel and decent power and control..i do not so much power(i do not break my string.i restring every 30-35 hours),i play mostly in baseline and i win because of my good shape and good technique...i play with topspin and slice...i want to play with a luxilon string and i want you to help me to choose...thank you in advance..sorry for my so bad english....

3082 I am starting to see more multifilament poly, with thin multiple poly fibers instead of a single monofilament. Standard mulits are known to be softer and less durable than other constructions and, for spin players, are known to move around in the stingbed. What in your view is the potential benefit/liability mix of the multi polys? (I hope this is not just another gimmick to differentiate product.) ethan mere am

3081 Jeff, I currently use 16L Alu Power, but was thinking of trying some smaller diameter strings like Ace and TiMo in the 18 gauge variety. What are the differences between Ace and TiMO and some of the other 18 gauge strings (besides durability)? I was hoping to go up a little on tension compared to the Alu Power and hopefully gain a little more control and spin. I currently string the Alu Power at 48-52.

3080 Hi Jeff. I would like to know if it is OK to prelace luxilon strings before tensioning them.When I prelace Alu Power and Adrenaline I notice white marks where the string made a turn. Is it a sign that the string was weakened at that spot? Thanks a lot for your assistance.

3079 I am trying to work on a short back swing shots where I attempt to contact the ball on the rise with topspin forehands and backhands. I am a 4.0 player and many of my opponents often hit short shots. Would it be better to string at higher tension or lower for this game.

3078 Yes, I've read here how you do NOT recommend hybrids. That said, if one does wish to use it for comfort purposes, should the diameter (gauge) of the mono main and the multi cross be close? I ask because I use a 1.20mm (17L or 18G) poly main and fear that such a thin cross would break too easily. Would a thicker cross be an unwise idea in a hybrid as a general rule? Do you know if pros who opt for hybirds use different gauges typically?

3076 once again thank you for your answer,the question is my daugther is abig hitter,so she needs control and spin , which one would you recomend adrenaline or savage , she strings at 60 pounds tension

3075 THANK YOU FOR your promtly answer,as i told you my daugther now wants to try the new string from luxilon, she loved the alu power . the question is which one is more similar to alupower the savage or the adrenaline.

3074 hello my daughter, use to play with rpm of babolat, she change to alupower 125 16 ,she loves it but the problem is that it is only last for one day and a half or two the most. she uses 60 on her tension. she also play 4 hrs in the morning ande 3 in the afternoon. the question is do you have a string with this carasteristics that last longer?

3073 Hi, I'm trying thin Luxilon strings, 18g ace and TIMO. I've been experimenting lately with pull tensions of 55 to 61 lbs. What confused me lately is that there is a lot of talk of polyesters should be played at much lower tensions, as low as 40lbs. I wanted to know your input on low tensions. Thanks !

3072 Hi Jeff, my 10 yr old daughter and 13 year old son are state ranked players. We have historically used relatively inexpensive synthetic gut and we string ourselves. They would both like to experiment with some other strings with a focus on playability. I know there would be several other questions to consider, however, what Luxilon string might you recommend to start with, maybe a sampler pack?

3071 Greetings Jeff, just 'tuned in' again to read (and learn) a few bits and managed to work through 2994 ! Marathon five setter there,lol. Anyway, my view is clear on this. I am club team player (twice to thrice a week) , hard hitting both flanks (without dampener for more feel) and have beeen a fan of Luxilon for years. Having worked through times using initially BB to Rough, spin, M2pro and now since launch, loving Savage (52lb but going to 50lb next) . Why? A few reasons but one is DEF durability. They don't break(much), by which I mean they go a long way between need for restring. And this saves so much money. In UK its around £23 for Lux so not cheap if you break every 3 months which seemed to happen to me with other brands. Currently my string has been in for over a year and I am playing the best of this season so far. So should I cut them out, use my spare for 10 days with BBlast in it? I am thinking not and my bat seem perfectly tuned like an old marriage. Maybe I have adapted as string changed slightly, so swing and racquet head speed have increased to maintain my shots power, not sure. Bu I do feel others should feel more,like this rather than going the other way and continually changing bits n pieces of their equipment because they see pros do it and with no real science behind it.

3070 is adranaline 1.30 on the mains and savage 1.27 at the cross is a good hybrid combination for spin and control.please answer

3069 Hi Jeff, thanks a lot for your answer. All you said make sense to me. Please, just one small thing. Is 4G with smooth surface or is there any rough sourface or profiled (hexagonal for example) version available? Thanks. Ludek

3068 There are so many companies offering tennis string. Without naming names, how many unique tennis string OEMs are there in Europe and East Asia(I know of Toa, Gosen and Yonex). I am already aware that many racket companies do not produce string, but am not sure about string companies. Will you share some juicy info on this (without giving away too many trade secrets)?

3067 Hi I am currently using Wilson SGX 16 and i was wondering what Luxilon string i should use without hurting my shoulder.

3066 Hi, I'm playing with Babolat Pure Drive 2012, with RPM Blast at 51 lbs. The problem I have is that lots of balls are going out. I feel there is too much power and no control. I play with spin even tough I'd like to hit more flat (spin must be a defect from playing table tennis too much). Probably you would say not to hit that hard :), I'd like not to change my style, too old for that (38yo). Would you recommend different strings/tension for control? thanks, Cris

3065 Hi,my daughter (12y) curently uses M2 Pro string (24/23 kg tension) in Head IG Speed Lite. Would it be good idea to move her to 4G 16L string? Thanks a lot for the answer. Ludek

3064 Good Afternoon Sir, Could you describe to us your experience in playing with Luxilon 4G? What tension did you string it up at, and which did you find you liked best? How was the feel, power and spin when you played? Did you win your fair share with it? How woould you compare it to, say, Alu Power and M2 Pro? Thank you. Andrew

3062 What's up Jeff? We tell you all sorts of things about our tennis and our set ups. So, perhaps you could share with us which Luxilon string is in your racquet right now, and at what tension? What's your go to string when you have a big match? Also, how old/young are you? :-)


3060 what tension should I use if I am going to be using babolat rpm blast 16s for the mains and Luxilon big banger original 16s for the crosses?

3059 Hello Jeff. I was reading your answers to some old queries, and you advice against using hybrids for a lot of the folks who ask about them. Would this apply to the natural gut/luxilon alu power hybrids which seem to be very popular? Is this an exception to your advice? I ordered some Luxilon 4G and natural gut recently (shipment has yet to arrive) to find out what the fuss is all about, and I'm worried I might be disappointed.

3058 Hello Jeff, as a long time user of Luxilon Supersense, which is not produced anymore, and of which I'm coming to the end of my reel, I'm planning to try Luxilon 4G. Is it a good alternative ? If so, to try it out and compare it to Supersense, should I use the same tension ?

3057 Hello Jeff, as for question 3051, the Luxilon 4 G S 141 is available on Tennis europe, on Point, and so on. On the photo of the package, it is written : "supreme durability for wilson spin racquets". It seems that it is not a string that may be just over the horizon... So, sorry to repeat my question but, as you are the Luxilon expert, could you tell us for what kind of player a monofilament string of such a great diameter has been designed for ? (of course for durability, but Original was THE string designed for that purple, remember Luxilon teasing on the evolution of Luxilon strings from Luxilon Original in 1987 to... 4G 2012). There is a Luxilon string for each type of player, or is it just marketing plan...Thanks a lot.

3056 Jeff, I strung my Wilson Kobra FX with ALU Power about a month ago trying to make the switch from PHT. Went with 48lbs. because of the "10% rule" even though I normally string PHT at 54-56. First time out felt great, loved it. Good spin, power, depth of shot. Now, I've noticed that the ball will be going long (6-12 in.) and the control is just gone. (BTW: I know it's the string and not my stroke because I still have several racquets strung with PHT.) It's like night and day. I figure that it is obvious tension loss...which means more power and less control. I want to like ALU so bad but I can't deal with the insane tension loss. Do I need to go with a higher initial tension (like 55lbs)? Longer rest period? Or try a different string like G4?

3055 Have been using Big Bang original for years now. I like the durability and consistency of the string as well as the stiffness. But I am interested in trying the new 4 G. Would the stiffness of the 4 G be similar? I hit with a lot of topspin And that's why I liked the big banger original I felt that it was a low powered string that help me apply to spin. I would like to try a string that would hold the tension a little bit longer But still play relatively the same to the Big Banger. Also what tension should I try the 4 G? I strung the big banger original At 54/52. Thanks

3054 Hi! I was just wondering what kind of tension would be recommended if I were to string a hybrid of Luxilon ALU Power Rough mains and Prince Syn Gut Duraflex crosses. Would I string the Prince Syn Gut at a lower or a higher tension than the Luxilon? Thanks for your time!

3053 Hi Jeff, a question on durability. Are luxilon strings less durable at lower tensions because they move around more than at higher tensions? Or are they less durable at high tensions because they're stretched out? Also, does the M2 Pro also snap back into place like the Alu Power, so I don't have to pick at my strings, or doesn't it? Thanks!

3052 I am suspicious now of ad copy and "reviews" and other anecdotal comments by people I don't know. Would you, a trusted info source, summarize the pros and cons of a type of multifilament synthetic referred to as ribbon (made from layers of polyolefin)? A few companies push it as the bes thing since sliced bread. I have neither the time nor trust fund $ to experiment with every string on the market, but this class of string has piqued my curiosity. Many comments proclaim its hugely superior comfort etc. I am not a huge topspin player or hard hitter and so am not overly worried about the lack of long term durability, noted elsewhere as one of the downsides. That said, is the durabilty FAR inferior to that of other multifilaments?

3051 I saw that there is a Luxilon 4 G S, which comes in a 1.41 mm diameter ! For what kind of player and type of play a mono string of such a high diameter has been designed for ?

3050 Hello, I'm a 5.0 player who playes counterpunching tennis, and my balls are flat for the backhand, more topspin on the forehand. I heard about the new Wilson technology with the cross strings being fewer than the mains, for more spin. 1. Is is safe for my racquet frame if I instruct the stringer on my Wilson Blx Blade Team (18x19)to skip two (2) crosses so I get an 18x17 string pattern, and achieve this spinnier effect? A friend of mine says it will stress my frame out and lead to my frame breaking. Could you explain why this is so, if it is even true at all? 2. TW gave a review of the luxilon 4G string as being quite low powered - would you agree with this assessment based on your experience and use of the 4G string? I would like to try it but because I'm a counter-puncher, I'm afraid my power will suffer. Is there feedback from players on the power aspect of this string,could I safely shift from alu power rough to 4G without losing power? Thanks a lot!

3049 Hi Jeff!, this is Kiran. I am 3.5 player and I play two handed forehand and most of my shots are very flat. I am currently using Aeropro Drive GT with Wilson Sensation 17, but the strings gets loose pretty quickly and my shots don't travel faster. Can you please suggest me a better string. Thanks!

3048 Hey Jeff, I play with a wilson 6.1 pro staff 100 blx and have it set up with big banger alu power rough in mains and wilson sensation in the crosses. What strings would you recommend considering i am a strong club player who is 14 with a strong serve and groundstrokes. I am having som problems with control and like a string providing spin.

3047 Hello Jeff, Currently I am using a Babolat pure drive racket. I used to string with the luxilon "zolo". This string is no longer available. wich string do you reccomend? I have tried the original but problems with my arm occur. I am an intermetiate player with strong serve. Thanks Gerard

3046 I have very bad arm issues and need a string that could help me with that. It also needs to be a good string that is strung at 50lbs

3045 One of the myriad manufacturer claims in tennis is that different grommet design(size, geometry etc.) make MAJOR dfferences in "playability." We've seen no grommets, spring loaded grommets, teflon grommets, big grommets, rollers(!) and so on. Almost every mfr. boasts some "unique" grommet design. What is your overall take on this as to string/grommet interaction? Should recreational players even care?

3044 Hi, is 4G somewhere availabile in Europe. Strange that distribution and advertisements start in US, for a Belgian company.

3043 My daughter is 12 yrs. old (lefty) and hits with a lot of topspin (she can drive it and flatten in out but she hits mostly with a lot of spin which is her natural shot). She uses the Babolot Pure Drive Lite strung at 58 tension with Wilson NXT Control 16 (she has a western grip; 4 1/8th grip size). What string/tension/string pattern would you recommend for such a player? Harry

3042 Hi Jeff, I'm looking to change my strings (X-one) to a more durable one with the same kind of softness (fragile elbow). The x-one (strung at 25kg) tend to break very fast in my new Prince exo3 tour 16x18. I play with a lot of spin. Could you advice me on choosing the right string?

3041 Several companies offer a multfilament that they claim are "designed for oversized rackets." What do you think they mean by this? How can a string be designed for specific head size range?? Why can't one use the string in a 95" head just as effectively as in a 110 head?

3040 You were brave enough to answer my question 2994 about comments from the Racket Sports Industry. I loved your answer! Now I want your take on an ad that appears in the current magazine of the European Racquet Stringers Association. Ashaway says "the superior elongation increases resiliency and control of the ball". Does it? Isn't there more control when the strings are stiffer? As you can tell from my reading material, I am in the heart of the tennis industry. But not so deep that I cannot see through the bullshit at times. As always, I know you will tell it like it is. Thanks Jeff.

3039 thanks from 3038 will try your suggestions. Do you drop the tension on 4G 5 to 10 pounds as well.

3038 I am a womens college player using Wilson Champions choice with Luxilon in mains at 54.5 and gut in crosses at 60. I play mainly a baseline singles game with moderate topspin and doubles. I am not unhappy with the current string but I was wondering what suggestions you might have about whether some of the newer Luxilon strings would potentially offer advantages over this combination.

3037 My son is 12 years old and a frequent string breaker. He strikes the ball very hard and mostly flat. He plays 2-3 hours a day. About a year ago we switched to ALU power strings for their durability/comfort. They lasted about 10-14 days with the Babolat Aero Pro Drive racquet. A few months ago he switched to the Wilson Juice 100 racquet, and same strings only lasted about 6 days. Recently, strings have been lasting only 2 days. The break point is always in the sweet spot. I'm told this is very unusual for a 12-year-old to break these strings in 2 days. Restringing every other day is a financial burden. Although my son loves ALU power strings, we are considering trying different strings. Did you recently change your manufacturing process (I have been purchasing the 100m mini reel through Tennis Warehouse), or could it be the racquet change?

3036 Relating to question 3032. Can i use the BB original(130) in da mains and m2 (125) in da crosses to soften the string bed just a little?

3035 Hi Jeff, for what kind of player new Luxilon 4G has been designed for ? ("there is a Luxilon string for each type of player in the Luxilon range" as you like to say) What are the differences in play between the 2 gauges 125 and 130, due to this gauge difference ? Thanks a lot.

3034 The thin BB ACE is 10 years old, ancient in the ever changing world of monofilament! Is Luxilon introducing a newer 18G string for non string breakers that will improve upon the esteemed ACE?

3033 I just bought some 4G to try out. I play with Alu Power Fluoro. In regards to comfort is 4G going to be softer than Fluoro or not. should I string it at the same tension or as the Fluoro? How would you compare the two strings performance wise. Thanks in advance.

3032 Hi I have been using Luxilon original for a while now. I like to hit with heavy topspin and I'm mostly a baseliner. I've tried to switch to other strings Like a full string bed of Timo, alu power, m2, original/supersence hybrid, alu power/supersence hybrid, fluro... but I always come back to the full string bed of original. I like this stiffness and the consistency and the spin I get from the string. however I want to soften the string bed up a little bit I've even tried lowering the tension to 54/52. I've tried the original in the mains hybrid with Lux ace in the crosses and I like it but it seems that the strings move quite a lot. Am I losing spin when the strings move in between shots and I have to fix them after each point? Can I try timo instead of Ace in the crosses or will the strings continue to move.

3031 There are several small German string mfrs. (ISO rated, I won't mention the names) that receive many glowing player evaluations for their poly mono products. What most amazes me is that the prices are FAR lower than are Luxilon's despite producing smaller quantites. How can this be? Lux is used by many pros, I know, but is the non pro retail customer price inflated due to reputation? Lux is 50% higher in cost for premium products!

3030 Jeff, what is the effect of going to a thinner gauge string (specifically, TF Red Code 16 to 17 or maybe 18) on power, if any, for a player with topspin strokes and good racquet speed? And spin? Any general information you can provide would be helpful. Thanks, Teri

3029 Hello, what are the characteristics of the new Luxilon string called 4G, and launched today, Monday, the 27th of August, 2012 ? I know that 2 gauges are available (125 and 130), seeing it on the site of, but I can't find any information on this site dedicated to Luxilon products and characteristics. Thanks a lot.

3028 My daughter (16 yrs old) plays HS singles and USTA tournaments. She's recently switched to using Wilson NXT 16 string to increase the durability. It's not working. The horizontal strings are fraying and are unplayable in 2 weeks. The vertical strings look almost new. Should we try a hybrid? One recommended to us was Babolat Pro Hurricane17 NVY 16 hybrid. Is it common to fray the horizontals first or is it how she hits? Other info: She uses a Dunlop biomemetric 300 racquet and strings at 60 lbs. Thank you so much for your help. K. Lally

3027 Hi, my daughter is a junior and has used ALU Power for the past three years at 60 lbs. She started expirimenting using ALU Power Spin on the crosses but not the mains and wanted to know how the ALU Power Spin would compare with the ALU Power Rough as they both have the same ratings?

3026 Hi Jeff. Which string would you consider is more control oriented; Big Banger original or alu power.I struggle to tame my shots, I want a precise feeling string. many thanks Jon

3024 How long is the Big Banger Timo 110 18G Tennis String? I need at least 40 ft. to string my oversize racket. Thanks.


3022 I'm a 4.0 lefty player with heavy topspin on the forehand side. Two handed backhand topspin and a one-handed slice. Mostly a baseliner. I play with a Wilson Kobra Team FX. It's a 100 sq. head light racquet (8pts) and weighs 11oz. I have my own stringer and I've been experimenting a lot lately with different types of string combinations, Prince, Gamma, Babolat, Lux, etc. I started with textured mono and it was ok, then went to lower tensions, then went to try polys. RPM at 55lbs Blast was really spinny but after several hours, it lost power and control. Next I tried PHT at 56 and 54 lbs. This string had the spin and control I was looking for, not so great on feel though, a little boardy but ball pocketed well and I had much more success against my opponents. Power was decent, serves much improved, could hit out ok. Next I tried Lux BB ALU Power. Strung at 48lbs based on what I thought would work for me after reading your posts. Very similar to PHT in a lot of ways, but felt like a superior string in terms of feel and I also felt like it could hit it harder and the ball would stay in--then either the RPM or PHT. My playing partner and I were trying to find a way to describe the differences. I said the Lux just felt more refined and more dynamic, just more upside--especially if I wanted to be more aggressive, which I think is where I need to go with my game. I was wondering if my experience is consistent with what you have also heard about these different types of string. Also, I've tried doing synth. gut (cross) and poly (main)as a hybrid and hated it. Does the hybrid setup only work well with natural gut?

3021 Hi, my name is Tiago and i'm located in Brazil, South America. I've been buying tennis products on ebay since 1998 and i've already bought almost every product related to tennis, from tennis strings to racquets. Last month i was looking for Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power on ebay and i finally found a ebay seller located in Argentina, South America selling many Luxilon products with the lowest prices on ebay. I bought 4 reels of 220 meters of Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power 16L, but when i received the reels i checked them very carefully and looked to be fake. One thing i noticed the reels were shipped from Hong Kong, China. Since i still have a brand new original Alu Power reel, purchased from the oficial Luxilon distributor in Brazil, i put both reels on my scale and i noticed a significant diference of 60 grams, comparing the same string model, same color and gauge. I'm not sure that these 4 reels bought on ebay are fake and i need to be sure in order to get my money back. I will be very grateful if you can help me in any way. Best regards. Tiago

3019 i like playing with lux alupower at much tension should i string 7 days in advance to allow it to settle? For the day before how much should i string i.e for match purposes? How long will the tension 48lbs hold up i.e for how many hrs of hard hitting? will decreasing tension affect my game? How will lux original/original rough fare in this case since i have heard about better tension stability of original? what will i gain or lose with original compared to alupower?

3018 wat is the best combination to use with luxilon strings

3017 I am trying to build a soccer rebounder and use tennis string. It is for personal use for my kids. I want to build it about 5 feet by 5 feet. What string and tension did you use and how far apart are strings? Also how much string and how would I attach it to wood frame? Here is what I would like to build since they cannot ship to usa. Contact

3016 Hello Jeff, Is Luxilon 4 G 125 the "successor" of Luxilon Monotec Supersense 125 ?

3014 HI My son is 13, Love Luxlion Alu power 125, But after playing 2 hours, Shoulder start to hurt, Please tell me which string he should try, (1) M2 Pro or plus (2) Fluro (3) New string coming Aug 27 G4 ( you sent samples to tester, can i try one. i filled out the team Form.

3013 hi i am the same person from the previous question. A small clarification regarding me.I have an all court game with proper technique and i am very skinny,the reason why i require a high powered setup. I have been a continuous string changer throughout and now i want to settle on a particular string so that it helps me with my performance in competitive play.I am settled on my racquet and i dont want to change that. Any help is extremely welcome.

3012 hi jeff! i am a competetive mens tennis player from india. i have a few queries.i use wilson kblade 98 racquet and lux alu power strings strung at 55lbs. As suggested by you, i usually let the racquet sit after stringing for 2-3 days before hitting with it. It runs for close to 20 hrs before breaking. But i personally feel it plays differently throughout this period i.e initially it feels stiff and low powered(maybe because of high tension-55lbs), progressively the feel and power becomes better and then as the stringbed starts to move because of low tension, i lose consistency around 15 hr mark. I would like to know if there is any solution to maintain consistency in performance throughout the life of the string. I personally want a high powered string which maintains its performance for at least 20-25 hrs of hitting. Is there a lux string which can help me get these characteristics and at what tension?

3011 Hi Jeff, how are you doing? I hope the string analysis comes out soon... I'd like to tail weight my racquet, but putting fishing weights in the handle, no matter how much cotton or paper I put, leads to a clacking sound which drives me nuts. Thus I would like to try placing lead tape on the surface of the handle beneath the replacement grip. Is there a health hazard here with the lead underneath the grips my hand holds? If yes, how do I minimize it?

3010 With most things, not all, but MOST,one gets what one pays for. Would this simple rule be wise for string purchase? Once one finds strings with a desired RSI stiffness range rating, would the more expensive be the best, all things considere?. This assumes that companies don't make up prices without a real manufacturing cost calculation. I can find monofilament at $8 a set and at $18 a set with similar stiffness rating. Does the street price make a real Q difference? A few $ more if one infrequently breaks string is worth it if the product is superior in some meaningful way. This applies to Luxilon or any competitor. Reading on line testimonials is IMHO a waste of time as everyone has a subjective preference as to novelty, brand, color, reputation, player endorsements etc. Example: If I want a softer mono I just buy Alu Power Flouro (or another company's pricey string) and see how it goes?? The cheaper alternatives may play similarly but surely not better?!

3009 Can you please tell me the gauge of Luxilon string with LUXILON BIG BANGER TIMO 060114 10105 printed on the string? Thank you, hm

3008 Hello my name is Hector and i need help for my strings. I am currently using Wilson NXT tour 17 (multifilament)at 57. There good strings, but i want to know if i can use it as a hybrid with Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power 16. Ive been thinking using Wilson NXT Tour 17 as the crosses and Luxilon ALU Power Big Banger 16 as the mains. I want to get power but im not sure wich tension for the mains and if its possible having a hybrid job with multifilament? Thanks for the help

3007 Is it necessary to reduce alu power rough or alu spin strings tension by 10%? Should I do this with all Luxilon strings?

3006 Hey, I was planning to buy 2 luxilon strings to hybrid with wilson NXT 17G. I am definitely going to get Big Banger Alu Power Rough though I am really having a hard time to pick between Savage, Adrenaline, and M2. Can you help me please?

3004 Hi! can we hope on any new stringing analisys? previous was 2 years ago ... Leo

3003 Hi, I would like to know what other strings are similar to Luxilon Alu Power Rough.. Thanks..

3002 Hey there Jeff. That's an awsome reply to the question about the RSI article. Seems they are just interested in ripping off tennis players with bullshit stories and lies. I know how hard that must have been to write as you are part of the industry and would benefit from that they are trying to get us to beleive. Now I know I can trust Luxilon and hope everyone gets to know it. Keep up the great work Jeff. In these days of scams and ripoffs its good to know theres someone who can be totally trusted. Tony S.

3001 Hi Jeff, I currently use Luxilon Big Banger ALU strung at 50 lbs in my Wilson 6.1 95 18x20 racquet. I would like to try Luxilon "Ace" for two reasons 1) to get more spin, and 2) to see if the racquet will feel/play a bit more head light. Do you think I should try the same tension first or add at least 1 pound to compensate for being a much thinner string? Thanks for all the great advice you share here! Regards, Mitch

3000 Hi Jeff,my raccket is theHead Radical Oversized 107, 890cm2, strung at 57X57 having good feel and positive results, using TiMo 17g and would like to switch to Au Power 17g. Whats your recommended stringing tension using your Luxilon formular for string tension? 10% or 5% reduction? Thank-you

2999 I have been using RPM BLAST, and it is great until it dies. How does luxilon alu power and or alu power rough compare? thanks

2998 Good morning Jeff, I am a futures player with hopes on some day moving to challengers. I have been using luxilon allu power rough, full bed (mains and crosses) at 58lbs for the past two and a half years (I do not use any other type of string). My racquet technician suggested me to let him try prestretching the Lux before stringing (what he used to do with my natural gut before I switched to a full poly). I prefer not mentioning what I felt because I would really appreciate if you could please tell me your thoughts on prestretching the Lux allu power rough (what will I gain and what will I loose on doing so). Thank you very much Jeff.

2997 hi I wanna ask about of differences between Big banger alu power 1.25 rough vs Adrenaline rough 1.25...I'm a power baseliner which one is good for me (and control side)

2996 I am considering an Eagnas table top electronic stringer. What do you think? This is for my wife and I only so maybe 12 racket stringings a year. Thanks, Jim

2995 how much string do i need to restring 110 16/19 tennis racquet

2994 FROM CURRENT ISSUE OF RACKET SPORTS INDUSTRY: Contradicts most everything you've been saying. It is funny in context "We all know that from the moment you put new strings in a racquet, they start losing tension. Sure, some strings maintain tension longer than others, and some don’t break as quickly as others. But that’s beside the point. Strings go dead — that’s just what they do. They lose resiliency and elasticity. They may look perfectly fine, but old strings don’t help — and may hurt — a player’s game. (In fact, playing with dead strings may actually hurt the player, too.) There’s a reason why pro players use freshly strung racquets every time they play — because it helps them play at their best. Shouldn’t recreational players play at their best as much as possible? Think about it: If rec players are playing well, and comfortably, they’ll probably play more. So here’s the thing: We need to make sure consumers know they should restring their racquets more frequently. In short, we need a unified, industry-wide “restring your racquet” campaign. And we need to get everyone in this industry behind it — stringers, retailers, facility managers, teaching pros, manufacturers — even league and team captains. The goal is for players to play better, so they’ll play more frequently. In 2011, the 4.8 million “frequent” players spent a total of $56 million on strings (not including stringing) — that’s actually slightly less than what they spent the year before, which is not a good direction to go in, particularly when racquet sales slipped in 2011, too. Frequent players, of course, are more likely to realize the value of restringing their racquets more than the 22.3 million other “regular” players. But we all know that many frequent players probably still use their strings longer than they should. Now think about this: What if we were to get a million tennis players to restring their racquets just one more time each year? Can you imagine the impact that can have on string makers, retailers, facilities, and your business? Like a car’s engine, strings “drive” a racquet. For optimum performance in a car, you need to get the engine serviced and tuned regularly. Consumers need to realize the same is true of a racquet’s “engine.” And the interesting thing with restringing is that more is always better for the player. Let’s put together a campaign now to urge players, at every level, to restring their racquets more frequently. It can impact this industry at many levels, including leading to increased tennis participation." Peter Francesconi Editorial Director

2993 I often wonder if you often grow sick and tired of answering so many absurd questions. "Jeff what string should I use in my Head Radical Pro?" And so on. Your patience is simply amazing. Your knowledgs is even more amazing.

2991 My daughter is a talented junior player who has recently switched to the Wilson 100 juice. Strung the main with luxilon m4 at 57 and the crosses with Babolat syn gut control at 59. She is stating that she is having control issues. any suggestions

2990 Hi Jeff, Can we even the slightest clue regarding the release date for 4G? And as I recall, you mentioned you're using it. Are you using it in the mains and crosses? I know that you have expressed your opinion anout hybrids but the pros using it, or at least thise I am aware if using it, are crossing their gut mains with it. Thanks, Dave

2989 I've read that spraying strings with silicon reduces movement, especially for non monofilaments. I've also read that many pros (tennis)get the silicon treatment. Is any of this true?

2988 I play often tennis and i break my string approximately every 35-45 days. Recently, I use Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power and Babolat Rpm blast as Hybrid and the tension was 25 X 25,5 at the recommendation for Luxilon and for the durability i reduced to 25-25,5 from 26. Natural gut strings are very good but expensive, that's why i can't buy them constantly. i use which string with Alu Power? for durability and control?

2987 Why do most stringers care with ATW patterns? I just starting 1st cross from bottom if the last main happens to end there, and just string the crosses from bottom to top for one piece, but not 2 pieces. Is this a bad, very bad practice and why ? Please explain. Thanks. Nam Nguyen

2986 How does air travel affect Luxilon stings?

2985 I'm a 5.0 player that recently tried a combo of gut (M) with Alu Rough (C). This is the first setup I've tried that provided a large amount of spin while maintaining great feel at the net. I'd like to understand why the Rough seems to work so well as a cross and have 3 basic questions: 1) Do the indentations in the Rough hold lubricant from the gut to facilitate spin? 2) Does using Rough allow the most string slip from a lux hybrid or should I experiment with another lux product in the crosses? 3) Are you aware of any pros lubricating their strings to enhance spin and do you think there is merit? BTW, excellent work on this site.

2984 Hello Jeff, thanks for being so transparent and staight forward with your anwsers I have learned a lot from it! One question from my side is the following, I heard a lot of good things about the Alu power but were always afraid to use it since many people say it is stiff and hurts the elbow. The M2 is advertised as a softer string, which we used its nice but loses tension quick and breaks easy. We tried the alu power and I strung it at 19 kg the same as the M2, we found it to be a tad softer as the M2 at 19 kg ????, it holds its tension a bit better and does not break as quick, does this sound strange to you or does it match your observation ? Is 19 kg very low does it compromise the features of the alu power ? As a last question is the rough version identical in composition except for the texture or are ther more differences ? Many thanks in advance for your anwser it always gives a direction for thinking and trying sensible.

2983 Does prestretching mono, multi or gut reduce much of the initial tension loss? Is there any good reason not to prestretch? So rather than restringing every day, why don't most pros prestretch?

2981 Hello Jeff, I'm Klao from question #2809. I've found a few sources (in Thailand)for Luxilon separate sets of strings with prices comparable to that of the long reel I used to order from the USA. So there's no issue for my wife to share my strings anymore. :) She's been learning for 7-8 months w/ her pro now (avg 2 hrs/week), and is progressing quite OK despite using the too demanding setup of Head UTek Radical MP racket & alu spin at high tension. I check with her from time to time & she's still happy with the frame, though. Lately, I've been reading (& learning, & enjoying) hundreds of your Q&A here to look for other Luxilon model appropriate for my wife (since I never tried anything else other than alu rough/spin for the past decade or so). Should she be developing her tennis skills around the M2 Pro, or perhaps Timo 122? BTW, shows wrong picture of Alu Fluoro (it shows Rough) in the products section. Thanks again Jeff, you're awesome!

2980 I was using Kirshbaum pro line II and Kirshbaum evolution string I want to switch to bigbanger ace 1.12 I I was stringing at 60 pond I want to know if I should string at 56 for ace or is the 10% less tension recommendation is only when someone switch from synthetic or natural gut.

2979 Hello Jeff, we are using the M2 sting to our satisfaction, the only thing is that is breaks quite quickly, ussually within half a day or one day to the very max, it always breaks in the middle mainstring at the notches. Which luxilon string would be a bit more durable with closest/similar characteristics ( I realise it will not be the same ) Would you recomend the fluoro or the alu power, I gues the ace would not be more durable ? We would be happy if we can strech the life time to a full day or maby two, that would already be much better.

2978 Hi, Jeff, I'm a long time user of ALU Rough and I string it at 52/52 with my drop weight machine. I have tried M2 Pro in the past with a different racquet and wish to try it with my current racquet. Naturally, getting the right tension for me could require some trial and error, but given that I like ALU Rough at 52/52, what do you think would be the best starting point in terms of tension with M2 Pro?

2977 Hi Jeff, I see Luxilon strings should be strung at 10% lower than usual, why is this? I would also like to know if I string with Luxilon strings at 54lbs, will the feel be the same as 60lbs with other strings. I usually string at 60lbs, because I like the control. Thanks and be blessed. Eben

2976 As a long time user of Luxilon M2 Pro I was wondering if this string is getting discontinued soon? I have noticed a lot of retailers have the string reels at clearance pricing? Is this just a change in packaging or should I worry. I will stock up either way as the deal is just too good to pass up.

2975 Does your recommentdation to string at lower tensions in the region of 40 pounds also apply to softer multifilament or gut? Is this lower tension applicable more to stiffer monofilaments?

2974 I would like to string a Prince EXO3 Red 105 racquet but I have a desktop, drop weight stringer. Is it still possible to string it without any special tools? Also do you have any site where I can get instructions(or can you provide any) on stringing it other than the Prince website because it keeps bombing out on me! Thank you

2973 I have heard stringing the crosses 4lbs higher than the mains makes the stringbed more even, because when the crosses get weaved through the mains, the crosses lose and the mains gain tension. What do you think of that? Please dont just tell me to try it out myself :-)

2972 What tension is recommended for the Head Youtek IG Radical Pro if I'm going to be using Luxilon Savage in the mains and Wilson Red Alert in the crosses?

2970 what racquet dose benoit paire use

2969 A fine show (a Brit production methinks)airing on TTC, ATP TOUR UNCOVERED, recently had a stringing expert saying: "60% of pros use a Luxilon hybrid, usually with gut in the mains or crosses to max the benefit from the control of Luxilon and the power of gut." Yet I have read often here at "String Expert" your view that hybrids are not a very good idea. I also read that most ATP pros do NOT use a hybrid! Is this yet another example of more TV/media string misinformation tendered by experts in name only?

2968 what strings/tension and racquet does benoit paire use as of 2012

2967 what is the best string for power and feel and control

2966 What is a good string hybrid with luxilon big banger ALU power fluoro in the mains?

2965 The latest RSI stiffness survey now notes Luxilon Alu Power Fluoro (1.25mm) as as bit less stiff than the older thinner ACE (1.16mm). Would the former now be the choice for the player wishing a softer Luxilon? The spread beteen softest and stiffest (non aramid/kevlar) mono is about 100 lb/sq in!! I also wonder why many BLIND string tests note higher "comfort" scores for some monofilaments that are revealed in tests to be far far stiffer. What can be in play here; one seeks in vain for reliable objective string information. Little is avialable other than on this site.

2964 Dear Sir/Madam, please help me clarify something. I am trying to buy an Luxilon M2 Pro Reel String. I found this reel string to be much cheaper than the one that tennis express is selling. Is it the same string just different color or is it fake? Please check the following link. Thanks

2963 what sting and tension is best for DUNLOP Aerogel 4D 300 Tour

2962 is babolat and wilson natural gut the same do they play the same

2961 I am in between a beginner and intermediate player and I just purchased a Wilson 108 Juice BLX pre strung racket. I would like to hear more "pop" when I make contact. What Luxilon string would you recommend and what tension?

2960 Is there some scientific reason that a layman can digest that explains why synthetic multifilament and solid core with wraps (and gut)no matter how expensive or tightly strung move all around whereas monofilaments stay put even at low tension? The difference in movement in my experience is night and day. I've yet to find a multi that doesn't move around like worms in a pond.

2959 I've recently starting string racquets and will be stringing for clup players who range from 3.5 - 5.0. What types and gauges of string would you recommend to have in stock for players who don't provide their own strings? Also, if a player is not knowledgeable nor very opinionated about the type of strings they want in their racguet is there a general all purpose type of string that would be a good option? Thank you!

2957 What string would you recommend for the Dunlop Biometric 500 Tour? I am lloking for a balance of control durability, but need power.

2956 Everyone knows the pros string their rackets frequently. How often are the grommets replaced? And, do the stringers have a chart or calculation to adjust the tension for predicted temperature and humidity?

2955 I have an old school attacking style (flat hitter, volleys, level in belgium B0) using head extreme at relatively low tensions (50-55 lbs) Which type of strings would you advice me ? Alufluoro ? Thanks, Benoit

2954 Hi , I have Head Tis6 ,my string broke and looking to restring my raquet. I am a pure base line player, a hard hitter and a string breaker. What may be the recommended string for me . I am debating between Luxilon Original, Luxilon ALU power and Babloat RPM Blast. What will be the recommended tension without affecting my elbow.

2953 Hi, I recently purchased two Wilson Juice 100 rackets, and still looking for an ideal string combo for this racket. I'm currently a 4.0-4.5 player and using Topspin Cyber Blue 17 (1.25mm) on the main with 58lb, and ISOSPEED AXON Multi 16L(1.25mm)String with 55lb on the cross. After hitting with this pattern, I realize that I'm lacking my touch at net and sometimes control on the baseline. Spin and power are good. Any string you would suggest? I'm willing to change any types of string.Thanks.

2951 I wish to buy Luxilon BB Orignal. My question is which pro players presently use this string ? What is recommended tension kg for optimal control? What is minimum recommended tension in kg ? What is minimum string diameter ? please, send answer to my email:

2950 i play with a head youtek extreme pro, its a very stiff racquet so im looking for a soft combintion string. at the moment i play full poly at 45lbs. what could be a cheap soft combination??

2949 What is the recommended tension for the Babalot Contact Team Racket?

2948 I'm neither a "big hitter" nor a string breaker and I'm seeking the "softest" Luxilon. Would it be correct in choosing the Luxilon ACE for my game? The STRING SELECTOR compiled by Racket Sports Industry notes the BB Ace as the least stiff Luxilon. Does this coincide with youe experience or are there other equally soft Luxilon strings?

2947 Hi Jeff, does vibration dampers enhance or decrease string performance, everything else being equal? As far as I can tell, the string bed feels "softer" with a damper but seems like the "feel" (in a loosely defined sense) is not as direct .. Is it psychological? ... And how is string performance affected, if any? Thanks. Marv

2946 Hi Jeff: If I am stringing TiMO 17G(1.22 mm) at 54/52 lbs in my racquet, what tension would you recommend I try with the 18G (1.10 mm).

2945 When Experts Collide! I assume you’ve watched the French Open with the same intensity as have I. If so, you’ll have oft noted the comments on stringing by famous coaches, former elite stars, and even an on site Master Stringer. Here are several that likely had YOU cringing; I’ve been pinching myself after reading your responses to questions here and then hearing TV comments in reference to the relationship between small changes in string tension and power: 1)The large Babolat stringing center was shown wherein 1000’s of rackets will be strung over the 2 weeks. The lead master technician/spokesman asserted that players’: “string tensions vary by a pound up or down depending on conditions…” (It varied from 30 degrees (87F) down to 13 degrees (57F) in Paris to that point.) 2)Former famous coach (and player): “One strings a few pounds lower to get the ball to go through the court more in cooler temps…and a few pounds tighter to avoid trampolining…” 3)Former #1: “You must take into account conditions and string a few pounds higher of lower…” 4)Former player: “I was told by her camp that Serena has her rackets at one pound different tensions…” (to maximize playability depending on conditions). 5)Former elite singles and doubles star, now commentator: “Gee, I was shocked today to see that players strung at the same tension considering the weather change!” 6)"This year Rafa has strung his rackets at 1/2 kilo (1.1 pound) higher." So what gives? Is a few pounds up or down really de minimus (<1% variance) vis a vis power? If so, why do so many insiders assert the contrary on TV? These are former stars and star coaches who really should know of what they speak! Is it all just mental/psychological tweaking or is somebody just mistaken?

2944 I have a unique question about your string. I have designed a football (soccer) rebounder and would like to use tennis string for the rebound surface. I would like to know what your strongest products are, and what the energy percentage is for each size and style of string. I can be contacted at or at 435-232-1993. Thanks.

2943 Jeff: I am theee chronic string breaker, probably ever, because of my forehand. I have broke many strings in 15 minutes of hitting (mainly demo rackets) I am a 5.0 player and just recently switched to the Head Speed Elite (lighter version of jochavic's racket) and I have instantly improved my game, mainly more power in the forehand. I have been using many different Luxilon Strings in the Main and in the crosses Head Fibergel (various brands) or in the mains several different brands of natural gut. These combinations all feel pretty good. Sometimes I have even put the natural gut in the mains and the Luxilon in the cross. Big Banger, alu power and various others. I have 2 goals, one is to find a combination that plays the best (power, spin) and these various combinations all feel pretty similar and good in their own way. I have a huge problem though, what combo would be the most durable. In the many years I have played tennis I have always been a major chronic string breaker because of my heavy topspin forehand (my friends call me Tommy Topspin). I just broke 3 sets of brand new string in playing 3.5 hours, and I can not afford to pay for this much stringing. What (for my situation) Luxilon string is the most durable, or hybrid combo would be the most durable. (FYI, I always break the mains, and they always move around after the first 15 minutes of breaking in a new string job. (please do not suggest purchasing a stringer..

2942 hello...i purchased the savage strings and noticed that the package did not say to string down 10% like the original big banger strings. should i string these 10% less like the big banger strings or should i string at normal tension? ...thank you Luxilon are the best strings!!

2941 It seems like just yesterday that multifilament synthetic string was very expensive and mono synthethics, mostly stiffer polys, were VERY cheap. All of a sudden we see many mono strings that cost as much as pricey multifilaments! Why? Is there a good reason for this mono cost rise or are companies captitalizing on the mono frenzy? Are the neoteric materials that much more expensive now for manufacturers?

2940 Hi Jeff! what about new stringing analysis? Can we hope on that this year? Leo

2939 I come here regularly to see what you have to say and learn a little more about the game. I have just read your answers to the last few questions and am just knocked out by the common sense approach to to the things that us tennis players agonise about every day and make so complicated. You make it so simple and it just makes you wonder why everybody else wants to make these things so complicated. I guess to make themselves more important! So I just wanted to thank you and Luxilon for your brilliant insite into the tough parts of the game that a lot of us have been struggling to understand. You should put this in a book and it should be on every tennis players gift list. I will certainly buy it. I don't use Luxilon strings as I'm sponsored by another company. I would if I could. But I am ranked in the top 100 WTA so know what I am talking about. At least I do after I've read more of your great tips and explanations. Now I feel like an expert myself and have been able to put a lot of other players straight on a few things. Keep up the great work for us serious players.

2938 Hello Jeff, we are playing the M2 1.25 mm presently, everything is very good, except it looses tension, not as quick as some other brands, but still quick, from babolat RDC tension of 47 ( 21 KG ) at start tot 34 after to 2 hours of play, than it still play's well but its a fair drop in tension. Does the 1.3 mm M2 hold its tension better? I as well consider to try the Alu fluoro, since it is considered to be a reasonable flexible string as well. Could you indicate if the fluoro would keep its tension a bit better? Do we need to expect some sacrifice compared to the M2 in certain characteristics? Your advice would be greatly apreciated and thanks for your time in advance.

2937 Racket: Wilson Juice BLX String: Prince Synthetic Gut with Dura at 58 lbs Stringing machine: Prince NEOS 1000 Problem: Strings broke in same exact place in three different rackets. 3rd main from the middle about 1/3 from the top of the racket after less than 10 hours of play. No fraying of the string; just a blunt break. Any ideas about what could be causing this repetitive break? I was very careful not to nick the string while I was stringing and there are no rough edges the the string is coming in contact with.

2936 Hello, I am a 4.5 to 5 NTRP player finally taking lessons to break 30 years of bad habits and really develop a stroke with a lot of top spin. My coach and other high level players state that I have a forehand that is much faster than someone normally has at my level. My racquets are Head Flexpoint 6 with a 102 in^2 heads. I just purchased two sets of the Luxilon ALU Power 127 Spin strings. What tension should I start with if I want to maximize spin and control? I am willing to give up some of my power (especially since my coach wants me to hit with less power). Thanks for any help you can provide.

2935 I need yor spin on this issue. As a longtime recreational player with an Eastern forehand, generating moderate spin, I wonder if the current rage/fad -- "gear" shaped (heptagonal, hexagonal) or textured "spin" string -- makes a substantive difference. I rarely restring and don't wish to become another gear obsessive, i.e. constantly engaging in costly experimentation. We see a staggering array of string brands and styles and so little time. In your opinion, are these new shapes just another "flavor of the month" marketing gambit for non tournament players like me? Or is this a real advance in string science?

2934 Hi Jeff. My son 11 (tall and strong for age) competes at national level with Wilson Steam. He's been playing with BB original for several years, quite happy with performance, but strings lose tension well before breaking. Tried the M2, was not impressed thinking of the Fluoro 1.23. You think it is appropriate for this age? (I am asking because both me and his coach experienced forearm problems with it and had to return to the original). Many thanks

2932 Dear Jeff, I recently purchased a pair of Wilson BLX Blade Teams 104, and the stiffness rating is really low, 53 on the Babolat RDC. With my old racquets I strung at 48 lbs., but these were stiff racquets, measured at 67 on the Babolat RDC, and a face of 98 sq. inches. Therefore, should I increase my tension to compensate for the increased flexibility and headsize on my new racquets? By how much? Thanks!

2930 I have a Babolat pure drive 2012. What strings should I have?

2928 I am father of a junior player (around 300 on ITF ranklist). We have used luxilon Alupower string. We changed racket ( less frequent string crossing - Head Sharapova racket). NoeThe string very frequently ruptures and we want solution for it, because it is too expensoive for us. We sought to buy BB original with larger cross section, or combination with another chieper string. Is it Ok ? Do youu have other solution ? What is important with luxilon strings when combining with an other string ?

2927 what is the best reccomended combo of hybrid using 2 luxilon strings

2926 I've been reading your articulate recommendations as to tension: 30 to 60 lbs. I then wonder as to why almost all "manufacturers" advise a recommendened tension of 25kg +/- 2 kg (or 55lbs + or - 4.5 lbs). 50 is a distant journey from 30, even allowing for a 5lb reduction for polyester derivatives. I respect your commentary but am confused by the divergent advice.

2925 Hello Jeff, My son plays on a high school tennis team and is a freshman. I am always looking for a string for him to play with. He usually hits a Babolat hybrid string set up, because he has a Babolat racquet. I did some reading and decided to try Alu Power Rough and bought a set for him to try from Tennis Warehouse. He had it strung to 55 pounds (he usually is string at 61 and Luxilon recommends stringing 10% less). He's not a big kid, he's 5'8" and 135 pounds and not considered a "big" hitter by any means. The strings only lasted two doubles matches and a singles match before the strings broke. He can usually go months before breaking a string! The reason I am contacting you is, could there have been a quality issue with the string for it to break or is this normal longevity? I thought for $17 + S/H, these strings would have lasted a lot longer and give him better spin and power. I was very upset and disappointed the strings lasted only three matches (and two practices)! I really was hoping I found a string for him to use from now on. Perhaps you have a recommendation of other strings you to try? Thank you in advance for your time.

2924 Howdy master Jeff! Serena wins Madrid, crushing world numbers 1 and 2 Masha and Vika 61 63! This new Luxilon G4 string must be insane! Please tell us more about it, and about the specs of Serena's racquet (weight, balance, etc.).

2921 there are these labels inside of pro racuets in the throat that say some sort of day then a number do you know what it is? is it thier tension

2920 what tension for a T3000's wilson thank you

2919 The old "rule of thumb" is if you play once a week, you should at least restring your racket once a year (dunno if that is true or not in the first place) ... What do you suggest as a general rule of thumb for Luxillon? ... Getting good performance and a reasonable usable life is more important than cost to me. Obviously I don't want to waste money unnecessarily by restringing when the strings are still good. Thanks in advance. Chris.

2918 i have a set of natural gut strings in my racket for over a year now, and i play 3 or 4 times a week , and i get worn out quickly , can natural gut strings lose its power over time causing me to tire like dead syn. gut strings do?

2917 Hello Jeff, some rackets indicate a recomended tension to string, do strings and more specific luxilon string M2 have an optimum tension where the features are the best and or the tensioned for which it is designed to have its maximum results for playing, or is it just purely preference of the player ?

2916 Hello Jeff, i want to thank Luxilon to have made the M2, it is a very good string I am very happy that we have discovered this string. I gues the M2 actualy means MM and stands for MEGA MARVELOUS. But all the fun aside I have a question; Does the starting tension influences the rate at which a string and more specific the M2 loses its tension ? Does the M2 stabilise in tension and if so, after how much time does the M2 stabilises its tension? Thanks a lot for your advice & best regards,

2915 what strings and tension does simona halep use

2914 What is the major pros & cons and difference in feel of of using Luxillon mains/ gut cross vs. gut cross/Luxillon Mains vs. full bed of luxillon? .. I am assuming tension is about the same for all 3 of the above. Thx

2913 Hi Jeff, Thanks for your reply to question 2910 where you recommend stringing the racket and wait a few days to let the tension stabilize before using, may I ask why most pros seem to use a freshly strung racket taken right from the bag? Thx. Marv

2912 Hi Jeff, I have heard a lot of talk about the new luxilon G4 string but no real facts. I was wondering if you could at least tell me which string technology it uses(Big Banger, Liquid Crystaline Polymer, or Multi Mono)? It would also be nice if you could tell me the gauges this string will come in. Thanks, Nick

2911 A colorful question in two parts: 1) Most synthetic gut comes in white or natural whereas most monofilament is silver, black or some other shade of the rainbow. Is there any good manufacturing reason for this, or is it just a marketing ploy? 2) Some self-anointed gear experts (this sport is infected with this bug)claim that different color mono of the SAME brand plays differently. Indeed, does the color change any key play parameters? Whatis the native/default color of monofilament before the marketing artists fiddle with it?

2910 Hi there, Is it true that on balance, while monofilament/poly strings don't fray or break easily (when compared to multifilament strings), they don't hold the tension as well. In other words, is it true that while polys don't break easily, their "usable life" is less than a multi strings? I know every string is different. So it is a general question. Thank you. Rgds, Marv

2909 benoit paire looks like he is using a hybrid string setup

2908 I am a 4.0 and have been using Luxilon ALU Power for years now with a Prince Original OS Graphite strung at 63 lbs. I'm getting older by the second, so I am thinking about 35 lbs and less racquet head speed. I know this is outside of the stated parameters of Luxilon, but do you know of anyone else who has tried this? I hate to waste my time or my string. Thanks, DC

2905 My 13 year old daughter, who is a good standard tournament player who hits a hard flattish ball, has been using RacquetFuel control 1.25 in a Head Extreme MP frame. Having bought my own stringing machine (constant pull) I am now experimenting with different strings. We have tried Big Banger original and Alu Power Fluoro both strung to a DT of 35 (all strings to same tension of 23.5kgs), with a single string strung "round the world". We noticed increased spin from the original and more consistant depth while the Fluoro played pretty similar to her old strings, less spin, less consistancy (too many about 1 foot long) but her best shots had an extra edge. When serving, the Fluoro was a clear winner with her finding the BB more difficult to bring down and in. At the moment, we are thinking that with a few practice sessions, we can get the serve to work and that we like the consistant depth of the BB, so will go with that. I don't want to confuse her by trying too many strings, but based on this information, is there anything else you recommend I try. Many thanks. Simon

2904 I hit a very flat ball as I learned to play in the 70's. What sting or combonation of strings do you reccomend that would help generate spin and still providecomfort? I am uing a hybrid now struuung at 56 and 54.

2903 Hello! What's your favorite racquet to use and your NTRP rating? Do you have a girlfriend?

2902 What tension should I string my racquet at if I am using alu power rough stings and am a 5.0 player

2901 I play with the Babolat Areo Pro Drive and I have been using 1.25 gauge RPM Blast at a 59 tension. I am considering trying the Luxilon 1.10 gauge Timo. I play with a western grip and massive topspin. How do you think my spin, pace, control, and feel will be in comparison? Durability is not an issue. I was also wondering if I should keep the same tension?

2900 Additional information and clarification for question 2899 ... Ok, the case for leaving gut in the mains was as follows: I love the way gut plays at high tensions but my mid-40s body doesn't seem to generate the same level of power. So my thought was that if I add a "poly" in the crosses and significantly drop tension (mains low 50s, crosses high 40s) in the stringbed I could maintain my current level of control, comfort, and potentially increase power. That's the thesis I am trying to test. Oh, and I tried about a dozen differnt new racquets and I just can't find one that has that same Pro Staff feel, with the possible exception of the Wilson 6.1 Tours and 5 square inches just doesn't seem worth the change. Thanks again, Pete

2899 Jeff, I am a former D1 tennis player and now in my mid-forties. I have classically trained strokes, continental to eastern grip, flat forehand, two-handed topspin backhand, one-handed slice backhand, I hit slice and flat first serves and kick second serves. I took about 20 years off from the game but came back about a year ago and started stringing my Wilson Pro Staff (85sqin) racquets with Wilson Natural Gut at 68 just like a used to. Obviously I get pretty good control with that tension but it lacks the power it had when I was in my late teens early twenties. So if I were going to hybrid natural gut mains with any of the following (M2 Pro, Ace, or Timo) with mains tension low 50s and crosses high forties which cross string would you recommend and why? By the way my goal here is to increase "free" power a bit but still maintain control, thanks.

2898 the new savage string do you string at a lower tennsion like the big banger

2897 Is the M2 Plus durable?

2896 Has Luxilon thought of an interactive website to possibly help people choose the proper Luxilon string to suit their needs, wants and desires?

2895 Do white tennis balls (grass court type), play different than yellow ones (typical everyday surface type)? In addition, does either type of ball affect ALU Power's playability or performance?

2894 Re-#2857, you don't have my address

2893 You know the feeling of the string right before is going to break, in my opinion that is when the string is at its peak performance. Is it possible to get that "feel" right from the start, a kind of no break-in required. Would it be possible to manufacturer ALU Power in that fashion?

2892 Since Luxilon breaks less and is harder on the hands to string, the incentive for a stringer might be compromised. He or she could possible make more money churning out less durable string (more often) that is easier on the fingers. What do you think about that?

2891 When not in use, are there any storage requirements for ALU Power, packs and reels?

2890 With regard to the 776' reels of string, has Luxilon ever thought about marking the string to make it easier to accurately cut proper lengths for the stringer?

2889 Is it possible to string a tennis racket too tight? Lets say in the upper range of 80 to 90 lbs and would this lessen the strings performance (besides void the manufacturers racket warranty).

2888 I was told that after a while and many re-stringings of a tennis racket, (lets use Babolat Aero Pro for example and 50 restrings within a year) the frame eventually wears out, becomes soft/worn, and loses its performance. What is your opinion on such a scenario or something similar?

2887 Hi Jeff, sorry to say but I sampled the new gold string, not very happy with it, ALU Power is superior

2886 Good Morning! Were you the same Jeff referred to in the australian open stringers blog as the guy who strung the most racquets in one day? Also, would you please tell us how to get our hands on the new G4 string?! And how much does it cost and what are its playing characteristics and its description? We can't wait any longer!

2885 what strings and tension does benoit paire use

2884 How much tension loss is there when tying off? Does it make sense to raise the tension for those 2 or 4 stings (depending on 1 or 2 piece string). Also to tighten the knot, hand pull or use machine to pull and tighten?

2883 When stringing the mains, is it better to string half of the string bed then continue the other half, or rotate each main string from the center on out until complete?

2882 When stringing the entire racket with natural gut, rubbing candle wax on the mains to ease the friction of weaving the crosses, does this have any adverse affects on the gut and its performance and/or characteristics?

2881 A local shop stringer actually weaves the entire main strings and then makes one "Great" huge pull to tighten all 16 or so strings, and then does the same for the crosses. It's quite unbelievable. He says the finished product is okay since most players don't know the difference anyway and most racket manufacturers do that when they ship factory strung rackets to their distributors. If this reality?

2880 While stringing, is it best to straighten out the cross strings as you string or wait until the entire racket is complete?

2878 what strings and tension does caroline wozniacki use i know its revenge and gut but what guage

2877 how do you know what strings the professionals use?

2876 what string and tension is john isner using

2875 I have heard Racket Manufacturers typically paint the Tennis Professionals racket to resemble the mass produced commercial one's, because in actuality the Pro rarely changes their rackets but the manufacturer seems to every 2 years or so, to sell more product. With $100 million (at least) a year, has Federer really switched from the 6.0 ProStaff he used back as a teenager?

2874 I think Hybrid Stringing makes no sense, so why all of the sudden is this the relatively new craze?

2873 With regard to Hybrid stringing, I overheard a professional stringer say, the mains are responsible for 80% of the string response and the crosses 20%. He continued to say (for gut in mains/ALU Power in crosses), the ALU Power controls the Guts power and vice versa the Gut gives the ALU Power, power. The Stringer also added that the mains are responsible for the ball response (so put that type of string in the mains that will give you the result you want). Does this make any sense to you?

2872 With all the fake Luxilon coming out of China, why not place some sort of security measures on the string, its packaging, etc, to prevent such sales

2871 Does ALU Power need to be pre-stretched before stringing?

2870 With ALU Power, do you recommend the same tension for all court surfaces, grass, har-tru, cement?

2869 Can you please explain the advantages of a constant pull stringing machine verses a crank pull machine as it relates to its effect on the string being used.

2868 I have noticed that Babolat RPM Blast String has little to no movement after striking the ball, whereas, Luxilon ALU Power does, is there any advantage to this type of (less or more) movement?

2867 Why do Pro Clay players prefer Original to the ALU version of your strings and do they hold tension longer?

2866 Would a kink during stringing with Alu Power affect its playability or performance?

2865 I sometimes see a player lay their racket on the court and step on the string bed to loosen up the strings, does this make any sense?

2864 Hi Jeff! Did you know that Serena Williams in her amazing win at Charleston reportedly switched from a full stringbed of natural gut to a hybrid stringbed? Would you have the inside details on this? Specific string, tension, etc.? As a big Serena Williams fan I would really love to know! Thanks!

2863 With all the countless string manufacturers and endless types of string they offer, how can a player really decide what string best suits their needs and game? I can't imagine trying out each specific type/manufacturer.

2862 When stringing a racket, is there any advantage to tying off the knots on the crosses rather than on the mains

2861 I want to try Luxilon alu power(cross) and alu power rough(Main) as hybrid. Is this a good choice? If it's ok what tention do you recommend?( I am a very hard hitter)

2860 Are power pads of any use today? What was the reason for them back in the day of Wood Rackets

2859 If I understand you correctly about tensions, loose, tight, it's all about consistency? So a poorly strung racket is ok as long as all the rackets (assuming multiple) are done by the same crappy stringer, on the same machine, done poorly. At least I would know what to expect each time I went out on the court right?

2858 Would impressions left on the string from the clamps (squeezing to tight) have any effect on its playability or performance?

2857 Jeff, I just wanted to let you know that I think you do an amazing job answering all the questions. Your knowledge is very helpful, thank you very much



2854 While watching televised tourneys, expert commentators, usually former coaches and players, often opine that Player X needs a racket strung about 2 pounds lower to "add pop" to account for slower conditions such as surface or humidity etc. Sometimes they even have the racket restrung midmatch for said reason. It is claimed that they often have rackets with varying tensions in their bag for this reason. You have stated that a few pounds lower tension translates to an imperceptible <1% more power? Is this merely psycholgical on the players' part? Or is this <1% the difference bewteen a W and an L? May I assume that what is "good" for 7.0's is unrelated to what we hackers do?!

2853 Hi Jeff, I took your advise and strung the Luxilon Spin and LOVE IT! I however strung it at 51-52 pounds and it seems to work great for me. As much as I love the spin off the strings I was thinking of stringing my other racquet with a different Luxilon string. I would love to get a little more power when I hit flatter. Is there a string you would recommend? Thanks again for your suggestion, it really has made a difference in my power and spin. Andrea

2852 RSI(Racket Sports Industry) prepares a "String Selector" each year complete with diameter (mm), stifness (lbs/in)etc. The Luxilon BB Ace is stated to measure 1.16mm in diameter. This is far thicker than the 1.12mm asseted by Luxilon. Other strings seem very close to the stated diameter. Is this simply an error by RSI or is there a variance in the Ace? (I tend to doubt that Luxilon would allow such a variance in the nominal spec.)

2851 Hi Jeff. I've been using pure drive for a couple of years. I tried several Babolat strings, xcel, xcel french, hurricane pro, rpm blast, etc. And I found out the one suit me best is Xcel Power. But xcel power moves a lot, also not very durable. Does Luxilon have anything close to Xcel Power but doesn't move that much? Thank you very much! (55lb)

2850 I'm a 4.5 player using a Volkl PB 10mid. I'm hitting with extreme topspin off both sides and was just wondering if you could recommend a somewhat durable string? thanks

2849 to have more power on the shot acceleration, on a babolat pd gt 2012 wich is the best luxilon, I am not a powerfull player

2848 Hello! I will string 2 racquets with the M2 Pro. What is the tension recommended? Thanks.

2847 What in your experience is the minimum tension one can use a polyester monofilament before it becomes a "butterfly net." I've read that touring pros string poly at anywhere from the 40's to 70 pounds. I've been loathe to string at less than 50 pounds; is this too conservative?

2846 on question 2843, How much higher tension or aprox tension is good with that string?

2845 Recommended string tension for junior pure drive

2844 I've been using a poly as I prefer no string movement. A bonus is that this class of string (for me) rarely if ever breaks. Yet one issue has caused me some tension; other experts leave me in a quandry. When I mention that I haven't changed my string in 2 or 3 years, some other players look at me with rolling eyes and even question my sanity! Need one change a poly every year if one plays once per week as the near ubiquitous advice leads one to believe? Other "string experts" in Tennis Magazine and elsewhere so advise. I turn to you for a more nuanced answer. I have infered from your oft noted comments that after a few weeks tension loss is small, so the extra year or two does not really matter. Is my approach penny wise and pound foolish?

2843 I use Alu power 125, love the string when new at 62lbs. After 3 to 5 hrs of use, it becomes a little too powerful. What can I try? Maybe M2 pro? Thank you.

2842 Im currently writing an article on devolopment of tennis strings over the years for my physics degree. How do luxilon strings allow the ball to stay on the strings longer to produce more spin compared to previous gut strings? Is it to do with the youngs modulus, stress, strain etc...? Also have the tensions players used changed over the last 20/30 years and if so why? Im also discussing the magnus effect due to the spin. any help would be grateful, thanks

2841 I was scheduled to play a tournament match and while hitting 2.5 hours before, I wanted to change my strings to a lower tension because the feel wasn't good. Unfortunately, the local stringing shop took around 45 minutes to string each of my racquets with alu power fluoro 17. Since I had a pair, it took an hour and a half. I got defaulted from my match because I didn't make it back in time. I wished I had stuck with my setup, because at least I would've gotten to play the match. My question is, is 45 minutes a racquet slow or fast? How long should it take? How long would it take you to string up a racquet with this string?

2840 I use aul power 125 love the string on a Babolot Pure drive Roddick @ 60/60 Strung by a Professional, on a Babolot Machine. I would like to try 5 lbs more tension. Would it be better to pre stretch or just add more tension? The max is 62 on the frame? Will pre strecth hurt the performance of the string, or let the string play longer near the tension that I like?

2839 Has there been any consideration to bring back Supersense?? I am still able to find residual inventory but have not found an excellent replacement for when the day comes!! Stringing now with Nat Gut mains and Supersense x's..

2838 Jeff I love to stencil my racquets, the big red "W" makes me feel very professional... It's kinda hard to stencil alu power fluoro though... Any tips on making it easier, and any tips for making it last longer? Which luxilon string is the most stencil friendly or "stencil pretty?"

2837 Good Morning Sir! How's it hangin? I was on the bigbanger site, and I noticed that there are power, control and durability ratings on the strings. I need all the power I can get, and I noticed that the alu power has the highest power rating (a 10 I think), and the others have a lower power rating. I am a 4.5 weekend warrior with medium length strokes, medium power, like to dink, drop, spin, lob, I hit the ball cleanly off both sides, semi-flat most of the time, and I win lots of matches by making it a running game. I have trouble putting balls away against more skilled players. I'm practicing my put away shots,doing drills and getting coaching, but I'm also looking for an extra edge a good string can give me. Will alu power give me a bigger power boost than the other luxilon strings with a lower power rating on the site? Will I achieve this by introducing natural gut into my cross? Kim, Serena, Venus, Roger and Djokovic have some natural gut in their stringbeds right? They seem to have terrific power. I use a full bed of M2Pro at 48lbs. and can go almost 10 months without breaking my strings.

2836 I had several sets of big banger ace touch (hybrid) but I've finished them. Fantastic combination but no longer available. What string is similar or replaces Supersense 1.25MM.?

2835 Hi, I just switched to Head Speed Elite racquet. I use barbwire now but the tension goes quickly. What strings do you recommend for a 3.5 player, plays with topspin, slices, and plays both singles and doubles. I like to feel the ball off the strings but need strings that are not too stiff. Thanks....Andrea

2834 I bought aeropro drive GT lite for 12 year old son moving from beginner to intermediate. Please suggest good string and tension that he can start with.

2833 Jeff, With wilson nxt control should i drop tension 10 % like other polys?

2831 What tension would you recommend for Big Banger Ace(color: Pearl and Green) 1.12mm in a Head Liquidmetal Prestige mid + 98 sq in,,pattern is 18X20, recommended string tension is 52-62 lbs. I'm stringing at 53/51, Head recommends stringing mains and crosses separately. Cheers Brew

2830 what is the best affordable string in a reel to put in the crosses when I have technifibre red code in my mains... I use youtek radical MP i string in the lower 50's high 40's... I play at the college level right ... thanks Jeff !!!

2829 Hi Jeff! end of January you promised new Stringing ANALYSIS from Aus Open. can we hope to see it soon? Leo

2828 I am NOT a string breaker, yet never have tried natural gut. With prices for top "soft" monofilament string now at about 60% of the gut price, I wonder what, if any, are the advantages of mono "poly" 18 guage over natural gut in 16 or 17 gauge. I realize that string movement is not an issue with the mono filaments -- this is why I've used them over synthetic gut -- but is there any advantage to thin mono over natural gut? For years I've read the praises of gut. Your viewpoint is eagerly sought.

2827 Helo expert! I just bought Wilson Kobra Team FX.... just wonder what is the best string and tension for the racquet...? I'm played all-around....means that I would like controlling, spin, and at the same time I want durability of the string....Alex

2826 What kind of strings should I get for the Babolat Pure Drive 2012? And what tension? I am a baseline player who likes spin... Thanks!

2825 Hello! What do you think about the M2 Pro, and does it compare favorably against Alu Power? Which of these two would you choose to use? What is your racquet and string set up? Also could you tell us what Serena Williams' customized racquet specs are? Weight and balance? Thanks! :-)

2824 Trying to get into the 21st century with my strings. I'm a former college player using the Wilson KBlade Tour 93 with 17g Kevlar in the mains (58#) and 16g syn in the crosses (58#). All-court player, but prefer to grind from the baseline. Not worried about power, I can generate my own; control is key. What would be your suggestion of string and tension? Thanks.

2823 Hi, I currently use Wilson six one team blx racquet and uses head sonic pro strings strung at tension 60. I play an attacking baseline game. Can you please advise if the above combination is good? Is there a better option/combination available? I want to start playing professional tennis, will the above combinationbe good enough to enter professional tennis? Please advise.

2822 Hi, I´m switching from head instinct flexpoint (luxilon sauvage 52lbs)to head instinct ig mp (new instinct model). Could you recommend string and tension for my new stick? I´m notice that mow the pattern is more open (16/19 instead the traditional instinct 18/19). Thanks in advance for your kind answer.

2821 Hi Jeff! Thanks for taking the time! I'm a fast counter puncher, small guy not naturally powerful, try to get the most of my game that I have. Could you help me out? 1. I'm using a wilson blx blade 98, strung with Luxilon M2 Pro at 50 lbs. I find myself overpowered on my backhand side which is a more compact stroke. Would you recommend that I drop my tension even more for more power? Will I get less control? 2. What's the most common tension and string you've encountered for pro or college players who are users of the blx blade 98? 3. Do you think it is likely my performance will improve if I switch to luxilon alu power or am I in pretty good shape with my current set-up? Will experimenting with alu power be likely to be worth it? That's it. Thanks!


2819 Wich Luxilon string is more arm friendly: Adrenaline 125, Timo 117 or ALU Power Fluoro 125? Thanks.

2818 I am interested in trying Alu Power 125. Right now I string my racquet at 58lbs (mid-range). My racquet's reccomendation is to string it between 55-63 lbs I believe. If I drop it 10% like it says to for Alu, it will be a few pounds below the reccomended pounds. What poundage do you reccommend? Thanks

2817 comparison between rpm blast and Luxilon Savage Black 127 Tennis String

2816 hi, why when i am stringing the racket i need 10,8 m or not 40 feet, thats is bad with my machine need 11 m can be?

2815 Jeff, can you give me a couple suggestions on Luxilon string/tension for my 15YO daughter to try out? She's a competitive junior currently playing with a Head Radical S strung with Wilson Enduro Pro 16L at 57#. She's an aggressive baseliner with an all-court game, topspin strokes, and good racquet speed. She likes to mix it up by coming net, slicing, and drop shotting. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Dirty Harry

2814 HI, I plan to buy a Yonex EZone Xi98 & need help picking a hybrid sting combination & tensions. Please give me your suggestions for a 4.0 player, hits flat & topspin forehand & chip / slice back hand. 55+ & still likes to play serve & volley. What do you think. JJ

2813 recommanded tention for wilson n-code n3 is 55 - 65 lbs. Is that strung with electronic or manual pull string machine? That recommanded tention is too high to me, so I am now stringing at 44lbs which gives me best performance. Reducing tention more than 20 percent from the recommanded one is o.k?

2812 My 16 yr old son has big banger smooth, he now has tendanitis in left wrist they say its his string. His tention is 55. Can the string cause this to his wrist

2811 I have been using Timo 117 56lbs on my BLX6.1Team (18x20, 95 If I switch to the BLX Prostaff 6.1 100(16x19, 100, what tension would you suggest for the same type of string? Thanks.

2810 I bought a Volkle PB 1 after I demo for three days. The new racquet was making a strange noise. The pro I had clinic with that day told me that the string is way to loose. I then went back to the tennis shop that I bought the racquet from and asked them to change the string tension (they did not ask me about what tension that I would like to have when I purchase the racquet), the store told me Volkle PB 1 recommend tension as low as 53, so 58 will allow me to have better top spin. I am not used to have a racquet that making the strange noise that every time I hit a shot. Was the store telling me the truth or else. Will changing a damper (Volkl has horizontal long strip) help?

2809 Hi Jeff, For so long, I've been using the Alu Power “Rough”, then switched to “Spin” ever since it was newly introduced, on my mid-size Wilson PS series of racquets (since the original 6.0 til now the BLX6.1). My wife just started her tennis lessons a couple of months ago. I had short-listed some heavier racquets than many would usually recommend to a female beginner. Anyhow, she chose the Head YOUTEK Radical MidPlus (95) with 18/20 string patterns. I put the Alu Spin from my reel on her racquet at the middle of tension range recommended by the manufacturer (57 lbs.). I play-tested her racquet and found the “Spin” felt too hard even for myself; I string my own (90 racquet at the higher 65 lbs. Perhaps, it is because denser string pattern on this Head racquet. Anyway, my tennis string reel has run out and I need to buy a new reel soon. Which is the best option to choose in our situation? 1. Should I still share Alu Power Spin with my wife, but lower her racquet string tension, say to 52 lbs. next time? 2. Or should switch back to Alu Power Rough, which has smaller gauge than Spin, and continue to share string with my wife? 3. Or should I stick to a “Spin” reel and buy something else (other Luxilon model) for my wife to try and use on her own? In this case, please give me a few recommendations on my wife’s racquet string. Thank you, Klao

2808 I recently switched from another brand to Luxilon. I followed the instruction and had the tension reduced by 10%. But the outcome is that I always hit the balls long. I guess I had set the tension too low that resulted in too much power. Is there any way I can increase the tension a bit without having to re-string my racket? Thanks.

2807 Hi. I used to play with Head Microgel Prestige MP for nearly three years. Switched to Youtek Radical MP 'cause I wanted another racquet and also I read it was a more arm friendly racquet. I used Gamma Hybrid at 57lbs. Not very happy with the racquet. Feel I played way better with the Prestige. I'm thinking of using Gamma TNT 16 before I decided against the Radical. Can you recommend strings n tension and whether I should switch back to the Prestige though not sure how the ne IG Prestige are like.

2806 I use Head Youtek Radical MP raquet (string tension recommended: 52-62 lbs). In the mains, I use head sintetic gut (53 lbs). In the crosses, I use Luxilon adrenaline (49 lbs). I will change my raquet to Head Youtek IG Radical MP, wich has a diferent string tension recomendation (48-57 lbs). My question is: what should I do? Use lower tension to have the same sensation that I already have? Or stay with the same tension? Thank you very much. Enrico Rodrigues from Brasilia, Brazil.

2805 Hello Jeff, I'm Maxim, I have been using Alu Power at 54 lb having felt good. I bought M2 Pro and want to try it out. should I use the same 54 lb tension or increase 10% becaause there is no mention of using 10% less tension on the M2 Pro package? Thanks a lot

2804 Your assistance is requested as a result of some conflicitng advice. A two part question. 1) I use both overiszed, 105", and mid plus (93" and 98"" racquets. (At different times I prefer using different sizes, a habit. Must I add several pounds to my usual mid plus tension to get the same "feel" on the oversized? I've been told that X pounds is X lbs irrespective of size. 2)You have stated on this site that most recreational players and even some satellite/futures players(!)can't really discern a difference of <10 lbs. So does this even matter?? (I use "soft" mono poly at 10% below synthetic tension.)

2803 Have you released a new gold string recently? My daughter's coach gave her a sample of some gold string that she loved and we'd like more, but I can't find anything called Gold?

2802 I am a 4.5 NTRP rated player with a fast swing. Just purchased the Prince EXO Tour rackets. What is the best string combination and tension for control? Thanks, Jeff

2801 I am having trouble replacing my xp 1.38, where can i purchase more of it? Thanks

2800 Hello. I bought string Savage Black, and on it there is no any labeling. Is this possible? How can can determine that it is original string? I previously bought a string Savage Lime, and there was label on string like "LSL OK0041", but at last bought string this label none. Cheers, Alex.

2799 I am a 3.5 player and play with a wilson blx team racquet. I have a pretty steady stroke and generate natural top spin (not a very whippy swing, so my pro says). I generate good "3.5 power", but the most offensive part of my game is my net play (i keep the ball in play well from the base line, but i do not over power the ball. my game is about getting to the net). So, knowing that, what are some string recommendations or combination of strings. Thanks in advance.

2798 is the savage line a performance line ( for elite players) any pros using this line? i play with the original big banger is this line stiffer or less?

2796 Hi jeff, in some earlier question I red that someone is proportionally string and try to get the same tone in the main strings with stringing, however if you look at the formula of tone frequency you will see that different lenghts with the same tone will mean a different tension, tone, length, and tension are not propotional, this means same tension corrected for the length will still give different tone. What is your comment and tought about this ?

2795 Hello Jeff, with proportional stringing you would say the shorter strings need less tension, however the shorter the string gets the wider the spacing towards the side of the racket, does this wider spacing compensate for the length. If not why are the strings spaced wider towards the edge ? The second question what is your opinion on dufference in tension between mains and crosses , and how much shoud the difference be?

2794 Hey Jeff, Thank you for your time. I'm just curious to know where the gauge numbers originally came from: 15,16,17,18......? I read somewhere that the letter L stands for light. I don't understand how the numbers above reflect the thickness in mm or inches... Thanks

2793 Hi!, i am considering buying a stringing machine. I am a 4.5 player. i like the price of the Eagnas Hawk 20e, and the fact that it is electronic. what do you think of the machine? do you recommend it? thanks. Guillermo

2792 I am a highly ranked National and ITF 45 senior player. I have strung my Wilson Pro Staff 6.1, 95 at 62 for years. I strung my latest racquets at 63 and it feels way too tight. I am also coming to the net more and volleying more than ever. I am wondering if you have a thought on how loose I should consider going. Perhaps 60? Or different on the cross and mains. I use Luxilon Power on the mains and NXT 16 on the cross strings. Many thanks! Jeff

2791 how much string do i need to cross string a prince hybrid comp

2790 hey jeff, i am getting the new wilson pro open 100 and decided i wanted to string it with Luxilon. I am 15 with a big serve and an aggresive baseline game. Any suggestions?

2789 what luxilon is best with prince exo3 black

2788 I've wondered about this when using a hybrid. With the stiffer mono (poly or lux)as the mains, asuume one strings at 48 lbs. mains with the synthetic crosses at a usual tension of 54 lbs. Does the difference between the main and cross tensions cause meaningful deformation/elongation of the head when compared to one string at one tension?

2787 I have Head Youtek 6.0. I would like to sting mains with Head natural gut and crosses with Luxilon Alu Power spin. Could u suggest me the best tension for both mains and crosses? I am a 3.5 player Tara

2786 I tried to find out the distributor of luxilon in my country(INDIA) & on your website,but i did not get my country name in the list of country distributor. DO you have any info about luxilon distributor in INDIA?

2785 Hi, which strings are best for Wilson Pro Staff 100 and Wilson Blade Lite? Thanks.

2784 What is a good cross string to use if using Big Banger ALu rough on mains?

2783 Hi jeff, I just picked up a set of Wilson NXT Control. I play with a Dunlop Aerogel 200 tour (recommended 55-65 lbs). I usually string with syngut at around 60-62 lbs or polys around 54-56 lbs. What tension would you recommend I try with this string which I understand is a mixed poly/multi? Also, is Luxilon M2 pro similar to NXT control? I am mainly a recreational singles and league doubles player who likes to experiment with different set-ups. PS: I just wanted to let you know that I have switched to ("semi")proportional stringing after reading some of your comments and suggestions -- After setting tension for the first couple of strings I tension the rest using their sounds -- when the mains are finished the strings all have the same frequency -- I think this is quite accurate and has improved my stringing reproducibility. I string my longest crosses a couple of lbs less than my longest mains and go from their using my drop weight. Thanks for your help. John

2780 IS it OK to use the rough or spin luxilon in the mains and crosses without a problem? I read where it's recommended to use a softer string on the cross as a hybrid. Is that for comfort only or compfort and feel. Does a stringer charge more for doing that? Is there any problem using the rough for mains and cross? Looks like the pros all use 2 different strings. Thanks Greg

2777 What are the directions for stringing a spaghetti racket?

2776 is there a difference between luxilon savage strings and babolat rpm blast

2775 Hi Jeff! I Have 12 years from the first day and i train and compete with Wilson rackets.Championship play their country (Serbia), and i just recently got a sponsor brand new rackets Wilson Pro Staff 6.1 100BLX.I am interested in Your expert opinion, what strings and tension to which stringing rackets. I like top spin strokes and attacking short balls, so far I have used Alu Power Rough wire and I am very pleased.What is this racket for my style of play best!? Thanks in advance!!! Strahinja,Serbia.

2774 Hi! do you have any new Stringing ANALYSIS from big tournaments? the latest is from NY2010 ... thanks!

2773 I'm a 4.0 player, with an all-court game, and the Pure Drive+ Roddick. I have full, fast swings on both sides, with a pretty heavy serve. Most of my groundstrokes are medium topspin though, yes, I also slice from both sides. I've used the Babolat RPM mains/VS crosses hybrid, but it felt...weak, even strung in the low 50's. My string of choice now is the Alu Rough Power, and like it more the lower the tension is. It's great, but it's also the only Luxilon string I've ever tried. Are there other strings that I also ought to consider? Thanks!

2771 Hi, I have a new wilson blx juice 100, Im more a control player 4.0 to 4.5. My q's is which is the best string to use or atleast better to suit my style of game. I mainly use polyyester strings. Any good suggestion in brand itself. thank you

2770 Hi Jeff, I have tested Luxilon M2 Pro and quite liked it, but after a little less than 9 hours of play I broke the strings (2 mains). About how more many hours do you think M2 Plus would last ? Is there a big decrease of playability between M2 Pro and M2 Plus ? Thanks a lot.

2769 Hi there good sir. I am an aged veteran, but a hard hitter, and I just recently experimented with gut. I play with the Volkl organix 10, 325 gram racquet. I found that even while I was stringing a full bed of gut(v-icon 17) at 66 pounds, too many of my balls were missing the baseline. It felt too springy/powerful. I have several sets of gut left. I also enjoy signum string, and have many set of the tornado 17, and 18 at my disposal. Would those be a decent hybrid combo, or do you have any recommendations for me for much needed control? I need to be able to swing out, and maintain control. The inconsistency of my shots with gut has been infuriating. Thanks in advance.

2768 Great site. I am a 41yr old, twice a week player, still somewhat new to tennis, playing at about a 4.0 level. I have a decent swing, mainly baseline player, looking for good feel and control. What would you recommend for my Volkl Organix 8 (300g).

2767 I have been playing tennis for 3 1/2 yrs now. It has been recommended by a friend that plays county level to use Luxilon Big banger string, strung tight to around 58lbs. I use a Babolat pure drive racket. I know it is mostly down to preference but what string would you suggest? Thank you for your help

2766 Hi you know what the numbers on the butt of Prince racquets signify? I just bought my son a second EXO 3 so he'd have identical racquets for match play and he noticed a 2 on one and a 3 on the other. Just curious. Thanks in advance.

2765 Hello Jeff, I am currently using the Technifibre Red Code 17 on my Youtek Prestige MP at 55lbs. I'm looking to test out one of the Luxilon strings. How would you compare the Luxilon Savage 16 to the Technifibre Red Code 17 if strung at the same tension?

2764 Would Ace on the mains and ALU on the X's be a good hybrid?

2763 I currently play with Luxilon Alu Power Fluoro, I'm considering trying Savage Lime. How does it compare to Fluoro? Should I use the same tension that I currently use with Fluoro? The specs of the string according to Luxilon show that it should be stiffer but then I hear people say that it is softer than other Luxilon strings... I've also read comments of players saying that the lime color of Savage feels stiffer than other colors. Could you give me some feedback and comparison between the two strings? Thanks!

2762 What string and tension do you recommend for a woman 4.0 player who likes to hit hard but needs control?

2761 Hi Jeff: First I just bought a pack of Luxilon M2 Plus to try out, is there any advantage in stringing a racket with the same string doing a two piece stringing job rather than stringing it one piece ?

2760 Hi Jeff, I wanna know about the tension of Luxilon string, does this string different with others cos someone told me that if u played others' string for 60lbs. Then you should make it 54lbs for Luxilon string! Is this correct? I'm playing Timo 110 ,18 for 63lbs. Thanks!

2759 what tension should be applied on Yonex gr 303 badmiton raquet

2757 Just wanted to get your advise. I have been playing with a babolat pure drive for 2 years. I really like the feel, however the last 2 months it is giving me a ping sound when I hit. I have experimented with a hybrid duraflex and hurricane tour pro. This killed my arm. Any ideas of what string to use to get that popping solid feel back to the racquet? Thank you, Mit

2756 I watched a video from Wilson tennis featuring Nishikori's stringer, among the things he talked about, he said that Nishikori recently switched to Luxilon 4G on the mains and gut on the crosses. I could actually see it on the racquet he was stringing during the interview, it appeared yellowish in color. There is no information on the web on this string, could give any info as for what it is, what characteristics it has, if it compares or replaces or improves any existing Luxilon string and when will it be available in the USA? Thanks Jeff.

2755 What do you think about proportional stringing using basic or universal atw on wilson blx six-one tour using luxilon alu power rough at 23-24kg's--good enough ? See any improvements ?

2753 Hi! Does the Big Banger Original 1,30 exist also with 1,25 or 1,20. Is this string good for my Racket ( Prince EXO3 Tour 16/19)? How strong should be the stringing? I play with a lot of topspin and Slice. Thanks, Dieter Unger Sorry for my english!!!!

2751 Hi, I am advanced beginer, using head ti.s6 with natural gut string, tension around 60lb. It is old so tension is lost so much. As my tennis rackets range is 57-66. My play is spin , slice and mainly in hard hitting forehand. serve is ok. mainly i hit hard . really really hard. I just wanted to re-strung with alu power rough. I am expecting to strung at 62lb. I prefer the crisp feel while hitting and long lasting string(its must not wanted to spend so much)... I play 3-4 times a week. Could u plz suggest me abt proper tension? Thanks in advance.. coolchris ,tally fl

2750 What string tension do you recommend for wilson blx six-one tour 90 sq in using luxilon alu power rough 16L,,I have been using genesis hexonic 18L (1.09mm) strung at 60 lbs, I was thinking 54-55 lbs.

2749 Hi there, I wondered if you could help me with stringing my racket? I currently use a setup of Big Banger Ace (Mains)~ 56lbs and Isospeed control (crosses)~ 58lbs. Whilst it works fairly well, I am always lacking power. I use a Dunlop Aerogel 4d 300 which is quite a light racket and does lack a little power anyway. I wonder if you would have any recommendations for me? What about Big Banger ALU Power (Mains) and a multifilament cross? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks Jonathan Davies

2748 what do you suggest for a 9 year old girl tournament player (in the 12's) who plays 10-12 hours a week? very worried about injuries she uses nrg 17 gauge at 54 lbs now but getting very expensive bc of how many strings she breaks.

2747 The Babolat Star 5 has been in the market for a number of years now. Any idea if/when Babolat plans on bringing out a new machine to replace it? Also, it would be interesting if you would rank your top 5 favorite stringing machines, including pros/cons of each!

2746 I have heard the Prince NEOS lockout machine referred to as "the standard" or "the benchmark" in stringing machines, but I have never heard of a single pro tournament where such lockout machines are used. In fact, I'm starting to see fewer and fewer of these types of manual lockout machines in clubs and pro shops, as the electronic/constant pull machines are becoming more common. Is it because of speed and/or accuracy, or other reasons? Also, is there a rule of thumb on what reference tension to use to accommodate the difference in tensions produced by lockout vs. constant pull machines?

2745 I use the Head Speed IG MP 16X19 and recently bought a used one with Alu Power. Previously I had tried Gamma Livewire XP and hybrids with XP and Head Sonic Pro. The Alu took some getting used to, but now I like how it plays (especially when I let the racket do the work and don't overswing). So I will try more Luxilon. Two questions: as a 4.5, 55 years old, 5'7" male (love to volley, slice backhand, inconsistent serve), should I stick with the Alu, and at what tension range? Thanks for a great web site!

2744 (Female, age 56, 4.3-ish NTRP)With my Flexpoint Radical Oversize, I hardly ever hit a ball out, but I feel my shots lack penetration. I string it at 65. I started using a Liquidmetal 2 Pro (strung at 60) for a little added pace and that worked well-nice control, but I still want a little more on the ball. Moved on to a Flexpoint 4 (64) and the pace is nice, but my control and feel are off a little. I'm sticking with my Head rackets. With what and at what tension could I try stringing each racket type to maintain control while achieving a bit more power? Thank you.

2743 Hello, I would like to know which one between the Original and the Original Rough is the most comfortable?

2742 wich strings of luxilon do you propose in a head is2 midsize or a wilson khamsin five 98 sq inch. I have tried a supersence at 26 1/2 25 1/2 it seems me right but after 10 hours it losts his energy

2741 Hi jeff i was wondering which strings would give me alot of power when i hit a flat serve but at the same time gives me excellent control and feel when i hit with my forehand and backhand? By the way, im using a babolat pure drive GT with luxilon savage lime at 51 lbs and i want to know if these strings were for me or for who are they made for? im a counterpuncher and sometimes i hit really hard and miss the court and im in need for info. thanks

2740 How much does a setof racquetball strings weigh

2738 hi jeff im about to purchase a replacement racket im buying a head youtek prestiege mp and was thinking of having the luilon alu power 125 string in it i would like power controll but also be able to use spin on a slice serve can you recommend what other cross string to put in or just the one string also what tension thanks len

2737 I am an amateur stringer using a Klipper drop weight machine. Can you explain what "Around The World" stringing is, and why/when you would use it? I saw a diagram of it in a tennis publication, and I couldn't understand how it works or why stringers would use this method.

2736 Hello Jeff. I played 5 years with Prince O3 White corded in Magic Force 24X23 kg. I am a veteran +60, serial 3rd level, rather thorough player of court. I have just bought Babolat PD 107 and I wish to try the BB Alu Power to win (?) in power. What tension would you recommend me? Thanks, Peter.

2735 WOW, what a great site! I'm a 39yo baseliner with moderate power and spin. I rely on my consistency more than power to win matches. I've been back in the game for the past 2 years after putting it aside for ~15yrs. My first step was trading in my Yonex Cyborg 2200 for a Wilson K-factor 6.1 95 (16x18 sting pattern). I initially had it strung with Babolat revenge but changed to RPM blast strung 58-60lbs about a year ago. I really like the spin it gives me. The power is OK but I find it lacks feel. Seems to have good durability as well. In the "off-season" right now, I've thought about giving another string or 2 a try. Any suggestions? Many thanks.

2734 Hi Jeff, just wanted to apologize for not submitting the survey form on time for the LXNGREENTW prototype string sent to me via Tennis Warehouse. I sprained my ankle the day I received the set and wasn't back on the court until this week. I like the string! It felt more comfortable than some other Luxilon strings while still providing nice spin and power (perhaps due to the loose string tension). A minor "bird's nest" situation after unpackaging was my only complaint - perhaps my own doing. Any idea if/when this will be brought to market? Eric D. from Massachusetts USA

2733 Volkl 10 Organix, 295. This racquet is quite different from the old Volkls. It is recommended that the croses be strung a few pounds lighter. My question is about the Luxilon Savage. How should I string it (tension on the mains and crosses) for this stick for optimal power and control. With a standard Multifilament multi-fiber string it is strung at 60M, 57C. How should I string it with the Savage? Thx

2732 For a medium to fast swing speed play style, which Luxilon string has the best ball pocketing characteristic with good resilience? Rgds, Knox

2731 Item picture Luxilon Banger ALU Power 125 16L 726ft tennis string (280772591157) Member id 163sports and Item picture Luxilon Banger ALU Power 125 16L 726ft tennis string (130603287130) Member id sohusports i bought a reel from each of these guys on ebay, are they fake??

2730 hi im playing with my babolat pure drive gt and i need to know what strings are good overall to use with it and the tension too.

2729 Hello: I am hesitating between alu power and alu power fluoro. I need a string with a geat power and durability. My question is: About power... Is there any difference between them? Becouse if the elastic power/energy that both can generate is the same, I would prefer a softer feeling. My arm will appreciate a friendly one. But only in the case that both of them are equal. I´m looking for the most powerfull of your strings. My e-mail address is Thank you so much for your support. Regards, Juan Hernando.

2727 is gr 303 a good racquet

2726 what are the stringing instructions and string tension for a blue (OS) Wilson Federer racquet?

2725 Hi Jeff, I was just wondering. Does hybriding Big Banger Original (mains) and M2 (crosses) make sense? Or should I just use a full set up of either one? I currently use a full ALU Rough on my Wilson ProStaff 6.0 85, but I would like more feel. I am a ranked college player who has an all court game. Thanks and more power!

2724 who sells wilson knock off racquets

2723 what strings come with the YouTek IG Speed racket when you buy it off of head?

2722 I am looking for the stringing pattern for 2 wooden racquets - a Jack Kramer Autograph and Jack Kramer Pro Staff - both are 18 x 20. Thanks

2721 Hello Jeff, what is the main difference betwween the Timo and the Ace in power spin and comfort, both are thin strings.

2720 Hi Jeff, thanks again for you answer on question 2717. I send the question to Babolat and will let you know their answer IF they ever respond.. And i laughed so hard over your answer to question 2718 !! If this stringing-thingy doesn't work out you can always try comedy! really Laughed Out Loud on that one! ( some questions are so silly and/or poorly explained. haha)

2719 Hello Jeff, to what degree do different tensions in strings equalise after stringing, in other words how much of the effect of proportional stringing is lost after stringing and subsequently playing. Or does the frintion in the grommets hold the difference in tension.

2718 how about the donnay strings

2717 Hi Jeff, I was wondering what your thoughts are about the manufacterer recommended string tension displayed on the racket frame. I want my racket to become about 26 kg(57 lbs) after letting it rest for 7-10 days like you recommend, but on my racketframe it recommends between 25-28kg. Do you think it will be a problem if i let it be strung higher than recommended, at 30kilo for example? because i think that might be the kilo's i need to get it to stabilize at 26 kilo after 10 days.(i know i shouldn't focus on kilo's after 10 days but on "feel and comfort" like you said, but it's easier for me to try and explain with numbers) Thanks again!! Pierre

2716 In response to my previous question (2715), could you give me some more information on hybrid stringing. For example, how do I tell if the strings complement each other? Thanks

2715 Would Babolat RPM Blast and Pro Hurricane Feel be a good hybrid? I don't know too much about hybrids so I was just wondering. I use a Pure Drive Roddick GT+ racquet and I like to hear the "pop" sound when I hit. I am an all-around but more baseline player that likes to hit with a good amount of power and topspin. Thanks.

2714 hi, my stringing machine "astis" now it stringing bad i string 60 or 50 Lbs, but tension is very tough and it feel when i shoote and hit not center on racket, sometimes very strange sound when hit normal, and now my arm is elbow syndrome? Ty for answer, sorry my bad english....

2713 I'm using K Factor 6.1 Tour, can you advice me some hybrids (strings, tensions for mains, crosses). I need more spin and play in the baseline. Thank Jeff.

2712 Hello, I'm experimenting to find my favourite luxilon string. I currently have 2 babolat GT Roddick, 1 strung with big banger rough, and the other one strung today with black savage. Both were strung at 24kg(53lbs i think) i think i played for 12 hours with the big banger rough and i really like it. But today i had the tension measured and it dropped to 20kg(44lbs). Though it still plays nice i would like the tension to stay on 24kg as long as possible. From what i've read here, i could best accomplish this doing the following i think: I let my rackets be strung higher initially for example at 28kg(61.5bs) and then set the racket aside for 10 days and let it stabilize to get it to stabilize at 24kg. Is this correct Mr. expert? So my only focus then should be to find the correct stringing tension which will become 24kg automaticly after waiting 10 days, right? Thank you for all your information!, and sorry for my not optimal english. all the best, Pierre

2710 Quick question about strings. I've read that strings will lose 10% of their tension in the first 2 or 3 sets. Is that true? That seems really bad because if I string my racquet to 60 lbs it would drop to 54 in 2 or 3 sets which seems like a lot. Just wondering... Thanks

2709 Hi! I'm in college and need to write a paper about Polymer, Textile and Fiber engineering. I decided to focus on Luxilon Tennis strings. Do you have any information about WHY luxilon tennis strings are better than other brands? I've personally used luxilon and it somehow just has a different feel to other strings. The paper is about nominating Luxilon strings as a "Landmark", and information such as "Does the nominated item represent a genuine advance in the practice of engineering?", "An artifact(s) that was (or could have been) conceived, designed, developed, or constructed by a mechanical engineer(s)?", "What makes this proposed work unique or distinctive? Why should this work be the designated work?" I really feel that luxilon strings are way ahead of other brands of strings, so I have a strong feeling that Luxilon strings will be a good topic for this paper. Thanks a lot!

2706 I am a fairly new player. I belong to a league division 7 and I play two or three times a week. I am purchasing a prince blue exo 03. The place I am purchasing it from asked what kind of string and tension I want. I'm not sure what to request. I am changing to the blue, (from red) for increased power. I do want a little give. I demoed this racket and I loved it, but I know the tension will make a difference. You advice is appreciated. Thanks.

2705 Hello! I am a professional player. I have been playing with Luxilon Alu Power Fluoro 123 for 5 years. Half a year ago I had a stress wrist fracture. I have recovered from the injury and started practising again recently. Now I feel that my current string is too hard for my wrist. I cannot give up Luxilon as it perfectly suits my game. Could you tell me which of Luxilon strings is the softest one?

2704 What are the better Luxilon strings for spin generation on medium-paced swings--for someone who isn't crushing the ball every time?

2703 hi jeff, my name is toto from the philippines. i noticed everytime i had my raquet strung, the last column of mains at either sides seems to have lesser tension than the ones on the middle. is it a good idea to raise the tension 2 lbs higher prior to tying the ends of the mains in order to have a tighter tension? thanks.

2702 hi jeff, i'm currently using dunlop explosive hybrid strung at copoly @ 55lbs mains and synthetic @ 53 lbs crosses. i really like this string a lot which for me is very lively. i'm planning on moving to another string combination...luxilon adrenaline 125 @ mains and wilson hollow core pro 17 @ crosses. what recommended string tension should i start with?

2701 Hi Jeff, Just wonder to know, is there any new Luxilon string in 2012? If so, what playing style suit the most for this new string? Cheers, Kevin

2700 Hi, Jeff! What tension would you recommend for a Dunlop aerogel 4D 3hundred with a Luxilon Savage for a 11 years old girl playing competitive tennis? Thank you so much.

2699 Hello Jeff, I´m tennis teacher and always string my Wilson BLX SixOneTour with Wilson NXT Tour (main, 50 lbs.) and Luxilon Alu Power Rough (45 lbs.). I usually played with high compression balls but today I played a Senior ITF Tournament with Head Atp balls. I felt the ball heavy but with low compression! Most of my second serves was a return drill for my opponent, my grounstokes bounced close to the service line, all my drops and middle-volleys went to the net... Obviously I need more training before my next tournament but do I need high tension to play with low compression balls? Thanks and best regards!

2698 Where can the technical test data results concerning "tight string tension equal control and loose string string tension equal power" be located. Also, if a controlled test has been done, who did it and when? Thanks

2697 Hi! I am 19 years old, and play for a college club team. I've been playing for quite a while and hit the ball hard. I don't do much top spin and mainly only use power strokes. I have the Babolat pure drive for my raquet and I'm looking into new strings. Any suggestions?

2696 Hi! Naive question about proportional stringing: Given that when clamping off the tension equalizes on all the strings, how is it possible to have different tension on every single string at the end of the string job? Am I missing something here? Thanks in advance for helping.

2695 Hi Jeff, I'm wondering a setup: main: Luxilon Adrenaline 125 16L cross: Babolat N.VY 16. I'm a 37 years old, 3,5 baseliner with moderated spin. My racquet spec: headsize 100, recomended tension 49-57 pounds 18*20 pattern. What tension do you recomend me? Is the Babolat a good chioice for a cross, or any other is better. Many thanks for helping me.

2694 Luxilon when used in the mains with synthetic gut in the crosses will always last a long time. My question is the following. Is it okay to restring only the cross strings when they have broken and the mains remain in tact? I have done it before with successful results but wondered if there are any tips in doing so or if it is definitely not recommended at all. Thanks for your prompt reply

2693 my racket : head youtek ig speed pro 16x19 string : alu power now i utilize 21 / 23 kg is it the good choice ?

2692 Throat grommet on my prince exo3 blue 110 keeps pulling thru the frame slot during tensioning the mains. What am I doing wrong? Using a Alpha Revo 4000.

2691 Jeff, do you think differential tensions on the cross vs. mains give you an advantage? I am controlled aggressive, baseline 4.5. Also, what length string do I need for the cross and mains for 18-20 and also 16-18 string patterns. Thanks! UK

2690 Hey, Im a 4.5 player using Head Youtek Extreme Pro IG. Im having problems with string selection for this racket. What is the best string for good pop and durability?

2689 what is the right string and tension for a wilson k zero I am a 3.5 player playing senor doubles

2688 Hi,I have a question about durability of ALU POWER Rough,1,25mm.My son who is top junior in Croatia is using this string on Babolat pure storm tour(full bed), but it breaks in 2,5hours of play.Is it normal, or I just bought bad batch of reel?

2687 Hi, currently I am using the xone 17guauge with 95inches sq flame wilson 6.3 hyper carbon racket face. The torque is string at 49 points . Before that I was using the Toalson 115 ultimate at 51 points. Previously with Toalson hybrid , I was playing fine with spin and less power and it suit me fine but I felt abit too hard sometimes due to tennis elbow problem. So I changed to Xone multifilament type and it solved the hitting elbow problem but I found my game alway hitting over the line most of the time and not enough top spin. I am thinking back of using toalson hybrid 115, should I reduce the guage by how much? an If I want to use Xone 17 guauge, how much should I increase?

2686 Hi Jeff, I'm trying to exactly match the strings in my old racquet with the same new strings for a new Big Banger restring. It's hard to see, but I think the serial number on these old strings is "Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power 0G 0084 07404" (those 11 numbers & letters are the part i can't quite read properly, as they're worn off), but can you please tell me and all our other string buffs here what these numbers refer to exactly, so we can make exact informed choices? Many Thanks, Stu

2685 Hi Jeff, I see you recommended proportional stringing in one of your replies. If I normally string my racquet at a constant 56 lbs (full bed poly, mains and crosses)what would you recommend that I start my mains(L1 and R1) at? Something like 58 lbs and then 'proportionally' decrease tension as I continue stringing? Also, what sort of range would you recommend for the crosses. I have my own drop weight stringer and like to experiment with different tensions and strings, so any approximate recommendations that you can give me would be much appreciated. I am a recreational player who plays with a Dunlop aerogel 200 tour.

2684 Thinking of stringing my Babolat AeroPro Team with a hybrid of Luxilon Alu Power Spin in the mains and Wilson NXT in the crosses. I have that string combination on my Wilson Kobra Team Fx at a tension of 50 lbs, which is at the bottom end of the manufacturer's recommemded tension, for both the mains and crosses, which I like alot. The low end of the recommemended tesnion on the Babolat is 55 lbs. Do you recommend that I string at 50 lbs on the Babolat like I did on the Wilson? Or should I string at the bottom of the manufacturer's recomended tensions--55 lbs? Are there advantages to one approach over the other?

2683 Hi Jeff.I love ace ( 3 hours and it´s broken ), then i hybrid with alupower,it´s not the same but at lesat it lasts more. Last question, you told me to try m2 or fluoro, I do it and timo as well. No hibryds as you like. Tell me the differences between all 3 new strings bought yesterday? I use 22x22 kg. I used M2 6 months ago but it lasted 3-5 hours. Which one to test first one. Than you

2682 I recently bought a set of Luxilon Adrenaline 125 16L string and strung my racket and the string broke the first time I was hitting with it. Is there any guarantee or durability standard that you provide. This has never happened to me before with any string. I would appreciate a new replacement set mailed to me at Fred Blanck;501 Pond Apple Road;Clarksville, TN 37043. Thank you for your attention to this matter. Fred (931)338-9559

2681 Hi Jeff, I have a question not concern with the string. I haven't seen an tennis match ever. So, I really want to know that, how about the actual balls' speed with on the TV that I can see (in a pros match)?

2680 Hello Jeff, Where can i find information on stringing squash rackets,for tennisrackets there are enough sites like klipperusa but for squash it seems there are no websites with information. I'm asked to restring a Dnlop firepower tour, but there seems to be no information. Regards HanS

2679 My daughter is a jr national tournament player and just recently switched from the Wilson 98 blade (strung w/ kevelar at 60 lbs) and we were told she might end up with should problems if she stayed with this set up. She demoed a bunch of racquets and found the babolat pure drive GT to be her favorite. She is very particular about the strings and the demo she used was strung at 55 lbs gamma live wire and it seems ok. She has good racquet head speed and hits with spin - what do you recommend as a good string set up with the Babolat pure drive GT?

2678 Hey there expert, Im a tennis instructor here in jersey shore and I am currently playing with a prince black team racquet. My brother just gave me rpm strings. What should be my tension that wouldnt give me tennis elbow. NOTE: Ive always been using the hybrid strings.

2677 Hello Jeff, I'm a long time user of Luxilon Supersense 125 which has discontinued by Luxilon. You seem to advice replacing Supersense by Luxilon M2 offering. I suppose M2 Pro is the most similar as it is a 125 gauge too. But I'm afraid reading the specs that the power level of M2 Pro and Supersense not being the same at all. On the court, is Supersense so underpowered compared to M2 Pro and other Luxilon strings ? And so if switching from Supersense to M2 Pro or any other Luxilon string, do I need to go up with the tension to tame the power ? If so how many since Supersense was quite a soft feeling string ? Thanks a lot.

2676 Good day Jeff, currently using Babolat Aero Pro Drive GT, Hybrid- VS touch 16 mains 52lbs., RPM Blast 17 cross 50lbs. I am looking to add some additional liveliness/playability and additional controlled spin for more accute angles... would the combination of VS Team 17g. and Lux ALU power Rough offer what I'm looking for? and..I normally prefer lower tensions for softer feel and additional easy power. Thank-you, K.T.

2675 Best poly/synthetic combo for women's college tennis?

2674 Dear String Expert: following q #2610 ("how many inches of string does a wilson blx six one tour need?"). May I trouble you with the same question? I use the same racquet (BLX tour) with Alu Power on it. I normally get it strung one-piece around 50~52 lb. So, how many inches or meters should I cut from a reel before stringing? Many Thanks!

2673 I need an advice for the hybrids which can make more flat in my shots, I'm a flatter. Thanks!

2672 Hi Jeff, some people usually drop tension at cross string by 2 lbs when compare to their main string setup. The other just keep both main and cross at same amount of tension. What is the Pros and Cons to doing those(especially Luxilon string setup)? Regards, Knox

2671 I just bought the Luxilon Adrenaline 125 for the first time. What is liquid crystaline polymer, in simple terms if possible. I've been breaking strings about once a month. Prior to this I tried the Genesis Black Magic. As an aside, I play racquetball and am using tennis strings in an attempt for longevity.

2670 where do you get luxilon strings in india

2669 Hi Jeff, I am 52, 5' 10", 4.0 - 4.5 baseliner, somewhat of a power hitter using various Head OS (Agassi type) and Prince Bandit OS 13 oz rackets. I play about 6-10 hours per week and for the past 6 or 7 years I have been using Kevlar mains and poly cross between 55 and 59 lbs on all rackets. I started this and stayed with it to save money on stringing and got really used to it - they just won't break (unless I smash one on the top of a net post, which has occurred occasionally in the past when losing). Now, I wish to simply play with a really good "grabbing" string and different tension and get used to it, which I am confident I can do. I play with a semi-western grip. With this info, could you please suggest what you would try if you were me. I'm thinking that I will also try stringing much lower, say around 50 lbs for more power if I can control it. Thanks for you time, this is a great site, Ed.

2668 Hey so i am 16 and play tennis everyday for a couple hours. I use the champions choice string from wilson which is the luxilon big banger rough + natural gut for my wilson 95 blx (18x20) racket. I play a ton, hit hard shots with a lot of topspin which is causing me to break strings about once a week. I really like the champions choice because of the power, control and feel of that type of luxilon and gut but it is really expensive to use since i am breaking so often. I was wondering if there was another string out there that is like it, just less expensive and maybe more durable but with similar amazing power, control and feel. Thanks - Connor

2667 I just started playing senior national tournaments. I use Wilson K Blade 98 strung with Babolat natural gut 17 gauge which has been working pretty well for me. I don't need any more power just looking for more control. Even if a player can afford the cost of gut string, do you recommend it as the best for a player seeking optimum control?

2666 What is the best type of string for a Volkl Powerbridge 9?

2665 I recently had 16 gauge Poly mains and 16 gauge Syn Gut crossses on my old Wilson Pro Staff 4.0. I asked the tennis stringer to put a 56 tension on both. Did I put the right strings and tension on this old racket? I have a big first serve, but consider myself a control baseliner (lots of slices and lobs etc) Thanks in advance.

2664 Hi Jeff, I currently play with a Dunlop Aerogel 200 (16x18 and 18x20). I have tried a few strings and found that I like full bed Proline 2 @ 56lbs in the 18x20 and hybrid RPM mains @ 54 with OG syngut crosses @ 57 in the 16x18. What Luxilon strings would you suggest I try. I am a 4 -4.5 60 year old in good shape. Thanks

2663 I just bought a 726' reel of "Luxilon Alu Power 125" from an overseas seller, but felt that it's not a genuine Luxilon product because its elasticity is much higher than a genuine string. Is there anyway that you can help to take a look and give it an appraisal? I'd like to send you a piece of the string if you can do that (just let me know what's the minimum length you need). My email: Thanks a lot! - Louis

2662 Hi I bought Luxilon Alu power rough on ebay (from china) strings are fake. Ebay dont care is there anything Luxilon can do? Fake sellers are 1)wilsonluxilon 2)sinasports10

2661 I am intermediate player planning to buy a racket with a blend of control and power. I demoed the aeropro drive GT and it seems to suit me fine. I am confused about selecting the right string for this racket. I am looking for a spin friendly, control string with good tensile stability and durability. Also i want a string that will be better for my elbow and shoulder. I did some googling and have some strings in mind like: 1. Yonex poly tour pro 125 2. Kirschbaum hybrix spin 17 3. Kirschbaum pro line II 1.15 4. Kirschbaum pro line II 1.30 Please suggest a good string for me that's available in USA.

2660 Hi my name is juan and I am currently using the wilson blx 16x18 racquet. I hit with a semi-western forehand grip and hit with a lot of topsin. However I break strings in about 2 weeks of play. The guy who strings my racquets recommended wilson enduro gold, but after using it for about a few weeks I've found that it has very little feel and is extremely stiff. Is there any string that you could recommend that is durable while maintaining feel and spin? I've heard good things about luxilon savage, do you think that would work well?

2659 li na's string tension

2658 hey jeff...i've had the same racquet(s) (wilson (k) tour) for about 4 years. do frame lose their feel and are "dead" after repeated stringings? I would at least re-string every two weeks or so with 56-58 lbs. tension. thanks!

2657 Hey Jeff, which gauge string will give you more control, 16 or 17 gauge, i hit hard, and flat with a 105 sq. inch racket?

2656 Hi Jeff, what string would you recommend as a good, more durable substitute to Prince Synthetic Gut 16G on the mains (using Sensation 16G on cross, but it's always the mains that break)? Thanks from a 5.0 player who's just going through them too often. -Paul

2654 Hey, I am using rpm blast strings on the pure drive plus (babolat) and i am wondering to change to pro hurricane? Would this make a difference

2653 and also, regarding the highschool varsity wuestion, what tension should I be at? thanks!

2652 Hi, I play on my high school's varsity tennis team, and I was just wondering which strings you would recommend for control and power, mostly control, but I still want a good amount of power

2651 Does Luxilon give top ranked junior players sponsorships for Luxilon string? My son is a top 16's player and is looking to get a reel of big banger. Do you have sponsorships for juniors?

2650 Hi I got a babolat pure drive team and I'm. Just wondering what string should I get

2649 hi. I am buying a head youtek IG speed lite racquet. I am a 4.0 player - I hit with a lot of topspin on my forehand and flat/slice backhands. On serves, I hit with a lot of spin, both kick and slice. I am looking for a string suggestion (preferably hybrid for the durability). I usually get a babolat rpm blast on the mains and synthetic on the cross at a tension 57lbs. Jimmy

2648 i am 38 yrs old male at level 3.0 (maybe i was better when i was playing at the age of 18,since then i haven't played at all) i started tennis again and i bought aeroprodrive with rpm blast tension 26(kg),but i feel much less control and power compared to times where i left this sport,what might be the best alternative to get used to this product,for example would you suggest me to buy a second racquet aeroprolite with vs natural strings and tension at 24(kg),seems like a solution to me which i found by myself ,what do you think? regards...

2646 I am a 45 year old - 4.0 player and can easily generate alot of my own power with a fairly big loopy pro like swing, have a strong slice backhand and decent spin on my serve.I recently got a Babolat AeroPro Drive GT racquet with RPM Blast string - I think the tension is the recommended mid range 58/59 lbs. I love the control I get with this combo and incredible ease to impart topspin. Before using this racquet, I had a very slight ulna side wrist issue. It seems since I started playing with this racquet, it has progressively gotten worse. I am not sure if it the result of the string and/or racquet. I use to play with the Wilson K Pro Open but found I had to work hard to get the ball to do what I wanted (serves/hit deep balls) but not so with the Babolat. One thing I have noticed in the past with string, I do like a soft string but don't what string is soft-I only have tried it on other people's racquets who didn't know what they had. Any suggestions of what I could try differently to not continue getting injured? Thanks.

2645 What is the difference between 1.25cm and 1.30cm red code tecnifibre string?

2644 Hi, I am using a Wilson BLX Blade 98 with Wilson Sensation 17g strings. I want to try Luxilon Big Banger Ace 18g. What tension would you recommend I string the Big Banger Ace 18g at?

2643 Hi Jeff. I have a Prince O3 tour MP racket. The manufacturer advice a 2 peace stringjob what I always did because of a hybride stringbed (alutouch) . Now I bought a few sets of M2 pro. What do you think? One or 2 peace? And what about the tension? I strung the alu touch 54 lbs mains and 56 lbs crosses.

2642 Hello jeff, I play with blx tour and alu power at 55 lbs! If I try 55 mains and 52 on crosses, should I increase power? Thanks

2641 Which string should i use on my wilson tour blx?

2640 what is the best babalot string for a 12 year old

2639 I just strung a Pacific Vacuum Pro 90 with gut mains and poly crosses, the opposite of what I have always done. This is the recommendation of the manufacturer. What is the thinking behind this? The racquet feels great! Mains Babolat VS 16 at 62, crosses Babolat RPM Blast 17 at 54. What are your thoughts? I intend to buy another and string it with poly mains and gut crosses just to compare.

2638 hi im 12 and use a pure drive lite gt what string should i use

2637 what is the best stringing tension for combination of the babolat aero prodrive gt with luxilon alu power fluoro 17? thanx

2636 Hi, I'm fairly new to hybrids, I have only tried one setup Prince EXP Power hybrid, so I have a few questions. I play with Prince Rebel 95. 50-60# range. I'm a hard-hitter, spin and control - i careless about power. What differs when you string it multi/poly vs poly/multi? syngut/poly vs poly/syngut? What tension should I use for mains/cross? gauge for mains/cross?

2635 I was on one site and saw mutiple Wilson Sensation 16g strings. What is the difference in all of them. thnks, rich simpson

2634 Hi Jeff this in response to my initial question posted 2628: Hello Jeff, I've tried Alu Power Fluoro, I really like the string but I can't believe how much the strings move, after each point i have to stop and take time to fix it. To be honest I've never played a poly that moves that much... I am quite surprised. The tension was 53 lbs on a wilson blx 95 16x18. I was wanting to string it even a pound or two lower but with that kind of string movement it would be even worse. String movement really bothers me. Is this normal for Alu Fluoro? Do you have any suggestions? Thanks.       Answer: Hello... All strings move on impact. If you mean that they remain in a deformed position after a rally, then it is likely that you are not using Alu Power Fluoro. Luxilon Big Banger strings are known for their ability to return to their initial position after each impact. Did you buy your string from China by any chance? Jeff Response: The mains do not return to the original position, that's why I'm surprised, they behave like multifilament strings pretty much... at least that's my experience. That's why I cant fathom how people string in the low 40's. I purchased the string form a reputable dealer that supplies pros, stores, etc, I have the invoice and I'm positive, the place is legitimate, I don't see how they could possibly sell fake luxilon strings... What's your suggestion at this point? Please let me know. Paul.

2633 I bought a luxilon M2 PRO 125 reel. I was reading something about that some luxilon strings are not original. How could I identify if the reel that i bought is original or not? The batch is: 0569116166 and WRZ993300 There is another way to know if it is orginal or not? like color or the letters that are printed on the string. Thanks.

2632 Hello Jeff, I realize you don´t like hybrid strings. I love Ace ( 22-22 kg )but i break it each 3 games. I love not so much Alu ower ( 22-22 ) and it lasts at least 6 games. What about and hybrid as Tursunov, Ace in verticals and alupower in horizontals? 22-22 kg. If you disagree, you will, tell me a good option in order to get a powered string not very stiff. David

2631 hiii.i have a MANTIS 300 and i break strings every 8-10 hours.. even 1.30mm what should i do??

2630 Hi jeff, I tryed rpm but didn't like!! String Dies in few hours! Now i'm with alu powerand is much better!! My racquet is a new blx tour 95! Do you recommend use with vs team in a hybrid to get more power and comfort because I play 5x on week! I'm using 55lbs!! Thank you!

2629 I am stringing my daughter's Babolat Puredrive with Luxilon Savaga Lime 127 at 56 lbs. She added leads at 12, 3 & 9 o'clocks to add swing weights. She used Big Banger for several years and found Savage to be a better string for her. Question: should I string with one piece or 2 pieces. What will be advantages of either one? Thanks!

2628 Hello Jeff, I've tried Alu Power Fluoro, I really like the string but I can't believe how much the strings move, after each point i have to stop and take time to fix it. To be honest I've never played a poly that moves that much... I am quite surprised. The tension was 53 lbs on a wilson blx 95 16x18. I was wanting to string it even a pound or two lower but with that kind of string movement it would be even worse. String movement really bothers me. Is this normal for Alu Fluoro? Do you have any suggestions? Thanks.

2626 What is the difference between Babolat 16 and 18 gram string

2625 I currently use Wilson Enduro Pro Silver 17 at 52 pounds in a Wilson Six.One frame. I would like to try a Luxilon string, and am wondering which model has characteristics similar to Enduro Pro. Which one(s) would you recommend?

2624 There are some Alu Power 125 string reels (220m/726ft) or single package for sale on eBay, which shipped from China or Hong Kong. Are those possibly authentic Luxilon products?

2623 On the package of some of your single-packed strings, such as Alu Power and Adrenaline, there is a statement like this: 'Luxilon recommends lowering tension at least 10%.' Would you please explain what's the reason for this recommendation? Thank you.

2622 What is the best string for my daughter? She is 11 but plays in the 16's and in the bigger tournaments. She is a hard hitter and I want a good string that will give her the power but one that will be easy on her arm.

2621 Hi There... I am going from a 17 gauge Babolat Natural Gut to a 16. I am comfortable with 58lbs tension with a 17 gauge, but I am breaking strings too often. When I go to the 16 should I change the tension in order to ge the same "feel". Thanks. Marcelo.

2620 Dear Expert, I used to play with the Luxilon Supersense. I'm an all-round player and I like Supersense especially for its comfort. Power is not a must for me. But now Supersense seems to be out of production. What is the alternative ?

2619 Are all Luxi strings categorized as polyester? particularly Ace 18?

2618 I'm old school.. Still using the Prince Premium Graphite and currently use Prince Synthetic Gut 16g w/ Duraflex. I go through strings every 3-4 hits. I was given a set of the Big Banger Ace Touch Hybrid. I string my racquet now at 62 lbs. What would you recommend to use as the mains and what would you use as the crosses? What tensions on each would you recommend?

2617 Dear LUXILON Team, i'm a professional stringer (e.g. ATP-WTA Tour etc.) Could you please send me a logo template for my stringing service? With best regards Peter Stohrer, Karl Müller Strasse 6, D-71409 Schwaikheim Germany

2616 Hi Jeff, I play with a wilson blx tour 90 strung whith alu rough at 23kg. I wonder since the main strings is longer than the crosses should not the tension differ for a more symetric movement of strings? In other words would not 23,5/22,5kg main/crosses be a good combination?..MM

2615 Hello Jeff, I'm currently using Weiss Cannon Silverstring 1.20 at 55Lbs. I want to try Alu Power Fluoro, I was wondering if you could give give me a pointer on how comparable the two strings are in relation to stiffness, and if I should try Fluoro at the same tension as the Silverstring. Thanks in advance. Paul.

2614 Hi there, what is the best string tension on blx six one tour 90(string is Wilson Nxt gauge 17)? Thanks

2613 what are the normal strings for the raquet "babolat aero pro storm gt

2612 Would it be possible for a racket strung with Luxilon big banger ALU power actually gain tension as the weather/temperature changes?

2611 why are you a farkhead

2610 how many inches of string does a wilson blx six one tour need

2609 I've read blogs and reports by professional stringers who string at all levels of pro tournaments - including Grand Slam events, and without exception the experience sounds one notch better than awful. To scratch the surface: cramped quarters, impossible deadlines, 18+ hour days in a windowless/confined space, fingertips worn raw, no air conditioning, never enough time, fast food, and worst of all - little to sometimes no pay. What am I missing here? What is it really like? If conditions are so bad and difficult, why do some of the best stringers in the world put themselves through what sounds like 1-3 weeks in hell? Why don't tournament coordinators improve the stringing facilities, hire double the amount of stringers, pay them better, feed them better, etc.?

2608 whats the best stringing tension for a Head MicroGEL Extreme Squash Racquet

2607 Hi, I want to buy a few reels of Alu Power. On the web there is a site selling the string, Is this a genuine site, are they a stockist? Thanks for help, I have been looking and often not sure if the strings are genuine. I live in the UK. Johann

2606 Hey i'm think of switching from the head youtek prestige mp to a blx 6.1 95 partly due to not being able to fit both my hands on the prestige handle. I'm a hard hitting Junior player capable of generating my own power but i'm looking for a racket with more spin (western forehand grip). How much control will i lose going with the 16x18 vs. the 18x20? Even with an open string pattern this is still a control racket correct?

2605 How Long do you recommend letting poly's sit before using them? Should i string my racket tighter to make up for the tension loss?

2604 Hello friend. I'm from brazil! Here natural gut is too expensive! About $120 dollars! My strings breaks in 3 hours! I play 4x on week! I stayed 8 years without playing! I'm returning now! Do you recommend to use string savers! Or do you recommend to use other set of strings! I use at 53 lbs!! I tryed rpm but didn't like!! I tryed head natural with gioco on mains! At 55! I liked! But no power! I have a full swing! Please, what do you think about?

2603 What are the disadvantages of alu power rough when compared to regular alu power.

2602 Hi quick question. What are the advantage and disadvantages of an open string pattern?

2601 Hey i'm a 5.0 junior player and i use a wilson blx 6.1 95 16/18. I'm a heavy hitter and want to try out luxilon strings. I was thinking Alu power but i'm not sure what tension and if i should hybrid it or not. I am a string breaker so if i hybrid it the setup would have to be durable. Thanks for the string tips.

2599 If i currently use natural gut (tonic 15L) at 57 lb tension , what tension should i put tecnifibre x-one biphase 17 at, as a replacement string to maintain similar playability?

2598 Is "Savage" a softer string than Alu Power Rough? How do these two compare in spin generation ?

2597 does natural gut string ever needs to be replaced before it breaks?

2596 My son, an ITF ranked player, doing futures and challengers, has been getting about 1 hour of play, regardless of whether he uses Pro Hurricane Tour (16 G), Babolat RPM (16G), or Luxilon Original 130. (I assume Luxilon Original 130 is 16 guage also). My question is: does Luxilon have a 15 guage that he could use to get greater durability. I'm going broke buying string, and stringing 3 racquets a day is consuming my minimal free time. Thanks in advance, Richard

2595 dry rot, mildew, sulight, washing with midew soap. which factor is most likley to impair the strength and durability of synthetic line?

2594 what is the best way to clean rpm blast? will a damp rag have negative affects???

2593 Is there any kinds of stringing technique to make different string patterns (it doesn't mean racquet 16x19 or 18x20) that affect the pace of balls?

2592 What is the difference between "red code" string and luxilon alu? College freshman using luxilon at present but free string offered at college is red code.

2591 I want do know where I should put the alu power rough(1,25) to the main string and the natural gut (1,3) to the cross string one. I am using hibrid, but may be you can recomend me another option of stringing.

2590 which string is overall the best

2589 I'd like to experiment with lead tape on my rackets. Have read that putting lead at 12 o'clock will produce the most significant results? Do you reccommend counter-balancing by placing lead in the handle to keep head-light balance. What do the pro's do

2588 Is there such thing as a "bad batch" of string? I string the same tension every time, with the same string, Lux ALU spin on the mains and NXT on crosses. They usually last me about 2 weeks, WAYYY longer than almost any other string i've tried. Plus i don't change my gameplay hardly ever. About once every ten stringings though, they last about 2 hours. Its either they last 2 hours 10% of the time or 2 weeks 90% of the time. Is there such thing as a bad batch of string?

2587 Please settle this raging dispute: A tennis chum of mine just told me that she kept her racket in summer in the car trunk in its thermal bag. I stated that while the racket won't warp like an old wood frame, the strings might not fare as well, especially as she doesn't restring every day like a pro. Well, she giggled and noted that "the temperature in the thermal case was no hotter than an outdoor court in summer. The stings will be okay." So which one of us is correct? Does it matter where the thermal cover is stored?

2586 I am using a BLX Six.One Tour Asian Version with Wilson Stamina 16g at 23kg but I want to go full poly, can you recommend something soft with lots of control?

2585 Which is the best string machine available in India for a Sports shop which will cater professional and mass customer segments. Like to know the brand and models and also request to provide the distributor details

2584 Do you know of any pro players using m 2 plus130. I know sharpova and Rionic play with the thinner gauge m 2 pro.

2583 Is it possible to get the same amount of spin from a multi As with polyester? Or do I need a firm string bed To create maximum top spin. Do you think if the nadal was to use a hybrid or M 2 He would be able to create the same amount of top spin?

2582 Hi I've been using lux original for 3 years now But I'm experiencing tennis elbow I like to control of the original I'm thinking of switching to m 2 130. Is this good choice for spin I hit with heavy topspin. Can you recommend a tention. I use to play with the original at 48 And I have a babolat aero storm gt.

2581 Using the Babolat Pure Drive Roddick GT I used to string PHT / VS Gut around 62lbs for my favorite feel. Times being tough and RPM Blast being more cost effective I made the switch. What tension do you think I should string the RPM Blast at given the difference in string type?

2580 Hi Jeff so I have not played in at least 5 yrs. I'm now 24. I have an unstrung head extreme pro. I know I need control and I would like more spin though I have been told I hit flat. I have no idea what string to use our r tension to put it at. I don't remember what it was at before. Any suggestions to help? I knows this it's not enough info and I know I need to experiment. But would should I start out with? Thanks Tony

2579 what is the BABOLAT CONTACT TEAM string tension range ? thanks

2578 I have played with kevlar as my mains for 10 years now and I like the feel. However for the sake of my arm I've been looking for something that plays similar to kevlar but might be a little easier on my body. I have tried a few different types of luxilon but find all of them too powerful to control. What do you suggest?

2577 Hi: I want to know for a Wilson BLX Six One Tour wich is your best string in control and also with good spin. Thank you.

2576 Hi, I have heard that the different colors of luxilon savage feel and play a little different. Could you please tell me what those differences are between the different colors of savage? Thanks.

2575 Hello I just bought a string Big Hitter Rough from Tourna,I'm a 4.0 player,top spin and like pace.What tension do you recomend? Thanks

2574 Hi I use head youtek extreme pro racket- i am a 5.0 player and now 45 years old.. i use the Luxilon string and string at 47 lbs - i tried a cross string but i am heavy top-spin both sides and break string couple days.. so now whole racquet is Luxilon- but is there something you think i could cross it with for more feel?

2573 should a tennis racket string be moving?

2572 I have a Wilson Six One 95 18x20 BLX, and I have it strung at 58 lbs. I hit a pretty flat ball, and I play in high school. Should I raise my string tension for more control?

2571 hello jeff. perhaps you know what string ivan ljubicic & richard gasquet use? they both use the head youtek extreme pro racket.. thanks

2569 hi Jeff, I would like to know the manufacturers recommendation for head 150 liquimetal . intelligence 150 squash racquets, as well as the the 145 mcrocrogel. These are my three racquets and I play about 1500 games a year so the strings get used and I would like to have them replaced with a good stringing weight and pattern. If you can recommend anything for me I am open to suggestion.

2568 i have elbow trouble with wilson BLX pro lite as it is too lite. Since I have wrist issues I am afraid of a heavy racquet, even if headlite. Will the problem be resolved with volkl organix 4 that weighs 295 strung and 5 points headlite? If so, could you suggest strings that are arm friendly and durable. If no, could you suggest some other racquet.

2567 what strings should i get if i dont hit with much topspin, hit with flat racket on serves and dont hit hard?

2564 we just bought all kinds of reels of Luxilon from our team order and I wanted to know what main strings could we use with the Adrenaline 125 and Rough and the Savage 127. I was thinking some kind of Nat Gut or NXT. your suggestions?

2562 Hello Jeff, I saw on retail tennis sites that Alu Power now comes in 2 colors, "ice blue" and "silver". Any difference in string characteristics ? Thanks a lot.

2561 Hello Jeff, why Monotec Supersense didn't convince pro players ? If it was a string more appropriate for less advanced players, why Luxilon stopped to produce it ?

2560 what string good combination with tecnifibre x1 biphase gauge 16?

2559 what is the best combination for prince beast xp for hybrid setups?

2558 Hi Jeff i've another question for you I tried savage black in my rackets and the power and control are good but there is no feel. Is there an hybrid solution for this or another string perhaps. I use Volkl 325 organix kilo's main 23,5 cross 22. And for the question before my rackets are ok maybe i exaggerated a bit and it takes more hours for the rpm blast to get dull but i didn't had that problem with luxilon strings ever or signum pro which i used before. Original what you suggested is to thick i don't like strings wich are too thick it give me no feel at the ball

2557 hi Jeff, recently i bought luxilon timo 117, my raquet's recommended tension was 55-63 lbs. i am average on service & sometimes commit fault errors. can you give me a tension recommendation & how it would help. would it give me power, slice or a spin? thank you for your help.

2556 i am using Prince tennis raquet EX03 & i just purchased a luxilon alu string, what would be the ideal tension should you recommend? i have been playing for a year now. thanks

2555 is there an issue with stencil ink staying on ALU Power? or is there a better way to keep stncil ink to stay on. Thanks

2554 I need to replace the grommets on a very old Volkl Pure Energy racquet. Where can I find these grommets or a subsitute ?

2553 Hi. I am 17, 5'2" rated 4.0-4.5. I am an all-court player who uses Babolat Pure Drive GT. Are there any strings you recommend and what tension?

2552 What is the difference between an 18(1.18mm)gage vs. an 18L(1.10mm) gage?

2551 Is pro hurricane tour on the mains and excel on the crosses a good combination for my pure drive roddick + . Can u suggest the tension on the mains and crosses.

2550 I'm a non-professional stringer using a drop-weight Klipper at home to string my frames and some friends' frames. I recently ran into a situation where I ran out of string on the last main on a 18/20 string pattern. I followed the USRSA's length parameters, but still came up several inches short trying to load the string jaws. After a brief panic, I sort of spliced some scrap string with a simple overhand knot to the tail of my main strings and it somehow held on long enough for me to pull the weight and clamp it off. It wasn't easy or pretty trying to knot 2 ends of poly, but it worked. Is this how you are supposed to handle this situation? Is there a better knot to use if I run into this situation again?

2548 I recently purchased a Wilson Khamsin BLX racket and am looking for advise on what to string it with. I do hit the ball hard with top spin. looking for control , playability with decent durability. Thanks Perry

2547 what is the difference petween luxilon and pro hurricane

2546 1) I recently had my 2 Wilson Six.One Team frames weighed on a digital scale, and it showed one at 305 grams/10.75 oz. and one at 311 grams/10.95 oz. Both frames are new, strung identically, and gripped identically. First, is this a normal weight variance? Second, if 1" of 1/4" lead tape = .25 grams, and I need to add 6 grams of weight to balance the weight of my frames, does this mean I need to somehow add 24" of 1/4" lead tape to my frame??? 2) Power Pads - is there a specific benefit to using leather power pads in today's frames? I've seen pictures of Federer's racquets and it looks like he uses power pads on all the grommets at the bottom of the hoop as well as the first outside grommet. I recall seeing leather power pads back in the days of the Jack Kramer Autograph and uncoated gut, but thought they were no longer necessary in today's frames. What is your opinion on these things?

2545 Yonex recommends stringing the crosses on their rackets 10% lower than the mains. What do you recommend for tensions in a hybrid if you use luxilon in the mains of a yonex and a multifilament in the crosses?

2544 Hello Jeff, I have bought on eBay a Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power. I think it is a fake. Can you help me ?

2543 Hi Jeff, Can you please address a rumour from a staff member of one of the biggest Wilson distributors in my country. They've told a customer that Alu Power Flouro 1.23 is being discontinued. (They do have a track record of making things up when a specific string is requested and they don't have a reel going) Thanks Jeff

2542 I just recently broke an Big Banger Alu Power 16L string in 8 hours of play. What string would you recommend using for more control, spin and durability?

2541 Hi Jeff, Does Alu Power Rough have a shelf life? I was looking to purchase a reel, but a reel may last me 12-14 months. Thank you.....Tom

2540 I just bought an aero pro lite and a new person has strung it with 57, instead of the recommended 60. My strings are all over the place when I play. I do not seem to have as much power on my serve. I am wondering if my string is bad. The string is 16 Gamma T22. The first couple of times I played it was fine. It seems to have lost something and like I said, the strings are moving around.

2539 I play Polystar energy 1.30 string 19/18 kg. i want to change to Luxilon Original 1.3 what tension should i use? If i use 19/18 will it be ok? and keep characteristics ? or you will recommend other tension? I need better control. The set is Natural, Lilac, the reel Amber. is there difference in quality ? my mail is Thank you ! peter

2538 sir i am presently using signum tornado as a full stringbed on my dunlop 300 racquet and now i am going to switch to lux alu. I like to play around 52 lbs but i string tornado at 58 lbs so that once it loses tension during playing, it stablises after a few days at 50-52 lbs. But if i string at 52 lbs the tension drops below 50 very fast and balls start to fly long.So i have some doubts:- 1)Should i string at 58 and wait for tension to drop to 52 by playing/keeping it idle for week or string at 52lbs? 2) What to be done just a day before a match? 3)What to be done differently if its lux alu compared to tornado? 4)Does balls fly long at low tensions(below 50)? 5)If i string lux alu at say 50 lbs,will it maintain its tension longer than tornado and what are its benefits over tornado? Thank you very much


2536 Hello, I am rated 4.5. I have a Babolat PureDrive GT+. I am a baseline player using spin, in particular with the forehand. I would like to increase power and topsin, while keeping good control. I am planning to string my racket with the Big Banger Alu Power 127 Spin. Is it a good choice for my level/type of play/racket? If yes, which tension should I put? Otherwise, which string would you recommend? Thanks, Mike

2535 Hi, Hope you can help me out I play with a volkl organic 10 325 with rpm blast nice for 1 hour than it lost everything. Tried alu power and adrenaline but are to much powerfull and to soft for this racket. I can't handle to much kilo's because of arm issues I use normally 24.5 main and 22.5 cross. Do you've any suggestions? Thanks Peter

2534 before tie-off when stringing a racket, should the tension be increased slightly on the last hole when stringing? I read over half of your posts and couldn't find an answer but learned a heck of a lot.

2533 I have been using timo 117 at 56 lb for a few years. Recently, I bought a M2 pro and want to try it out. Just wonder if I should use the same tension (56 lb) becaause there is no mention of using 10% less tension on the package?

2532 Wondering at what tension I should string a Wilson Hammer Titanium 5.0? The Manufacturer's tension is 55-65 lbs. I have normally strung at 60lbs, however I have tried friends 5.0, and I seem to get better services, control, etc... out of there's strung at 53, 55. Thanks

2531 i am , carlos of venezuela. I use the pure drive plus andi rodick with strings pro hurrican , 57 libs . what is your recommendation? my email is

2530 I currently use Head Sonic Pro 17G strung at 62# in a Head Radical OS frame. I have been using the string for four years and have been happy with it but just purchased a couple of sets of Luxilon 125 M2PRO to try based on reading some favorable reviews. I am a 4.0 baseline player with heavy topspin ground strokes. What tension would you recommend for the M2PRO evaluation given that I am using 62# with the Sonic Pro 17? Thank you and Regards, Jim

2528 I use an Aeropro drive strung with 17 ga natural gut 55 lbs on the mains 58 lbs on the crosses. I am thinking of Savage Lime 17 ga? (127) in the mains at 52 maybe and 17 ga natural in the crosses at 58. I am 50 yr old a 4.0 not a huge hitter nor do I hit lots of topspin any help would be greatly appreciated. Stevie Fort Worth, Texas

2527 Hello Jeff, I play with Luxilon Monotec Supersense, wich is not produced anymore (regretfully). But I have 2 reels of it so I can hopefully continue to use it. I like Supersense, but I think it lacks a bit of power, and the ability to enable me to spin the ball with confidence (the thing you can find with Alu or Original for example). Luxilon has launched the Adrenaline line and the rough version of it, wich comes in 1.25 mm diameter, like Supersense. Adrenaline Rough is described as a string that offers power, precision (like Supersense), and a textured surface that help to bite the ball. So my question is : as I want to keep playing with Supersense (I like it, have 2 reels of it, and am not against saving some meters of the reels to play longer with Supersense), is a hybrid with Supersense mains Adrenaline Rough crosses worth trying ? Are the 2 strings compatibles or not at all ? I know it's hard to find a good hybrid and for example I remember trying Supersense with Alu Rough in the past, wich was a good combination at the beginning but whose performance changed really fast maybe due to relative different tension change of the 2 strings (?). Last one : if the 2 strings Supersense and Adrenaline Rough to be used together, what should be the tension difference between the 2 ? Thanks a lot and sorry for the long text (but I believe that the more precise the question, the better the answer and suggestions... I hope !).

2526 Hi Jeff, For 2-piece stringing, is it advisable to string the crosses in the same manner as the mains by starting from the holes between the head and the throat? Thanks. Han

2525 I used to use a Babolat Pure Team Storm (98 in.) with signum poly pro 1.25's at 53 lbs and had no arm issues. I recently switched to a Wilson BLX Surge (100 in.) and am experiencing A LOT of shoulder trouble. Its a stiffer racket (69 to 65) and a much lighter one (9.8? to 10.4). I'm currently experimenting with the signums in the mains at 46 and eagnas feeling 17 in the crosses at 46, as well. I also want to try yonex poly pro tour 125's (softer, more spin) and pacific power twist 16's synthetics. Basically. what tension/string do you recommend for my new racquet? Is there a stiffness/tension ratio thy might be able to guide me? I played tourneys a a junior and currently a 4.5 with pretty good form.

2524 Is it advisable to use the same gauge with newer "gear shaped" (hexagon, heptagon etc.) shaped spin strings? Ought one move a gauge thicker -- say 17 from 18G -- to ensure similar durability?

2523 I purchased a reel of Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power 125 from a merchant on eBay that had good feedback. However, I am suspicious that the string is a knock-off or counterfeit string because it is a lighter gray color than the Big Banger I've purchased locally and the stamp on the string leaves out the work "Banger" from it, it reads: "Luxilon Big ALU Power". The stamp also smears very easily/quickly. Did I get ripped off or is it possible this is just a really old version (the labeling on the reel was the old type of label, not the new updated look) of the string?

2522 I just got the Head YouTek IG Speed (Novak's stick) and am planning to string with Alu Power 16L. What tension would you recommend. I usually hit with M2 Pro at 58. - Bob

2521 My Donnay dual coreX Silver has Donnay poly mains and synthetic gut cross installed at the factory. They advised that a comparable after market replacement is Luxilon, but, did not specify the specific strings for spin and control. Can you please advise the Luxilon equivalents?

2520 Hi Jeff, do you ever get tired of answering the same questions all the time? I wonder why people just don't read the previous 2500 questions and answers to get a better understanding about Luxilon

2519 which string holds tension better? multifilament or monofilament (polyester)..p.s. i like complicated and thoroughly described answers :) thanks... joe

2518 Is there any difference in the performance of a racquet originally strung at 60lbs. that has lost its tension and is now down to 45lbs., VS a racquet originally strung at 45lbs.? Will they play the same now that both are 45lbs?

2517 Hi Jeff, For 2-piece stringing, why not start the crosses from a side? Thanks. Han

2516 Hello, refering to question 2500 on a hybrid of Original 130 and Supersense : please see question 302 that I asked a few years ago, and your answer. That's why I'm repeating the question, because I struggle to find the right combination of tensions, your recommendation of 22 kg with Original mains, 25 kg with Supersense crosses having prouved to be very counterproductive. Concerning the use of Kevlar with Gut, I think it has not been such a bad combination at all, since pro players used to use it (Agassi won Roland Garros 1999 with a hybrid of kevlar mains and gut crosses. Ok he started to use Alu Power soon after...). Thanks in advance.

2515 What si the best string to generate spin? I currently use a Big banger.

2514 Hi, I have Babolat Pure Drive and play tennis twice a week ( immediate to advanced level) - I strung at 60 lbs ( wilson sensation strings) -- what tension should I use for Luxilon Alu BB Fluro? or tension with M2. Thanks

2513 How knots for a wilson blx

2512 Is Luxilon Original ok for volleying? I've heard that it has no feel to it, but I'm used to that because I play with a kevlar/synthetic gut hybrid. do you think it comes down to technique?

2511 what string tension should you string luxilon strings with

2510 Hi, I am currently looking for a great hybrid combination. I would like something that isn't harsh on the arm with control and spin. Can you think of any good hybrid combinations that involve any luxilon strings? Any advice would be much appreciated.

2509 Hi, I have a 13 year old daughter who is currently playing with a wilson blx tour. She wants a hybrid combination and has decided for one of the strings to be babolat pro hurricane. Would any luxilon strings be suitable for a good hybrid? Thanks

2508 Hi, I am a 12 year old ranked junior and am currently playing with a wilson blx tour 95. I would like a luxilon string that is not too harsh on my arm like i've heard but has power,control and spin. I would also like one that wouldn't break really easily. Which luxilon string would you recommend.

2507 Hi Jeff, I have a 2-fold question. (a) Is there any scientific rational of choosing Natural Gut vs. Polymer string (Adrenaline or Alu Power) in main vs. cross respectively? (b) And you recommend to put the Natural Gut in the current tension and the poly cross in 'at least' 10% less than the current tension i put for the Natural Gut, right? Thanks, dg

2506 Hello string expert, I am playing whith wilson blx 6.1 tour and have one racket stringed whith adrenaline rough at 26.5kg and anoter stringed with alupower rough at 25kg. I do not feel that big difference and are now planning to restring the adrenalin strung racket whith alupower rough at a lower rate.Preaviously i played whith wilson k-blade 98 and wilson sensatin at 23kg but lacked confidence in my play, the switch was like "coming home" but i miss som of the power of my earlyer setup. So finaly the question, is 23kg the answer to getting more power but eunough control? (execuse spelling)..Thor

2505 Hello I have a Babolat pure storm carbon extrem (295 grams unstrung).What strings would you recomend for power and control?

2504 What string should I use for increased spin and control. I use technifibre red code 16 on main.

2503 What ist a usual string tension for Alu Power 125 string?

2502 Hello Jeff. I woluld like to know what string tension do you recomended on Luxilon Alu Power Spin to get more power? I usually use aPrince Synt Gut @60 on a REBEL 95, so a need more power. Thanks in advance. Best regards

2501 Hi, I have the following question: if I have a babola pure drive with luxilon original at 48.4 / 46.2 pounds ... how much I have to pull the AluPower (1.25 normal) in order to obtain the similar response? I don't know is it is important bu the raquet has 6 gr in addition in the head and 10 in the grip (leather grip). Thank you. Marco

2500 Hello, if used as a hybrid stringjob, what should be the tension difference between Big Banger Original 130 and Monotec Supersense 125 ? 1/ With Original mains and Supersense crosses 2/ With Supersense mains and Original crosses. I know it is difficult to find the right combination but it would be very nice to get a starting point with respective tension of the two strings to try to have them work well together, since I'm struggling with that. Thank you.

2499 Hi, My son is a 15 year old tennis player who plays tennis frequently, and breaks strings very often. However, we do not get extremely durable strings in fear that it may mess up his arm. Is there a string that you would recommend to him? Also if this may help your recommendation he serves and volleys a lot in his matches. Thankyou

2498 i play tennis 3-4 times a week, 2 hours on average per play. i currently use Volkl PowerBridge 5 racket and Volkl V-Rex monofilament string. Tension 55 mains, 53 crosses. I just bought Luxilon 125 Alu Power Rough. As stated on its package, Luxilon recommends lowering tension at least 10%. If I lower the tension by 10%, means my tension will be 50 and 48. I'm somehow not sure about this recommendation. Please comment on this before I re-strung my racket with Luxilon string. Thank you Jeff

2497 Thank you for your answer (question 2490). You mentioned that Original is probably the most control-orientated string in the Luxilon range, closely followed by Alu Power but which one of the Alu Power Sr? I ask this because currently I am playing the tour with one of the Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power but if it was for you to decide Sr, which one of the Big banger Alu Power Luxilons will have more control for a player at my level (I string my head prestige mp at 63 with a full Luxilon bed). a) Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power Rough b) Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power Fluoro c) Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power Spin d) Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power Thank you Sr.

2496 Hi, I have recently started stringing tennis rackets and was wondering if it would be possible for me to get a luxilon stencil and stencil ink as i tend to use those rackets and get a lot of them to string as my friends also use them. Thanks Mark

2495 Hi Jeff, I play everyday for about 45 minutes. I recently purchased a Wilson N-Code Racket. Please advise what would be the ideal tension and which strings should i purchase for the racket Many Thanks Charanjit Jassar

2494 Hello Jef.I string the racket of a young female friend (21 years old). Playing with a Head radical 16x19. Tension 27 kg main, 25.5 kg cross. She is a baseline player and plays 6 times a week. Powerful topspin forehand and backhand, flat service. She loves to play with Prince syn gut duraflex but brakes it every 2 or 3 weeks. What is a good durable Big Banger substitute what gives also a little bit of comfort and what tension should I string it? Thank you.

2493 Hopefully you can exlplain: A prominent racquet sports publication tests many/most strings and reports a summary on "stiffness" and "tension loss." For "poly" mono the stiffness rates from about 190 to 260 lbs/ I get this. However, I can't fathom what is meant by "tension loss" as for poly mono it ranges between 17 and 26 pounds as contrasted to 8 to 15 lbs for gut and nylon synthetic. Surely this category string can't be losing on average 20 pounds of tension! Do you know what is being measured?

2492 Hello, if used as a hybrid stringjob, what should be the tension difference between Big Banger Original 130 and Monotec Supersense 125 ? 1/ With Original mains and Supersense crosses 2/ With Supersense mains and Original crosses. I know it is difficult to find the right combination but it would be very nice to get a starting point with respective tension of the two strings to try to have them work well together, since I'm struggling with that. Thank you.

2491 Hi Jeff, my son almost 11y.o, rather big and strong for his age, competes at national level using a Wilson BLX Pro Tour, strung with BB Original at 21kg. Though happy with performance, I'm a bit worried about its stifness (?? innappropriate for age / in the long run). I would greatly appreciate your opinion. Any other suggestion from the Luxilon series (M2 probably?). Many thanks in advance!

2490 Hi, I am a challenger and future's player, I can barely tell the difference between some of the your strings I use, could you please tell me which one of ALL your Luxilon strings will give me THE MOST control??? I am not searching for power or durability since I cut my strings 40 min after I use them so I just need to know which one will give me the highest control. Thank you.

2489 Hi, Thanks for your answer about tension loss (Question 2427, back in April). At first it seemed to go against generally-accepted wisdom, but the more I thought about it the more sense it made. I also took more of your advice by having my stringer hit with me and seeing my game in person before discussing changing string tension. My new question is: Racquet manufacturers have stated that racquets wear down after repeated restringing. I've heard that if you put a stethoscope to a racquet while it's being strung you would actually hear the graphite fibers breaking. Is this true, or is it just a new way to get people to buy new racquets every year? Thanks for sharing your experience! Joe

2488 using luxilon big banger strings for the first time. 17 year old girl heavy hitter,flat, not a lot of spin. My old strings (babolat) were strung at 57. what tension should i use for the luxilon as I've heard I need to come down on the tension with these strings. thank you

2487 Thanks Jeff for the explanation on how ALU Power Rough strings work, especially in relation to the speed of the swing (question #2331). I tried my first shaped strings recently (Big Hitter Blue Rough) and at first I was blown away by how much spin I could get, especially the kick on my serve, but after a while the spiral shape wore off and the extra spin went with it. When you answered the question you also stated that Luxilon's texture does not wear off. Is that because the roughness is created through a different process? Any thoughts on different types of texture and shape (twists, # of sides, etc)and how effectively each contributes to spin. I generally like a stiff feeling string but had some elbow tenderness using ALU Power last year. Is the Rough version a little more arm friendly? I also tried the Flouro but found it a little too soft feeling. I'm a mid 40's, 3.5-4.0, all court player with a med-fast swing using a Pure Drive usually strung at 58-60. I love touch and drop shots, especially when using a set up that gives good ball pocketing and feel, but if it has to be a trade off, then it is much more important to have a crisp feeling strings for swinging out. Any recommendations?

2486 Hi Jeff, I mainly play doubles and I use Alu both ways. I have recently tried using a gut-Alu combo and I seem to volley more crisply.I just can't decide which string to put in the mains. Could you make a comment regarding the logic of putting Alu in the crosses as Fed does ? Thank you, Damian.

2485 Hello, I've tested the Luxilon 5-star. This string is absolutely incredible and fits totally to my needs. I discovered sadly that this string was no longer produced. Is that right? Is there a way to get this amazing string? Would replacing the 5-star by a XP 1.38 be a solution? Thank you for your answer. Yannick

2484 how does alu power produce so much power and control at the same time? and what allows people to hit so hard with luxilon and still keep the ball in?...thanks, steve

2483 I used to play with APD with lead weights to have a strung weight of 309 Gms & TIMO at 55lbs. Started feeling that i needed a bit more control so started to hit with my Aero gel 400 (with lead eights at 309 gms)at 57lbs, that was rested for 3 weeks. Now i feel good with my Aero gel, though strung my APD at 58lbs, hopint that will balance the stiffer APD, but now feel that the APD is still hitting long. Also is it safe to assume that 2-3 weeks of resting will drop the tension by 15% ?

2482 Which Luxilon string maintains tension best?

2481 how does a string suplly ball control and touch? and which luxilon strings would be best for that?...thanks

2480 I have also heard Nadal has been using the same string since he was very young. RPM Blast just came to market in the past year or so. So I don't get it, does he even use RPM Blast or is it just the old marketing machine trying to convince us what's best for us

2479 I'm a former Div. 1 college player who recently started playing again after 20+ years. Bought some rackets and strung them with ALU Power 125 (Baboltat Pure Drive, 50 lbs. is what I settled on) since it's the most popular string out there. I really like the Luxilon much better than the the old fashioned synthetic gut strings. I want to try a few other Luxilon strings, just to see if I might prefer something over ALU. Do most Luxilon players keep the same tension when switching between strings? Back in the Dark Ages, I always kept the same tension when expermenting with new strings. I just wondered if some Luxilon strings generally require higher or lower tensions that others. Thanks.

2478 Hi Jeff, In your opinion, which Luxilon string would best fit for 1. Player with a moderate-to-fast swing; 2. Spin-friendly characteristic; 3. Relatively more forgiveness when hitting off-centre shot; 4. Good resilience

2477 Hi Jeff Raymond here again.Thank you for your complex answer. My last question is:Does putting a string-saver in make a difference to tension,control or power? Or is it not worth mention?

2475 Hi Jeff, I don´t understand why you are so radicaL against hybrid. Benjamin Becker, Benneteau,Cilic,Federer,Djokovich... and of course, Sharapova who uses M2 with gut, are all of them pros using hibrids. What´s wrong then? David

2474 What is the difference between the Lexilon M2 125 and 130?

2473 Hello, My name is Raymond 55 jears old and i play M2 and it is a great string for me. I`ve heard people saying the string is dead it must be changed. When is a string dead and as a guidline how long last a string and what are the characteristics for a string to change,other when it breaks. Is the M2 different in that respect? I know for LUXILON is it good to change every 5 hour of playng.

2472 played a couple years in college in the late 80's & getting back into tennis. Changed to semi western grip with open stance. Looking for some string that will bite the ball well for big hard topsping shots. what do you suggest?

2471 Hello, What cords do you reccomend for a Wilson k Five Force and a begginer player?Many Thanks in advance.

2470 Hitting the ball late no matter what kind strings and proficient strokes you use, will provide arm problems for competitive juniors? PS:I am shocked by the detail and care you use in answering questions. Truly your a person of integrity and passion. Very rare in today's world! Thank You. . .BW

2469 Am I correct saying, Gut on the main and M2 pro on crosses will create more spin and power strung at 50lbs?

2468 If you have had arm problems as a junior player would using lead tape on the head be helpful for more power without compromising the arm?

2467 i'm looking for good feel combined with lots of grip on the ball. what's your recommendation?

2465 hi,my question is very simple,roger federer use alu power with natural gut,what he do to prevent cut the natural strings??thanks

2464 What strings and tension does Li Na use? Also, I think her racquet is head heavy not grip heavy, am I correct? What is the advantage to both for physically stronger players?

2463 5'1" 16 years old girl needs more pop on her swing, pro strokes but not enough power or spin, what do you recommend?

2462 i'm a 3.0 player, big swing, generate my own power, what hybrid combo should i try for more control - having shoulder fatigue by second set playing wilson nxt 16 @ 58 lbs

2461 wich string generates the most spin ? The alu spin, the savage or the alu power rough ? thanks MB

2460 I have a ert300 tension meter, but I want to know, because here in Belgium they allways talk about kilo's ( ex 25 kg ) in case of restringing tennis rackets, Is there a chart to translate tension into kg. grtz fred

2459 Lukilon; I'm US based. Your strings are speced in mm. I assume 125=1.25 mm in diameter. How does this compar to "16 gauge" It appears that mm spec is more precise becuase you have 1.25, 1.27, 1.30 ALL saying (16). BUT you also have 1.30 which is thicker but it says (18) which is thinner Please help the confused! Thank You.

2458 Please can you tell me if ebay member wilsonluxilon is a genuine distributor of your products.

2457 I have a tennis racquet from Wilson and just bought Luxilon alu power. Does the pattern have to be considered to be changed for Luxilon or widened from what the racquet holes came with for best spin? e.g, skipping every other hole on the crosses? or would I not notice any difference in doing that? thx Howard

2456 What is the best tension for a Head Microgel Radical MP with Luxilon M2 130 string? At the moment i have it strung on 58lb cross and 62lb main. However, I have been told by a lot of club members that my tension is too high. I am getting another Radical MP soon, it would be a best to try some new combination.

2454 I would like to sell Luxilon Strings in Pakistan as there is no Wilson Agent there. I used to be the Babolat agent. Who can I contact for this pls? Thanks and regards Faisal

2453 Hello jef,what strings do you recommend for blx version)?i'm thinking of putting RPM blast 16 with 52lbs,whats your opinion?greatly appreciated :)thanks man

2452 I have just bought Luxilon 127 Black Salvage string for my Wilson BLX Team. Noticed on the package recommended lowering tension by 10%. I normally string the tension to 23kg which is the lowest tension recommended on Wilson BLX Team racket. If I would string the tension 10% lower it would be 20-21 kg. Therefore, it would be lower that the racket recommendation. Why is there such a need? Please advise.

2451 I have an old toa stringing can I check if the tension mechanism is giving me the tension I want?

2450 I just purchased some of your 17g LXN string and noticed on the back of the packaging that you recomend lowering tension 10%. This would put me outside of the rackets recommended tension range. Please explain the reason for your recommendation and what effect it will have on my racket (Prince O3 Hybrid Hornet mp).

2449 what is the best tention for nadal racquet?

2448 recommended tension on luxilon strings is lower than in other strings?

2447 I have an eight year old playing 10 and 12 and under junior events. He kas a Wilson K Six One 26(came pre-strung) and is trying to generate more spin. What strings and what tension would you recommend?

2446 Which Luxilon string has the most power or would be best as a cross with natural gut?

2445 how tension i have to put in alu power

2444 Hi, for durability purposes, would alu power rough or ap regular last longer in a hybrid stringing arrangement?

2443 Hi - Is there any relationship between the age of a racquet and the length of time it takes to break strings? Thanks! Dan

2442 I have been using luxilon alu power and gut during the last few years, mixing them because of arm problems. Could you tell me what would provide more durability in the longer term -- using the gut in the mains or the crosses? Thanks! Dan

2441 I am claudio from italy and i'm squash player. Have you strings for squash ? Please let me know - thank you

2440 Long swing, six one tour blx, string at 60 lbs... which Luxilon string will generate the most spin?

2439 name is o'neil......i have a volkl powerbridge 10 mid (93 inch head) racquet. I use luxilon alu power big banger rough (16L) in the mains and prince synthetic gut w/duraflex (16 g) in the crosses. I am hard hitting right-hander and play with mostly topspin, sometimes flat with a semi - western grip. I have a one handed backhand. Im not a big string - breaker. what would you recommend to me as the best tension/s for this hybrid string set - up for this particular racquet ? Thanks for your reply.

2438 ebay er nishiki82 is a dummy bidder for every fake Chinese Luxilon (and Babolat) seller. Always gets the lowest price buys (to push up the bidding) and often gives good feedback the same day even though he claims to be from Japan. His feedback page is a rogues gallery of the fake Chinese string market. Here are the fake chinese sellers which make up 100% of his 306 "buys" on ebay - wilsonluxilon lixingjun2010 wilsonblx sohusports tennisone 163sports I don't know if ebay can help you guys get rid of this rubbish from the market ?

2436 Did Luxilon change the amber color of BB Original? I saw some sets in my local store, labeled as amber, that were significantly lighter in color than what I've been using for years.

2434 Jeff, Very interesting answer to #2428. I 100% agree with this statement. “It follows that the easier you need to hit the ball to generate effective pace, the less hard you have to swing and the less likely it is that you will hit with more control. So more power = more control for the same amount of ball speed.” So now let’s say that I’m not 18 and are more like in my 40’s and ready to admit that even though it’s more fun I just can’t hit/play like the 18 year old anymore. I have the following tennis/game vitals: 1. 4.0 Male player, play more doubles than singles but still from time to time battle it out from the baseline 2. Play with a low to mid power 100sqin racket 16x20 3. Recently have converted to a stronger grip and a more aggressive low to high swing path in an effort to try and take the net out of play by producing more topspin 4. My favorite string prior to this swing change was gut at 55lbs, now A) I am constantly aligning my strings, B) they are not lasting as long, and C) I am struggling to get good depth on my shots. ( most likely not the stings but the lack of practice with the new swing ) So the question is what is your suggestions for a couple Luxilon stings and associated tensions that I could try? Thanks and as others have said this is a great service that you provide.

2433 what strings does novak djokovic uses??? thankss!!

2432 tennis strings???

2431 does novak djokovic uses luxilon?

2430 would big banger ace be a good hybrid with gosen sheep micro?

2429 HEllo, I also bought fake Luxilon Alu Power strings from wilsonluxilon seller on ebay. Could you send me formation and photos that could be used to prove it is not authentic? I already opened a case in paypal and I want paypal and ebay cancel wilsonluxilon account. Best regards Felipe

2428 I'm a 18 player and i use Prince Exo3 black. what string do u reccommend for my racket? I ve been using Revenge 16 at 56Lbs and feel a bit lack of control and the spin is not great. I'm a baseliner with heavy topspin. I need to get more control and power.

2427 Hello... I've been reading about tension loss, and I've heard that strings can lose up to 9% of their tension within 24 hours of being strung. With that in mind, should I string a little more tightly in anticipation of tension loss? For example, should I string at 60 lbs. if I want to play at 56 lbs.? Thanks! Joe

2426 what string comes in yellow?

2425 I am a 65+ senior who plays 2-3hrs. per day, 2 times a week - 50% singles and 50% doubles. I strike the ball hard with a full swing in a closed stance forehand and backhand. I will also use a slice from both sides depending on the situation. My preference is to create as much top spin, under spin, and a variety of shots (cross court, drop shots, top spin lob, etc) as possible in order to disrupt the play of my opponent. I play with a Head Ti-S6 racquet with FXT 16 strings, strung @ 60 lbs. What string and tension would you recommend?

2424 isnt there any way to different between a genuine and fake luxilon tennis string? If this is true, I can not know if an authorized dealer is selling me and genuine luxilon tennis string. It must to have some different; color, size, gauge, fonts of label, packager, ... Which are the mains differents between a genuine and fake luxilon string? Thanks in advance

2423 Hi I have 3 Wilson blx 98's and I don't know what steins to put on them I'm hitting not as good as I have been lately although yesterday was the first tome hitting with my new raquet. I have on them now luxilon big banger rough at 54p i. Don't no I hit alot of flat balls although I want to get more spin and less stress on my elbow ?? Cherrs

2422 Hi Jeff. Thanks for providing this great service and your extraordinary patience in answering some of the same questions over & over & over again! :) I have been playing with Head MG Prestige Pros for 3 years using a hybrid of ALU Power Rough (M) & Timo 117 (X) at 53/54 lbs. I'm an aggressive baseliner and pace is not a problem. My goal, whether it was accomplished or not, with the Timo was to soften the bed a little for increased touch and spin/control (although I think I know the answer to that part now!). I am switching now to the Head YT Prestige Pro and was curious what suggestions you might have to try for strings/tensions? With Supersense discontinued (although Tennis Warehouse still has it), do you think there would there be any real benefit to a Rough(M)/M2(X) hybrid, or any other hybrid, vs just going with straight ALU Power or ALU Rough? Any suggestions on tension(s)? Also, other than guage, I assume there's no difference between M2 Plus and M2 Pro? Thanks again! Dave

2421 I am stringing my raquet with kirschbaum competition at 38 lbs. It was recommended for my stringer. I guess i will have more power but I lose control, what do you think? Thanks.

2420 hi man can i ask is Babolat Revenge good for prince Exo3 black

2419 I have recently added weigth to the head of my racquet. I read in an article that if I added the weigth at the 10-2 4-8 locations it would help to eliminate the twisting I feeel from off center hits and it will slightly enlarge the sweetspot. Is this correct? Also if I add the weight to the head do I need to add weight to the handle to compensate for the weight added to the head, to keep the head from feeling sluggish?

2418 Hi, I have a brand new Snauwaert ATP Tour 93 , I would like to know what is the range for string tension for this racquet ? Thx

2417 Jeff, I am using a hybrid string setup on my BLX 6.1 95 - BB Fluoro 123 on the mains at 50lbs and VS Team 17 on the crosses at 52lbs. If 50 on the mains is right, does the tension on the crosses look about right to you or is it too low? Thanks, KK.

2416 hi, i have been breaking strings everyday and now would dearly like to change the trend i use kirschbaum 1.35 mm supersmash, and a k factor k 6 1 racket! what cn i do?

2415 I am interested in trying to add some weight to my handle area in order to make my frame more headlight. Do pros and pro services (like P1) put the lead along one of the handle ridges, or do they pop off the butt cap and push the lead up into the handle cavity? I've tried putting lead tape both lengthwise right along the ridge as well as around the handle, and noticed that both ways change the feel/size of the handle. How do the pros do it?

2414 Hi Jeff, not a question, just my appreciation. Your answer to question 2375 has confirmed a lot of my thoughts on what happen when a Luxilon string bed hits a tennis ball, and the dynamics of the topspin swing. Again, thank you very very much. H. Nguyen

2413 Hi, Do you have stringing instructions for a prince powerline volley Ti 400? Thanks

2412 Hello Jeff Are you sure most synthetic guts are made of polyester? I think most of them are made of nylon (poly-amide). Are Luxilon multifilament strings made of polyester? Regards Han

2411 Hello, I have a Wilson K KOBRA FX TEAM raquet. I also have tennis elbow. i am an aggresive player 4.0 . Which string do you recomment and in which tension;

2410 What string tension range do you recommend for the M2 Pro. I'm a 32 year old 5.0 level baseline grinder. Thanks!

2409 Hi Jeff, Last night at the Indian Wells tournament Milos Raonic told a stringer that he wanted his racquet strung at 45/46 with fort knox. What is fort knox? Thanks.........Tom

2408 Hi Jeff, thanks for the response on Supersense. That's to bad. i really loved that stuff and have stocked up on about 12 sets. What is the closet string to Supersense still being produced?? Based on the specs it appears M2 Pro may be a good choice. Thanks...

2407 Hi Jeff, I am a 3.5 to 4.0 player hard hitter with a medium swing I have recently purchased a Prince EXO3 Black and am looking for a bit more control with out sacrificng too much power and the large sweet spot which I love about this stick. I have read that many people have changed the port grommets to hole grommets for added extra control. What is your up take on this and would you recommend this or is there a string that I could use to achive extra control with out loosing the power. A friend of mine at the club suggested going for an M2. Also do you know of any pros using this stick who go for the hole grommet option. Many Thanks Michael from London

2406 Are you still manufacturing Supersense?? My favorite of your line and it's getting harder and harder to find.

2405 Hi,Im using a hybrid string pattern for stringing k-blade98 (wilson gut mains and Luxilon Ace in the crosses). Per instructions;skip 8h and 10h. But I come up short if I dont measure 21.5' of string, and of course i don't have enough string for second racket. I'm using the Gammma 8000 string machine if that helps. Please, I would appreciate your advice. P.S. I'm a novice at stringing, so I dont understand some of the terminology and techniques

2404 Hallo Jeff Regarding your answer to my question 2323 I think a lot is explained on the TW site were you can find data on stiffness of strings. This explains why you have to lower the tension by appr. 10% when changing from synthetic gut to polyester like strings ( the 10 % is only an rule of the thumb because you have to take stifness of both the old and the new string into account). On there is a link were you can find data on plastic deformation of a number of strings. When the plastic deformation becomes to large the stringbed tension becomes to low and the playing characterisics are destroyed. Thus plastic deformation of the string determines the life of the string. Can you comment on that. Regards Han

2403 Hi Jeff, I got a question here that i have no answer to. I strung my racket with Alu rough around last x'mas time at 62lbs. I played for once or twice and the racket has been sitting due to bad weather and I could not get to go to the court. When i get to play again in Feb, the stringbed felt great to me and I was striking a lot of balls in with power and ease. The string last for about 2 weeks of hard hitting and popped, and I restring my racket with Alu rough again. This time, I want a tad more control and less power from my popped set, so I made it 66lbs. As soon as it was strung up and i bounced the ball at home, I could already feel the stringbed somehow was bouncier than the previous stringjob, which was done by me as well using the same machine. I went to the court, and indeed the ball sailed longer with this stringbed. I thought i did a bad stringjob, I cut it after 2 days and restring again with another set of Alu rough. I got the same feeling, the ball sailed long and I had a hard time keeping the ball in a lot of times. And again, the stringbed was as bouncy as the one I cut. Just now i thought about that, for the past years, it seems whenever a set of alu rough which i have set aside for a month or two when initially strung in the low-mid 60lbs range the ball sailed shorter on me. I assume the stringbed has lost quite a bit of tension after a month or two, maybe in the low 50s. Cuz, from what I know about stringbed and tension, a higher tension stringbed should have less power and the ball travels shorter, but seems I am having something different here, is this possible? thanks. Sam

2402 I recently purchased a spool of the new Luxilon Savage string. The website where I purchased the spool stated that Luxilon advises stringing at 10% less tension than normal. My son currently strings his racquet (different string) at 58, but utilizing this advice, he would string at 52. That sounds low. Is the 10% amount correct? What would you suggest?

2401 Why doesn't luxilon try and stop or at least impede the trade in fake chinese Alu Power ? Seems like ebayer wilsonluxilon has been around for ages with thousands of sales. Is just promoting 'authorized sellers' really enough ? Thanks

2400 Looking over some of the questions you seem to be saying that playability between 16 and 17 gauge will not different other than slightly less durability for the 17 and somewhat more feel with it off a slow pace ball. Is that correct? And does it hold true for each of your string models? Thank you.

2399 Any chance you can shed some light on the topic of racquet/string sponsorships on the pro tour, and dispel the myths floating around out there that any pro with a stenciled racquet is pulling a big check each month from the manufacturer? I am of the opinion that only the top/elite level pros (i.e. Fed, Bryan's, Wozniacki, etc.) are under monetary contract to play with a certain frame/string, but many "regular" pros are supplied with an annual allotment of free frames/strings - but no free money.

2397 What tension should I use for a tennis racket wst Donnay pro touring

2396 i am gonna try luxilon big banger alu rough, should i make an as normal tension, or is it better to make a lesser tension, normaly i string 26 kg mains and 24 crosses, would you please advice me, with greetings, willie from the netherlands

2395 Do any pros use 18g? Do they mostly use 15L or 16, or even 17g? Was talking with a friend who suggests you can get good spin off thick strings (technique) and there is increased durability (and "more string on the ball for a solid feel), however I think you can get great spin off 17 and 18. Also, can you get more spin off multifiliment or a poly? Many thanks!

2394 hybrid wih monotec supersence

2393 I play with supersence in a head racket is2 mid plus tension 26 1/2 25 1/2.Can I mixed it with another string of luxilon? Wich one, in the mains or crosses and with wich tension?

2392 Can i mixed monotec supersence with an another strings from luxilon in the mains or crosses? ANd with wich tension in a Head IS2 mid plus racket?

2391 I Use Babolat Aero Storm Tour GT Racquet and I like top spin very much. What string do you recommend me ?? Thanks

2390 Is there a luxilon string that is suggested for elbow problems?

2389 Re #2386 - do you mean reduce the X tension by 5 to 47 or the entire string bed? Thank you

2388 have you news about luxilon "luxilon big alu power gr0176 25219" ? ae there fakeS? these are light green , not dark. thanks, regards. M.

2387 what tension would you string a Wilson Blade 98 BLX with Luxilon Savage for a 4.5 player?

2386 My 16 yr old daughter is a big hitting junior (over 6 ft tall) who uses a Wilson BLX Pro Tour (18X20) with Luxilon Adrenaline 17 in the mains @52 lbs. We've been using Wilson Sensation in the crosses @52 lbs and she likes how it feels but the Sensation frays quite quickly, she loses spin, and soon the Sensation breaks. Can you recommend a string and tension to go with the Adrenaline mains? THX


2384 The ALU Power and M2 Pro are both rated a 10 for control on the Luxilon scale, but you've stated the ALU Power offers more control than M2 Pro. Can you please explain. Thank you.

2383 You stated in an answer: "Luxilon's M2 and Alu Power have the highest - and identical - 'power + comfort' ratings but are quite different strings designed for quite different players." Can you please expound as to what types of players each of these two strings is designed for. Thank you.

2382 Hi Jeff, First, congrats on great statistics from the US Open. I was wondering whether you have any stats on the weights of the racquets as modified by the players ? By the way, my son, a Futures player, recently jumped on the bandwaggon and started using RPM after 3 years with Alu.He found the loss of tension annoying and couldn't get used to the softness and lack of directness compared to Alu, so after 6 weeks of less than impressive perfomances he is back with Alu ! Regards, Damian

2381 I have read that Big Banger strings are recommended to be strung at 10% less than racket recommended. I have asked numerous local pros if that guideline applies to other Luxilon non-Big Banger strings such as Adrenaline and M2. Half say yes, half no. What is the offical Luxilon recommendation? (I can't find on their website or on the product). Thanks. Ed

2380 Hi Jeff, how are you doing ? thanks for you answer to my question 2379 it is funny that you don't know what Geezer mean :-) i thouth you're English isn't Geezer is a term for a man. It can carry either the connotation of age and eccentricity or, in the UK, that of self-education such as craftiness or stylishness i am Belgium Jeff and i make British people very often surprise using these old English style you know i hope you're not upset as i just wanted to be friendly have fun Jeff Cheer'sss Christophe from Belgium

2379 Hello Geezer, how are you doing ? Jeff, ready your answer here "As a general rule, I recommend reducing tension by 10% or stringing at the minimum recommended tension of your racquet manufacturer (usually found printed on your racquet).i am having a question please i string my raquet at 24,5kg witch is basically the min recommended tension for this raquet model, so when i do use Luxilon string i string than at 24,5kg -10% is that what your recommendations are ? or i am doing it wrong ? cheer's ps: i am not a fan of high string tension you know.

2378 I currently use Pro Hurricane Tour 17 in the mains and Xcel in the crosses. I string my whole raquet at 62. My Xcel strings break very fast and I was thinking of changing my strings. What luxilon string do you recommend for me and at what tension should I string them at. I would prefer to keep using some type of hybrid because I full racquet on monofillament hurts my elbow but any advice would be helpful.

2377 What string tension do you recommend for The prinece graphite 100 if I am using the Luxilon alupower rough?

2376 i bought alu power rough, should i string as normal kilo's ore should i take lesser tension as normal (26 kilo)??i will use it as mains in a babolat pro drive cortex willie from the Netherlands

2375 I play on the women's tour and have been looking through your answers to try and get some guidance on improving spin and court penetration. It seems to me that you can't create spin without losing ball speed because spinning the ball creates friction and that takes energy. Do you agree? If so, how can Luxilon strings help with power and spin? Isn't gut going to be better as it is more elastic? I don't see any pros using Alu Spin. Why is that if spin is so important in today's game? Thanks for your insight. There is so much nonsense talked about strings among players and coaches, Your site is the only place I feel I can get answers I can trust.

2374 Hi Jeff how it's hangin ? first of all happy new year from Belgium, all the best to you and family ;-) Jeff, do we know these days why Luxilon did stop producing the supersense string please? by the way have you got any idea what string Kim clijters is playing and at whitch tension ? cheer'ss Christophe

2373 I'm trying to get some good spin and bite from some multifilament strings (I miss my Lux!). The only strings that come close need to be 18g, which last about 2 hours. Is it crazy to hybrid the same brand in the crosses, but in 17g to get longer life (so 18 in the mains and 17 in the crosses)? Thanks for your help!

2372 Is Luxilon Adrenaline Rough tough on your arm? I am thinking about hybriding it with Head RIP Control.

2371 My daughter is a 15 yr old national tournament player who aspires to play college tennis. She has been playing with a Babolat PD with BB Spin in the mains(51) and Prince Syn in the crosses(56). She has used a hybrid in an effort to soften the strings for her arm. She loves the setup, but has had pain in her elbow. She is switching to a more flexible racquet, Head Youtek Radical MP, to help her elbow. She would like to keep using Luxilon strings because of their high quality. Would you have any suggestions that should be easier on her arm? Does a hybrid with a syn gut in the crosses soften the stringbed? She plays about 6 days a week when her elbow is ok. The elbow pain isn't real bad, she would just like to get rid of it. Thanks.

2370 Hi there! I am playing a Wilson K Blade 98. Up to now I was using the Alupower 125, but now I want to try a different string namely the Wilson Champions choice, means a hybrid of the Wilson natural gut and the Alupower rough. I thought that usually the spin generating string is used as mains (lengthwise) as the mains are mainly responsible for the spin. So I thought I should use the Alupower rough on the mains and the natural gut on the crosses, but in several forums I have read that the Alupower rough is used on the crosses and the natural gut on the mains. So which setup makes more sense? And my second question on this subject is how much should the tension between the two strings differ? Thanks for your help.

2369 luxilon website offers info on big banger line. where can i find details on monotec line?

2368 i have a wilson blx tour 90 and i stringed at 55 lbs it seemed a bit stiff but as a kept playing about 20 hours after it felt really good should i consider stringing at 52lbs next time to have that better feel?

2367 I am a 60+ senior who plays 2-3hrs. per day, 3 times a week. I like to play open stance forehand with a full swing for spin and slice back hand. I'd like to protect my wrist and retain power and comfort. What string and tension would you recommend. I use a Babolat Pure Drive racket. Thanks, Carlos

2366 I use a Babolat Pure Drive. I am 60+ senior and only play singles for 2-3 hrs., three times a week. I'd like to have more control and comfort and having to hit less hard and protect my wrist. What would you recommend? Thanks, Carlos

2365 Hi Jeff, thanks for your answer to 2362. Getting a pro to string my tennis racquet is tempting, but there are few (perhaps 1 or 2) in Sydney. Perhaps I have trust issues and should go see a shrink. I like the idea of buying a new machine. What are your thoughts on just upgrading the tension head to a Wise 2086? The tnesion would pull up consistently but I would still have the "crap house" clamps on rails. I enjoy your direct feedback. Hit me with it. Even if it is "dont be such a tight ass and go buy a decent machine, because your machine is 25 years old and has strung over 3000 racquets".

2364 To Whom it my Conerned: My name is Hsuan-Tso Shen. Thanks spends time to review this mail and sorry to bother you. That's because I can not find any career information in the website. So, I am looking forward if I can get any information from you about the career in Luxilon. I am very interesting about the tennis string area work. I ever the tennis play before when I was undergraduate and graduate studnet before. So, I wonder if it has any opportunity position open at this time. If you know any place which I can find how to creat the career in luxilon, please just contat to me. Once again, thanks your spend time to review this mail !! thanks. Best Regard Hsuan-Tso Shen Research Assistnat, HMMM LAB Mechanical & Industrial Engineering department Northeastern University, Boston, MA e-mail:, phone: 781-985-2489

2363 Hi Jeff, Should Wilson NXT Control string be strung at normal tension or should it be lowered by 10%? Thank you.........Tom

2362 Hi there. I used to string alot of tennis racquets, going back 20 years ago. I still string my own racquets using a spring tensioned Maxline (Eagnas) table top machine. I like my string bed quite firm and I use a vibration dampner that runs across 6 strings. My new racquet is the Fed BLX and I'm about to string the racquet in Luxilon Big Banger Alupower 1.25 guage string. What tension in the Wilson Six One BLX, on a spring tensioned machine will deliver a firm to tight string bed, without risking damage to the frame?

2361 Is puting luxilon on the mains and babolat Envy on the crosses a good combo at 58 pounds?

2359 Additional information about 2355. You are correct about the motion being the cause of the problem... I had to change my service motion when I was in high school (6+ years ago). The motion has been fixed but I have permanent shoulder damage (ligament damage). As for Luxilon only hurting my forearm/elbow its hard to say because my shoulder will feel perfectly fine until I hit with ALU 16L. I specifically remember one day playing a set with a synthetic (PSGDF), popping a sting late in the set, and then borrowing a racquet for the 2nd that had full ALU. If I had needed to play a 3rd set I couldn't have.... my shoulder was already in pain after <30min of a ALU. I'm going to try a full poly as your recommended and hope for the best! Thx Jeff.

2358 How can I get sponsored by luxilon

2357 Hi, regarding the 2356 question instead of Poly I meant Multifilament strings. Sorry

2356 Hi Again, Jeff. Why stringers don’t want to restring the crosses without changing the mains as well? In some Hybrids, the mains (when monofilament) don’t wear out as much as the crosses (usual poly). Since in a 4 knots bed the mains are the first to be string, why the resistance from the stringers? Thanks

2355 I applaud your stringing knowledge and can only hope to get to that point. I string my own racquets which allows me to test out infinite strings and tensions for cheap. So... I present you with my predicament: I am unable (so I think) to use poly because of my shoulder. I'm using a Wil BLX Pro Tour and I have tested sensation 17 @ 54lbs (not nearly enough spin) and Gamma Livewire Pro @ 50lbs (still wanting a little more bite!!!!!) Is there a hybrid poly/synthetic that won't destroy my arm.... I know supersense is soft, but is it really better then a full synthetic (in terms of bite)? I'm 6'2" with a very aggressive play style (western forehand, flat backhand, love the net, long strokes, HUGE serve). Any string recommendations (tension and/or string) would be awesome.... (I'm looking at maybe the wilson shock shield and a poly...)

2354 My daughter plays with the Wilson BLX six one lite, she uses nxt duo, which string do you recommend as the main strings, and what are the pros and cons of having the 17 g & 16 g as the main/cross strings

2353 I was using Luxilon ALU pro on my Wilson K-0 rachet. It is a light rachet. Twice the rachet cracked at about the 1 oclock position. Wilson sent me two new rachets K0's. The tension on the strings was 60 pounds. I really llike the strings, but my rachet might be two light for them. Would lighter tension solve the problem if so what tension? Thanks for your help.

2352 What is the difference between Gauge 16 and 16L? I thought it is either 16 or 17 G. I found this description of the string and I am confused that Luxilon M2 Pro described as Gauge 16L/1.25mm. Before I thought that 1.25mm is 17G and Luxilon Plus M2 (1.3mm) has Gauge 16.

2351 Hi Jeff, what is the behaviour and characteristics of Savage 127 when compare it to ACE 112, Timo 110, and Adrenaline 120? What is the recommended tension for a Head Youtek Prestige Pro (16X19)? Is the ball stay longer (dwell time) on string bed among others Luxilon products? Rgds, Knox

2350 Hi Jeff, I am just adding some extra info to my previous question, 2349. I've had some minor wrist problems so I don't know if this would affect the strings I choose. When playing with the prestige I have tried full beds of both babolat revenge and Lux spin strung at 56. Both were a little tight and as a result didn't give me as much power as I'd like. I also didn't have as much feel for the ball either; however, I love the stability of this racquet when driving through the ball; however, it is a little on the heavy side. I'm thinking maybe a hybrid would be good to get some extra power and hopefully feel. But maybe a lower tension would just be an easy solution. With regards to the Babolat AeroPro Drive GT, I have tried a full bed of lux spin at 56lb. Got great spin but couldn't flatten the ball as well. Tried my friend"s AeroPro Drive with RPM. RPM and I didn't get along. Way too stiff and really affected the way I had to hit the ball. Not fun. Have also tried a hybrid with this same racquet using Babolat Revenge in the mains strung at 54lbs and Xcel in the crosses at 54lbs and felt like the ball just flew way too much and couldn't get near the same amount of spin. I realize after reading previous questions this could be a result of the crosses being to low. Oops. I feel like this is the racquet I really would like to continue playing with but just can't seem to find that ideal string and tension. Finally with regards to the YouTek Radical MP, I have tried a full bed of Signum Pro Poly Plasma strung at 55 lbs. which is definitely softer than any Lux string I have used, and it felt extremely loose. Also tried Lux ALU Power 125 at 55 lbs. and it felt too tight. Also demoed it with a full bed of NXT; loved the feel and ball pocketing effect, but not as much control or spin. Was thinking of trying a full bed of ALU Power Fluoro 123 at a slightly lower tension or even some kind of hybrid. Going a little crazy trying to decide on a racquet but I feel like the strings are just as important of a choice, and tinkering with them can take a lot of time. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!

2349 Hello, I am trying to find the ideal string set or hybrid for a few different racquets I am testing, the Babolat Aeropro Drive GT, the Head YouTek Prestige MP, and the Head YouTek Radical MP. I am pursuing pro tennis and have just started playing in women's futures tournaments. I am an all court player who loves to hit flat groundstrokes but am looking to add more spin and power to my game. What string and tensions do u recommend for these racquets using either a hybrid or non-hybrid? Also if using a hybrid, what other string would you recommend in addition to the lux and how would you string it? Many thanks for your help.

2348 Hello, this link doesn't work. What is the answer to this. Thanks in advance. Regards, E. Schmack

2347 i just bought alu power rough 1.25mm, should i string less tension as normal ?, becouse the one says no and the other says yes with kind regards, Willie from the netherlands

2346 Was using synthetic gut on cross and poly on mains stung at 60#. What tension do you recommend using Luxilon Big Banger 130 original on mains and cross for maximum longevity. Thanks.

2345 Hi, I bought a "genuine" Luxilon string/720ft via ebay from china. the color looks like the genuine string/40ft which I bought from an official seller. the color is the same. the codes on the label which is on the backside of the long string: Batch 0567652496, the bar-code 85158902210, and WRZ995100IS. on the label of the short string I read WRZ995100SI, the 2last letters are reversed. It's perhaps an indication that the long one is a fake? Also the distance of the print on the long string is 93cm, I read that's also a critical point to decide between a genuine and fake !? What di you think, is the long one a fake ? Thanks for your answer in advance, greatings from Austria, Alex

2343 I use a hybrid with Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power Rough in the mains and a synthetic gut in the crosses. Should the tensions be different in the mains and crosses?

2342 Hi , I just bought 2 youtek prestige pro , I strung one with NXT 16 @ 59 , the second with alu power rough @54 . I don't like nxt set up at all . I'm missing power with it and i don't like stiff feel. I like alu more but I'm missing feel specially on drop shots . What would you recommend ?.I'm not big hitter or string braker . I'm mostly baseliner .2 handed backhand , I used slice a lot though . Thank you . Pawel

2341 this website shows that lux XP has a higher control rating than lux ORG. why is this? is the XP stiffer? are there any pros playing with XP?

2340 Hello Jef I'm still getting the message "Oops error 404b occurs" regards Han

2337 which strins suit's on wilson blx pro tour

2336 I have Wilson Blx surge and I have choose ntx 17 g string with 60 pound tension. Is that the write choice for normal player as my age is 47.

2334 Hi Jeff, my daughter (10y) uses M2 PRO 125 string more than one year and think she is very happy with it. This string seems to be arm friendly and it allows good control and certain level of power. I was just thinking about using hybrid string for her to increase the power a bit. Could she use M2 PRO 125 with any other Luxilon string? If so, which one would be the most recommended? She plays with Babolat Drive Z light racket. Thanks. Best regards. Ludek

2333 I am a 40+ male player using Alu Power Flouro at 52-53 (mains & crosses) in a Babolat Pure Storm GT. I play 2-3 times per week, and use moderate-to-heavy topspin. I have tried many strings, and have found that Fluoro provides good poly bite, has a noticeably softer feel compared to most other polys, and has virtually no string movement. After 2-3 weeks I start to notice modest notching, and I'm sure the tension has dropped somewhat, but overall the stringbed maintains its predictability and still feels fine to me. In your opinion, is there an approximate useful lifespan of Fluoro for someone with my profile? At what point would you tell me "time to cut 'em out and restring"? In other words, how long is this stuff supposed to last before I notice a change in performance?

2332 hi i want to use hybrid with rpm blast and either luxilon or pro hurricane tour. every1 says to make the crosses 2 pounds less to increase the sweet spot. every1 also says that luxilon is a main string but i saw that most pros use it as a cross. also if i use it as a main, how cud i make my crosses less. should i use rpm blast as the mains luxilon alu power. i would like my crosses to be 2 pounds less to get the sweet spot9IS THIS TRUE) so does is make sence to use rpm blast as a main at 59 and luxilon at 57 as cross. also luxilon is hard and every1 says to use a soft string for your crosses and rpm blast seems soft with spin. also would pro hurricane tour be better for this combo? i am a baseline player with a huge forehand but am also consistent. any help would be great. thanks

2331 Hello luxilon staff. I've been wondering which stringi should purchase, luxilon big bange alu power rough or the rough. i have been reading the reviews and it says that the rough is good at first but the the "rough" part so it starts to lose its spin potential. And for the spin string the reviews have said that the spin tends to be much less "controlled" then the rough. Im a junior with a full western grip with the aero storm GT and lots of spin. please help me choos because im lookng for more power and durability because i play abour 8 hours a week and my grip allows the spin but i wouldnt mind to have more spin. please help me choose which strings and other string suggestions are welcom.

2330 what is the difference in string patterns, which is better and what purpose does it serve

2329 Jeff, how would you describe the differences between 125 ALU Power Rough and ALU Fluoro? I like both strings, I used to use Babolat VS Team Natural Gut. I like the extra spin with ALU and I don't notice much loss in power, but I am concerned about comfort/injury to my shoulder & elbow. That's why I previously used VS Team. It was very comfortable, gentle on the arm, but hard to generate spin.

2328 I use the Wilson K Factor Six-One Tour 90. I like the ALU Power Rough. I have been having some issues with shots going long. I have my racquet strung at 50. Strings just broke, so I am going to get it re-strung. Any suggestions on tension? Should I adjust the mains? The crosses? Both? Thanks.

2327 When I want to see the answers to other questions I get the message "page error 404b" what does that mean can you solve that? Regards Han

2326 Just purchased ALU power 127 strings. Normally i string racquet at 61 lbs. Should I string mains and crosses differently? 4.0 player that hits the ball with a lot of spin. MH CHicago, IL

2325 Why are you discontinuing supersense? is there a problem with this string?

2324 which will be the perfect tension for a babolat aero storm using alu power rough

2323 Hello Jeff When you hit a ball the string has to lengthen. Therefore the elastic elongation of string is the most important characteristic of a string. The plastic deformation of a string determines how long it keeps its playing characteristics. Do you agree with this. Regards Han

2322 I currently have my Volkl Power Bridge 4 strung with synthetic gut at 55 mains and 53 cross. I need more spin so I would like to try the combination Timo 17 and ALU Power Rough. Which would be better for the mains? What would the recommended Banger tension be for these strings to provide the same power and control? A 10% reduction seems like a lot. Does the rough string put much extra wear on the other and reduce the durability? I am a 3.5 to 4.0 female

2321 Hello Jeff, I asked a question (ID # 2318) the other day, you responded. Thank you very much. I would like to expand on it. What would a player achieve by having the same strings in crosses and mains, but having tighter tension in the main? or having a tighter tension in the crosses? Personally I like softer feeling when hitting a ball. Regards, Sergiy

2320 I got from a friend of mine a luxilon alu power big banger string (220 meters) with this code stamped on the string: Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power oho176 25219. The colour is light grey. I would like to know if this string is original genuine luxilon string or not. Thank You in advance for the answer.

2319 Looking to your photos, I realized that some players do not look to the ball when hitting it. Does it not increase the chances of an off center hit? Federer always look to the ball (actually he keeps looking to the point of contact after the ball long gone). Does it really matter? Or is this the type of detail that makes the difference between the gods and the mortals? Your comments will be appreciated. Thanks

2318 Hello, I am 3.5-4.0 player and spend 4-5 hours on a court per week. Currently I use Prince EXO3 White racquet with Wilson K-Gut 16 in both crosses and mains strung at the same tension 58lbs. I like how the racquet feels, but due to me putting a lot of spin on the ball the mains move and I have to push them back after each point is played - this is a bit annoying and it also results in crosses (not mains) to wear out fairly quickly - I need to re-string every 6 weeks. I don't know what should be a solution: - string tighter so that the strings are "locked" in position better - go for more durable strings for the crosses I have never played with Luxilon, but the brand has a very good reputation, so I am willing to try it. What would you recommend? - string type for crosses, mains - tension for crosses, mains Regards, Sergiy

2317 Hi Jeff, can you able to disclose anything about new Luxilon Savage? Just like the gauge size/color availability, profile (smooth or textured), launch date, and its characteristics (consider as stiff or soft when compare to other Luxilon products)? I am exciting to know. Rgds, Knox

2314 Hello, I am using a BLX Six One Team. I am a player who likes to enter in the ball and I am somehow having difficulties also in controlling in the court limits. I would like to know what would be your recommendation in stringing with Alu Power to keep control and get some power. I also do not want to destroy my arm. Thanks

2313 I have the babolat aero storm gt and hit between a spin and flat shot. What tension would you recommend for a full bed rpm blast by babolat?

2312 I have an Avery M3 racquet with recommended stringing range of 55-65 (I normally use 60 on this racquet). With your Luxilon Alu Power Big Banger, should I add 10%, subtract 10%, or ignore the 10% polyester rule?

2311 what is the recommended stringing tension of a weed racquet

2310 I have a head speed mp 16 x 19. Which company produces the best natural gut and which cross string should I get strung with the best natural gut?

2309 what tension would you recommend: Babolat aero pro drive with VS gut 16g mains and Luxilon Big Bang. ALU Power Rough cross? I use to have this hybrid on a Wilson Tour at 54lbs gut/mains and 50lbs/cross Lux. Combo was execellent, would this work on the Babolat? Thank-you, KT.

2308 What string do you recommend for a 13 year old who has a pro team blx. He wants a little bit more control than power.

2307 Will luxilon adrenaline strings injure a 12 year old's arm?

2306 I have been using Timo 117 for both cross and mains for some time. I was thinking of trying a hybrid but out stringer says I should use Alu Rough 17 in the mains and NXT 17 in the crosses. Is there a reason you can't use Timo 117 in the mains?

2305 Color: I have read comments online that the pigment used to color some monofilaments (orange vs. white etc. for the same string model and gauge) can affect the play characteristics. And what pray tell, is this fad with black monofilament all of a sudden? Does this alter play characteristics? Is this yet more misinformation or is it based upon fact. Luxilon strings are not marketed in rainbow color ranges; is there a good reason for this?

2304 Coaching? Every time you change Coach is more than certain that you have to change the way you hit the ball. By my own experience, coaches instead of trying to take advantage from the natural or intuitive technique from their pupils, they tend to be inflexible about what they consider to be the «best execution technique», cutting off any spur of originality. In other sports, pedagogy evolved giving more emphasis on the player’s creativity, however, seems that tennis is stacked to the Almighty coach and its «industrial formatting». Does it have to be like this? Can you tell if, in the world of tennis, this issue is being addressed? What is your opinion? Many thanks

2303 what string would you reccomend for a 13 year old who wants control more than power but still having power also with comfort more than durability

2302 Please, Where can I find Luxilon Big Banger Original 1,38mm 200m/660ft in South America or USA? Tennis Plaza do not have it, only 1,30. You can answer to Thanks.

2301 I have a history of tennis elbow and have been experimenting with different string options. I do like poly due to their spin potential but full poly is too much to take. Currently I am playing with a VS Team main/ Alu BB rough crosses hybrid at 54/52 on BLX 6.1 95. To max the spin, I am looking at switching to a poly main/gut crosses combination. I find Alu BB too harsh on the main and am thinking of Lux M2 for the mains/gut crosses. Do you think this will work and if so at what tension? If not which poly do you recommend? I am NTRP 4.0. Many thanks.

2300 I have a competitive 9 year old son, he has been since the age of 5 and plays well. He is beginning to compete this year in the 10 and under bracket. whats an appropriate string tension for him. He is slender and strong but i don't want to risk injuring his arm.

2299 Hi Jeff! You promised an update after the US open. Did I miss it?

2298 Hello. Head Youtek Extreme Pro is an extreme string breaking machine. What would be your two suggestions on which Luxilon strings would be the best choice for this racquet. Thanks.

2297 Hi, will there be any new Luxilon string introduce in 2011? If so, can you briefly describe key characteristics of the string? Rgds,Gilbert

2296 My son (15 years) uses Wilson Ultimate Duo (Luxilion ALU Power and Wilson NXT ) at 55lbs. He would like to try only the Luxilon ALU power. What string tension should he try at first?

2295 I saw a post earlier where you said Alu spin would give more spin than Timo 110 in the same racquet. I know there are many other factors but wouldn't the thinner strings give more byte and give more spin?

2294 I have a Wilson K Pro Open and tension range of 53-63. My first try using Luxilon was Timo 117 at 58lbs. Forhand seemed good but I had problems getting any power with slices or volleys. I did like the bite it gave me on the forhand. My stringer recently changed me to a hybrid (rough in the mains and NXT 17 in the crosses No idea on tenstion). I now have more pop on volleys and slices are better but I lost that bite I like on the forhand and serves. I'm wondering if I had my racquet strung too high when I had all Timo 117 to get more power on my backhand slices, etc. I never break strings so I'm even wondering if the 110 might give me a little more bite. I don't have a real fast swing but its not slow by any means either. Thoughts on tension for my racquet and is it possible to get more pop justing just Luxilon vs a hybrid setup.

2293 Hi, I'm using Luxilon Alu Power 125, racquet is HEAD Microgel Prestige Pro and the tension is 22kg (excellent performance and durability) I decided to try also Luxilon Andrelanine 125,what do you suggest about the tension, may use same 22kg? Thanks MM

2292 what would you recommend I string my racquet for big banger power spin. I use wilson K factor team racquet. I am 4.0 player with fast swing. like a balance of power and spin. love the big banger spin string for my kick serve.

2291 Jeff, not sure if you would know this answer or not. Having trouble keeping my knots tight after tying them. Using ALU Pwr Rough. As soon as I let tension off the knot starts to come undone. Any suggestions?

2290 Dear Sir or Madam, I purchased by an EBAY auction a Luxilon string! ALU POWER 125! The cable roll has around 10 holes to pu the string in at the side( hope u know what I mean). ALU POWER rolls always had only 1 hole for all the years I have been playing! also the writing on the string itself looks much darker! I think thi string could be a fake! The ebay member is from china! So my question ist about the roll if luxilon has always one hole?? If thats the case it must be a fake and I will name the member ebay and also I will tell you because this person uses ur name then and produces cheap bad string and sales it still expensive! Please let me know also about the writing on the string! my email is

2289 Awesome answer Jeff, this is Francisco the guy that is starting with futures, you are so right, I did what you said and I tried them and I am in love with Luxilon Original although I like Alu rough as well, just to let you know even though the futures wont pay much from this point on Luxilon is something I cant aford not to have. Thank you and God bless : )

2288 Hi, please what is the good tension string for Wilson K Six One Tour 90 BLX - Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power and Alu Power Rough ? I play in the weekend and I want to have control and confort.

2287 Hi Jeff, I string for a player who likes her tension a few days after stringing (56 co-poly main, 62 multi cross - Prince Hybrid Spin 3D due to sponsorship) but often waits several weeks before using a racquet. By that time, the tension has dropped significantly and the racquets don't play as well for her. Due to distance issues, it is not practical for me to string right before she plays so which option would be best? A-Raise the tension on the mains, crosses, or both by a certain percentage. -or- B-Pre-stretch the strings before stringing. I have heard mixed messages about pre-stretching co-poly strings and stringing co-poly strings too tightly. Of course, the best option would be C-Switch to Luxilon haha! Just for my info, which Luxilon string is best at retaining tension? Thanks! Eric

2285 Jeff, thank you so much for your answer I have been waiting for it this evening. The main reason to switch to Luxilon from RPM is because I just depolarized my racquet (a type of customization) and my strokes got more flat, the RPM is not giving the accuracy that I need at the future level so my friend suggested me Luxilon so that is why I asked you. Thank you once again for the great response but just to double check on your answer if it was up to you for the most control out there you would choose Luxilon Original or Luxilon Alu Power or Luxilon Alu Power Rough (doesn’t matter durability since I might need to sacrifice that to get atp points). Thank you SO MUCH!!!

2284 Sorry I forgot to add that I string my pure storm at 63lbs. I am the guy that is playing futures from the previous question that needs to know which one is the best luxilon string for control and which one is the second best string for control plus the best luxilon string for durability and the second best luxilon string for durability. Thank you : )

2283 Good afternoon, I am starting to play futures and I am changing from RPM to Luxilon, I need A LOT of control since I generate plenty of power, a friend that plays Challengers told me to switch to Luxilon big banger rough, I checked your website where it says products and I click to see the specifications of the Alu rough and I see that it is not there and where the Alu fluoro is I see a picture of the Alu rough, I am confused, I break strings so fast that the RPM 16 lasts me average half training so before I change to Luxilon could you please let me know which one is your top Luxilon string for control, which one is your second string for control? And could you please also mention which one is your best string for durability and which one is your second best string for durability. Thank you very much for the help.

2279 what is your recommendation about the best tension for luxilon 125 Alu Power?

2278 Made the switch and hit with Luxilon for the first time today. BB Alu Power Fluro in my Yonex RDiS100MP at 50lbs. I liked the stiff feeling compared to nylon. One thing that really surprised me though was that after just a couple minutes of play, tennis ball fuzz was embedded all over the strings, even more than I had seen when playing multifilament nylon. Before I started hitting I noticed that the string looked and felt very smooth so this was really surprising. The fuzz is really embedding, such that even when I scratch it some of the fuzz stays on the strings. The string is printed "Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power Fluro...[numbers]". It is silver, and plays unlike anything I've used before. The guy who sold me the string and strung it seems legit, but he is just one guy stringing out of his house. I thought that BB Alu Power Fluro was a monofilament? If it is a monofilament, or single piece construction, then how is the tennis ball fuzz getting embedded into it? Is there something funny going on here or is this normal for Alu Power Fluoro? These balls were no hair-ier than any typical tennis ball so that wasn't a factor.

2277 Last time I got my racket restrung the guy asked me if I wanted "power pads" on it. I wasn't really sure what he meant so I just said yes. So when I got my Dunlop 300G back it had little squares of leather underneath the strings in the throat area outside of the grommets. I think it looks kind of cool, but haven't noticed any difference in feel or play. I read that these "power pads" were common on old fashioned rackets. Do they have any effect when used on modern frames? I was thinking that the leather is already mostly compressed from the string tension even before you hit the ball. If the power pads were to compressed slightly when you hit, then they would absorb power if anything because the leather isn't going to bounce back like the string does. So my questions are do power pads serve any purpose or have any effect on modern frames? If so how? Do you recommend them and do you see many players using them? My stringer also volunteered to stencil my racket for free. So now I'm steppin out like a real pro with an endorsement deal. I'm currently a 33 year-old recreational player who buys his own equipment, but I can roll over my one-hander with good pace and spin. Not many guys at my public park can do that. What does it take to get an endorsement deal with Luxilon?

2276 Hi Jeff, pls tell me if i can use the ALU POWER Rough for length and cross strunging. I am 13 years old and I used the Alu Power 125 before I bought the Rough because I want more Spin.What tension do you recommend. Thanks in advance for your answer.Rgds from Egypt

2275 what is the string and tension recomended for a babolat aero 112

2274 Does Stanislas Wawrinka use Luxilon string now? If so, what is the model? Rgds,Knox

2273 Hi Jeff, when will be released new Luxilon Adrenaline Rough ? Thanks.

2272 Is it possible to have special string demand with Luxilon manufacturer ? I've always been a fan of Luxilon Monotec Supersense and would be interested in a Rough version of this string. I know they produced the Zolo in a Rough version, and this was part of the Monotec line. Luxilon Monotec Supersense Rough would really be as close to gut as you can get.

2271 Hi Jeff, when will be released new hexagonal Luxilon string called "Savage Lime 127" with "Liquid Cristalline Polymer" in Europe ? I saw few sets to buy on an Argentine web site, with the string in a new green hexagonal package. Thanks a lot.

2270 Mr. #2267, I can't wait to see the answer on #2250! About one piece and two pieces, it seems that Jeff insists for one piece. My questions to Jeff: A. For the mains, the loss of tension because of the 2knots is symmetrical, which is not at one piece, is that right? B. For the crosses, we loose tension just from one knot, is that right? C. And what about the extra friction at the cross of the knot, is tension loss really transmitted to the other crosses in a way that it is transmitted in one piece without any friction at the mains asymmetrically? D. Don't you see any difference in the feel of the racket when 2 pieces and 1 piece, like more stable at 2 pieces? E. Isn't more difficult to break a string when 2 pieces because the distance from knot to knot is shorter? F. What about keeping better the shape of the pattern's boxes, is there a difference from 1 piece to 2 pieces? G. What about tension loss non related to the knots? - I don't know the answers, I just have an impression that 2 pieces have an advantage on all the previous issues, I need your insight!

2269 Hey Jeff, how can the average player tell when ALU Power is "dead" and their racket needs to be restrung? Are there tell tale signs when this string loses is playability and optimal performance characteristics? Thanks

2268 I bought Wilsons Champion choice. I plan to put Luxilon in the mains and the gut in the crosses. Which string should get the higher tension ?

2267 Regarding question #2250. Is the answer pending or did you miss it. Thanks. I have a question about hybrids. Do most pros who use hybrids use identical or similar sting gauges on the mains and crosses? Are there any advantages or disadvantages to having thinner or thicker stings on the M's or X's? I have never seen any information on this subject and I was just curious. Thanks.

2266 I recently bought a racket from www.mistertennis.kom do you know if the products from this website is authentic. thanks in advance max von

2264 Hey Jeff, curious George here...If I have a stringing technique that gives me a sweet spot the size of a grapefruit and your technique gives you a sweet spot the size of a lemon, then you can even be a little better player than I am and I am going to beat you anyway. This advantage can't be lost in the big league world of tennis!!! Also, I don't know why stringers run from this idea! If I know how, exactly how, Federer is stringing his racket then, as a stringer, I'm going to sell that string job at a premium price and I'll string one up for you to try and feel the difference. Even a novice could benefit! The exact numbers of a proportionally correctly strung racket is worth money and believe me no one is revealing those numbers including Mr. Richard Parnell. Once again, I appreciate you speaking to this issue when the stringers associations will barely admit that there is an issue! Your thoughts? You don't have any numbers for me do you? Surely, this is more fun to discuss than what kind of strings does player X use! Thanks again Jeff...I hope I run into you sometime, somewhere along the way! ~Curious George

2263 Hi Jeff! We recently bought BB Alu Power for my son at a string tension of 59 on his wilson blx k six one team. He complains of some elbow pains and i was wondering if this was due to the string tension? If so is there any way in which we could reduce the tension, rather than restringing it? Thanks.

2262 what string does novak djokovic use!

2261 Hi Jeff! do you know website i can buy Prince Graphite Longbody grip 4 1/8?

2260 Another ebay China luxilon seller. I bought a reel of alu power and then one set from the local tennis pro shop. The China string is lighter in color and the label "WRZ995100IS" while the single set has "WRZ995100SI". The print on the string is also bigger from China. The label under the barcode is also mis-spelled "ALU POWER 16L SILER" (no V). Is this fake string?

2259 Hi Jeff. My daughter is 12 year old nationally ranked and plays everyday. She plays with Babolat drive Z-lite and Pro Hurricane Tour 16 gauge (59lbs). She is more of an agressive baseliner. She is complaining that after a couple of weeks the strings have no feel and need replacement. Can you suggest some alternative strings and tensions for her to test out in line with her game?

2258 What is a very good poly or hybrid which offers maximum feel as well as amazing spin charateristics and power. Also isn,t to expensive like a gut string or it can be a cheap affordable gut. Any way I would like to know the affordable version and the expensive set and also please could you recommend a tension for the string as I find with most polys I need to lower down more then 55 pounds to get more feel but I dont know what offers amazig feel at what tension. Please reply ASAP thanks

2256 Hey Jeff...curious George here, how are you doing? Jeff, there's this stringer in Spain by the name of Parnell who claims to have strung Federer's racket proportionally. What do you know about this? Did Federer string his racket this way, does he still? The thing is , Jeff, I think many pros are stringing proportionally but don't want to share that information because it's part of the competetive edge. I know the stringers hate the idea..oh well! Your thoughts? Take care Jeff!

2255 I am using RPM Blast at 57lbs, it's starting to hurt my arm. Im thinking re-string at 40 lbs. Do you think this tension is too low for this string?

2254 Hi. I have bought the Alu Power 220m for 98 Euros at a ebay shop ( I think its very cheap...may be too cheap. Is this possible or do you think its a fake?

2253 Hello, I currently live in Beijing, China and the stringing job is usually not done properly. I can get my racket restrung in 15 minutes...but I found out that it leads to some issue. I play 10-12 hours a week with Luxilon BB Alu. At my level of play and amount of top spin in my shot. my coach told me that my strings should last 1 month before snapping on hard court. The reality is 10 days. My question is two-fold: - does it damage the racket if the tension is not equal on the racket (might be problem with the clamp, screws and quick job while stringing)? - in a tennis can i quickly check if the stringing machine is a good one and well maintained (clamps, etc..)? Many thanks. Gabriel

2252 what is the maximum tension for big banger string?

2251 Is Luxilon Timo 18 very durable? Also,would 58 be a good tension to string it on my Prince EXO3 Black if im looking for alot of control without sacrificing power?

2250 I have a question about hybrids. Do most pros who use hybrids use identical or similar sting gauges on the mains and crosses? Are there any advantages or disadvantages to having thinner or thicker stings on the M's or X's? I have never seen any information on this subject and I was just curious. Thanks.

2249 I have been using ALU and am very pleased with the performance, but I would like more durability. So, I just ordered some BB Original to see if it will last longer. Do you suggest I string the BB Original at the same tension (52lbs. in a Babolat Pure Drive) that I've been stringing the ALU? I would like to keep the performance characteristics as close as possible. I have tried numerous tensions and found the 52lbs. to be ideal for me me with the ALU. In an earlier question you suggested that a player might want to string ALU and BB Original at different tensions. I know that you can not be certain, but I am interested in your best recommendation for a starting point.

2248 Do you have any inside information regarding Babolat RPM? Have they developed something really different or is it just another Luxilon knock-off?

2247 Are you going to do another in-depth analysis of the stringing at a major professional tournament? It would be interesting to see what has changed since your last report.

2245 I have a Voelkl power bridge 9. I would like to know the best tension when using luxilon alu rough in the mains and wilson sensation in the crosses. I am a big server and looking for more control and spin on the ground strokes. Thanks, Pino

2244 I am a Division one tennis player who almost always serves and volleys. I use to use a hybrid combination; a poly in the mains and a soft string in the crosses, but I agree with you that it is important to match the right strings together and I did not like the feeling of the strings aging at different rates and realized that I could get enough touch for my volleys by using all of a poly. This summer I was using hurricane pro in a 17 G. It gave me enough feel for my volleys at 55/56 lbs without the ball flying on my groundstrokes. Now that I am at school we have a reel of big banger alu and original. Based on what I explained about myself, which one do you think I am best off using all the way through my racket? I've notice over the years that many pros use alu in a hybrid with a softer string, but original is never used in a hybrid. Does this hint towards original being a softer string than alu and maybe better for my serve and volley style? I see players like Feliciano Lopez who I play similar to (big serve, comes to net, topspin, loves his slice backhand) using original all the way through the racket and it makes me think that maybe I'm better off with original. I have a feeling you are going to tell me otherwise though, that alu is softer. Also, If I was stringing the hurricane 17G at 56 what would you string the big banger at, I would think a little lower. Thanks so much

2243 Wondering what string you might suggest for a Dunlop aerogel 500d light. I'm looking for a a little more pop from the demo I tried which was strung at 59-60 with Dunlop comfort. THanks

2238 Hi Jeff, How are you doing ? Jeff, do you know why Luxilon stop producing Supersense string ? and witch is his replacement ? thank you, regards from Belgium

2237 Hi Jeff, I strung my Pete Sampras Prostaff 88 with ALU Spin at 45 lbs on the mains and 43lbs on crosses using a 6-point mounting machine. After stringing, I measured the mains and found them to be close to 45 lbs but the crosses are 6 lbs less than the mains. Please advise what I might have done wrong. Thanks Jeff. Han

2236 I would like to purchase TIMO110, please advise of process? Thank you, Kerry

2235 Please delete this question if it is off topic and inappropriate. I'm only asking because this is the best source of tennis information on the web - Honest and unbaised, answered by a verifiable expert. Can a player obtain and maintain an artificial ATP World Ranking as a result of recieving numerous wild cards and then losing in the first round. If so, it appears that a number of national tennis associations are propping up undeserving players.

2234 Please delete this question if it is off topic and inappropriate. I'm only asking because this is the best source of tennis information on the web - Honest and unbaised, answered by a verifiable expert. Can a player obtain and maintain an artificial ATP World Ranking as a result of recieving numerous wild cards and then losing in the first round. If so, it appears that a number of national tennis associations are propping up undeserving players.

2233 hey Jeff what is the difference between the 120 Luxilon Adrenaline strings and the 130? Thanks

2232 Hi. My daughter currently uses a hybrid Luxilon power rough in the crosses and Luxilon M2 Pro 125 in the mains and loves the combination. She just got a sponsorship with Babolat so will play with Babolat strings. I'm thinking that the Pro Hurricane Tour will replace the Luxilon Power Rough, and perhaps the Xcel Premium will replace the Luxilon M2? Your opinion on the best match of Babolat strings would be appreciated. Thanks

2231 Hi, I'm a super senior, and I've been using ALU Big Banger Rough 16, in my Prince Speedsport 03 Silver, strung at 48 lbs. Performance wise I love it! But recently I've been having shoulder problems and it's been suggested to me that it's related to the tough feel of the strings. What do you suggest I use, and at what tension, that will give me the same performance but without hurting my shoulder? Dave

2230 I currently use Big Banger Original, strung at 55lbs; great for durability but not too good for comfort, and I get slight discomfort in my elbow. I would like more spin/control from my racquet, and I am considering trying different mains and cross strings; what strings would you recommend, and at what tensions? I play Senior County level tennis. Stewart Barnes

2229 Hello Jeff, I recently cracked one side of tennis racquet's head while hitting a forehand and I need your opinion on this. I must say, I can rip the fuzz off the balls' ass with my forehand, but how can a racquet break with a forehand swing, no matter how hard one hits? I'm sure pros hit as hard as I do, although, I can't think of anyone in particular right now (LOL), but do you think it was due to a faulty string job? The racquet I broke is a Babolat Pure Drive with Lux Alu Rough and Prince Syn Gut hybrid at 60lbs. Thanks mate!

2228 The Gamma Big Bubba: Is there a reason the racquet breaks in the head area?

2227 Hi.Which one of the luxilon strings would you recommend the HEAD YOUTEK EXTREME PRO?Tired of having to re-string every 4TH session.I usually use the dunlop x-life max touch for its crisp feel with mains at 58lbs and crosses at 60lbs.My shoulder is a bit sensitive but with these i found i could play with very minimal discomfort.Please give a tension guideline too.Basically i like strings that are crisp,hold tension very well,not too stiff and have fairly acceptable durability.Lastly any reputable website that you can recommend that does good string comparisons other than

2225 Best string for top spin action

2224 I want to pair M2 strings with a more durable string for the mains. Do you have a suggestion that won't harm playability too much but will save me a few stringings across the course of the year?

2223 I was wondering if you could use animal muscle as tennis strings? If so how would i be able to pitch this idea to a company?

2222 Hello, I have always used Alu Power strings and I recently changed from a Head Flexpoint Radical (98 head size) to the Wilson BLX SixOne (90 head size). I have them strung at 55 lbs. on my Wilson and the strings have been breaking every couple weeks where as with my old racquet they would break every couple months. Why is this? Is it due to the smaller head size? Should I tighten or loosen the strings to increase their durability? I play about the same amount as I did with the Head Flexpoint Racquet. Please help because it is getting expensive to buy strings every two weeks!!

2221 Is there a reason Federer switches raquets (new string) when new balls are about to be put in play? Do any other pros do this? Thanks

2220 Im buying wilsons champions choice to string up on my racqet. All today i was wondering if i should put my lux as my mains and natural gut as my crosses or the other way around. Some people are saying this and that, but i want to know what ezch situation gives. I have a full western forehand, i love to produce alot of topspin on my forehand and backhand, and i slice occasionaly. So what im mainly looking for is a good amount of spin and control, and not alot of power - Santiago

2219 Ok, so I'm having problems with balls sailing when i volley and when i return serves and groundstrokes. I hit a heavy topspin forehand and backhand, but whenever i want to really rip on the ball and put all the spin i can produce, it rockets out of the court. I'm pretty sure its not my form because I also have another racquet like my main that is strung at a higher tension, around 60 to 62 that is perfect for these situations i get into. My main racquet though is strung at 54 pounds and i was wondering if stringing my main at a higher tension like around 60 would give me more control, but still help me produce the massive amount of spin the makes my opponent trip over his own feet. Thanks

2218 I use Rpm Blast at a tension of 55 and i dont think it provides enough control. I was planning on using the champions choice hybrid, with the natural gut as my mains and the alu as my crosses, what should i have my mains and crosses at? I was thinking 55 as mmy crosses and 60 as my mains. I LOVE producing topspin but i need control as well.

2217 Around 3 years ago I bought a hybrid string from Luxilon (Luxilon Big Banger ALU Touch Hybrid 16L) to have try. I really liked the strings, so I immediately bought several spares that lasted until recently. Now I have tried to find it in stores and internet but it seems that Luxilon discontinued this model. Is that correct? If so, what would you suggest me to use that I could have the same feel and effect? Thanks in advance, Fabio

2216 Hi Jeff. I'm interested to know the string tension chosen by any pros using a Babolat AeroPro Drive GT + Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power (non-hybrid) combination. Thanks!! -Ellis

2215 Being a professional stringer, I have discovered from feedback and play testing that there is a noticable difference in performance between Alu Power Grey and Alu Power Ice Blue - the Ice Blue tends to be lower powered and a tad softer than the Grey, contrary to your answer in post 1882 where they are apparently 'identical'. Now it is 12 months down the track, do you now think that the blue dye may have affected the characteristics (as it has with other companies products)? Finally is the Ice Blue still available?

2214 My son is 14 years old and a 4.0 level player who plays 5 days a week. He is purchasing a Babolat AeroPro Drive GT racquet, which I believe has a factory recommended string tension of 55-65. He would like to try Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power, but is open to considering other suggestions. Interested to know your recommendation of a starting point for string tension for him and whether the mains should be strung at a little higher tension (say, +2 pounds) than the crosses. Thanks!!

2213 What string is preferred most for comfort? I may be developing tendonitis from a tough polyester I have been playing with.

2212 I have been using babolat n.vy strings at 60 lbs with a prince Ozone tour racquet, but need more durability. I am 16 and competitive in the midwest bracket what would you suggest?

2211 Hi Jeff, do you know the string and tension of the following players: Sorana Cirstea, Ana Ivanovic, Sabine Lisicki, Laura Robson, Maria Sharapova. Thanks, and sorry if i am being a pain asking for so much.

2210 You told a guy that his tennis elbow is surely caused by a faulty swing and the pros never get tennis elbow even though they hit hard. Did you ever consider the age of the person. Almost all the 4.5 to 5.0 players I know over 40 yrs old get tennis elbow at some point. The pros don't get it because they are young. Just wait. When you are older you will get it too and have to listen to some young guy say it is because of your bad swing. it's nice to be young isn't it, Jeff.

2209 I normally set my tension to 55lbs for 95sq in racquet. But I just purchased the Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power 127 Spin. For that specific string, do you still recommend setting the tension 10% lower than usual? Sorry to be nitpicky, but 10% lower than 55lb is exactly 49.5. Can I tell the stringer to do 49.5 (can they do decimals??) or are they going to look at me weird?

2208 Hi, I have been out of tennis for a few years and have just purchased a new racket and now need to buy some strings and need some help as I've never used nylon strings before. I am able to generate a lot of power myself so perhaps want something that can offer a little more control / spin on shots. I'm a once a week player so also something durable would be a bonus! Any help is much appreciated! Iain

2207 Hello, on "news" pages, Bryan brothers are said by Luxilon site to be using Luxilon TiMo strings. On other "news" pages, they are said to be using Luxilon Alu Power strings. I doubt they change string model every 2 months. 1/ Do they really use Luxilon strings ? 2/ What strings are they really using if it is really known ? It's not that I 'm found of knowing what strings the Bryan brothers are using, but it's not the first time that Luxilon site doesn't tell the truth on what strings certain pro players play with ( I remember seeing on the news pages that Llodra was playing with Luxilon Original 130 strings !!!). Is this because Luxilon depends on marketing loy dictated by Wilson partenership ?

2206 Does Luxilon sponser junior tennis players?

2205 Hello Jeff. I have used Luxilon ALU Power and Babolot Pro Hurricane over the last year and must say the Luxilon ALU Power is superior. I just hit the RPM Blast and must say it has moved to the top for me. Seems softer and creates the same spin or more than the other strings. Does Luxilon have a string that you would put head to head vs. the RPM?

2204 Hello! Could you help me please? I bought the string Alu Power Fluoro. And now I'm a little confused, because I don't know what string tension would be best for my racquet. I have new Wilson BLX Pro Tour with dense string pattern 18x20. And I'm looking for the ratio of power and control, maybe a little bit more power than control-oriented tension. Could you advise me please the tension of Alu Power Fluoro for my racquet with my preferences. Thank you! Best regards, Vladislav

2203 Hi Jeff, What are the advantages of "around the world" stringing pattern compare to 2 piece one? Does R. Nadal use it? Thanks Jeff. Han

2202 stringing my new volkl 10 with ace and gama prodigy, String bed 18x20. seem to come out way tighter than 45 main 48 crosses .Question if support points are to tight compressing frame Then upon finishing and taken racquet off machine does the tension increase as frame elogates

2201 Good day Jeff, I am a fan of Luxilon strings. After many tries, Alum Power Rough @21 kg seems fit me well. The minor drawback is i still can notice the firmness of this string. I wonder should I try M2 and would like to ask your opinion on two question 1) because of the Two trings' power ratings are different, do i have to lower M2 tension? 2) will i loose some control on M2 ? Thanks for your time and help. Alex D

2200 I am a 13 year old national tennis player. My racquet is the Prince exo3 rebel 95. It is a fairly powerful racquet and I was looking for strings that could tone the power down a little but still give me good control. I don't have trouble generating power as I am an agressive baseling player. I also hit fairly flat balls with a little spin. Thanks a lot. -Luke

2199 Jeff: strung at 50 lbs. this string is AWESOME!!! Thanks for the advice and I am now a life-long Luxilon user. Hi, I am 42, use the Wilson nCode Pro Open racquet. I have used the Babalot Pro Hurricane Tour string and decided to try your string. I picked the M2, just strung it at 59 lbs. with a recommended range of 50-60 and is the same tension I have always used. When I used it for the first time I felt like I could not control anything and the ball was flying all over the place. What tension do you suggest? Thanks. Answer: Hi... There is absolutely no reason why M2 should produce the results that you describe. It is as stable as Pro Hurricane at a similar tension so there should be no difference in terms of control. Perhaps you are not used to the softer feel of M2 and just need to get used to the different characteristics of the string - maybe hit a little slower. I would certainly recommend a lower tension - 50lb would produce better feel I would think - but I don't know much about your game and needs. Jeff

2198 What strings should I put in a new Wilson BLX tour racquet?

2197 I recently moved to use SPIN for 1st time which lasted about 10 weeks. I play 3x week in main (8 - 10 sets per wk). Been very happy with string in all aspects (at 52lb) but just a small question over durability as I cannot afford too regular a stringing! Was hoping it would last me 3 months at least. Striung broke right at edge by grommet in mid racket which is unusual. Didnt notice off centre hitting either. Was this just bad luck? Is SPIN more prone to break than ROUGH and should I consider going back to BB Alu Power which I liked nearly as much but lasted forever !! Thanks in advance for all your advice on site Jeff.

2196 Hi, I am 42, use the Wilson nCode Pro Open racquet. I have used the Babalot Pro Hurricane Tour string and decided to try your string. I picked the M2, just strung it at 59 lbs. with a recommended range of 50-60 and is the same tension I have always used. When I used it for the first time I felt like I could not control anything and the ball was flying all over the place. What tension do you suggest? Thanks.

2195 Hi Jeff, I am 42 years old, my playing level is a 3.0/3.5, mostly play doubles. I play M2 pro strings and love them. Nevertheless, a friend of mine gave me a set of Wilson Champion's Choice Hybrid strings he was no longer using to try out. I know that at my playing level a set of hybrid strings is probably not the way to go, but was curious to see what it would feel like. The spare racquet it would go in is a Wilson Surge BLX(100"), specs say that tension should be between 53-63lbs. Can you provide a recommendation to start off with for the tension to use in the natural gut and ALU rough and which to put in the mains or crosses. Thanks, much appreciated.

2194 Re #2191: thanks, Jeff. I tried 58lb with Alu Power 1.25. It worked better than the Pro huricane Tour on everything except it is not as stiff and therefore the string seems a bit loose and needs adjusted after the game. I just wish for more power. will try 52 lb as you suggested. However, will it make it even more loose at such low tension? I hate to ajust them and that was my reason to choose solid poly over multifilament.

2193 I am a 65-yr old 4.0 player. I play both singles and doubles 3 to 4 times per week. I have a short hard back swing. I would like your recommendation on strings for a Head Youtek Radical OS racquet.

2192 string tension for dunlop black max

2191 What tension should I choose ? Babolat Areopro drive racquet, Babolat hurricane pro tour @58 lbs. According to Luxilon recommendation, I should have 10% less @52 lb. But the racquet recommeded range is 55-62 lbs. What should I try ?

2190 Hey Jeff, do you know if there is some type of equipment/device that can measure the tension of a string on a racquet? If so, how accurate is it? One of my customers whose racquet I string said that some old guy used some type of device on his racquet to test the tension and it was 15 lbs lower than what he asked me to put in his racquet. I'm a seasoned stringer and I would bet my life on the fact that the tension is nowhere near 15 lbs less, but this "device" did the trick of planting a seed in my customers head that I'm not stringing at the recommended tension. I even tested my stringing machine with a tension calibrator and it's perfect. Please give me some advice to tell my customer. Mike

2189 Hi, I am beginner player, 40 years old, very athletic, work out all the time. I am currently taking intensive 2 hour sessions to get up to speed quickly. Decided to get a Wilson BLX Khamsin Five. Don't want to make my life too difficult so I got M2 plus strings. The racket specs states that the tension should be between 55-65lbs. I was wondering if you could offer a recommendation on what tension to start off with the M2 plus strings. Thanks in advance.

2188 looking for strings for my racket. looking for control, spin and power

2187 I am a frequent player (6 to 8 times per week plus tournaments) and nationally ranked in USTA, and have been using the Gamma Live Wire Professional 18, strung at 60-65 lb. with 20% pre-stretch (to offset the initial static tension loss). This is a stiff string, similar to the Luxilon and I have bought some sets of ALU Power 123 to try out. What is the relative stiffness and initial static tension loss of this string compared to the Gamma. If the stiffness is close, then the recommended 10% lower tension may not be appropriate in my case. Alan Gow,

2186 I had a hybrid string combination with luxilon (unsure which--maybe big banger) and synthetic gut 16 strung at 58#. I developed golfer's elbow (inside elbow tendon pain) and had to switch strings. My elbow pain went away. I really want to go back to the hybrid. I have an eastern grip--so my swing plane is flatter and I like to hit out with pace. What string tension do you recommend for the luxilon with a soft 17 gauge synthetic? I read the synthetic should be 2-4 lbs. higher than the luxilon. I play with a Wilson n code six one 95. Thanks for your advice.

2185 I string for Roscoe Tanner and we have been flipping natural gut and big banger in crosses and mains..Which method is most common for the hybrid method. Lux in mains or crosses?? I preffer lux in entire string bed.

2184 fact or fiction...stringing w/luxilon should be 10lbs less than mutifilaments/ guts....

2183 I do not understand the Original 130 Rough strings. They look like a rough string in the pack, but when you tension them they become smooth. Why then are they called rough strings? Thanks in advance for your help, tom arnall arcata, ca usa

2182 Hello Jeff, why Alu Power Fluoro 123 isn't play more by ATP players ? What's wrong with this string, that is said to be "an improved version of the most used string on the tour" ? Lack of control ? Lack of durability ? Anything else ? And why players using Alu Power 125 with gut in hybrid sets up (most of the time in search of comfort) don't use Alu Power Fluoro 123 as you usually say that it is better to use one single string than using a hybrid ? Thanks a lot for the site and for your previous and futures answers.

2181 What is the difference between Luxilon Big Banger Alu and Original?

2180 Would Luxilon Alu Rough and Babolat Addiction be a good combination with some comfort?

2179 Hi Jeff, What would you recommend for stringing all natural gut, one piece or two piece? Thank you..........Tom

2178 I've recently bought a Wilson Six One Tour BLX racquet, and want to string it with Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power Rough (1.25). What tension is the best for this stick? I used to play with 24-25 kg with other midsize and some midplus racquets and multifilament strings. Thanks for your answer.

2177 Hi, Im purchasing a Wilson BLX 95, im a 4.5 player that likes to hit from the baseline and hits a heavy ball. Ive never used gut but allot of people talk like its the best. What "tension" and "string setup" would you recomend for lots of POP and Spin? Thanks, Angus McLean 4.5 CA

2176 I recently had tennis elbow surgery, and have been told to stay away from polyester strings. I don't have the money to spend on natural gut, and I don't like the soft feel of multifilaments. What Luxilon model do you recommend. Currently I am using Tecnifibre X-One Biphase and I usually beak strings every 3-4 weeks, playing 6 hours per week.

2175 Hello Jeff, Thank you for the great job you are doing here answering to all questions. I'm a serve and volley player using wilson blx 6.1 with adrenaline at 20kg. The combo is wonderful to me. But after about 2 hours, I'm loosing power and control. When I continue playing, I break the string after about 10 hours and in the last hours it becomes worse and worse. So I'm stringing a new racquet every official match and keep playing with the used ones with my friends. So if I were a pro changing my racquet every 9 games or practice, it wouldn't be a problem. But as only as an advanced team player, I'm very unhappy to have to string my racquets that often and on the other hand, I don't want to loose what I get in the first 2 hours. Note that my problem is more to string often than paying for a more expensive string. Do you have some tips to help. Thank you for your time, Xavier

2174 what is the recommended tension for advanced players

2173 I am going to string a hybrid. On the x's Technifibre NRG2 18 or Wilson NXT Tour 18. I have been using NXT tour 18 exclusively. I have a wrist injury, but want a stiffer feel. Which Big Banger would syou suggest for the mains. Alu fluro 17 or Ace 112 18

2172 What is the difference between the Alu strings and Original strings?For example Big Banger Alu Rough and Original Rough? Which would go better in a hybrid? Does Original have less power,more power,less control,ect?

2171 What red strings does John Isner use?

2170 Hey, I've been using your strings for years now and string for many people. How can I get a Luxilon stencil for me and my customers? my email is

2169 What's the differnce between Luxilon Alu Spin and Rough?

2168 I'm sorry but didn't you make a mistake writing in the front page of the site that Samantha Stosur is the winner of 2010 French Open ?!! I think she would be happy that you consider her as the winner... but she didn't win the title...

2167 Hi.I have just strung my head youtek xtreme pro with alu P Spin at 60.The spins are wicked but my arm feels like it will come off!Could it be the tension?The thing is the youtek extreme is quite a powerful racq,i thought i could tighten my tension so i can have some control??Do u think stringin at say 60mains and 57 crosses could help?I was also considering getting the Big Banger Ace 112 full bed as i have read some good reviews about it on stringerforum!!Please help very frustrated.I have tried,gut/multifilaments cross with co-poly mains hybrids only to break the crosses within 6hours of play as i play heavy topspin on both sides.Thanks Thulani.E-mail add

2166 Hi, I currently play with the Big Banger, but I don't like my lack of control, do you recommend any other Luxilon string that will give me more feel and control? I play with a 93 k blade and I currently am on the pro circuit if that helps any! Thank you!

2165 Hey Jeff, Strings aside for the moment, what does it mean when racquet vendors talk about 315mm head light or 320mm head light etc in terms of balance and power? Thanks!

2164 I'm using Adrenaline 17 as a hybrid in the mains of my Dunlop 300G, with Wilson NXT 16 in the crosses. In the past I have used NXT (mains and crosses) at 60 lbs, and then TiMO at 52 lbs. The Adrenaline seems to be a lot softer than the TiMO though, and I wondered if you had any general suggestions about how to string this hybrid set. I initially tried 52/58, and like the soft feel, but sometimes have trouble controlling it.

2163 Hi jeff, Is it true that adrenaline is very similar than alu power? i mean, a little bit softer, less powerful... How did you descibe adrenaline and what kind of player suit better?

2162 How much should I lower the tension of a polyester string vs. multi-filament string.

2161 This question regards whether my first Luxilon experiment should be all-Luxilon or a hybrid combination, and some specific string recommendations. I'm looking for a slight increase in topspin on my forehand but do not want any more topspin on my flat serve. For background I played 15 years at the 4.0-4.5 level and have returned to the game after a several year layoff. I am competitive at 4.0 level right now. I play or practice 4-5 days a week and our club pro's can hit a speed with me in my weekly sessions with them. I am using a Pure Drive frame with Toni+ at 60 lbs mostly for singles and some doubles and a frame with NXT at 58 lbs for doubles and practice. I just bought a third frame for string experiments and practice. My groundies are pretty consistant with my usual miss a few inches long on my forehand. I have a competitive serve, but flattening out my first serve has been an ongoing project. I'd like to get a little more groundstroke spin, get a less expensive solution than the Tonic+, but not add topspin to my flat serve.

2160 What is the difference between Big Banger Alu Spin and Big Banger Alu Rough? Which would go better in a hybrid set-up?

2159 What is the difference between Luxilon M2 Plus and Luxilon M2 Pro? Which is better and do they have any other gauges besides 16?

2158 Hi jeff from Barcelona a question. Just 2 weeks playing with adrenaline 1,25 m2 1,25, and alu power 1.25. Adrenaline and m2 are unreal, maybe m2 more powerful. Which string of these 3 will be more durable? Right now it´s time to decide in order to buy a reel. By the way you told in question 1937 A combination of power and comfort do not define a string too well. Luxilon's M2 and Alu Power have the highest - and identical - 'power + comfort' ratings but are quite different strings designed for quite different players. Jeff Tell me what kind of palyers? Thanks a lot.

2157 Hello Jef, My name is Raymond I`m a 50 year old normal 4 hour a week player(2houer single and two doubles) and I discowered M2 pro and I think its perfect for me. My question is now how long can I play with? What happens to the string? Does it go flat?Do I play untill it breaks? How do I know its time to replace? Dere must be some kind of technically guideline. I know we are all different and it depends. Thank you for your answer.Greetings from Austria

2156 Generally speaking and all things being equal, do larger frames require more tension (e.g. 100 vs 98)?

2155 I have been purchasing a 726' string reel of Luxilon Bib Banger TiMo 17L string. I can no longer find reels of this string. Is it still being made? Where can I purchase it? If it is not being made, what do you recommend to replace it. I am a USTA 4.0 player who has power but wants to improve my control. I switched to your strings because my previous strings either became loose quickly or broke frequently.

2154 Hi Jeff, Please comment on the practice of having the mains tensioned at few lbs more than the crosses. Is it good a practice? Thanks Jeff, Han

2153 Hello, I have a Volkl Power Bridge 10 Mid racquet, and I want to string it with Luxilon big banger alu power 16, what is the recommonded tension to get the best out of my strings? Following is the specs of my racquet: Head Size: 93 sq. in. / 600 sq. cm. Length: 27 inches / 69 cm Strung Weight: 12.1oz / 343g Balance: 10pts HL Swingweight: 337 Stiffness: 59 Beam Width: 19mm Straight Beam Composition: DNX, Carbon, Fiberglass Power Level: Low Swing Speed: Fast Grip Type: DNX Grip with Sensor Tour Handle String Pattern: 16 Mains / 19 Crosses Mains skip: 8T,7H,9H One Piece No Shared Holes String Tension: 50-60 Thanks, Ala


2151 I am a fourteen-year old boy, advanced-level player looking for a power and control string. I was interested in Luxilon a while ago but i thought it might hurt my arm. Now, that you have more comferatable strings, i thought i should try your strings. I was thinking about getting either Adreniline 17, Ace 18, or Timo 18. What would you reccomen? I'm a baseliner and a hard hitter looking for the most power and control with some comfort and play with the Prince EXO3 Black. Thanks.

2150 Im pierce. i have the babolat Aeropro drive GT raquet and i have been using big banger alu Power 25 on my raquets. I was wondering I put some M2 on the Crosses and Alupower on the mains would be a good combo.

2149 Hello, I am Vavery. I used MSV Focus strings in the past (24kg mains, 23kg crosses). Now with my new racquets Head Youtek Prestige Pro, MSV is not so good anymore so I will try Adrenaline 1,20. What tension do you recommend? Do you have in mind other Luxilon string which will match better this racquet? Thank you.

2148 Where can I purchase a Luxilon string stencil? Luxilon should provide these at no cost from our suppliers when we buy son much Luxilon string.

2147 Hi, I'm Marco from Italy, I usually make use of Big Banger Alu Power on a Six One 95... Recently I'm pass to Six One Tour 90 but, with this, I don't still use the Luxilon. I have thought to use the M2, seeing the 90 Head Size, so if I used a tension of 20 Kg with the Big Banger Alu Power on Six One 95, what tension I have to use with the M2 on 90 Head Size? Further, the M2 are a string too soft respect Big Banger Alu Power? The M2 is a correct choice or should be better the Alu Power fluoro, and if so what tension I have to use? Thanks

2146 Hello Jeff, and greetings from Finland! Two questions, 1. I have been playing Wilson K-factor Six-One 95 (or similiar wilsons back in the days) with Luxilon Alu Power Rough for years now, and I couldn't be more satisfied. Now that there is also available Alu Power Spin, what is the biggest or main differences between these two strings? Does the Alu Power Spin generate more spin? 2. We have also been buying string reels with my brother, because they are little bit cheaper in the long run, than the single string packages, but when the Alu Power is very durable string, reels usually last year or two. Is there any disadvantages or harm to string quality, elasticity or durability when string reels are stored for long periods of time, and is there anything that we should consider when storing string reels for such a long time (temperature for example) Sincerily yours Henrik

2145 Hi a friend gave me a Luxilon BB. i'm a girl, playing with a Prince O3 tour. So far, I play with a Signum Pro string, with a 24/23 kg tension. I feel like i don't have power enough. And this string quickly loose is initial tension Which tension tension do you recommend me to use with the BB? Thanks a lot

2144 Did you write anything about big banger ace 112 and if yes, please give me the numbers of the questions. thank you. Kurt

2142 I will be stringing a prestige classic MP 102" frame with natural gut mains at 66lbs and want to use lux alu power crosses. Can you tell me what tension I should string the crosses at for a uniform string bed? I have heard everything from 62lbs to 44lbs! I want to avoid anything that will feel springy/trampoline. Thanks, Matt

2141 my dear friends i want to try to combine luxilon woth nylon, is this a good idea? I want to put 25 kg as tension, control and power at the same time...

2140 Hi, Jeff, I'm a 4.0 player with an all court game, hard strokes, heavy topspin and still improving. I use a Head Extreme Pro weighted up to 350 grams when strung. My favorite string setup is ALU Rough at 59 ilbs. That string setup became a little rough on my arm so I experimented with lower tensions but I found that balls would fly long more than I could tolerate. I therefore experimented with various hybrids (which has been quite trying). To get the level of control as I had with ALU Rough at 59/59, I've gone to ALU Rough on the mains at 62 and a premium synthetic at 66 on the crosses. This work for a short while, but tension loss is fairly rapid because of the mains sawing the crosses (as we would expect). After reading some your responses on this website, I'd like to try M2 Pro, which is what I'd imagine you'd recommend. I'm sure that getting the right tension will involve some trial and error, but I would, at least, lke to minimize this because of the expense. Considering that full ALU Rough at 59 was what worked for me, and ALU Rough at 62/Synthetic at 66 was a good compromise, what would be your best guess for tension on the mains and on the crosses for M2 Pro? (I'm guessing a couple pounds higher than when I used full ALU Rough). Thanks, Dave

2139 hey jeff, i just bought two k-factor k-zero's and wanted to get some top spin string cause top spin is a big part of my game. do you recommend a certain type/brand of string? and also, what tension should i go with to optimize my top spin? thanks much, john

2138 I was wondering if there will be a big banger original spin version similar to alu spin?

2137 hi, this is david from barcelona. i´m a 4-4.5 player. i use to play 4-5 times per week and with a lot of spin. my raquet is a head speed youtek mp 16x19. 21,21 kg. usually a played with original but after having elbow problems i tried almost all multis on the market, they ended me just 1-3 days.Defenetly a great los of money. do you recmend me luxilon adrenaline, maybe m2. i want something powerful, durable, comfortable and similar to a multi. thanks a lot.

2136 what is the difference if there is any substantial between the luxilon adrenaline and the luxilon alu power silver?

2135 My son has been using a hybrid combo: Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour (17) for the mains and Xcel Power (16) for the crosses. He uses a standard Babolat Pure Drive GT, strung at 58 pounds. He is becoming quite an accomplished Junior. He breaks strings every other day, which seems typical for his level of play. He often finds himself playing as a base line counter puncher, trading deep high paced shots with his opponent. But he plays all aspects of the game well. He has heard great things about Luxilon. He says he would like to try Luxilon. I'm a bit concerned about making a dramatic change. If he must, I'd prefer him to try something as close to what he uses now as possible. What would you suggest to try as an alternative to the above? Kindest regards.

2134 What tennis string do you make that produces the most topspin? I use the Wilson K Six One Tour 90 BLX racket. I appreciate your response. Thanks, Ken Mitchell

2133 Hi. I have had a Prince exo3 Black strung to 58lbs with Alu Spin last week by a professional and after only 4 hrs of tennis presents huge loss of tension and rather dead response from string. Is this irregular and if so how do i remedy this? Through my stringer here in the UK?

2132 Is there any way to know if a Luxilon strings is not authentic? Do any control code?

2131 Hello, I play with Luxilon big banger 1,20. I just can't break the string while playing. It's been more than three months now. Should i change the string or can i keep it ? If i keep it isn't there a risk of the string getting worse and worse ? Thank you very much

2130 What kind of strings do you recommend for "Wilson Pro Tour" (96", 18x20) racket, of what caliber, and moreover, what tension (pounds/Kilograms)would you use?

2129 Hello Jef. Great site! Im am from The Netherlands and am a great fan of Alu Touch. 23.5 kg mains and 24.5 kg cross. I like the power, the softer stringbed and the control. Unfortunately the produktion of supersense is stopped. In other questions you recommend M2, but I can't find an supplier in Holland. What about Alu Power Fluoro? Is that a good substitute? How many kg do you recommend for me in mains and crosses? I play with a prince o3 tour mp. I have yet one spare of Alu touch. Normally I restring within 1 month. I play about 2 times a week. How long can i play with a stringbed before it lose it's properties? I am not a stringbreaker. (Please give Luxilon a call. We miss Supersense!! :-))

2128 what strings do the bryan brothers use?

2127 what do you feel about the tecnifibre multifeel string?

2126 Thanks so much for the answer. Since his coach and doctor both suggest a hybrid, I'll experiment with that for now. I just strung a racquet with Luxilon BB rough on the main (52 lb) and Babolat addition on the corss (57 lb). I hear that Luxilons should have lower tensions in a hybrid, then some say the main string tension should be higher. Am I choosing the right tensions?

2125 Hi, Jeff -- thanks for the amount of effort and thoughtfulness you put into every reply; I've learned much from reading your responses to others' posts. I'm currently using Black Code 17 @ 52 lbs. (Gamma 5003) in a Prince O3 Speedport Black Team, having recently switched from multifilament strings. Though I'm really happy w/the current setup (power, precision, feel, durability, and lack of string movement) I'd like to try something in the Luxilon line. I'm 3.5+ serve & volley, doubles & singles. What might you recommend in a 17/17L/18 gauge string? Thanks in advance.

2124 My 11 year old son had been using Luxilon BB for both main and cross and he loved it. He hits hard and likes spin. Recently his shoulder started to hurt and now his coach asks him to use a hybrid instead. I put a Babolat addition on the cross and BB Rough on main, keeping the tension at 57. He claims the new hybrid lacks power compared to all Luxilon and as a result he can't afford as much spin (balls wouldn't go deep if he does). Am I doing something wrong in terms of choosing which cross, what tension, etc?

2123 Hi Jeff, I am using ACE 18 on Youtek Prestige MP (18X20)and my current tension setup is 54/52 lbs. The feel and playability is incredibly amazing!!! but it is unforfunately lack off spin potential when compare to adrenaline 120 on Youtek Prestige Pro (16X19) at 54/52 lbs. I would like to try another tension setup, if I am looking for more spin generation, what tension do you recommend? higher or lower tension? Rgds, Derek

2122 Hello !! I'm a french stringer and i have got a little problem... In your new catalog, what is the string who can remplace the supersense ? I've stringed it in cross, in hybrid, with Alu power rough or timo... So many players have loved it, but unlucky, you have stopped the fabrication...

2121 Which string uses Phillip Kohlschreiber?

2120 I bought some alu power on ebay from shanghi, I know I shouldn't have but the price, you know. The reviews all checked out. I am skeptical it looks authentic, except after a few sets it started to move around and I had to straighten it out. My other racket is straight and doesn't do this.I got it at the shop. the number on the string is oho176 25219 can this be checked? or do they copy that too? I want to bust them if it is fake.

2119 Big banger xp or babolat addiction? my last pair of strings lasted for about 8 months with about 6 hrs a week of play time

2118 Big Banger, I have a head prestiage 98in racquet and use Lux rough cross and natural gut for mains. Im a baseline 5.5 player...what would you recommend string tension setup?

2117 Jeff, How does Alu Spin play compared to Hurricane Tour?

2116 Hello, I almost done my reel of Pro Hurricane and have been trying Hurricane Tour and Alu Rough. I have been stringing the mains listed above at 60lbs and Wilson Sensation on Crosses at 58lbs. I fine the Hurricane Tour offers more power but can be a little wild. Alu Rough seemed to have more control and played better as it lost some tension. Would you suggest to drop the tension on the mains for Alu Rough?

2115 At age 65, it has been years since I broke strings. I use Timo 110 in my mains, but I wish there were even finer gauge strings - TIMO 100??? With so many power oriented raquets out there and so many slow swing players, why are there no 19 gauge strings available?

2114 Thanks you Jeff for your answer to my Q #2016. I do appreciate it. Perhaps Babolat calls their string 'Hurricane' due to Rafa using it, since the ball does come off his racket like a Hurricane! I believe studies have shown that his topspin has much more RPMs than his peers. (Maybe they should of called it Tornado!). Again, thanks, and I'll be sure to keep the occasional obscure question coming your way to keep you on your toes.

2113 can show me the video how to string

2112 My Wilson K-Factor Team something-or-others were strung with Big Banger ALU a couple of weeks ago at ~60 lbs. I broke main strings on both rackets this week after only a handful of matches on each. All of the mains were badly grooved. I'm a 4.5 and I hit reasonably hard - but not THAT hard. Did I get a bad batch? The resident teaching pro was surprised that they broke that soon. I love the spin and the feel...should I consider using a different synthetic as the cross-strings? Thanks!

2111 supposed to string 10% less with full luxilon stringbed than with multifilament?

2110 My racket takes up to 66 psi. What is the breaking point for the Luxilon Big Banger 125 sring. Also, for the Big Banger Ace 112 (18 gauge). Thank you.

2109 hi, i have a pro kennex ki 15 pse (weight 310 g.). someone's suggested me to use luxilon m2 plus 1.30 stringed at 25/26 kilos. do you think it's a good solution or is there a better one? please consider that i like a solution not so dangerous for elbow arm and shoulder. that's the reason because i've pro kennex with kinetic system. thank you

2108 Sorry we are using the Babolot aero pro drive 100 from question 2107

2107 HI Jeff. We are trying to switch to the M2 pro 125 from a Prince synthetic gut strung at 60lbs on a 8800 Gamma. I see you recommend 10% and are also recommending 10 lbs...which should we start at 1st? Tried the hybrid excel and Pro Hurrican Tour at 60-58 and it was very dead! I can see the tension was too high from reading your blog. Do you prefer the Hybrid bpve or going to the M2. Concerned about creating an elbow issue. Thanks. She is a 15 year old and a 4.5 level player. Thanks

2106 Hi Jeff: I submitted Q #2101, which dealt with keeping tabs on the competition. The answer is still "pending". But I noticed you have answered all the questions AFTER my submittal. Hmmm. Are you avoiding giving an answer because you are presently in an underground bunker looking at Babolat's Pro Hurricane Tour string thru the Luxilon top secret electron microscope?!! Looking forward to an honest answer to the question!! Thanks.

2105 Hi Jeff, I am currently using ALU Rough at 45 lbs in my 95 head size 16x18 string pattern racket. Compared to 50 lbs I love the added pace and feel without noticeable loss of control. Two questions. 1) If I went down to 40 lbs will I gain more pace and feel or will I start to lose control? ALU seems to play better at lower tensions but is 40 lbs going over board? 2) If I like 45 lbs would 40 lbs work in another 95 head size racket with a denser string pattern of 18x20? Seems like dense string pattern feels a lot stiffer at any given tension so would it make sense to lower the tension to make it play like 16x18 pattern at 45 lbs? What is your experience? Thanks much!

2104 Hi Jeff, first ref a prev Question 2093 my last strings (M2 Pro) weighted exact 20g at 55lb on Head Microgel Extreme MP. My question is that I found M2 a little 'soft' and want to try either Alu Power Spin or Rough. Am I correct saying Spin is likely to help my (improving) swing generate more spin and will last as long before breaking. Any other characteristics to note v M2Pro and basic Alu Power which I had before M2? I am in London but am about a 5.0 US level, playing three x week. Thanks and btw just loving the Monte Carlo Open right now - Rafa looking awesome so far! Stephen

2103 Thanks Jeff. My change is motivated by using a string job of ALU Power recently and being impressed with the amount of dip. The reason for remaining with BBO in the crosses is that I still have half a reel of it and I actually find it a very comfortable string, only it seems to produce a little less dip. I'm hoping to improve that by using a hybrid setup. I'll string both mains and crosses at 48lb and go from there. Thanks again Jeff, Clay =========== "Question: I'm moving from a full BB original string setup to a hybrid setup with pentagonal ALU power in the mains and BB Original in crosses. If I currently have my racquet strung at 48lb with full BB Originals, what should the tension of my hybrid set up be? Thanks in advance, Clay Answer: Hello Clay... I don't know why you want to make this change - what need it will satisfy that your current setup doesn't... But I will not get into my, "if you know you want a hybrid, you know what tensions should be used to make it work..." speech and simply suggest that you maintain your current tension unless you feel there is some need to change it.... Jeff ===========

2102 Any Pros using the M2? I thought I saw where Sharapova was hitting it.

2101 Jeff: You once responded to one of my questions by stating that it was refreshing to be able to answer something other than the oft-submitted "I'm a 5.0 player with heavy topspin off both sides and want to know what Luxilon string to use and at what tension". Well here goes again! Do string manufacturers keep close tabs on their competition, specifically their new offerings? We've all read about golf club companies purchasing the competition's new clubs to see what they've 'come up with this year'. Do string manufacturers also do this? Regardless of the popularity of Luxilon strings, I would think you could always learn from the competition (and I fully realize there are patent issues to deal with in this regard). Thanks

2100 HELLO I have a head liquidmetal prestige mp and i want to know at what tension should i string the alu power for best control in my game I currently use the head sonic pro string at 60 lb and i feel my racket very stiff Thanks in advance Nick from Greece

2099 Jeff, question #2093 Thanks for your quick response. According to the scale is 16 grams with fresh strings (Pro Staff #53 pounds Alu Power Rough).I'm very impress that Alu Rough only loose a few pounds.So,basically I play until the string break b/c the feel of the alu rough is perfect in my opinion. How the adrenaline compare with the alu rough? Again Thank you.

2098 The greatest string ever for me is alu power lux I like it around 63lbs. I have a hard serve and forehand, I lose control when the strings lose tension and have to hit softer. Now let me get this straight.You say Strings lose up to 20% tension after 48 hrs and if I string it 10% or more tighter and let it sit a week before I use it that might solve my problem that I've had for years. Thanks for your knowledge, Dave

2097 Could you rank all Lux strings from the softest/most playable/most multifilament-like to the hardest/least forgiving?

2096 hello, what tension recomended for an hibrid job , poly with natural gut, in the past in your FAQ sections you write that the cross will be 5-10% higher tension than mains. it is true? from: sami colombia

2095 I'm moving from a full BB original string setup to a hybrid setup with pentagonal ALU power in the mains and BB Original in crosses. If I currently have my racquet strung at 48lb with full BB Originals, what should the tension of my hybrid set up be? Thanks in advance, Clay

2094 Dear Sir: I am using Wilson BLX Tour 90 Aisa version 319g, string with Luxilon Alu power 125 (16L) cross 52lbs and Babolat Tonic+ Gut on 55lb2, basline is so good, volley not better than before. I want to switch my cross string to Alu power 125 rough and keep using Babolat Tonic+ Gut 55lbs on main to apply more spins!!! any tension change is need for keep basline good and let volley punch harder?????Thank you so much! Dennis fr. Hong Kong

2093 Hello Jeff, I string my racquets with Alu Power rough between 51-54 pounds. So, I would like to know How many grams/oz the string add to the frame? In the pro-shop the lady told me that the string add 20 grams. I though the right amount will be 14-15 grams. Can you please help me with this dilema? Thank you

2091 Hello -- I am a 5.0 player who plays about 5 times per week. I have a question about tension loss on the Power Rough -- but I assume it would apply to other similar Lux strings. I believe you answered another question saying to string your racket at a tension that you will like about 1 week after it was strung -- to allow for tension loss. I have found that there is a couple pounds of tension loss during a week of just letting the racket sit (i.e. not being used at all). I am comparing the tension from a few hours after being strung with the tension a week later. However, in addition to this, it will consistently lose 1 to 1.5 pounds of pressure each time I use it after that (i.e. it will usually break after about 5 times (10 hours) of play -- so I'm not sure if this trend will continue or not). I use an ERT300 device (actually have 2 of them to compare) which is very accurate (at least relatively speaking). What I'm saying is that even if I let a racket sit unused for a week after it is strung, it will still lose 5 to 7 more pounds of pressure from playing with it over the second week. Is this something unexpected, based on your knowledge? Thanks!

2090 what is the best string for the babolat z110drive 2009 model tennis racquet. I am a 3.50 player. short swing with very little topspin looking for comfort

2089 My 13 year old national player used to play with all big banger and people told us he would hurt his arm. We switched to luxilon main and nxt 16 crosses. He wants to go back to all big banger. I don't want him to hurt his arm. Someone told us to try luxilon m2 pro 125 on both strings. That it is similar to big banger but gentler on arm. Any thoughts?

2088 Hi, I have been stringing my racket using Luxilon ALU at 50 lbs which is 10% less than my non-Luxilon strings. If I went down to 45 lbs will the strings still play with control or have too much power? What is your experience in stringing ALU Big Banger at such tensions? thanks,

2087 hello i know that David Nalbandian use Luxilon original big banger. But which tension he use? Thank you for answer

2086 Hi there, Could you please tell me the thinnest gauges the following tennis strings are available in: 1. Alu Power Rough 2. Alu Power Spin Are these strings the same, made of the same polymer, except that the 'Spin' has a pentagonal cross section? Thanks, Sanjay.

2085 I'm a 4.0, former serve and volley singles player now , after two full knee replacements, primarily a baseline doubles player. Maneuverability is gradually improving and should allow coming to net but single days will never be my primary focus.I use a Volkl Tour 7 stick. I intend to try a hybrid mix of ALU Big Banger Rough and natural gut. Recommended string on the Tour 7 is 55 lbs +/- 5lbs. Your thoughts on advantages of stringing BBmains/gut crosses and vice versa at various tensions. For my level of competition I have an adequate, but not overpowering, serve and decent control. I would definitely like to increase the level of aces/service winners while maintaining an ability to win the majority of long rallies. I currently play three times a week and at present am restringing my racquet only every four months or so. Appreciate your thoughts!!

2082 Hi, For ALU Big Banger at what tension or tension range will the string achieve peak or optimum resilience? (I am not after subjective factors like control,feel or power but string's physical characteristics). Is it more resilient at 45 lbs than at 50 lbs. Everything I have read indicates the string performs less efficiently at higher tensions like 60 lbs but it also must perform less well at some lower tensions. Does Luxilon have research or graph of resilience versus tension? Thank you.

2081 Hello -- I had been using a hybrid of natural gut with Power Rough and recently switched to just using all Power Rough -- which I like better than the hybrid. I am a 5.0 baseliner who plays only on clay and I was considering whether or not I should switch to the plain Power instead of the Power Rough. If you just count the pros that are using either the Power or the Power Rough string, about what percent of them use the rough version? Can you say that those pros who do use it have more baseline and/or claycourt games than those who don't? The only difference is that for a given swing, the Rough version generates more spin (and less speed?) than the Power version -- is that correct? Thanks for your help!

2080 I am currently using o3 speedport white pro with recoil at 59lbs. I would like to use a thinner gauge string 17 or 18 because i never break 16 gauge strings. For a 4.0 top spin baseliner, what strings you would recommend?

2079 Dude, at one point you talked about pros preferring "straight-line" characteristics for strings (which I immediately understood). Dumb question though: Head’s newest technology utilized on their Youtek racquets allows the frame to stiffen depending on the shot. What are your thoughts on the application of the “straight-line” concept in this regard (now I'm confused)? Looking forward to your reply. PJP

2078 Since the Luxilon Fluoro is said to be softer than the other luxilon strings, should the tension still be decreased by 10 - 15%?

2077 What type of poly is AluPower made from - confused! Is there really aluminum in the string as I am told?

2076 Bonjour, j'ai une babolat aéro pro drive, j'utilise le babolat pro hurican tour tendu a 25kg j'aimerais essayer le luxilon bb alu, mais quelle tension me conseillez vous? merci de repondre. pS: classement 15/1 j'ai 17 ans et je ne veux pas avoir trop mal au bras.

2075 Hey, I'm a high school player who plays at a minimum of 5 times a week from late February through early May. I've been playing with ALU Power Rough and love it, but my upper arm is beginning to feel sore. I would also like to add some feel to the string bed. I also have a package of ALU Fluoro that I can string with. Would I be sacrificing any spin with this string? Or should I try a hybrid with ALU Power Rough as the mains?

2074 Hi. Seller xuelisports is selling 6-packs of Luxilon Alu Power gauge 16 strings on Ebay, for an incredibly low price, without package. He's a recently registered member with almost all transactions listed as "private." Is there any chance these strings are genuine Luxilon strings? Thanks.

2073 I am a women's 3.0 club player. Are luxom strings a good choice for me?

2072 Bonjour à LUXILON. Je suis un joueur de tennis qui joue avec la raquette Wilson K-Factor six one Team (289 g, tamis 613 cm2, plan de cordage 18x20) et je joue avec le cordage LUXILON Big Banger 125. Mon niveau de jeu est 15/4. Jusqu'à présent je tendais à 25 kg mais j'ai rencontré le cordeur officiel du tournoi ATP de Lyon en France qui cordait alors la raquette de J.C Ferrero (avec du Luxilon) et qui m'a conseillé de tendre avec le Big Banger à 2 kg de moins, soit 23 kg de manière à obtenir la performance maximale. J'ai pris le choix de tendre à 24 kg au lieu de 23 de manière à garder un peu de précision. Me conseiller vous cependant de tendre à 23 kg sachant que le cordage va se détendre et risque alors de passer à 22 kg. 23 kg étant la tension minimale recommandé par Wilson pour ce modèle de raquette. Merci de votre conseil qui me sera bien utile. Autre question : Peux t-on venir directement à l'usine de fabrication en Belgique pour acheter 1 bobine de cordage ?. Vendez vous directement au particulier à l'unité. Avec tous mes remerciements. Sincères salutations.

2071 What about Timo touch hybrid? I used to string with Ace or Alu Power, but I want to change for a thinner string. It's is still on market. Thank you. Jorge Miguel

2070 do i string m2 pro 125 at less tension like big banger?

2069 Hi i currently use a Babolat Aero Pro Drive Cortex and my strengths are on the baseline with topspin and i have a decent serve but really good at putting it where i want..i was wondering what would be a better racket for me...the aero pro drive cortez or the babolat pure drive gt?....also what would be a good string setup

2068 I have used the alu touch hybrid strings, which you no longer sell, what would you recommend as a substitute? thanks.

2067 Hello. I've been playing with Luxilon strings on and off for years. I used to play with ALU and now I'm trying M2 Pro. One of my issues has always been quick tension loss. Will Luxilon be offering any products in the future that maintain tension better? It would be great as they are some of the best playing strings around. Thanks very much for your time. Chris

2066 I have recently been using Timo 17 gauge string at 50# (vs Wilson NXT at 58-60# previously). I like it a lot, but it's a little hard on my shoulder so I've picked up the Wilson Duo II string sets, with Luxilon 17 gauge Adrenaline and Wilson NXT 16 gauge. What would be your recommendation for the tensions? I plan to use the Luxilon in the mains.

2065 hi jeff! i start to play tennis for a couple months with babolat aeropro cortex! i begin look for the best tension for my racket with Luxilon bigbang ace 18! can you please give me some advice how to find it! how i need to determine the difference tension between the main and cross! thank you very much!

2064 I just recently bought a Babolat AeroPro Drive Cortex and I can't decide what string and tension would be best with that racquet. I am an intermediate player who plays recreationally with friends and i am looking for more control than power. Thanks.

2063 Good morning Wrighting from Portugal I have 2 kids, one of 11 years it's light weight and not very strong, will play with new wilson BLX lite. need strings. goes to tournement, play with spin and like to have control, good on the net, need to know strings and tension ( uses 23/24Kg but the BLX needs 25Kg). other kid 9 years old plays with Babolat aeroprodrive junior (26") its normal for the age, also in competiton, like spin, cross ball, all court, need to know strings and tension (now uses 23/24 KG). I read that for light weight rackets it's beter Multifilament. is it tru? best regards Miguel Menezes

2062 Hi, I'm the one of previous question. Is Big Banger Ace a similar playing string to Monotec Supersense ? Is it a kind of "synthetic gut" string as you refered to in the previous answer ? And is Ace a string that could do well with Fluoro, as I was used to use Supersense crosses with Fluoro mains ? Thanks a lot.

2060 Hi Jeff, Why did Luxilon stop making Monotec Supersense ?!! And without having an equivalent product in the range ! By what string could I replace it ? Thanks in advance.

2059 HI Jeff i have been using technifibre black code strung on 54 but when i hit it against my hand it felt 60lbs as my coach said. I liked the string in the beggining it had amazing feel, it felt like a poly with its version of amazing feel. But the only problem is that over time the string felt stiff and no more feel. I have been trying luxilon alu power on a differant racquet. luxilon alu power feels really nice because on a good tension it feels very powerful. But now i want a good hybrid or string which you advise which will offer amazing feel,pretty powerful, hard control feeling as well and nice feel and a cool string. I know it is hard to find this all. If you recommend natural gut i cant afford it unless it is a cheap natural gut not 40 usd. I use a head microgel radical mpand please recommend something to something pound also black code gave me a bit of muscle pain. But my arm mechanics and swings as i get coached by a higly accomplished coach. Please reply asap thanks Thanks by Djokovich

2058 hi Jeff, just curious about the gauge most pros are playing with. I am aware of that most pros use 16, or 16L strings, and nadal even uses 15l... so most of them lean to the thicker side and doesn't seem like a coincidence. What's the reason behind that? As far as I know, thinner gauge strings offers better feel and larger bites (for more spins?) and comes in price of durability, which shouldn't be a matter for pros cuz they change rackets w/in a match (set) even before they break and they have tons of backup rackets for one set... yet most of the pros chooses to stick w/ the thicker strings.. so might be the real advantages for using thicker strings? Thanks, Chris.

2057 What is the stringing pattern for a babolat pure drive?

2056 I currently use Supersense, but I hear this is being phased out. I like the soft "gut like" feel of this string. Is Supersense being discontinued? If so, does Luxilon have a comparable string to the Supersense? Thanks!


2054 Hello, What is the impact of temperature on the strings? Can I keep packaged strings in the trunk when we travel? What about a strung racquet? Thanks, Erik

2053 Hi Jeff, is Monotec line, and so Supersense, going to be discontinued by Luxilon ? I saw that Luxilon strings are now divided into three "categories" of products : Blue line equals Big Banger strings (Alu Power, Original, TiMo, Ace), Yellow line equals Multi Mono strings (M2), and grey line equals new Liquid Cristalline Polymer strings (Adrenaline). But no category for Monotec strings ? It's a pity because Alu Fluoro mains - Supersense crosses play wonderfully for me. If discontinued, how to replace Supersense string then ? Thanks in advance.

2052 Last October I bought a Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power Reel color Ice Blue from a Canadian e-bay re-seller . The reel timely arrived and I just started to use it last week but I realized that the string is not marked like all the luxilon strings, therefore I'm wondering if this is a fake Luxilon reel. I have normally using the reel in grey colour and the string is marked like the single string sets. The seller replied to me as follows: Quote We carry only products purchased from brand vendors in Canada and Luxilon is purchased directly from Wilson Canada for the last 20 years. The facts you are referring to is not a proof of original product, there can be variations in the way products are manufactured. A good example is the last Luxilon Adrenaline which comes with or without a package and with our without a string mark. It is the same product but manufactured differently (usually intended for pro stringers). Regarding the Luxilon Ice, we have sold about 25 reels to customer locally and in the US without any issue. Unquote Your kind reply would be highly aprecciated. Best regards, Aldo Burani Can you pls explain why this reel have the string without the Luxilon mark? Why don't you sell Luxilon products anylonger?

2051 Hey Jeff! I always wondered whats the main difference between stringing in mid 40s and mid 60s? is 40s give you more power and maybe touch?? and 60s or more give you more control? but I also feel that stringing higher tensions gives me a hard time in my elbow. Thanks!

2050 My son is 15 and uses a Fischer Magnetic Tour 100 racquet with Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour 16 strung @ 53. For the first time since he started using this string (about two years ago), he has injured his elbow. We were aware of the concern about arm issues with Pro Hurricane and wonder if it might be time to make a change. We wondered if Luxilon might have something comparable in feel and performance to the Babalot that might be a bit easier on his arm. He has a powerful serve and tremendous topspin, and has been breaking strings much more frequently (after 6-7 hours of play). Thank you.

2049 Hello, I'm a 5.5 serve and volley player. I'm stringing my yonex rds2 at 17kg with a polyester. I'm switching to wilson blx 95 to get more power. The test racket were strung with adrenaline (I don't know much string tension because I stepped a lot on stringbed to lower the tension to something suitable!) My serve is incredible (lot of spin and pace) but I lack some control at the net. I will string my racket at a low tension. Which string should I consider? Thanks a lot for your help.

2048 Hello, I am James and I've been wondering the main differences between the alu rough and original rough. I would like to know if one of them is better for my arm, which one will have better feel, spin, and control. What does the aluminum do? Also what are the advantages and disadvantages of rough and normal? Thanks

2047 My 9 yr old son plays usta 10 and under tournaments and plays with a babolat drive z lite racquet. he was not using luxilon string but tried a friend's racquet that had luxilon string and loved it. Which of the luxilon string would you recommend for him and at what tension. His racquet says to string at 51-57. Thank you.

2046 i am a 41 year old 5.0 player. i play with a prince graphite original oversize (107) and string at 72lbs with prince synthetic gut original. i have a prince neos 1100 stringer. i have a high swing speed with a lot of spin and serve and volley. i have tried other synthetics over the years (and other rackets) and always felt like i lost feel with most of the strings that have coatings of some sort compared to the syn. gut original. i just purchased some big banger original and big banger alu power. what would you suggest as a stringing tension to try? thanks. Matt

2045 Jeff-I have a pretty detailed one so I hope you get paid well for your answers.I still play competitively in open tournaments in Florida as well do some coaching for juniors outside work.For the past year I haven't been able to afford the Alu-P strings I'd played since college 7 or 8 years ago. I've literally found it to be more cost effective switching to a more spin friendly racquet(Babolat PD-weighted but W/0 increased RDC) than continue to spend $265 bucks on ALU for my Wilson 6.1 18x20's. I had played with this frame since the european 18x20 version I used in school, and it killed me to switch, but I tried many well known(and lesson known) strings-most recently I've been playing with Topspin Cyber Flash 17 @51 lbs. Frankly, people who suggest its a good copy are wrong-the most similar characteristic is its color, but I've found it to be better than anything from Signum, Pro supex, or Enduro Pro.I know your a Luxilon guy, but I'd be thrilled to hear any suggestions you might have. Its tough to drop my tension any more now that I'm playing with a pretty powerful racquet, and going with a thinner gauge is counterproductive, as I was breaking Alu in around 4 hours. I know this probably isn't the forum for this question either, but I've talked to a lot of people and I can't get an unbiased answer. If nothing else, thanks for listening to me vent! Joel

2044 is there a 17 L or 18 L ALU Power 125 rough Big Banger 17l avaialable. If not then why, thanks.

2043 Hi Would you suggest a thinner string for a 20-18 pattern than in a 19-16 pattern. I have 125 BB Alu Rough and 130 BB original, but I have gone from a 19-16 Volkl to a 20-18 Dunlop. I use to like the thikker string on the open pattern. Is there a general rule. Thanks for this informative site!!

2042 Hi, No need to answer the question below regarding the splitting Big Banger ALU. They were fake strings! Beware buying anthing from eBay if it's coming from China. Cheers, Luke

2041 I noticed Luxilon recommends using tension at 10% lower than a "normal string", does this refer to another polyester or a multifilament? And does the previous really make a difference or is it personal feel since I have always strung alu power and now m2 pro at 58, the same as other polyesters. Also, is there a way to make luxilon strings to old tension longer since they drop a significant amount of tension within two weeks and render unplayable after three weeks? One more question, is m2 pro supposed to be drastically different than alu power since they perform virtually identically (for me). Thanks \"\<(^_^)>/"/

2040 Hi, Is it common for Alu Power 125 to split? I have just bought a reel, and after having my racquets restrung i've noticed that the fibres are seperating. I hit with one for a few hours and it just didn't feel right. I had a look at the other without having played with it and it was also splitting. cheers, Luke

2039 hi, how can it be written on the front page of the "most serious" string manufacturer that Michael Llodra uses Luxilon Original 130 ?!!!... That's a shame that Luxilon make marketing with such wrong information ! Llodra is a serve and volley player and so (!!...) he uses Natural Gut strings and certainly not Original 130, the string of Spaniard baseliners claycourters... So please change these misleading marketing information, taht's the best you could do if you have respect for Llodra and its fans. thank you.

2038 I read that Luxilon's strings must be stringed 10% less than usually. Is that valid also for M2 Pro?

2037 Hi Jeff, what a great forum for those of us not in the know about the details of stringing and string technology. I have two questions. I've read somewhere (can't recall where) that players under the US NTRP 4.5 level should not use Luxilon strings. However, I can find anything to substanciate this claim. Any thoughts on why this might be true? Also, in general, is it better to string the crosses 2 lbs looser than the mains? I've heard conflicting opinions on this as well. Thanks very much. Greg

2036 Hi, I play with a Head Radidcal MP, and I envisage to test a Luxilon Alu Power string. What tension do you recommand (at the moment I use a Head Sonic pro with a tension of 25 kg, may be to high...) ? Best Regards Cyrille

2035 i am a tennis player is looking for power and control. what is the best hybrid combo for this

2034 Hi Jeff. This question might have been asked before, but can you please explain the difference between mono- and multifilament strings? And then what is a co-poly? Thanks

2033 My question is, do you sponsor to college tennis playes in the U.S.? Thanks Diego M Colege Tennis Player Queens College, NY

2032 I use Wilson Tour NXT 17 on my Dunlop Aero 300. What would you suggest?

2031 Hi, I've been using the same setup for almost 10 years with great success however I am getting older and looking for suggestions. My long time setup was a Wilson Tour 90 (the original) with a good monofilament Syntheic Gut 17 strung at 65 lbs. (I know the recommended tension for the racquet is 50-60, however it hits much better at 65). When playing singles the string bed is good for almost 90 minutes, but not quite. When playing doubles, I can last 2-3 hours on the same string bed. Then I would have to cut the strings. I worked around this by having 6 racquets to get through weekends and tournaments. Upon loss of tension, I needed a newly strung racquet. I play socially only now and as I age, I find I need a setup with a little more power however have been spoiled by the control offered by my previous setup. A few friends have mentioned hybrids with polyester and natural gut. It's hard for me to believe that a polyester/gut combo would provide the best of both worlds. Do you believe that is true? What about a polyester/syn. gut combo? It's hard for me to understand or believe my friends about what they say when they rarely take sets from me. Still, I am looking for a better setup with more power and perhaps the same control and spin generation capability. What would you recommend? I'm 31 now and don't swing as hard as I used to some days. On better days the old setup works just fine. Thanks ahead.

2030 My son has been using alu power rough @ 57# in a youtek radical pro. Just got some alu power spin. Should we string at same tension? Also, the spin feels stiffer but I read that the formulation is the same.

2029 Hello, i've get a role of the alu power fluoro from a tennis friend. So now i would like to know if it is a genuine role from luxilon, is it possible to send a small peace of the string for analysis???

2028 top recommended stringers

2027 where can i get ink to stencil my racquet?

2026 i have a question, Luxilon strings helps tennis elbow?

2025 What is the most similar string that you have to 5-STAR?

2024 Hi Jeff. Great job of explaining what string technology is really all about and some of the myths as well as the reality. But what I was wondering is whether pro players make changes to their strings or tensions or rackets when they play on different surfaces. Does the way the ball bounces really make a difference to the way a player hits the ball and does he need to change his technique and tools as a result? Many thanks for your insight.

2023 Hi, can you tell me whether it is significantly better to have a higher tension for crossings on tennis and badminton rackets - and if so, about how many pounds more is a good basis? thanks Stephen

2022 Hi, I am a 15 year old boy and play with Head Youtek Speed Elite racquets. I currently string tham at 55lbs with Head Sonic Pro. I am about to purchase some Big Banger Alu Power and was just wondering what your recommended stringing tension would be. Thanks Heaps

2021 Hi Jeff, In Luxilon official website, it rates the string characteristics into 4 different categories, durability, power, control and comfort. This information will help me out to find out "right" string for my game. In Adrenaline series, it only listed out the rating of gauge 125. I believe the characteristics of Adrenaline in 120 and 130 should not be the same rating as 125. Can you please to provide these breakdown rating for 120 and 130 gauge? Thanks, Dave

2020 Hi Jeff, My son is 11 years old, plays with Babolat AeroStrike. He hits with power, topspin and has good hands at the net. So far, he tried Head Sonic Pro (both mains and crosses), Prince Synthetic DF (mains & crosses). Now he is playing with Head Sonic Pro in the mains and Prince Synthetic DF in crosses (58lbs). He likes this hybrid combination as he is getting both power, control and comfort. He did not like all synthetic and OK with Poly. Can you suggest a string and tension for him? He is quiet happy with his racket. He plays USTA Tournaments in Level 6 & 5's and practices about 8-10 hours a week. Thanks.

2019 Can you please explain the differences (besides gauge) between: Big Banger ALU Power Fluoro 17, Big Banger ALU Power 16L, Big Banger TiMO 18. In addition, not concerned with price or durability since I string myself.

2018 Hi Jeff, Do tennis professionals have to pay to have their racquets strung when they are at a tournament or does their sponsor (like Wilson for Federer) pick up the tab? Thank you...........Tom

2017 Hi. I am 14 years old. My name is Daniil. From 11 years old i play Wilson Six One Team. I used strings babolat pro hurricane tour 1.25 with tension 25/24 kg. Now i have Contract with Wilson and i will play Luxilon Adrenaline 1.25. What tension would you recommend me on the same racket?

2016 I am a 57 year old male 3.5 level player who plays socially and in club tournaments both singles and doubles. I hit the ball hard and pretty flat, and have never developed much topspin. I play with a Dunlop Aerogel 4D 200 hubndred frame. I have been using 17G Technifibre Biphase at 62 lbs tension and like the feel on the ball, but the ball has a tendency to fly long. What is the best Luxilon string and tension for me to get more control but maintain my power? Thanks, Scott

2015 what is the best string to use for the mains of a hybrid

2014 Hi, I wonder what type of players use natural gut, and why would it be a choice over synthetic strings. Thank you

2013 Hi, I have bought 2 reels of alu power from ebay. I string by myself and when I tried yesterday to string my racket the strings broke longitudinally 4 times. I really love your strings and I use them since 4 year ago! It's a possible fake? In the bar code is written WRZ995100SI batch 0567652354. over the string:" luxilon big alu power gr0176 25219" May you check if it's from your factory? I would really appreciate your reply! Thank you Marco

2012 Hi Jeff, In the Netherlands on internet I can order BB LTS but can't find it on the official website is it known under an other name?

2011 My son uses a Polyester 16 gauge string on the mains (60 lbs) and a Prince multifilament synthetic gut on the crosses (55 lbs). He usually has to re-string his racquet after each match. Can you recommend a cross string that will give me better durability. Someone told me the ALU 125 Rough would be a good choice. I would love to hear your recommendations. Thanks for any help.

2010 What is your opinion on stringing Alu Fluoro @ 30lbs in the new Wilson BLX Federer racket?

2009 Hi Jeff! Everyone talks about the tension loss on the tie offs. What about the tension loss on the first two main strings tensioned in the middle of the racket? Do you have a technique to mitigate the tension loss there or do you just string those two strings a bit tighter? Thanks, George By the way, a you guys trying to keep us color blind people off the site?????

2008 2/5/2010 Question: Hello On my racquet K factor k one 122 I put the Big Banger XP 15L natural string - what other string do you recommend for this kind of racquet.. Best regards Goran Answer: Hello Goran.... Any Luxilon string can be used with this racquet. The one you choose should be matched to your style and needs rather than your racquet and, without knowing more about either, I can not advise what would be most suitable. Jeff Big serve, strong hits on forehand, short swing, defensive backhand, I'm tall man and well build, although a little fat and slow (35 years old, amateur player) ...I need durable string with more control, at least I think...What do you think.... Jeff Best regards from Goran...

2007 Hello On my racquet K factor k one 122 I put the Big Banger XP 15L natural string - what other string do you recommend for this kind of racquet.. Best regards Goran

2006 Babolat advertises Nadal as using it's new black string. I saw some very good closeups of the string during the Australian Open, and I felt it looked silver (like ALU), not black. Do you know what he is actually using?

2002 Hello...I am using a k-factor 95 (18x20), with a tension range of 50-60 lbs. If I want a mix of power and control (with slightly more power), what tension should I string my racket using the Big Banger Original string?

2001 I want to get my husbands 1982 (I think) Dunlop Black Max tennis racket restrung. What are the standards for string and tension for that racket?

1999 Normally I put 58 pounds for regular string, how many do you recommend for M2

1998 Hi. Just curious if you guys were considering coming out with a rough version of adrenaline? If you do i'm sure it will be a big hit!

1997 Do I have to string the M2Pro at 10% below my usual tension?

1996 I have tried a few other pentagon/hexagon type strings perviously and many have started out with great spin in the beginning, but have lost much of the spin potential after a short while. I have heard good things about Luxilon Spin, but many others are recommending using Spin in a hybrid (something softer on the crosses). I know your thinking on hybrids, but IF you would use Spin in the mains what would be a good complement for the crosses ? I am a 49 year old male using a Wilson Ntour 2 right now and play mostly doubles weekly.

1995 Hi Jeff, I love the performance of ACE 112 so much, especially the feel when hit the soft shot, but I don't like the color way in pearl green. I just find out from your official website that there has a alternative color available, gold. Unfortunately, I could not find this color in either HK or US. Does Ace 112 in gold discontinuous? Cheers, Kevin

1994 Can you please give me your recommendations on potential string alternatives. I am a male 4.5, use Wilson K Factor 95's (16 x 18) and for the last two years strung exclusively with Alu Power @ 64lbs. Ideally I would like a string with the same power, slightly more grip, a bit easir on the arm and wallet. Thanks much, JK>

1993 I'm 36 and would like to try for a little more comfort to relieve stress on my shoulder. I'm a strong 4.0 player, use ALU Power strung at 56 lbs. in my Prince Speedport Black, and have used Original Big Banger in the past. I love both strings but have been using ALU the last few years. I'm thinking about trying M2 Pro or Alu Power Fluoro 123. Or maybe I'll keep ALU in the mains and try something softer in the crosses. Any suggestions? Thanks, Jim

1992 hello jeff i have the prince rebel i strung with alu power spin 16l at 58 no power a little harsh. although i like the strings on my black speedport. the setup on the speedport had to much power, it is a diffrent raquet. anyway i lke the rebel and the string. question is : should i lower the tension to get more power and playablity so the strings doesnt feel so harsh. I usally string about 58 60

1991 Hi Jeff, Thanks for your advice, and hard work answering all our questions, appreciate it. I have a Head Microgel Extreme Pro, I have been a user of Luxilon for a long time, and have used BBO and most recently Alu Power. I love luxilon, I have at points tried other polys but have cut them out an gone back to the Lux. I have some questions re the new Adrenaline, can you tell me the main differences between this and Alu Power?

1990 Greetings Jeff: I'm not looking for exact numbers, but I'd be curious to know, of the pros who use Luxilon (regardless of which Luxilon 'model') what are the estimated %s of string diameter. I know that diameter (in mm) is more accurate than referencing the string gauge, but I will use gauge in this question because I think most people are more familiar with that concept. An example answer of what I'm curious about would be: "Of the top professional men who use Luxilon, 60% use 16 gauge, 35% use 17 gauge, and 5% use 18 gauge". I don't know if you have that info or not. Thanks. Joe

1989 At the Australian Open, Nadal is not using his customary gold colored string. His new string appears to be silver like ALU. Do you have any information on his new string.

1988 Hi, what is the difference among different gauges?

1987 Jeff, this a followup to question #1982. My scar tissue in the forearm is due to a severed/crushed muscle but it has been repaired, I have undergone physical therapy and wear a tennis elbow brace (the old style with a cuff above the wrist and below the elbow with a stabilizing bar) based on the doctors recommendation. The shoulder require a "Tommy John" reconstruction so there are a couple of steel pins but again I have been through PT. I have also been to a Physical Therapist who specializes in sports conditioning and have a PT/strengthening program that I do daily for the forearm and shoulder. My Head Radical OS has a recommended tension of 52# to 62# and after experimenting I have my racquets strung at 62# to reduce the number of balls that I hit long. I am one of the better 4.0 players in each of the two clubs where I play. My playing style in pretty one dimensional as I have a mediocre serve, no net game but good topspin ground strokes that I use to keep my opponent deep and move them around. My opponents describe my strokes as "loopy" with better than average topspin and control. After looking at your product specs on the Luxilon site I would be tempted to try M2 PRO 125 or Timo 117. Do you agree with these choices? What tension would you recommend that I start at given that I am at the top of the range today with Gamma Ruff 16 string and have good control and no arm/shoulder issues?

1986 Good Morning! Do you recommend M2 16L string to 9 y old gril (playing with Babolat Drive Z Lite, 5 times training weekly and tournaments over the weekend)? Thanks Best regards Ludek Zdrubecky

1985 I bought your strings online and they were split when I got them

1984 I am a USTA 4.5 level player who hits a lot of spin and power on the ball. I was wondering what a good hybrid was to use with my BB ALU Power Spin for the crosses?

1983 I have a Wilson 0 rachet. The string tension is between 55-65 recommened. I am a 4.0 player, 68 yers old. What Luxilan string would you recommend and what pound should it be stung at? Thanks

1982 Jeff, this is a followup question to Q# 1973. I currently use Gamma Ruff 16 strung at 62# in a Head Radical OS frame. I am happy with the control that I have today on my groundstrokes but more control can never hurt. I would like to try a Luxilon string that would give me better control and equivalent or better "comfort" as I have scar tissue in my forearm and shoulder from a car accident and want to be careful not to cause a problem. What Luxilon string would you recommend? What tension should I use for the recommended Luxilon string?

1981 What is the difference between the two Luxilon Squash strings that are available at

1980 Hey Jeff!!! I really appreciate your honest and forthright answer to my question about proportional stringing. Most of the "expert stringers" I have asked usually dissmissed it completely. I'm sure you are right about their reasons for doing so! At any any rate, thank you for your answer! One more thing, it would seem to me that proportional stringing would mitigate the percieved need to combine a "softer string" with Luxilon's poly ether strings. Don't you think so? Thanks again, you helped me!!! -George

1979 utilizo el cordaje big banger natural 1.30 y me gustaria que me informeis si lo teneis en 1.25 o sino explicarme cual es el mas parecido para poder usarlo.

1978 What is the difference between the ALU Power Spin and the ALU Power Rough?

1977 Jeff, I play with a Prince O3 Speedport Pro White strung with Prince Recoil @ 55#'s. I did have some elbow trouble awhile back until I lowered the string tension. Do you think M2 would be a good choice, should I keep the same tension, and because of this racquets 18/20 pattern, would the M2 Pro be a good choice?

1976 Dear String Expert, I am looking for an alternatiev string for the Alu Power Rough but with about the same bite. Can you help me. With kind regards, Mark

1975 I play with Technifibre biphaseX1, 55lbs, in a Volkl V1os. Would like to get more spin potential. Would you recommend that I try a Luxilon string in the mains in combo with the biphaseX1(or something else)? What tension mains (Luxilon) and crosses? Thanks

1974 Luxilon helped tennis to evolve, and I'm interested in finding out more about the origin of Luxilon strings and how they were introduced and gained popularity. I've read that early polyester strings were not satisfactory, and it was Luxilon's research that resulted in a superior product. Apparentnly Guga Kuerten was the first champion to win regularly with Luxilon strings,as they suited his heavy topspin game. Could you provide any more information on how Luxilon came to be interested in producing tennis strings, if they were being accepted in Belgium/Europe before Guga's use, and a timeline of what you would consider the major moments in early Luxilon string use? Thank you.

1973 I have read a couple of articles in Tennis magazine and Racquet Sports Industry publications and am confused about a couple of points. 1 I have seen it written in a couple of places and been told by the Head racquet representative that you should lower the stringing tension by 10% when using polyester strings like Luxilon but the data in the RSI 2010 string selector shows that polyester loses more tension after stringing than synthetic strings. Should poly strings like Luxilon be strung at a different tension? Why? In a recent Tennis magazine article and in a recent RSI article they say that the new Luxilon M2 string is a softer, more comfortable string for those who want to try polyester and also that because it is softer you can use this string for the crosses and mains. In the RSI 2010 string selector guide they give the stiffness data for the various polyester strings and they show a range of approximately 200 to 280 with Luxilon M2, power 125 and original 130 at 240, 242 and 249 respectively. From this data M2 does not seem like a softer poly or much different than other Luxilon poly's. Can you explain this apparent discrepancy to me? I am a 4.0 player who plays singles two to three times per week. I have a strong baseline game with good topspin and play about 65% of my matches on slow red clay. I currently use Gamma Ruff in a Head Microgel Radical OS. Thanks for your help, Jim (

1972 I play with a Pro Kennex Pro 5g strung with Tecnifibre X-One Biphase at 60lbs. I would like to mix it with Luxilon Alu Power Fluoro. I was thinking of stringing the mains with the Luxilon 54lbs and the cross strings with the Tecnifibre at 60lbs. What do you think or recomend. Thanks, Dan

1971 Hi Jeff! We made it to 2010! What do you think about proportional stringing? Seems like it might be good for tennis elbow or players with wrist problems! Are there any Pros using this method? Thanks! -curious George

1970 What is your general opinion of string savers? Do they increase string life? Do they take away from power or feel? Should string tension be adjusted to account for their use?

1969 Hi ive asked you a question before but didnt fully agree with somethings my 1960 about prince strings a combination of poly and synthetic gut. Ive have asked someone about the string and he said the string has definately loss tension though i am a hundred precent sure they have lost power because i play in hot weather not cold at the moment and have felt the string has lost alot of the extra punch if the string has lost tension but has also lost power do you have any suggestions why i am feeling a big differance and i am stilling an average hard heavy top spin ball and somtimes flat. I know when i change up my hit ! my musles are difenatly the same

1968 what is the difference between the Alu string ande the Alu rough ? thank you

1967 Hi, just wondering if i use Big Banger Alu power amazing power and control formy mains, what would you reccomend for my crosses? I have a K Blade 98 if that may help at all.

1966 Hey jeff, does the new luxilon string Adrealine have to be strung 10% lower?

1965 Do you think Venus Williams would benefit from using Luxilon?

1964 What is the difference in feel between the ALu Big Banger spin and Rough?

1963 Hi, Iam very interested in trying your string. At present, I use Gamma,TNT 18 gauge,62 lbs.(I use 18 gauge beacause the thicker string cuases tennis elbow for me) My racket is a Prince O3, silver. I'm a solid 4.0 lady. I would like to add power and spin to my game, but not lose control. What luxilon string and lbs. would you suggest?My email Thanks for your help. Patty

1962 Hi Jeff. I was the author of Q #1956 -- i.e. the 'dead' string question. I appreciate your well thought out answer. And like you, I thought the article was complimentary to not only Luxilon, but also to other makers of 'similar' string, such as Babolat's Pro Hurricane string that is used by Rafa and a few others. And, yes, the use of the term 'dead' was a poor choice of words. My question was NOT an attempt to be a smarta$$, but just wanted to get your take on the article. Thanks again. Joe

1961 Hi Jeff. All this talking up of Luxilon M2 has me excited to try it! My question is, does one use Luxilon strings until they break? Or do I cut them out? I play 3 times a week, 9-12 sets of 5.5 NTRP tennis. When must I replace my strings? Only whenever I feel they aren't good anymore? I don't trust myself enough for that. Maybe you have general guidelines?

1960 Hi I bought prince exp power polyester and synthetic gutit was one of prince endurance hybrid string packets. Ive had it for neary month but the problem is that its lost all ist power is strung at 56lbs and it felt good but now it feels really stiff.Could it be the heat contributed to the power of the string.I am looking for a string like alu power a litte less powerful and a texture or shaped string is alu power rough a good string and is black code any good. What tension should i put on next time i want it a good amount softer and powerull and still alot of control to give blend of control and feel but less 56 lbs and also please answer about the strings power etc thanks

1959 Hey Jeff! A friend of mine uses toalson thermaxe 123mm and claims it plays very close to Luxilon. Does it really? It has Coria's picture on the packet. Perhaps Coria switched to it because it really does play like Luxilon? It is pretty cheap.

1958 What is your best string?

1957 Hey Jeff, curious George here, Happy New Year!!! Talk to me about one and two piece stringing. Do you think it makes much difference? What do the Pros generally prefer? -George

1956 Greetings Jeff. I don't have the issue in front of me, but the recent issue of Tennis Magazine had a story on string, and included a list of which string(s) the top men and women use. The author made a comment about Luxilon, noting it was one of the biggest innovations in the game, but went further to make the statement (not an exact quote, but close) that the 'dead' feel of the string allows the professional players to take huge swings at the ball but still keep it in play. Does Luxilon (and other makers of similar string) take that 'dead feel' statement as a compliment? Thanks. Joe

1955 I am using a volke dnx racket, I play a lot of top spin, is luxilon big banger original suitable for me?

1954 I've been using Prince Problend kevlar strings for the past few years. Currently on a Wilson K SixOne 95, strung at 58-59 lbs. I've always liked the stiff feel and control from these strings and the kevlar holds up well at higher tensions. What would be a good Luxilon replacement? I was thinking the Alu Touch, but I'm also interested in the Alu Power 127 Spin. I was also curious about the Wilson Ultimate Duo Hybrid which uses Alu Power with NXT Tour.

1953 hi there i have recently bought some alu power bb from a chinese seller Tennisone on ebay. I would like to confirm if these are genuine or fake. The packaging looks genuine besides on the back the comfort range reads 10 instead of 9. A batch number is provided on the package 0569550052. The colour of the strings seems slightly lighter in colour.There is a picture of Guillermo Coria on set. Thanks any information welcome

1952 What Big Banger string would you recommend for Gamma Big Bubba racket? 137 head size makes very difficult to find string packs with string long enough to string the Big Bubba. Do any of the Big Banger strings come in the long lengths (approx 44/45 Ft)? John

1951 Jeff!! I want to ask an expert like you I am a player that plays for national tournaments and at a very high level so I want the most power as possible so I know I have to have the luxilon alu power but what tension?? loose for more power or is better at 60s or more please help me with that... by the way I am using a Dunlop 4D 200 18x20 thank you!

1950 Aloha from Hawaii Jeff! I'm having great success with BB Ace 112 in my 18x20 racquet at 52lbs. but wanted a bit more touch and feel. M2 Pro seems to be the answer. I'm concerned that the 125mm gauge as opposed to Ace's 112 will decrease grip/spin applied to the ball as well as power differences. What do you think? Should I switch? And at what tension for the M2 Pro? Thank you as ususal!

1949 hello i currently own a head youtek speed pro and my normal tension is 55 what tension would you reccomened for big banger power rough 10% lower and my babolat pure drive gt is at 55 aswell and want 10% off recomened tension what tension do u reccomened please get to me asap thx

1948 Jeff, Re: string savers Question 1945, where on the racket face should they be placed (how many and in what configuration) Thanks, Chris

1947 Hi! Just purchased some Luxilon TIMO 122 string and plan to put them on a wilson k six-one 95 racket. I know that Luxilon recommends about 10 percent difference drop in tension. What would be the optimal tensioning on these strings? my throught is about 54 to 55 lbs. does that seem right? thanks- Justin

1946 Hi Jeff. Do you think the M2/M2 Pro is a good string for a high level male college player aroung 5.5 to 6.0? Or will the ALU Power strings be better? Perhaps you have feedback from high level players who give you an idea of their preference between the 2? I ask because it seems Sharapova uses the M2 even though she isn't a recreational player. I guess she's a 7.0 right? - Jason Arevalo, Philippines

1945 Re: Your answer to Question 1932, Why would string savers increase the grip of the strings. I do not use them but would consider using them if that indeed is the result. Also, where should they be placed on the racket. Thanks, Chris

1944 I used the Luxilon tennis strings and feel very good. I live in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. Would you tell me where I can buy the strings from the direct distributors from Vancouver, where I can get the cheapest price? The model No. is Luxilon tennis strings, 220m/726 ft. Big Banger Alu Power, 1.25 mm, gauge EUR 7,5/US16L. my e-mail address is : Thanks for your help.

1943 Hi! My daughter is 13 years old and playing ITF junior circuit.She is strong and generates lot of power in her shots.She has got a wilson K blade 150 racket? COULD YOU ADVISE THE RIGHT STRINGS FOR HER

1942 I play with a Gamma T6, strung with Gamma Zoe Twist at 56, play with heavy topspin and want to know if any of the Big Banger Strings will give more topspin than the Gamma. Thanks

1941 I said "obvious"(question 1932)because in effect that is what happens when you put 5 string savers in any one string. If you were to just pull the string tighter then wouldn't the tension disperse after a couple of hits, whereas the string savers definitely stay put. And notice the pattern avoids any more than one string saver in any one main string, thus minimizing any effect on a main string. I don't mean to question the master or argue with you, I'm just a curious George. Happy Holidays Jeff and to everyone asking questions on this site!!! -George

1940 I just purchased a snauwaert ellipse grand f tennis racket. The racket manufacturer is no longer in business. I can't locate the string pattern, stringing instructions for this racket anywhere. Do you have string pattern data for this racket. I believe this racket was made in the early 1990's. John McEnroe consulted on the design and his name is signed on the side of the racket.

1939 I am a 12 year old basliner who uses a head microgel prestige. I have no arm problems and usually use GAmma livewire 16 xp at a medium tension. I have tried to switch to a hybrid but always kept coming back to this because it seems like I can hit the ball wear I want it to. I have never used Luxilon but I was thinking about trying it. DO you have a string for me?

1938 Hi Jeff, for what kind of player new Luxilon Adrenaline has been designed for ? What are the main characteristics of this string ? What difference in performance between the 3 gauges ? (only TiMo had been declined in 3 gauges since Luxilon produces tennis strings). How one could determine which of these 3 gauges is the most appropriate to his game and racquet (racquet pattern ? 16/18, 16/19, 18/20...). Thanks a lot !

1937 Hi Jeff, what is the most powerful and comfortable Luxilon string ?

1936 I'm a 52 year-old male playing at 3.5 to 4.0 level two/three times a week or 4 to 6 hours per week. I play with Prince 03 Speedport Tour with Power Rating 875, Swing Wt 300, 27 in. and 12.2 in. balance point, and 97 head. I'm developing a modern forehand, but my stoke is still a little flat. I experienced some tennis elbow and shoulder problems last year, so I started playing with softer strings strung in the middle of the recommended tension range. What Luxilon sting do you recommend for me?

1935 best tennis elbow sring other than real gut?

1934 I'm about to purchase a Prince O3 Speedport Pro White and am looking for a string suggestion. I'm a 4.0 player who swings fairly hard with some decent spin. Of course durability, power and control are all important characteristics.

1933 How much difference in weight (20ft) is there between 123, 125 and 127? (Floro, Rough & Spin) Thanks, J.

1932 It seems obvious to me that the string savers in Federer's racket elevate the tension in two cross strings and he is avoiding elevating tension in the main strings by carefully avoiding putting more than one string saver in any one main string. The question is why?

1931 Hi jeff, I am a 4.5 baseliner and am using the kfactor 6.1 team and have always used a syn gut in order to generate spin and power. I am reading more and more about this luxilon m2 pro 125 and I want to try it to see how much less power I will have but how much faster and harder I can swing and the ball will stay in, do you think it is a good fit for my kind of playing stlye?

1930 Hi Jeff, really learning a lot from reading your q/a sesions thank you. However, possibly even more useful information could be given if you clarify some of your answers in the future please...I refer to generalisisations such as the "average" player or the "recreational" player. Who are these? What are these? Do they exist anymore that the "average" tension or the "normal" string exist? At my club we have players ranging from virtual beginner to those almost at "team" standard. And then above this we have 4 teams from A team to D team. There is then quite a bit of a difference in standard between those in the A team and those in C/D! So when you make these remarks on "average" or "recreational" I am a little confused as to what lev